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15 accounts?

Posted By: sm on 2008-10-22
In Reply to: SM - not true

If you need 15 accounts to ensure you have work, something ain't right.

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Are they losing accounts. Do most of their accounts stay for long period of time. I have
heard pros and cons about the quality of their work.  I guess it is much cheaper than other companies can offer.
Because the girls that monitor the accounts in the office were told the accounts either go on DQS or
move on. All accounts to be with MQ must be on DQS and no more different platforms. ONE ONLY DQS. They can send more work overseas then.
MDI-FL but not all accounts. Only the internet-based ones. C-phone accounts are fine.

So, yes, let me clarify before everyone gets in an uproar.. There is work IF you want to use a C-phone. IF you signed up for an account that is internet-based, you will be disappointed. Not enough work to go around. Just my personal preference.. I have no desire to do a dial-up C-phone account using my long distance.

Some do and have good accounts and fully loaded ESL accounts
Take a look at what is happening in India. For the first time, workers there have money to get themselves into debt by buying high priced items (cars for example). They now protest lower castes being allowed into universities at almost double the previous allowance. Wait until they are highly in debt, begin to feel entitled to a wage equal to that paid inthe US and then, try to form unions, get tossed out into the street and sit back with some Ben and Jerry ice cream and watch the economy collapse and all that dictation come back across the ocean. Timing is everything.
Find out which accounts they are hiring for. They have some ESL accounts that are extremely
difficult to do.  I dont know how many accounts they have altogether but as I say, a few are very difficult and I actually dont have a problem with ESLs but these accounts are almost totally ESL.  I dont do them anymore.
Well it sounds like no work happens a lot at DSG. How are the accounts as far as decent accounts
and their QA. 
Different accounts have different platforms. Most accounts require sm
high speed but I am not sure if satellite is OK.

I don't think that they're hiring right now. I spoke with my lead on Thursday, who said they are focusing on making sure everyone has enough work and moving PTers to FT, eventually moving towards FT only with only weekends as PT. Not 100% sure when that is though.
Hmm..well it goes to show how different it can be between accounts. My "high" ESL accounts s
at WMX are pretty easy in my opinion as well. I wish I had a better answer for you. Hang in there if you can. You have to do what is right for you.
Six accounts?!?! That is nuts! I am on 3 accounts. nm
MQ accounts
You are assuming that MQ has not lost any accounts. Yes the accounts were transferred with the transcriptionists, buy one of my accounts left and went to another service and yes, once an account goes up on the new platform, it is free game for everyone.
I believe they have two ER accounts - one is .09 and one is .10 -

the owner is wonderful to work for, also.

PS:  Hi Connie!



How many accounts do you have?
When you get 6 accounts, can work on any of them at any given time, sometimes all in 1 day, and still get less than 2% DC percentage, come back and tell me you're better than me.  You're still wet behind the ears and probably don't even realize what a big can of worms you just opened.
Are the Rad accounts going VR?
VR accounts
Does anyone find that you can get more lines or make more money on VR accounts?
RE: VR accounts
How did you get three accounts?
????????????????????????? No wonder you have plenty of work - you have three accounts. Duh!!
Their accounts are about 90% ESL sm
And I am talking heavy ESL.  Also, even though most of their MTs are ICs, they make you give them a schedule and they bug you if you don't work it.  Pay is okay.  Work is very sporadic. I have two friends who left there because the work kept running out.  QA can be very rude, as well. 
You might be better off just getting your own accounts rather than
trying to look for a service that has them. If you feel you must go through a service, then more than likely a small or very small MTSO would be the most likely to have these types of accounts.
Your own accounts (SM)
I read over the other posts today and agree that many of them were brutal, unpleasant, condescending, and unkind. Do not let these types of responses deter you from your goals, plans and visions.
I had my own accounts before I even took
a medical transcription course. I got into MT by accident. I started a home-based secretarial business doing typing and bookkeeping for people. One day, I got a call from this guy wanting to know if I could do his transcription. Sure, why not?! I had repaired transcription machines in a former career field, so what could be so tough about transcribing? I did fine. I've had his account for 8 years now. I also picked up a physical therapy account with four dictators before I finished my MT education, but that account was el cheapo on pay so I dumped them as my skills grew more in demand.

