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Any companies have Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance? sm

Posted By: AJ on 2007-10-03
In Reply to:

I am an IC looking for a new job as an employee- need healthcare bad!  Due to a pre-existing condition, Blue Cross has been the only company that will insure me so looking to get them again.  Anyone know of companies that have this?

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I think it starts at 90 days; Blue Cross Blue Shield. Delta dental. nm
Yes, per year and it's Blue Cross also.
TransTech has Blue Cross nm

Acusis has Blue Cross.

I'm fine with the coverage - Blue Cross - sm
and somethings are covered w/o going into your deductible. Copays are $20; drug plan; mammos, Paps covered free. However, lab work falls into the out of pocket going to your deductible; ugh.

I love the dental through MetLife.
Mine through them is Blue Cross PPO. Very good coverage.
I don't know if they offer other options or not.
Heck, I don't care what it costs. It's Blue Cross, sm
accepted everywhere in my area.  Only one of my docs was in the preferred tier with the last insurance and I didn't want to switch so I just paid out of my pocket. I only have myself and the rate is cheaper for me.
I have a single plan with Affordablue with Blue Cross for $184/month. sm

Not sure about the pre-existing conditions clause -- might be a 3 or 6 month waiting period.   I have a $25 co-pay for office visits (5 per year), but $1000 deductible.  If you're relatively healthy and just need well visit checks, it is ideal, but not sure about your situation. 

I did find a site:  www.healthinsurancesort.com that might help you.

Good luck! 

Blue Cross medical,Guardian dental, Spectera vision, 10,001 lines per pay period. sm
Cost per pay period for single coverage is $94.36, $1.68 vision, $7.06 dental.  Hope this helps.     
I use Wild Blue, no problems here but the companies I work for use FTP
Called out of the blue...sm

Have you ever been called out of the blue by a company which you did NOT submit an ap or resume to be offered a job?  Happened to me last night and I was a bit shocked.  It was what you would call a cold call, I guess.  Seemed odd...has anyone had a similar experience?

RE: Called out of the blue...........
If it was from Spheris, RUN LIKE HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLL and don't look back!!!
spheris out of blue
Was contacted out of the blue by Spheris.  They and MQ will fail. 
spheris out of the blue
One can only hope they fail.
Blue Meditech
The blue Meditech was the BEST (but it did not have word Expander or spell check). BUT WHO CARES, at that time you could actually get 14,000 lines a week for gross lines... no more with all of the companies not even paying for spaces! Enjoy this platform, I think it is the BEST.
The blue belts? OMG! sm
I remember those blue Dictaphone belts, too, that the doc wrote on with a white waxy pencil. We're BOTH really old MTs!
blue team
There are 4 teams, each with different managers, accounts, etc.  I'm on the red team...just curious if I'd run into you!
I'm on the Blue Team!!!
You'll love our supervisor, she's the best!  QA is pretty good too, though haven't had much dealings with her.  She is very, very fair though and if you ever dispute your score, our supervisor will go to bat for you.  Good luck...I'm sure I'll *see* you there!!!
Try Blue Hippo
Try www.bluehippo.com  They don't do credit checks and you can get a computer on a weekly payment plan.  I have not used them personally so can't comment there.  You may also want to consider a Rent-A-Center type place.  Good Luck.
Spoken like a true blue
You hang in there, sleep well at night?
Anyone know of Proveros? They sent me an email out of the blue.
A blue team account is gone
It's been around for a long time but late last week the e-mail said if working on the account to log off now, business with them has now been completed.  People were switched to new primary accounts.  If you didn't work on this account as a primary or secondary, you wouldn't notice a difference in the amount of work obviously.
What in the blue blazes is your problem???

Do you always have to post something negative and childish after every one of Gourdpainter's posts?  I'd say you were using Mommie's PC but the kids are back in school now, so methinks this is one of the vindictive TT management trolls, angry over the fact that even though they sued her for $294.50 for defamation of character, she had the NERVE to keep posting, not properly chastised and slinking away quietly.  So, I suggest YOU GO!  You are really making a fool out of yourself. 

Keep up the good fight, GP!! 

Look in the blue column on the left- youll see
CONTACTS toward the bottom of the page.  There is an option where you can email MTStars to ask this question.  I'm sure that none of us can answer your question.
Spoken like a true blue manager
Ahh loyalty..... what a wonderful quality. Defend to the end will we UNTIL the table turns on you!
No one has mentioned Blue Choice for Kids
to family insurance. For instance, individual rate is around $37 for an employee. It's adding the *family* that makes it jump sky high. Blue Choice for Kids lets you insure your kid without the parent having the underlying insurance, and rates are around $110 (depending on 3 different options) per month, which comes out to around $50 a pay period. They also give basic dental check-ups, vision, and prescriptions, and doctor visits are around $35 co-pay. I did the math, and my $37 plus $50 for Blue Choice ends up being a lot cheaper than the *family* rate of $200-350 at most companies. I might mention I'm a single mom with 1 kid, so adding just one person makes the rate astronomical. Also, as a warning, I'm not sure Blue Choice is available in all states, so you'll have to check.
WMX question on update this a.m. Little blue box and numbers (sm)

in upper right hand, I think the numbers might be line count, what is the other one in the blue box? 


