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Barack's grandmother died

Posted By: Dee on 2008-11-03
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my grandmother until my grandfather died because...

My grandmother said they did not agree on politics and she would never vote for the same person he did, so therefore her vote would cancel his out and she felt like that was wrong because he was the head of the household!!!  Can you believe - as soon as he died, she never missed voting again for who she wanted.

You mean like his mom and grandmother who raised him?
Out of respect to his grandmother

but did he quit campagning since he worships her?

I'm sorry, but if my grandmother died, I'd be one of the first people there and cancel everything.  In due respect, did he go to Hawaii? Who knows? All we're hearing is the same old, same old.

I feel bad that she died on the eve of th election. It's really sad.

He was raised by his "white" grandmother.
But I never thought he might be thinking about his grandmother.
That could have been it.
His sweet little Kenyan grandmother was there....
and she said herself that she is so proud to have witnessed the birth IN KENYA of her grandson who will be the next POTUS. Can't deny that one.
The grandmother stayed with the children.
Both of them stated many times that grandma was taking care of the children while they were gone.
Obama's grandmother and the media coverage

I feel very bad that she is terminally ill.  I have lost many close relatives myself and those have been the worst of times for me. 

But, I feel his campaign has used this situation to his media gain.

Put it this way, if it was me and I found out my grandmother was so sick, I would have been on the first plane there (I don't have my own jet).  What if she died before he got there?  As I said, there were a few days of a delay in there where the situation has been reported repeatedly.  If she was so sick, he should have just gone.  Everyone would have understood.

There.  I said it.  Many may think it was heartless thing to say, but wouldn't you have just dropped everything and gone? 

Biden could have taken on more in his absence.

Obama cancels events to attend grandmother's failing health.
Yes, he died
He rose again and He lives today in the hearts of those who are His faithful.  No one is forcing Him on you, that is your free choice...which He gives to you.
Tell me how many people have died

in Iraq compared to Vietnam?  We have lost 1,700 soldiers in Iraq compared to what, nearly 100,000 or more in Vietnam.  Give us a break.  Nobody believed it before the 2004 election.  Why do you all keep spouting the same unsubtantiated crap over and over?  It really makes you all look stupid.  I'm beginning to wonder if the left has any original thoughts.  You all sound like clones of each other.  EVERY milestone for Iraq has been met thus far.  We turned sovereignty over to the Iraqi's and they've had elections.  They are re-building infrastructure at an alarming rate....Iraq is a success.  The loser John Kerry put out a letter today stating that we needed to have definite goals in Iraq.  Everytime John Kerry said we couldn't accomplish something in Iraq we did!!  John Kerry doesn't know when to shut up and realize "he lost", but obviously thinks he's a contender for 2008...I almost feel sorry for the guy...almost.

Sure there are insurgents, but the damage they ar inflicting is minimal....and yes, there are Iraqi's who LOVE Americans, believe it or not.   I live near a military base, and several soliders have told me how the Iraqi people cry when they leave.  

You can believe all the crap the media is telling you, but your precious Downing Street Memo is not evidence of anything.  Bush has not been proven to lie, period. You can say it all you want, but it doesn't make it true.   The little fairy tales the left make up about Bush and then get their buddies in the media to echo are just that "fairy tales."  

Some of them are in Iraq. And some of them have died. sm

The issue of illegal immigration has been around way long than Bush's term in office.  While I do agree it is an even bigger problem with terrorism looming, this was something that should have been addressed long long ago.

Father died at age 70 nm
It died once before, remember? And the once
(which the dear ol' boys in the 'Pub-Club' want to get rid of, remember?), Wall St. and the USA did even better than before. It collapsed because of a major flaw, and too much GREED. The same things we're faced with today. I can survive a Depression just fine. I'm an MT, and we're already experiencing one.
how dare you say that anyone died for no...
reason!!!? Saddam was a terrible mass murderer and needed to be taken care of. We should have never let it get this far. I am sure that the men and women who died did not think that it was for no reason.
And I am right there with you, my Mom is 90, my dad died last year, my mom........sm
after paying for her wonderful Part D in addition to her Medicare to cover them was left with a few hundreds of thousands of dollars for his care, like antibiotics, like respiratory therapy for his pneumonia which he acquired from the surgery, like weeks in the ICU and RICU.......my Dad's life savings gone in a heartbeat, literally. Yes, so much better!!!
What about the 3000 people who died on 9-11?
What about them? When is it big enough to fight over? Ever?
I'm a died-in-the-wool feminist, and have -
I can see through his reasons for picking a woman as Veep. But if things are allowed to continue on the downward spiral America's been on for the past 8 years, we're in big trouble.