In my opinion, it's easier to have your own accounts because you're doing the same people and the same reports day after day. You can use your Expander to the max. They'll notify you of any corrections or style issues they'd like you to implement. You make more money per line while saving them money versus in-house staff or a national. Make up some business cards and an intro letter on your computer and start sending them out. Forget about all the negative people who are telling you that you can't do it. They're not the boss of you. You are in control of your own destiny. YOU can do it!
You are a pet, get best accounts.
There is no QA on your own accounts. YOU are QA.
QA shouldn't have to catch your versus you're anyway. QA shouldn't have to correct basic skills.
Where was that hop to? Your own accounts?
Ask for more accounts, 10-12 may do
MDI still does on some accounts....



Edited e-mail address out.  Goldbird (Moderator)

What about their accounts...
Have they lost their accounts, too? If not, who is typing them?
I am on 4 different accounts
and I am always out of work!When I call, I get the run around. The center is in India.
They have just taken on several new accounts. nm

Is this your own accounts?
Not all VR accounts are

Even though accounts are going to VR, there is still considerable typing to be done on the VR accounts.  All my accounts have been switched over the VR but not all doctors.  I type more than half of my reports daily, sometimes is a 50/50 split.  I still get paid a line rate for jobs typed.

for some accounts anyway
Ask for what accounts, they hardly have any
and the ones they have are taken up.
I think they do have some accounts on that but
I don't work w/ any of it. They have plenty that aren't.
DR because of too many accounts SM
to make a decent line count, horrible ESL dictators, incorrect pay, weird tech support staff and the rudest office personnel I have ever encountered.
New accounts

I've worked for MQ, OSI, DRC, Spheris and a couple smaller ICs, wouldn't recommend any of them.  Transtech on the other hand is very different from the others.  Plenty of work, back up accounts, not that many ESLs and the ones they have basically are not too bad.  Really nice staff and support, pay always on time and every 2 weeks, not every 15 days.  Line counts are accurate.  Longevity bonus each year.

There are new accounts coming on very soon and they need to hire quite a few MTs.  What I was told when I was looking to work for them was that I wouldn't regret it, and I haven't.  I don't think it gets better than this in the industry.  Oh, also they don't offshore, gotta love that!

No. They have their own accounts.


because they have a lot of new accounts...nm
Who is it? Which accounts?
consider getting your own accounts
at least you type the same familiar voices.
NO, no, and no. Not on the ER accounts. nm
no mesg
I think new accounts

I think the hiring blitz is for new accounts.  They are always adding new accounts or other accounts getting bigger.  Good luck!

It can be done on some accounts sm

When I worked there, there were some particularly difficult dictators who were assigned only to specific people. And there was another difficult dictator who was in the general pool, but he didn't dictate that often, so my lead and I discussed the possibility of her assigning his dictation to me so that I could get more experienced at it and it wouldn't slow me down. It didn't get to the point where she needed to do that, but she could have.

I don't know if that was only on that one specific account - that was the only one I ever worked for at Keystrokes. But I can't imagine a lead arbitrarily assigning work to favor one Transcriptionist over another. She/he wouldn't last very long if that was really what was happening.

I have 2 ER accounts there
Accounts? sm
If they have so many accounts coming in, why have I been out of work for 2-3 days a week for the past 3 weeks? The account I WAS working on went to high speed practically overnight with no warning and bingo I had no work. I can't get high speed. They've been in no hurry to help me out either. This company keeps promising and doesn't deliver.
Some of their accounts are
very tough ones.  Don't go in without knowing that up front.
I have 2 accounts
My main account is a great ER account with only 1 ESL and all of the docs have templates. I average around 400 lines per hour on that account. My secondary account is a basic 4 hospital account, and I average between 300-350 lines per hour on that one. Guess I just got lucky with my accounts.
do they still have accounts
I was in the last little mess and quit in July.  I don't believe they still have any accounts, or may be they are too busy fighting off PA Labor and Industry to issue checks.  Could be any of the above. 
D&L $$$ and Accounts

Read another thread below about D&L paychecks. Have you received yours yet?  Just wondering. And yes, as far as I know,  they still do have accounts. I wish I knew how many people were still ICs with them. Anyone know?

probably not since accounts are low now