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Watch out, Marmann, here I come kissing your butt again! s/m

Posted By: the truth is out there on 2009-06-01
In Reply to: Yes. That poster more than proved your point. - Marmann

You are so right in your description of yellow jackets!  Just a bunch of brainless aggressors that attack blindly and viciously.  LOL

I am enjoying this very much and find it oh so entertaining!  Mob mentality is the only fitting way to describe these people.  I just haven't figured out if it's just mental defectiveness, self-loathing or just plain needing a good 'ole roll in the sheets!!  

Wow, usually people that work in the same industry find a common kinship and are very supportive of each other.  Sadly, I don't feel any kinship with a lot of these people.  In fact, I go out of my way to avoid people like this because their joy is killing other people's joy and that's a "disease" I just don't want to catch!  Besides, I have a feeling that all the negative posts on this thread are all done by the same person.  It must be awkward to be so socially inept.

I look forward to more posts by you and JTBB and, disturbingly, to the putrid spewing that will then ensue!!    Bring it own, bee-atches!

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You can quit kissing butt now
we get the point.

Maddow was kissing his butt before the election....
What does kissing up mean?
Why is he kissing the Clinton's you know what

I don't get it.  Why is Obama kissing Bill and Hillary's you know what.  Now I hear something about she wants Obama to pay off her debt.  I don't get it.  Maybe I'm not hearing the full story, but something about this doesn't sound right.  I think I heard him saying he needs Bill and Hillary - like heck he does!  Why is he in a "love-fest" with them.  It's just a little to close for comfort for me.  If he pays off her campaign debt he's one notch down on the party pole for me.

And where in the world did these Clinton clowns come from.  They crawled out of a hole from Arkansaw parading around as if they are royalty.  They are acting like they are like the Kennedy's and I keep hearing about the Clinton Dynasty from the media.  Dynasty? Dynasty?  There is no dynasty.  These are just 2 people.  Two low class citizens who have mesmerized and conned (sp? con-artist) the American people.  They are 2 skum bags that I wish would just go away.  Why Barack is acting this way towards them I have no idea.  She tried to steal the election from him and he should just ignore her and go about his business.  If he pays off her campaign debts I will be thinking twice about voting for him.

Is that what O uses while you're kissing his?


Sure, it's called kissing the butts of some lobbyist....
you remember? The ones Obama said he was gonna do away with. The pork barrel spending he said he was gonna do away with. The earmarks he said he would not allow!

All you O lovers remember that?
And your hobby would be....hmmm... kissing O's boots?
Isn't it time to watch Hannity or bowl or some other watch Nascar?
or how to kiss butt really well
Working your butt off
Is never having a day off because during the week you MT part time and take classes AND teach youth group and then you have a second account on the weekend.

I'd love to have kids but I'm not going to right now BECAUSE I CAN'T AFFORD IT and I don't expect anyone else to pay for them! It's called being RESPONSIBLE.

Think before you speak.
Republicans, my butt!
That's what we call a RINO.  I endorse neither of them.  Both of their wives are mega-libs, & they're no different.  Genuine Republicans don't want them in our party, either. 
If she had tightened her butt up any more, she
He only did this to save his own butt.
Mixed butt? ...(sm)

That was just pitiful.

O'Reilly is a SELF-PROCLAIMED traditionalist, not an independent.  Look it up.

Yea, right....transparency my butt!!

WH refuses to hand over the visitor list.....  after all, didn't he say he was going to be MORE transparent than other administrations?  Bull!! That man told so many lies on his campaign trail....   

Considering I pay for that big 'ol house he lives in, and he preached transparency, then why not hand over the visitor list.  Actually, the U.S. citizens are supposed to have it given to us without asking.  And for those of you who will once again find excuses for this man.... NO, he does not have a reason not to, except as usual he has been seeing people he shouldn't be around and people that no doubt would expose him for what he is...  

Yup. The Old Dude got his butt kicked.
maybe he was looking around for someone to rescue him.
The eye-rolling was a little much, as well. Somehow I can't see that affect going over real well when talking to heads of state worldwide.
if you don't want to answer my question, would you please BUTT OFF
slap my butt and call me
I work my butt off and don't want handouts -
Voting for Obama does not mean I want anyone to give me anything. I have never asked for anything and don't intend to start taking anything.
Oh yes I have kissed Sam's butt all the time
How about further down where I defended Gourdpainter? I blindly follow no one, and GP and I have agreed and disagreed on a lot.

I'm not the one who views my candidate as the messiah and his supporters as the angels.
Nobody asked you to butt out of the conversation.
You are being asked to respect the SEPARATION between the politics board and the faith board. If all you have to offer is religious in nature, your post does not belong here.