In Obama, I see HOPE for middle class America.

In McCain,I see NO HOPE for us at all.
I knew an MT who did just that - died at her desk.
I think his dad died of a heart attack at 70? nm
Obama has said his mom who died of ovarian

cancer greatly influenced his life.  He said she was gentle, kind, and strong.

What about the thousands that died in WWII to

keep us free from the nazi regime/communism? What about the Korean War? They died, too, to keep communism from spreading.

Viet Nam was another story. They died and people here were so outspoken about it (just like it is happening now), and  that it brought the moral of the tropps down. When our president pulled them out so quick, all he-- broke out. The Viet Cong and Cambodia armies slaughtered thousands.

Those fighting now mostly support and believe in what they are doing. If the troops are pulled out as quick as O wants, the same thing may happen there. This is why they are trying to get Iraq's military and police set up so another Viet Nam will not happen. Support our troops.


Stating our servicemen died for nothing.....
is misinterpreted. No one wants to lose one single troop. The war is senseless and our troops have to believe in what they are doing in order to survive. But, most could claim all wars are senseless. No, I did not know people were protesting our service people (the war, YES, but not our actual service members - head in the sand on that point). Ignorance, if they understood anything at all, they would understand that our troops are doing their jobs by following orders.
Try being happy that people died so you have a right to complain

*FOR WHAT???  So people halfway around the globe can have democracy?  Please....*

That is about as selfish a statement I've heard as of late.

What if the soldiers had gotten *so tired* in World War I or II?

What if the revoluntary soldiers had gotten *so tired* in the Revoluntionary war?  

Your world would be different today, that is, if you would have existed at all.

Even if you have family or friends in Iraq or Afghanistan right now your complaining and fussing about all the work they are doing is doing nothing to help them.  Support them.  Send them a letter or a care package.  It would make a soldier's day, be it someone you know or someone you don't, and it would certainly brighten your mood in the process.  You don't have to support the president or the war, but your frustrations can be turned around into producing something good for someone else.

Marine in Fahrenheit 9/11 has died in Iraq...sm
May he rest in peace.

DETROIT - A Marine and one-time recruiter who appeared in Michael Moore's documentary film Fahrenheit 9/11 has died in a roadside bombing in Iraq.

Staff Sgt. Raymond J. Plouhar, 30, died Monday of wounds suffered while conducting combat operations in Iraq's volatile Anbar province, the Defense Department said Tuesday.

Plouhar, who was stationed at Camp Pendleton, Calif., had taken four years off from active duty to serve as a recruiter in Flint after donating one of his kidneys to his uncle. He is seen in the 2004 film approaching prospective recruits in a mall parking lot.

It's better to get them when they're in ones and twos and work on them that way, he says in the film.

Although Plouhar willingly appeared in the movie, which is critical of the Bush administration's actions after Sept. 11, his father said Plouhar didn't realize it would criticize the war.

I'm proud that my son wanted to protect the freedom of this country whether we all agree with the war or not, he said.

Plouhar grew up in Lake Orion, about 30 miles north of Detroit.

He is survived by a wife and two children, ages 5 and 9. They live in Arizona.
Yep....the rights that the military have fought and died for...
over the years. You know, the might want to say thank you once nin awhile for that too...but that would take common courtesy. Too much to expect I guess. Take, take, take, but never say thank you for those who sacrificed for what is being taken...and taken...and taken FOR GRANTED.
"Who died and made you boss?"

OMG!!  Toooooooooo funny! 

When you described the various religious beliefs of your family members, you illustrated very well why government and religion don't mix.

