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Oh that's awful

Posted By: sbMT on 2008-11-03
In Reply to: Barack's grandmother died - Dee

my prayer's are with him and his family. It's never easy to deal with death, even when it's expected.

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That's awful! sm
I didn't vote for the man, but I would never wish him the unfortunate situation of following in the footsteps of assasinated presidents.

As an aside and not to detract from the subject at hand, I thing this speaks volumes for the state of our educational system in this country if the advertising staff "didn't make the connection." But that's a whole 'nuther ball of wax.
It must be awful being you.
"This is a godless world and you are on a piece of cosmic debris which happens to have every element necessary to support life."

How sad. Truly, truly sad.

It's a shame you can't enjoy life like the rest of us. It really is a beautiful thing. Full of joy and hope and laughter.

True, it can also contain pain, despair, and injustice - temporarily - but that's why faith in something bigger than yourself is so important. And it's in those trying times that we are capable of rising even higher... of achieving more peace... of inspiring others.

Life is full of ups and downs. Of good and evil, always fighting for balance (for the time being).

I certainly hope you didn't let that one Muslim man's answer determine your faith. If you had bothered to ask one Christian man the same question, you would have received an entirely different answer.

I hope you can someday find the truth. It's such a wonderful, happy "piece of cosmic debris" when you look at it through Heaven's eyes.

he looked awful
He looked like something was wrong in the news video I saw..I did not state it was alcohol.  I stated you never know cause something looked wrong..his face was hanging, his eyes were puffy, he was inattentive..definitely something was not right..Believe me, I do not wish this disease on anyone..I have seen what it can do..
You seem to like Palin an awful lot....why
Gas prices - 259 a gallon - it's awful...nm
He paid with his own earnings? Oh how awful.
And what was your point? Wouldn't you tend to trust a candidate more who paid for his campaign with his own money, rather than taking bribes from special interests that he has to pay back later by stealing more freedom and cash from you?

And if your point was that his take on the case was so high that he could finance a whole campaign with it, again, so? - A jury of your peers made that award and likely you would have too had you been on the jury and had a chance to hear the facts. If he had been representing you in a case in which your child was disemboweled by a defective piece of equipment which the manufacturers knew full well tended to disembowel children but they sold it to you anyway, would you think the jury awarded too much or the lawyer might get paid too much?

Or instead of actually thinking about the need to have lawyers represent people who have been egregiously harmed by incompetent and negligent companies, and the need to have juries hear the facts and make appropriate awards when justified, is it just easier to nod at the bullcrap propaganda which says you don't NEED to be protected because look how much money the lawyer makes?

When it's your turn you're going to want that lawyer and you're going to want that jury to hear your story. So what is the problem you have with holding villains accountable and seeing other people get the settlements they deserve?
No, you guys are awful on this board.
Again, awful generalization. Your animosity toward anyone
again goes against your other posts. Plus, you're basing some of your own opinions on hearsay from others? Lest you forget, it's the person, not the money. Look at Angelina Jolie, someone we all know has plenty of money. She might not have food sitting out by the mailbox on food drive day, but that might be because she's "walking the walk" in a poor third world country. You don't want to be judged, yet you are doing an awful lot of judging yourself.
Those things are awful, I agree - but he is not going to fix them! nm
That's awful!!! If ANYONE's votes should count is is theirs!!! sm

The government should have made absolutely sure our soldiers' votes were here on time and if not, dammit, we should postpone the election until they do.  They are leaving their families and risking their lives to protect this country and they don't even get a vote on who runs it?? That has me fuming mad!!!!!!!

She does blink an awful lot, doesn't she?
Maybe she's had too much plastic surgery - things do look a little tight around her eyes =)

Then again, anyone looks more animated than Cheney - was he even alive up there?

This was a good one -thanks for posting!
That's awful! Praying all those held will be released safely...
they are saying a woman and child have been released, and that is a good thing...praying this will end with no innocent folks being hurt.
yeah, those awful, rich, ungiving Republicans
Yeah, full of pork, just like those awful republicans
really wanna barf - guess who steps up as pres. if something awful happens to the pres and vp??? nm