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Ads all over jobs board because they are growing and need good MTs.

Posted By: TT QAer on 2005-12-01
In Reply to: TT's ads all over job board!!! - ex-TT and luv'n it

Three new accounts that I know of recently and more scheduled to come on. Started here as an MT and then moved to QA. Just like any place, there is good and bad but I can't imagine working anywhere else.

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Same here, but hospital jobs are growing fewer SM
and it seems most people are getting into this to be home with their kids and believe me, old as I am, I completely understand.
They are growing, growing, growing! The best MT company I have ever worked for!
Give them a try. 
I worked for them previously. Very good, growing co., wonderful MTSO, average pay but lots of work.
Are MTs that are looking for jobs finding good jobs right now with everyone looking or is it
getting more difficult to find a good job.  I am most interested in jobs for experienced MTs with more than 10 years service.  I wonder if it is better to put a resume on or just keeping applying or what is the best way to go about this.
Take a look on the jobs board.
The Amphion HR contact has her name and phone number there. That's probably your
best bet. Good luck!
There is one on the jobs board....
I would take it in a heartbeat but you need a C phone and I just sold mine on ebay.
They have an ad on the jobs board for rad MTs.
I don't know how they pay. We use ExText but not sure about that position. The ad says Meditech.

Worth checking into though.
Jobs board low pay
Has anyone notice how low the pay is on the jobs board? Can anyone live on this if you are self supporting and have no other income to the household?
First Medical placed an add on the jobs board

10 cpl/11 cpl weekends.  I've heard pretty good things about them.

WebMedex pays 10 cpl/11 cpl over 6000 lines - Lots of ESL, you have to clock in.



Only jobs post on Job board!! nm
only jobs post on job board
I was asking a question about a company on the company board and it completely disappeared. It's not on the job board or man board...I just replied to my own post to ask the question again though.
Their ad is on the, uh, competing jobs board, I think onto the second or third
There are several on jobs board page 2
DocXpress on the jobs board...

Anyone heard of them?

Try the Job Seeker's Board as there are plenty of jobs there.
there are other jobs boards also, but the Job Seeker's board here holds lots of IC jobs for full time and part time and some have very good pay.
There are plenty of jobs on the job seekers board
You are not supposed to post jobs on the job board
Again...you are not to post jobs on the job board unless you work in the capacity to recruit.
On a jobs board. It is listed as a supervisor.
Many usually ask how to get into companies as a recruiter. This is one chance I guess but you do have to have experience according to the ad if I recall in MT and QA.
Possible offshore company on jobs board?
Apobos2 - looks to be 3 ads same company - all off shore???
Plenty of jobs, just look at Job Seeker's board,
they just don't want to pay anything.
I wish I could look at the jobs board and not have to wade through the Focus s/m

job postings.  I know that sounds ridiculous, and YES, of course I can pass them by (and I do), but every time a job title catches my eye, it is almost always Focus Infomatics.  This automatically puts me in the mindeset of India and our jobs going overseas, which gets me grumpy.  I know some of you have had a good experience with Focus, and I am glad for that, but GRRRR.

Rant over :-) 

Quote from TransTech's ad on Jobs Board

* Paid maternity/paternity leave

Get it now ????  That is age discrimination! 

Transcend does. If you look, they advertise on the Jobs board but they admit that
they send work overseas.
On Job Board, there is a job 5 cpl but you are not supposed to apply after Monday because the jobs
will be all filled.. I'm sure they will be for that rate.
They have weekend Radiology jobs that were posted on the job board May 8..(sm)
other than that, you would probably have to call.  Good Luck!
You can only access the Jobs Board on MTDaily w/o paid membership. nm
Dictation Services Group. Go to the Jobs board, down 10 or 12, QA and acute
They advertise on the "other" jobs board. Lots of posts about them here. nm
On Jobs board, few inches down, AIDS/psych work, then
There are so many hits on the job board for jobs that I wonder if people are qualified that respond
or just send in a resume if they are not.  Would be interesting to hear from some of these companies what type of response they are getting. 
To Moderator: Is Seroesh Saleem Akhtar allowed to post on the jobs board?