Whether I (or you) agree with their views, they still have the right to have those views. 

Rick James died in 2004
of a heart attack. That was too bad. I loved Superfreak.
Bush lied and thousands died!

Reaping the rewards.

Mexico has universal health...how many have died
from the swine flu?
Who died and made you the "free speech" police? sm
Who cares what you think of Sam's posts. You are free to read or not read. That is what debate is all about. And I use that term loosely in regards to some of posters on this board. Most of the posters have legitimate points of view. If you are that upset over what she posts, then feel free to disregard what she puts. You should be able to figure out what the message is about by reading what is under the thread and not having to open the thread.

If you don't agree with our consitutional right to freedom of speech, then you need to rethink your priorities. Nobody will ever agree with anybody else 100% on this board and in real life, and I wouldn't expect them to. That is what makes our world go around.

Don't like the posts?? Don't read or go to another board. I agree with Sam.
Bush's lies and people died for NO cause, NO reason!
That's the difference.  We gave AL Queida and Taliban a gift they never thought they would receive when we invaded Iraq.  They took out the guy who was keeping Iran as quiet as possible, not allowing them to enter their air space/borders. Now, Al Queida has a GREAT recruiting tool!!  No, they couldn't have asked for more.  And that's the DIFFERENCE!!!
of course he lied - but no one died - he had a young daughter to protect...
All men would lie - when, in fact, it was nobody's freakin' business........that was Hillary's problem
My dad died of lung ca. from 2nd-hand smoke. I hope
My mom died of obesity-related diabetes. I hope we tax food out of
Bush lied and our brave patriotic soldiers died..PERIOD
Of course Bush lied about WMD and the threat of Iraq..He needed a reason to invade Iraq..If you would do some research you would find many papers that document meetings between Cheney, Wolfowitz, Perle and others who devised a way to take over the Middle East in the 1990's..all they needed was a way to present it to the American people, as we would not allow our children to die for no reason.  With 9/11, they got the reason and tried to tie up 9/11 with Iraq..I, frankly, think they also had a hand in 9/11..For any who poo poo this..I ask you to do some surfing on the Northwoods Operation..same kind of thing, only in the 1960's..Let a few CIA Hispanic/Cuban operatives invade a few curise ships on Floridas coast, kill a few Americans and we would definitely agree to invading Cuba and killing Casto..Our govt did not agree to it, however, 9/11 seems to me like an updated plan..there are many who also wonder was this an inside job..
And my grandfather died in WWII, defending the country where you live now in freedom (nm)
FYI. Paul Newman died today. What a guy! A hero of mine. God Bless! nm
Ovarian cancer. McCain's father died of a heart attach...sm
around 70 I think. FYI, Obama quit.
Yeah, lets talk about Billo the Clown and not the guy that died in US custody! (sm)

Wow...that's what I call total disregard for others.

Barack's name

I read a very interesting article regarding Barak Obama’s name:


Barack is a Semetic word and it means “to bless” (verb), or “blessing” (noun).  The Hebrew form is Barak which is found throughout the Bible.


Hussein is a Semetic word meaning “good”.


To quote a couple highlights of an article written by Juan Cole who is President of the Global Americana Institute…..


I want to say something about Barack Hussein Obama's name. It is a name to be proud of. It is an American name. It is a blessed name. It is a heroic name, as heroic and American in its own way as the name of General Omar Nelson Bradley or the name of Benjamin Franklin. And denigrating that name is a form of racial and religious bigotry of the most vile and debased sort. It is a prejudice against names deriving from Semitic languages!


Barack Obama's middle name is in honor of his grandfather, Hussein, a secular resident of Nairobi. Americans may think of Saddam Hussein when they hear the name, but that is like thinking of Stalin when you hear the name Joseph. There have been lots of Husseins in history, from the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, a hero who touched the historian Gibbon, to King Hussein of Jordan, one of America's most steadfast allies in the 20th century. The author of the beloved American novel, The Kite Runner, is Khaled Hosseini.


So, anyway, Obama's first two names mean "Blessing, the Good." If we are lucky enough to get him for president, we can only hope that his names are prophetic for us.”

