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Maybe they want to make sure people double check their spelling.

Posted By: no name on 2005-12-12
In Reply to: psych test - termtroll

If you are not sure of how they are spelled, you really should look them up.

They are well known brands and easy to look up.

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People at TT have been paid! People who haven't well, maybe you did not make count and your check
after insurance deduction. Maybe your bank is holding it. Maybe anything! But we GOT PAID. This is NO LIE. And I am sick of this board. Nothing but disgruntled exemployees arguing with employees who like their job. Ugggg. I am working. BTW: THERE IS WORK (clears throat) remember that? Work?
Always double check your
And then check it again.
You might double check this...
In the 3 states I have lived in, they did not charge to change your phone number if you were changing it due to harassment. And this certainly sounds like harassment!! I can't imagine being called that much by a company I don't work for, telemarketers are bad enough, but at least they have to stop at a certain time of night. Caller ID was the greatest invention ever, I don't answer unless I know who it is and that I want to talk to them. Good luck to you.
Somebody needs to double check
The laws that apply to someone who is an EMPLOYEE may not apply to someone who is a STATUTORY EMPLOYEE, which are two distinctly different classifications. I'll contact TPTB and see what I can find out.
FYI - If you go there, better double check your lines!!!!!! nm
Double check - are you sure they didn't say
You are being mean to someone and saying how great you are.. check your spelling..
Your comments lack credibility when you tell her she does not have the experience. Things that make you go hmmmmm.... recuiting and Sorry you're experience WAN'T good, mine was great, very informative.  Wan't good, what is that???
If and when you find one, be sure do double check yourself that you are being paid for what they
Double check your line counts.
I routinely double check line counts
I have audited my line counts often using Sylcount and the line counts are always pretty much right on compared to BayScribe.  I have no reason to believe they fudge on line counts, but I would never take someone's word for it, so I always run audits periodically myself.  It has never been a problem. 
Gosh..does this company start with an F. In any event, you need to double check with your insurance
provider to see the exact date the policy was cancelled. Sometimes, companies have to pay preminums ahead of time. I would just make sure and if they are still taking the money out, you need to send a certified letter telling them to return your money at the point you were paid up and the policy cancelled or reinstate the insurance. Why pay for something your not getting.
And don't try to type them into Word or an electronic dictionary to check spelling. Recruiters h
Double dipping. There may be a few people sm
who do that, but at the company I work for, I receive a prompt response from my supervisor and even the backup supervisor. I doubt they are double dipping. Working for one MT company is enough to drive anyone insane, let alone more.
She didn't make 1 spelling error that I can see.
The people who can double their line count
on editing are the ones who have a low line count to begin with because they don't utilize shortcuts and self-made templates, etc. I too can do 2000+ lines a day and have tried editing and my line count went wayyyyy DOWN.
Holy $&@! No wonder it is not cost effective to do VR. I make double that sm
for VR/ASR at WMX.
It means to double check what THEY say your count it. Count
make sure you check...sm
Make sure you find out that your area accepts their insurance. I think the insurance is okay enough, but it doesn't do any good if no one in your area will accept it. Also, I think they are going to discontinue supplying the computer and discontinue the no-work downtime. Very important things to consider...these are just a few.....
They will check to make sure...
that you have good dentition (oral exam) as well as ask routine questions in order to complete the ROS.
Some make a decent check
so you cannot lump all together.
okay, this is what most people do when they get a bounced check - sm
they take the check to the police, who in turn will file a report and then an arrest can be made. I have been in this business 18 years, and yes I HAVE HAD A COUPLE OF PEOPLE ARRESTED!!! The absolute hardest state to get this done in is in Florida, but if you know the right people and can push the right buttons, it can be done.

Now, ETRANZ is in GEORGIA, so start doing the leg work and stop waiting for the checks. If this business files for bankruptcy, you may be S*** out of luck for any check, depending on how it is done. If this company is filed as an Inc, then you may also be SOL because of the laws in various states.

So stop calling them and contact your police department.
Not according to their website, but they want people to check every now and then
Nice does not make for good pay check.
Ditto, Ditto.  sorry to hear that you had so much down time and not able to make any money.  Well hope for the best with your new company.
Check the old posts here. There are a lot of people unhappy with them. nm
Thanks -- I'll make a note of those 2 companies and check them out. sm
Unfortunately, I am reaching that ripe old age where I see a crown in my future
I know people say they make more, but I can't, not when it.....
takes me longer to edit than to type it, at half pay I might add.
People like you make me sad.

