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Accustat (WI) - what type of platform, equipment needed, etc? Thanks! nm

Posted By: wondering on 2006-03-30
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Does anyone know what type of testing Accustat of WISCONSIN does? Thanks!
I've been with AccuSTAT WI for 7 years. We don't use VR. We used MS Word to type in and depe
on the accounts, Dictaphone C-phone, regular c-phone or Lanier VXP player.
Thats what I got at OptiScript but with that platform, i needed 90 cpl to break even.
it was terrible!
with KS make sure you know the platform/account/equipment/ESLs;
What type of platform is it?
I won't ask where you work, but do you use Meditech, Word, CTS, what?  I left my email if you don't want to answer here.  I've been seeking a better solution for myself with regard to platform because I'm really tired of spending so much time looking up patient demographics and doctors' addresses.  I could actually be making decent money at this if I didn't waste 20% of my time looking up that information for every report.
I-Type platform?
All-Type platform etc

They are using two different platforms, but the one they are hiring for is DocQScribe, which is the Medquist platform... this platform is in my opinion the best.  They can help you if you have expansions to load them onto the platform so that you don't have to type them all back in, too - I don't know if they can do it with every expansion program, but I know they can do it with Word Autocorrect.  I have been with them for about 2 years, and pay has NEVER, ever been late.  I am IC so I don't know about if they pay extra for holidays or not.  You would have to ask a recruiter.  QA usually leaves you alone once you pass the 100% review phase of your work, which if you are a good MT doesn't last long at all.  They only contact you with corrections, etc., if there is something major or if you request to have a copy of a specific report.  The QA team is really helpful though for answering questions.  This is by far the best company I have ever worked for, but not everyone has the same experience with every company.  I can't imagine what, but I am sure there is someone out there with something bad they can say about the company... it seems on these boards there is always someone who can say something bad about any company.. lol :)

I can speak for AccuSTAT Wisconsin. It's not affiliated to any other AccuSTAT.
I've been with AccuSTAT Wisconsin now for 9 years and I wouldn't work anywhere else. The work is acute care (basic 4), mostly ops and ER work. The work is done thru C-phone or VXP software.

Freedom Type - platform? - sm

What is the platform like that Freedom Type uses?  Hard to get used to or up and running immediately?



Does anyone know what type of platform MxSecure
I love cardiology and am just wondering if they use a platform before I apply.  I wouldn't want to waste their valuable time if they expect work transcribed on a platform, i.e., Emdat or the like.  I am interested in typing in Word and using Express Scribe for voice.  Any info would be greatly appreciated!      my fellow MTs.......  
Keystrokes uses mroe than one type of platform
Some accounts require a C-phone, some don't. It all depends on the account.
What type of platform does TransTech utilize?

Is it hard to learn?

I type in Word and use the Scribe platform...
but I don't use a C-phone...
It's their own platform on the editing end, I-Type. Not sure what you meant...nm
Accustat, WI
Just wanted general info on Accustat, WI. 
Hey there...do not worry about AccuStat not paying.....I can tell you that me and MANY of my coworkers love that company....they are great to work with....honestly!!!  Do not believe all you hear.
They are just very friendly, personable and supportive when you need anything!

They pay on time, every time!

I have worked on a couple of platforms, and I am not fond of VR, but I only worked on that a few months.
which Accustat

Thank you very much for responding!

Does anyone currently work for AccuSTAT WI?  Familiar with mentoring program?  How long does the program usually last?  

Accustat WI - sm
Nice people, start almost right away, not hard dictators, Word platform.
AccuStat??? sm
Has anyone applied at AccuStat and received the test?  I think 30 minutes of dictation is kind of a long test to take.  Is there anyone else who feels the same?  Does anyone have information on this company in regards to timely pay?  I would not want to take what could turn into a 3-hour test if they are not a good company.    TIA for any info...    
Pay from AccuStat
Pay is good from them.  They do not test so the pay is lower to start but stick with them and it comes up...fast!!
Which Accustat - a few of them out there. nm
Accustat in WI?
What I've seen in the archives sounds pretty good, but it's all pretty vague so looking for a little more.
Accustat EMR
Can anyone tell me how it is to work for Accustat EMR as IC?
Is this the accustat out of WI?

Accustat EMR
No, they are in SC!
MT-head. Thanks for that info.
Webmedx watches every min you type or don't type.
I personally didn't like logging off to go to the bathroom or get a drink or whatever. Drove me nuts. They were too regimented for me. Not sure if you are aware they do that. Part of working at home is the flexibility and they just weren't. Good Luck
Did you try AccuSTAT Wisconsin? nm

AccuStat Carolinas
Well AccuStat carolinas is who I work with and I have been doing great with them. They are offering more and more work so we never run out. Pay is always on time...for us experienced MTs...all is GREAT!!!
Is there a website for accustat WI?
I googled it but can't find it.
Happy MT with AccuStat
I have worked with them for going on 7 years and I keep in touch with over 30 other AccuStat MTs as well as we all help eachother. We all love them as they are helpful and treat you like a person. You will see bad remarks on here but, from what we all know, they are from MTs that were fired...
Go for it. They are a great company!!
love accustat!!!
I have been working with AccuStat for 2 years and they are GREAT!!!!
Accustat Carolinas -sm

Any information on this company would be greatly appreciate. I was told they are hiring. Thanks in advance.


Accustat Carolinas-sm

Could you elaborate on why you love it, how they are to work for, all information that you can give would be appreciated. I am thinking about working for them, but not sure..

Thanks, Lucy


AccuStat Carolinas may still do that.
accustat is great!!
I have been with the company 2 years and I love AccuStat.  They are personable.  They care if you are happy or not with the work you have and they do all they can to make sure you are busy.  They pay on time, every time and that is a HUGE bonus for all MTs.
Accustat always paid
I worked for Accustat for over a year and had no problems with pay. I loved the people there and they were very nice. I do not have anything bad to say about this company.
Accustat Carolinas

Does anyone out there work for Accustat Carolinas?  Are they legit?  How is the pay and dictators?

Accustat Carolinas
They only pay 0.25 per line for escription
If it is AccuStat in New Mexico RUN
Would appreciate any info on Accustat. TIA. NM


AccuStat Carolinas
I am an IC working for AccuStat Carolinas and have absolutely no complaints. I have plenty of work and pay is always on time. jingchimt
AccuStat in Wisconsin
I need some input from anyone working for AccuStat. I started with them on Monday. Today is Thursday. Not much work given to me so far. My work is top quality, so that's not the issue. I'm getting nervous. So far I have made enough money to buy McDonald's lunch (well, maybe dinner too). Do they run out of work often? Help!!! I need some input.
AccuStat Wisconsin

Would anyone have any info on this company based out of Wisconsin?


AccuStat Carolinas
It must be a rumor as I currently work for them and haven't heard anything about future plans for them shutting down. I hope this helps. :)
I only know about AccuSTAT in Wisconsin, but
you can check the archives. It is a small MTSO with good accounts and good dictators, but they only hire IC status and I needed benefits. The pay was always on time and for headers and spaces.
AccuSTAT or CLKTranscription
Is anyone familiar with AccuSTAT out of Wisconsin or CLKTranscription in Pennsylvania?  
AccuSTAT Wisconsin