Barack backers

With Oprah and George Soros behind Obama, he is going to be a strong contender. He has ample time to prove his leadership ability in the months ahead. Better dig out my shades, the future looks bright.


duh yourself - Barack IS 50% white... LOL


and some of us love people of color but not voting for him for other reasons,

There are people voting for him strictly because he's part black, and some people voting for hillary because she is female -

these are BAD reasons.........to vote for anybody........


barack obama
why would you want someone who refuses to say the pledge of allegience or even put his hand over his heart during the pledge to be the president of the US?
Barack Obama all the way.

Barack Obama has a lot going for him..s/m
When I see and listen to him I get a very hopeful feeling about the future. He's an extremely intelligent fellow, and has that youthful exuberance about him. The negative that I see right now is that his visions/goals seem a little too lofty, and he needs to be a little more specific as to what he would do exactly about this or that, and I think that he will as time goes on.  It's rather difficult not to get good feelings about him. He's smart, young, exuberant, and let's face it, the future of this country lies in the hands of the young people.
Wow....you should be in Barack's campaign...
you took one sentence out of what I said and spun it so hard I'm dizzy. LOL. How you got that I made an assumption that noncaucasian nonchristian people are incapable of thinking for themselves. You are the one who suggested that anyone who hates does so by choice because they won't think for themselves...?
I certainly don't think Barack has what you seek.

Same could be said for Barack. Many are voting for
because he is any more experienced than SP (who is only running for VP, lest we forget-McCain's not dead yet, though some like to exaggerate he's teetering on the brink of death). Like it or not, POTUS is partially a popularity contest. Personally, I prefer to vote for someone who isn't seeking the popular vote and who doesn't put on a front to earn it. However, if you're going to shoot people down for liking SP, it won't work because just as many have sided with Barack for the same reason.
good for Barack

don't let that old guy tell you what you should do.  Another clumsy grand event from the McCain circus.  Hope Barack goes to the debate and just sits there patiently for 90 minutes waiting for McCain to show up.


God and Barack Obama

Dr. Paul Kengor - Guest Columnist - 10/28/2008 7:45:00 AM

Let me begin with what I hope is a credibility enhancer: For daring to write a book on the faith of Hillary Clinton, I was questioned by fellow conservatives, especially for calling Mrs. Clinton a "lifelong, committed Christian." In the final chapter of that book, I included a brief section on the faith of Barack Obama, where, taking him at his word—based on a major June 2006 speech on his faith—I felt confident in reporting, "Obama is a Christian."

I'm not disputing that here. Since then, however, I've taken a careful look at Obama's faith, and there are quite a few things that stand out as historically extremely unusual, and in some cases unprecedented for a potential president. They are worth knowing, especially given the secular media's adoration of the man.

Indeed, journalists are so worshipful of Obama that they are unfazed by his two decades of membership in the church of a ranting, blasphemous preacher who mocked everything from Bill Clinton to America itself—and who married Obama, baptized his children, and whom Obama considers a mentor and the inspiration for the title of his best-selling book. That double standard has struck even the likes of atheist Christopher Hitchens. After eight years of wailing and gnashing of teeth over a Christian Republican president, secular liberals have undergone a Saul-like conversion.

On rare occasions, however, the press has offered constructive analysis of Obama's faith. The most revealing look remains a glowing profile in Newsweek a couple of months ago. The Newsweek offering was remarkably one-sided, even venturing into evangelical phraseology, the shared-language-of-believers style characteristic of Religious Right publications. I counted ten examples of phrases like, "He found Christ," "accept Christ," "Obama went to Jesus."

Nonetheless, even in this unusually un-critical article, much can be mined about Obama's faith. Most salient is this inescapable conclusion: More than any presidential nominee this close to the White House, Barack Obama's faith is a patchwork of divergent beliefs, philosophies, and influences, from what Newsweek called a "Christian-turned-secular mother"—her own views a product of "two lapsed Christian" parents and a Bill Moyers book—to a "Muslim-turned-atheist African father" to a stepfather with a "unique brand of Islam."