How much do QA people make there? any idea? nm
People like the first poster just make me
embarrassed that I work in this field sometime and unfortunately they are all around us too. Not all MTs are that dense.
You people make me SICK!
One persons thanks the company, another asks a questions, another calls her paranoid........ you really need to find something to do.. .....a good beginning would be to treat others in writing and actions as you would like to be treated. 
The only people that are going to make it with VR or ASR are MTs that are nearing retirement and

dont mind the lower wages and who probably already have problems with muscles and tendons from years of MTing or others who as people said are slower transcribers or part time people just supplementing their income who just want to plug along and make a few bucks. Anyone who is self supporting and needs a good income will not make it on those rates without killing themselves and if one company gets away with it they all will because I am sure MQ is next when they come out with their new pay plan and ASR rates and then they will all follow suit. Why send this work overseas and then have to edit it again so I guess they just hope they have everyone behind the 8 ball.


Where did I make people that work weekends
feel they are not being Christian or family-oriented? I certainly did not make those direct statements. Please correct me if I am wrong, but where did I post that or what did I say to make you feel that way? That was not my intention. and remember anyone can post as OP. Many of these comments that say OP are not mine. Just clarifying.
I don't understand why people make posts
telling people to stop whining. Isn't that the whole purpose? We work remotely and as a result we need this catalyst to communicate with one and other. If you don't like people venting then YOU should stay off!!
I was just curious because I have had some people tell me they make over $1000 every week and that
seems impossible to me. 
People make a lot of stuff up (sour grapes?)
Doesn't seem a valid point to me. Most people can make 250 lph sm

so why not do it making 8-9 cpl (or more) and make $24-27 per hour?  I don't think $15/hour is much nowadays, but that is just my opinion.  I made that 10 years ago in an office setting -- hate to think of going backwards, although I do reailze that is the trend in transcription nowadays, sad to say.

I just hope he/she (and everyone) finds something that pays more than that, especially for IC work. 

No, not worried, just never heard of benefits for self employed people. That would make them
employees so I dont think you can give those benefits to SE or IC unless the law has been changed.
Here's a news flash for you... many people make MORE money editing....sm

in the same # of hours in a day than they do straight transcribing.  I know because I and others with the company I work for do.   When I was straight transcribing I averaged making $12 an hour.  Now that I'm editing about 90% of the time I'm averaging making $13.50 an hour.  Now THAT pays the bills faster, and I'm still working the same # of hours a week! 

Just because someone posts that VR is the wave of the future doesn't mean they're in management - they're just being realistic about what is happening in this industry (just as they referred to the copier and PCs).  

Of course if you think it's really going to hurt you to do VR then perhaps you should go back to an IBM typewriter and get your own accounts.  After all - using a PC and expanders is helping you get paid for work you're not actually transcribing (yup, think about those expanders - I bet you're not fussing over getting paid to have those kick in instead of having to type out those words, or consider the header information that blows in for you from an ADT feed that you're not having to manually type). 

People do make mistakes sometimes. Maybe it was an oversight or plain ole mistake
on someone's part, an unintentional mistake. It is possible.
Quit jumping on people who make that statement. Doubt she is
In my opinion what you make is confidential and I have seen people get fired for discussing rates.
That all goes along in confidentiality agreements. I am in agreement with you though..it really is not anyone's business. If they want to know, they need to ask the company. The company will probably tell them.

If you look back in the archives people left when they realized they couldn't make money with it.
think, people! If she does 250 lines/hour, same docs daily, will make $15/hour
Check Monster, CareerBuilder, MedHunters.com. Check with the companies you see listed if they're
my name is double ?
thats my name. pls use another name.
Sorry double ?
You have to pay double....sm
The employer share and the employee share.
I pay quarterly.
Now this is a double duh....
I get a QA every 3 months. There are a lot of doubting people here. I can hardly wait until most are put over on some crapola VR program and then they can really complain. I love mine, plan on sticking with it and well, just figure out for yourself on the split. Just say half and half. HA!
Does background check include credit check?

drs spelling more and more
Well, my doctors have started spelling EVERYTHING.  I just shake my head and hope we are not gonna lose the account due to awful transcription.