Make sure that it is the Word version not the old blue screen. nm
I use Meditech with them, but it is Client Server version. Not the old blue screen! sm
I actually like the program and I really like ShortHand but I converted my abbreviations from another program into there so I did not have to start over.
yes, Blue Fox Software out of Illinois. Microsoft partner, Gold Standard, etc.
they make White Tiger, a business intelligence system, and their top programmer is Tom. I'm sure they can make something very nice for you. Tell them Jo sent you! link below
I love it! Nothing like the old blue screen Meditech. User friendly and easy to use! sm
I also get paid gross line, which helps, but very easy to use!
There are two types of Meditech. One is Meditech Magic, which has a blue sm
screen and is like WP5.1. It is a bit cumbersome but not bad once you get used to it.

The other is Meditech Client, which is WONDERFUL. It opens into Word and populates the demographics for you.

Neither are bad once you get used to them. I make great money using Magic and a lot of others complain about it.
I am sure a lot of insurance companies are trying to do that...
Thanks--that's very helpful. Just the insurance companies
Do companies really contribute to insurance?

I am not sure if it is where I live or what, but I just discussed employee status with my company, and they wanted over $450 a month for health insurance for a very high deductible plan (5000 family) with a copay (20%).  I specifically asked if the company paid part of that, and she said yes, 50%.

I went online to e-insurance and priced out a comparable policy, and it was around $200 a month for a family high-deductable policy with an HSA option.  How can it be that a group policy costs over 3 times what an individual policy costs?  Or do the companies fudge a little bit when they say 50%?  I find it really hard to believe that my company will not give me any kind of raise but will automatically pay $5400 a year towards my insurance without batting an eye.  (BTW, the other option was $850 a month which would put them paying over $10000 a year for insurance).

What am I missing here?

You have a choice of 2 insurance companies, sm
and various plans.  I have the choice plan with Coventry, single coverage, and for medical, vision, and dental, it runs about $65 a pay period.
Insurance companies pay out 10s of thousands
that are not guaranteed. They tell you every surgery has no guarantee its going to work and we type that phrase daily. I believe IVF should be covered under every policy as a necessity for maternal and parental well being.
companies with reasonable insurance
... but not enough to have my premiums double from one payday to the next.  Surely there are companies still with reasonable insurance.  I get it that everything is going up everywhere but please if you have information on companies wtih still reasonable rates I need to know. 
Call insurance companies in your local

yellow pages that advertise health insurance.   Call several to get comparisons. 

Check einsurance.com.

How much if family health insurance at these companies?

Transtech, SOAP, Futurenet, and Transolutions?

Do they include dental and/or vision with that?

Needing to make a choice and health insurance is the most important thing right now with 2 small children.


Do any companies offer insurance that covers IVF? sm

Does anyone happen to know if any companies offer insurance that covers IVF?  I have been in this business for nearly a decade and have been doing QA for the last 4, but I would take a job right now with just about anyone as long as they offered insurance that covered IVF.  It is so expensive out of pocket, and I really need the coverage.  I have even been considering taking a job out of the transcription industry to get this coverage.  So, I guess if anyone knows anywhere at all I can get this coverage.. please help!!!  I am unfortunately in a state where this coverage is not mandated... so it is very hard to come by... :(

I am not sure if this was the right board... but I thought it was worth a shot... :P

With so many IC jobs/companies, would think MTs are buying insurance outside
Any companies hiring with BCBS as the insurance?
If there are, do they pay well? By well I mean 9-10 cpl.
Also, Medware switches insurance companies OFTEN, which can be inconvenient. sm
I have had to switch primary providers more than once because of this, and had to switch dentists twice before I finally just dropped the dental plan. I think we have had 4 different health insurance companies in 8 years.
Companies that provide afforable health insurance?
I was wondering if anyone can tell me what companies provide affordable health insurance. I need to provide insurance for my family with good coverage and affordable premiums. I can't wait 90 days or more before benefits start. I need to work at a company that provides benefits pretty quickly. I know...seems impossible these days. Thanks for any help you can provide!
Any companies letting part-timers buy in on the health insurance? sm
Just wondering if there are any transcription companies where you can work 20 or 25 hours a week and get in on the health insurance plan even if you have to pay the whole premium yourself? Thanks
Any companies offer health insurance for part time?

Are there any companies out there that offer benefits to PT employees, such as health insurance?
I know it's a rarity but I know hospitals do.
Companies w/Escription accounts that offer affordable family insurance??
I realize that affordable is subjective so whatever information anyone can give woudl be appreciated. The majority of Escription accounts offer IC only. Thanks
Any companies offer part-timers chance to buy into group insurance? need coverage ....

I've been looking at prices for solo medical insurance and while I can probably afford some coverage, I'm feeling rather paranoid about having insurance canceled if I actually get sick -- I'm fairly ignorant about what protections may have been passed and may just be responding to other people's horror stories.


Anyway, I'm not entirely sure I want to work full time for any of the nationals ... they seem to have gotten awfully rigid wrt daily line counts within certain fixed hours ... some days I'm simply creaky and hate feeling pressured ... so part time to start seems more reasonable than jumping in with both feet.  Any infor or recommendations appreciated ... 


cross training
Please call me and I will see what I can do to help you out.