As for Obama's personal path, Newsweek noted how Obama, in his younger years, enjoyed, on one hand, Augustine, and then Nietzsche and Graham Greene. Obama hopped and groped his way through Islam, Buddhism, Catholicism, Protestantism, asceticism, and eventually settled at the political church of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

Most interesting is what Newsweek revealed about Obama and his current family: His wife, Michelle, "also didn't go to church regularly as a child." Neither really began regular attendance until they were married. And only then, their choice was Reverend Wright. On that, Newsweek reported approvingly: "The cross under which Obama went to Jesus was at the controversial Trinity United Church of Christ. It was a good fit."

The couple, writes Newsweek, attended "fairly often—two or three times a month." That changed, becoming less frequent, with the birth of their first child. Normally, the arrival of children is the blessed event that drags young couples to church—the Bushes, the Clintons. For the Obamas, however, the hassle of getting the baby out of the house for a packed service was an obstacle. "So," explained Barack, "that would cut back our involvement."

The Obama girls have never attended Sunday school—a definite contrast with most White House children. Even wayward president's kids like Ron Reagan, a proud atheist, was taken to church every Sunday. Obama explains of his daughters' religious education: "I'm a big believer in a faith that is not imposed but taps into what's already there, their curiosity of spirit."

Once Obama ran for the U.S. Senate, he skipped church for months at a time. Now that he publicly parted ways with Reverend Wright, reports Newsweek with a gentle wink, "Obama is a little spiritually rootless again." Newsweek neglected to mention that Obama often appeared in churches in 2007 for strictly political purposes—i.e., to campaign in houses of worship, a practice that launches liberals into fits of screaming rage when done by Republicans.

On the plus side, there are some discernible spiritual practices in Obama's life: family grace at mealtime, daily prayer, Obama "sometimes" reading the Bible in evenings, and inspirational emails zapped to the senator by his "religious outreach team." Yet, even with that nod to something of a religious routine, one senses that Obama is still trying to reconcile, as Newsweek described his early life, "his rational side with his yearning for transcendence."

After demonstrating at length that Obama's belief system is an amalgam, unorthodox, and undisciplined, Newsweek wrapped up with a shot at his detractors: "Some on the right say his particular brand of Christianity is a modern amalgam—unorthodox, undisciplined...."

No, Newsweek, that's what you say.

One can see here another reason the secular left embraces Obama: His entire religious life, including the spiritual development of his family, is relativistic—an ever-probing quest, a realization of no single truth. The left likes this Democrat more than, say, a lifelong Baptist like Bill Clinton, a lifelong Roman Catholic like John Kerry, a lifelong Methodist like Hillary Clinton, a "born-again" southerner like Jimmy Carter. Here's a believer secular liberals can accept: a relativist in the most expansive form.

A President Obama would bring to the office the most unconventional religious portfolio of any president in a long time, arguably the history of the American presidency.

But to get there, the freshman senator hopes to win just enough of those moral-religious "values voters" who twice made the difference for George W. Bush. Can Barack Obama do that?

Can Obama win the 'values voter'?
In 2000 and 2004, it was the churchgoing moral-religious "values voters" that made the difference for George W. Bush. Barack Obama hopes to peel off just enough of those voters. What are his chances? From my vantage, Obama faces five primary obstacles:

First, Reverend Jeremiah Wright remains an albatross, even given the media's best efforts to avoid him. The ranting, raving, blaspheming political sermons by an uncorked, unhinged Wright—with the congregation loving every minute—remains a cruise missile at Obama's bid for moderate to conservative churchgoers. Obama was way too close to Wright to politically extricate himself.

Second—brace yourselves, liberals—a sizable number of Americans suspect Obama is lying about Islamic roots. A Newsweek poll in June found that 12 percent of voters are convinced Obama is a Muslim, and one-in-four believe he was raised a Muslim. Such thinking has intensified with Jerome Corsi's bestselling book and with research by Islam observers like Daniel Pipes—who, though he accepts that Obama is today a Christian, says Obama is "lying" when he denies he was never a Muslim. Additional oddities continue to surface, such as a YouTube video in which Moammar Kaddafi is said to describe Obama as a fellow Muslim.