This breaking news just in....religion and politics are only as "intricately intertwined" as the secular among us allow it to be. There seems to be a consensus in America as there is in other western nations that the two do not mix well and certainly are not conducive to democratic process. I am neither atheist, agnostic or Christian, but I do consider myself to be a spiritual person of Universalist faith. I count myself among the secular citizens who will fight tooth and nail to keep religion out of politics and out of the government. There is a place for it in our society and in our lives...churches, synagogues, mosques, temples our homes and in our psyches. Why is that not enough for the theocrats? This constant push to pervade is a REAL LIVE BUMMER. Cease and desist, won't you?
Get your head out of O's butt and pay attention!!
Don't mean to butt in but the above message you posted is

exactly what IMHO is talking about. I've seen plenty of your nasty messages and after this one (which is one of your calmest messages), I haven't opened or read your messages for over a week or so.

Name-calling and nastiness is not allowed on this board. If you can't adhere to the rules, you need to leave or at least at mature.


I consider him a traitor and just out to save his own butt

He figures he can win on the Dem ticket because PA has turned Dem. Well, I have news for him.....I doubt it. He only won by a couple votes in the last election because of Pat Toomey running against him. He will definitely lose this election.

I always split my ticket and I usually voted for him, but no more. I don't care what party anyone is affiliated with; but, to me, he is a traitor and that's someone else who is not needed in the Senate.

To those who vote straight party, open your eyes. They are only out for themselves (but is that really news to anyone?)

As posters have said before, we have to educate the people who don't watch/investigate/read up on the candidates running to make sure we vote the best candidates for the job...those who value the constitution, listen to their constituents (which is hard), and vote for the good of the country. Get rid of the a-holes who are in there. We really need to clean house this coming election.,

Well said Marmann
This is one post I definitely agree with you on. Corruption is on both sides. I don't think any one party has any right to lump the other side into one category. I say if you do the crime you do the time and it doesn't matter what political party you belong to. Name me an honest politician and I'll....well actually I don't know what I'd do. HA HA. There are just a few that are decent but that is a very few.
Hey, Marmann.
Do you ever feel like you are trying to reason with cement? That is how I feel when I respond to some of these posts.
Hello Marmann:  I too hope you will be feeling better
Marmann...the OP would be 3rd under GP's
By OP, I meant "other post." I appreciate your reply which I am still digesting and will answer soon while trying to grab a bath in the meantime!
Marmann......... sm
Please don't ever apologize for sharing. I, for one, don't mind at all and find the information fascinating and useful. CF is such a cruel disease as it does attack so many different systems and causes general havoc. I had not heard about the GI symptoms, though.

May God bless you through your illness and bring about healing for you. There is a cure out there...they just have to find it. In the meantime, be kind to yourself and take good care of yourself. I do enjoy your "discourses" (hehe) here. :o)
Thanks Marmann
Oh I've made plenty of mistakes, but I learned a long time ago it's okay to say you are wrong. Keeps us human and humble. :-)

Also, thank you for being nice to me. I've read your posts on this board and you have actually changed my mind about some issues I used to believe in. I love hearing people's different opinions because it gives me a different perspective on things and more things to research.

Anthony Hopkins is one of the greatest actors of all time. When you can make a character so real it's just amazing. Hard to separate reality from fiction sometimes.

Have a great weekend yourself.
Hey Marmann............ sm
good to see you around. I know you don't get on very often because of health issues, as you have described here, and just wanted to say I hope you are doing better.

It's funny (funny - strange, not funny = haha) how a person's opinion can change based on their life issues. I know you would give almost anything not to be in the position that you are in now, but be glad that there is some help for you out there in the form of Medicaid and other agencies. My best to you!

It is for "people like you" that others fight for Medicaid and other social programs.  The purpose is to help.  You should feel no guilt or shame at all!  You have paid your dues, you have worked for years, and if at this time in your life you need to pull on the reserve of social programs that can help, then you, of all people, deserve to recieve those benefits.  That's what its there for.

I do realize it can be difficult for people in your positions being stuck with the label of "those people," but you should know better than anyone that that is not what its about.  There are people out here who do understand your situation and also understand that most people are only one incident/misfortune away from being in that same situation. 

Hang in there and don't let it get you down. 

Thank you for that, Marmann. s/m

I agree with your assessment of JTBB's posts, as I as well find them illuminating and well researched and knew she would find this movie as intriguing as I did, as I am sure you would, and I encourage you to to check it out and let me know what you think. 

I don't post on this board very much, although I do enjoy reading it, and I very much enjoy the comments that are worthwhile and thought-provoking, (even if sometimes I don't agree), and it's pretty easy to separate out the people who actually have a brain in their heads from the people who accomplish nothing more than being snide, inconsiderate, and really just want to "stir the pot" and be insulting just to satisfy some deeply buried sense of inadequacy by feeling like they need to post a CV which in some way is supposed to prove a person has a clue about anything.

Marmann, I always enjoy your posts as well, as we are usually of the same opinion on most matters, so keep it up!!  