not that I can see. I am like you, any good jobs left?
Too good to be true but any QA jobs available

Good jobs kind of like men
And all the gold in California is in a bank in the middle of Beverly Hills in somebody else's name....
Good jobs kind of like men
And all the gold in California is in a bank in the middle of Beverly Hills in somebody else's name....
So quit - there are plenty of jobs for good MTs. sm
If you think truly they suck, find somewhere else.
Jobs being sent to India - good companies who don't outsource
I've been working for a company for a few years now.  This company has started to remove several job types with greater turnaround times to India from our exiting accounts.  There was not enough work over the holidays to get in all of my hours (I know work is normally slow then), and this trend is still continuing.  We used to have a primary account and a secondary account as a back-up, but now I'm working on at least 5 or 6 accounts just to have enough work to complete my 8-hour shift. 
Are experienced MTs finding they are getting a good response when they apply for jobs or is the
field flooded by now.  I see tons of people looking at the job ads. 
Good luck finding a filler...jobs are scarce right now for sure.
Can't find a job to save my life and I have resumes/apps in everywhere.
Only those Good/Happy Friday emails to try to keep us from searching for jobs during the weekend

TT throws out a *line* on Friday emails, hoping that we will bite.  TT mgmt does not know what to do now !  I truly believe that !

I'm not sure that they will make it through this, if Dictaphone has taken away some of the Dictaphone accounts works and dividing it out among other Dictaphone customers.

I don't see a pretty picture at Transtech anymore.  Don't say that I am just a negative person; what is pretty about it?

When a new MTSO signs on with Dictaphone, they are going to give them work from somewhere, and I believe it is from TransTech. 

I am so disheartened by all this with TT. 

Promises for new work coming onboard is exactly what one poster said -- more Dictaphone overflow accounts!  Not enough work for ALL the MT's TransTech has hired within the past few months.  

Good employee on the job seeker's board --

If you're interested in working weekends, I see Jessica Reeves from Amerimed has a job posted.  From my experience, she is very good to work for.


I have gotten many solid, good job leads and offers from the board...sm.
I have never received any Spam or undesirable mail, only solid offers from companies, and I have gotten a great position through this and many other back-up offers. Just be sure to post a good resume, it will represent you, and always do research through board or Google, whatever, to see if this company would really be worth pursuing.....best of luck to you! There are a few other sites that you can post to for medical transcription, posting resume and such.
Has anyone ever applied to a company that does not have good reviews on this board

but ended up liking it anyway?  I have an interview today with a company like that . They opened up a training center locally and I thought that maybe I might get some local accounts, but the main reason for applying is that I am doing clinic work and would love to go back to acute care. 

Has anyone every brought up to the interviewer the bad reviews, or is it best to leave that out?  I am new to job hunting. 

Search the board...Lots of info, not too good..nm
Cherrypicking is when you work from a pool of jobs and being able to reject the worst jobs to those
AccuStat now has voice recognition to their software and has a lot of new clients.  I run an MD office that uses AccuStat and we have had no problems ever with this company.  They have been on the ball with all of our needs, no matter how complicated!!  We have over 50 MDs and they all love the company and their flexibility!  The owner is a great lady as well....ignore the bad things you see as they are simply not true about this company!!
Monster Jobs and Career Builder usually have a few path jobs. nm
God forbid the poor poster made a mistake by posting on the wrong board!! Good grief!
I don't do Rad so I am not sure if they have any or not. They are growing like crazy though, so
call them and ask. They are usually always hiring. Right now I think they are hiring for Med Rec, Oncology and maybe Rad. Call them and talk to Debbie, my supervisor. She's great.
Yes, it does, it means we are growing! :)
Why can't anyone ever see that with a service? Advertising doesn't necessarily mean something negative,it can simply mean there is an increased need for qualified MTs!
Growing business? nm