When I recently shared this factor with some liberals, their faces visibly contorted and they began yelling at me. Nonetheless, perceptions matter. This issue might become statistically important in a close election.

Third, conservative Christians are offended by how the secular left has greeted Obama as a messianic figure. The hosannas during Obama's Europe trip were so over-the-top that London Times columnist Gerard Baker ridiculed the senator's visit as akin to Christ's entrance into Jerusalem. The BBC interviewed a worshipful German who described Obama as his "redeemer." Fox found another who exalted his "new messiah." To the question, "Who do you say that I am?" some Europeans made their choice as Obama swept into their presence.

Given the agnostic left's search for salvation in politics, this is not a surprise, especially in post-modern, de-Christianized Europe.

This has only gotten worse. No less than a U.S. congressman, Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN), said on the House floor on September 10 that, "Barack Obama was a 'community organizer' like Jesus." (He then added, in reference to Governor Sarah Palin, that "Pontius Pilate was a governor.") And now there's YouTube video of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan calling Obama "the Messiah."

This is backfiring on Obama among the values voters he is seeking. To them, this reverence by the secular left is intolerably hypocritical. Liberals went bonkers when a presidential candidate named George W. Bush merely cited Christ as his favorite philosopher. And now they can compare Obama to Christ?

Fourth, "values voters" are skeptical of this appeal to faith by the Democratic nominee. There has been a well-orchestrated, openly admitted campaign, begun just days after the 2004 vote, especially by Hillary Clinton, Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid, to get Democrats talking faith as much as possible. Actual Democratic Party working groups and colloquia have been established, employing the Christian left's language of "social justice."

Obama himself picked this up early on. In a June 2006 address to the Call to Renewal convention, Obama appealed to religious voters. He recalled how in his 2004 Senate race, his support of abortion rankled his opponent. Obama protested, arguing there were policy issues that proved his Christianity—issues like supporting daycare subsidies and the estate tax.

Obama can protest all he wants, but values voters consider legislation mandating medical care for abortion survivors more important than legislation mandating estate taxes for the wealthy.

Speaking of which, and fifth, abortion is beyond doubt the overwhelming obstacle for Obama. He is the most extremist pro-choicer ever to get this close to the presidency. His stand-alone votes against bills protecting newborn babies who survive abortions were horrible. He calls abortion a "safety net" and vowed to Planned Parenthood in July 2007 that the "first thing" he would do as president is sign the Freedom of Choice Act, which would nationalize abortion policy and overturn all the perfectly reasonable state-level restrictions on abortion by bipartisan legislatures throughout America. Then there are Obama's revealing statements on the stump—such as how he would hate to see his daughters get pregnant out-of-wedlock and "punished with a baby."

Secular liberals cannot begin to imagine the opposition to Obama strictly on abortion. I've received an email several times, titled, "10 Reasons Christians Shouldn't Vote for Obama." Among the ten, seven are on abortion.

The unprecedented outcry from the religious community is further evidence. The reaction of the Catholic bishops is extraordinary. I've never witnessed them so exercised and committed to leading the flock, and doing so carefully and eloquently, especially among traditional Catholics who still think their party is run by Harry Truman and Jack Kennedy, and literally don't even know Obama is pro-choice.

A poll last week by Investor's Business Daily showed a swing of 20 points for John McCain among Catholics, from an 11-point deficit to a 9-point lead. If McCain wins Catholics, he wins the election.

It all adds up to the reality that Barack Obama will have difficulty picking up values voters. His hope that they are not energized by McCain has dissipated with the Sarah Palin pick and the steady emergence of information on his abortion fanaticism.

A summer Pew poll showed McCain leading Obama among evangelicals by 61 to 25 percent, comparable to the margin enjoyed by Bush over AL Gore in 2000. More recently, the respected scholar Dr. John Green released a study finding that evangelicals favor McCain 57.2 percent to 19.9 percent, very similar to Bush's 60.4 percent to 19.6 percent over John Kerry at the same point in 2004.

It remains to be seen where, exactly, this will finish next Tuesday. As in 2000 and 2004, however, the values voters could make the difference.