Marmann: s/m

When I tried to send you one through this board, your address came up, but the message said MTStars does not forward e-mail to either comcast.net or aol.com.  For some reason there have been issues with these two carriers.  I had an old work e-mail on here that I used, but I just updated it and it's now under my personal e-mail.  Are you worried about security from this website?  I'm not too worried only because our carrier seems to have pretty tight filters and I have never had any problems.  If you decide to brave it, just holla back.

At any rate, just let me know.  The discussions on here have gotten too toxic for me -- talk about swimming in a river of piranha!  LOL


Hi Marmann............. sm
Good to "see" you! Hope you are feeling okay these days.

In a nutshell, what my statement had to do with was from a biblical perspective. Israel is God's chosen people and anyone who stands against them or harms them is in danger of losing God's favor. I feel, as a country, we are rapidly losing favor with God and I don't want to see what happens when He totally removes His hand of protection from us.
yes, Marmann, sometimes it is best to
takea break to 'clear one's head.' Have a great week, too. See ya...!
WOW. I've even tried kicking myself in the butt for posting it...sm
It adds nothing to the debate, really, except sidetracking the issue at hand.
I hate to butt in but one story seen on the news and

really scared me was when Obama was in Germany and a German citizen stated, "He's the new Messiah." This was on the evening news when he was on his around the world blitz. He really had no reason to do all that traveling as if he was already the President. What was he trying to prove??? That he can charm the world? It won't work if he becomes President.

'Nuff said.



Your stick-up-your-butt rigidity and intolerance -
What goes around, comes around, and people who think with their retentive anuses instead of their minds, usually get what's coming to them in the end. So if that's the thinking and the politics you align with, then I'm just so very happy for you.

You've been spouting off for weeks with reams and reams of copied and linked material that you think was written by God himself. You criticise every post that suggests that the poster is of another party, or even that they are open to ideas other than YOURS.

And the REALLY sad thing is, you actually think that what you write actually MATTERS, and that people listen to what you say and think, and that they actually care. Well know what? Most people on here don't give a flying F_ _ K what you think.
It does not sound like someone who is working therir butt off to me. nm
It's called hard work and get off your butt
Geez sweetpea. Butt envy?? LOL. nm
Obama can't make up his mind whose butt
I don't watch Fox, I watch CNN and feel the
exact same was .... just sayin
I don't watch Fox, I watch CNN and feel the
exact same way .... just sayin
Marmann...... Don't know if you will even read this....... sm
but I just wanted to respond to a couple of things you said.

First off, I'm not a big Bush supporter, but he is our President and there's not a whole lot I can do about that. I will say, though, that there was not a question of Bush's citizenship before he even got into office to create for him the stumbling block that Obama is facing. To roughly paraphrase Obama in a speech he gave upon entering the US Senate in late 2004, he stated when asked about plans to run for President that he did not believe in hiring an unqualified person for job and that he himself was not qualified to serve as POTUS. Yet, 143 days later, he suddenly decided that he is qualified after making a couple of Senate speeches and barely raising the blip on the radar during his career thus far.

If the SC does overturn the popular vote, I agree, there will be h-e-double toothpicks to pay in terms of civil unrest, the likes this country has probably never seen before. However, OTOH, the thought of sending an unqualified individual (his words) into the highest office in the land and possibly the most powerful in the world conjures up images of not just civil unrest within our country but global unrest when he brings to pass the items on his agenda, of which I am reserving further comment on at this time.

In all honesty, I sincerely hope that your last statement will be proven true. If Obama is deemed qualified, inasmuch as his birth certificate (let's just put aside his own statement), I sincerely do hope that he is the best POTUS we could have put in, because anything less will prove disastrous for our country.
Well, I try to be kind, Marmann.......... sm
sometimes I do better than other times! HAHAHA

I agree that God favors honesty in His people and I don't mean to infer that the Israelis are without fault, but I also believe that trying to take Gaza from Israel is wrong because it wase given to Judah, one of the original 12 tribes of Israel, by God through Joshua to be inhabited by His chosen people. As a Christian, one thing that I want more than anything in this world is for Christ to come back and take me home. Some Christians believe that, in order for all prophetical events to be in place for Christ's return, Israel must occupy that land that was given to the original 12 tribes as well as the temple must be rebuilt in Jerusalem which, as you may know, is in the planning stages and materials are being gathered. The main sticking point with the temple being rebuilt is that the Jews believe the Dome of the Rock occupies at least part, if not all, of the original temple site in Jerusalem.

I said all that to say this. Whether we humans see the treatment of Palestine and Isreal of each other as fair through the lens of the media or not, God sees the whole picture and He is in control.
In realty I'm a guy dressed up like a girl, that's why I'm butt ugly.
Unclench butt cheeks, take a deep breath, and
Hey, that's the American dream - I'm all for sitting on my butt and making $$$