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Any info on People Support Rapid text? tia nm

Posted By: Sharon on 2006-02-21
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People Support Rapid Text versus Keystrokes for radiology
Rapid Text
Very good
It's Rapid Text-a Word-based
program. It has most of the templates built in. Very user friendly. Pretty much, if you can type in Word, you can use this platform.
Have you tried emailing Instant Text tech support? sm

Sometimes if it doesn't work exactly perfect they can send you a fix to make it work. The link is on their webpage somewhere and they have a forum where you can search, too.

RAPID TRANSCRIPT~ Any Info on company???

Just Curious if anyone knows anything good or bad about this company. Thank You!

I'm looking for info on the company - Rapid Transcript.
Any info. on Rapid Transcript, Inc? Thanks in advance for your time!

Hi, I would greatly appreciate any information on Rapid Transcript, Inc., i.e. line rates, paycheck accuracy, benefits, etc.   Thank you kindly!! 

Any current info on Rapid Outsourcing Imaging?

People Support. sm
I have worked for these guys for 1-1/2 years. Pay always on time, every time. I have had one raise in pay, as was promised when I started. I've never worked with better folks. Please email me with any questions.
People Support...

Does anybody have any information on People Support?  I see they have several job offers available and I have never heard of them.  Any info would be greatly aprpeciated--good or bad.


People Support, Inc.
Are they an off shore company? 
People Support
People Support
Did work there in the past. Pay was a little too low for me.
People Support
Sounds like just what I am looking for.  Are they hiring?
people support
thanks so much for the feedback on people support. Do they provide equipment? I plan to check their website out again as I never heard from the first time.
Anyone hear of People Support?
I checked out their website.  Am I wrong in assuming they outsource to Phillipines and Costa Rica?  I had taken their test and they called me today and the number came up as Rapid Text, so now I am confused.  Thanks in advance for any info. 
People's Support Trans.
Any info on Peoples Support?
People Support Transcription? Anyone know anything about them? nm
AEGIS/People Support

Any recent info re: AEGIS/People Support out of Burbank?  How is their platform, lots of ESL's, pay on time, etc???  Info. I found was over a year old.  Thanks in advance.... wandering...

AEGIS/People Support
Thanks so much for the info. What is the name of the platform? This account will be acute care, that's all I know.

Do they offshore? In looking at the website it mentioned India, etc...

Thanks for the info...
Rapid Tran-Script, LTD versus Rapid Transcript, Inc

Is Rapid Tran-Script, LTD and Rapid Transcript, Inc both are same companies? I will really appricate any information regarding this.

Rapid Tran-Script, LTD  using Demesys as their workflow system name.

I am working for them from the last two months but not have getting paid till now...........Thanks!

Rapid Transcript, Inc- Does anyone have any recent info on this company...current/previous employees
I am wondering about anyone who has recently or is currently working for this company...any input is appreciated. There is some Bad talk about non-payment in the search archives from 2003-2004, but no recent talk. Just curious. :)
Can't you just email or call the DQS support people? My last job let me do it. nm
What kind of platform does People Support use?
Not really. The middle class is necessary - to support the welfare people and to pick up the slack f
I love the company -- great people, good tech support, sm

good benefits.  The pay could be more, but at least there is a production incentive tier that is not too tough to achieve.   Overall, I would say this is probably one of the best places I have ever worked.  If the no work situation continues, I guess I will just have to call them and ask for a secondary.  Everyone in the office has always been very helpful and supportive.   I just get nervous when it is not a holiday or anything and no files are available.  That is just my little thing, I guess.  I still would not hesitate to recommend the company to anyone.


Hope this helps.

Any info on Transcription technology and support, llc?
Any info on TTS? Transcription, Technology & Support
TTS (Transcription, Techology & Support? Any info please
Would like to know pros and cons of this company.  Anyone willing to share your experience.  Thanks
Sorry to say, this is generally not a good place for support or info. sm
In fact, it's pretty much a cesspool (no offense to true cesspools worldwide) filled with just enough folks who get their jollies being contrary, rude, deceptive, nasty ... you name it.

There are other boards that require logins and therefore there's less of the anonymous sniping that is seen here.

And, of course, this post will be deleted, while the nasty ones remain.

Very sad.
Transcend has Escription and EX text. Medware has ex-text.

Deventure I know has Escription but I am not sure if they hire PT or not. 

Anyone with info on TransTech? I think they are former L&H people. Loved that co.
Does anyone know how things are there? 
People post that info all the time.
try transriptiongear.com's tech support. They do gearplayer tech support whereever you bought yo
Up to date info on Zylomed? People change and companies do to...(sm)
I need current information from MT's that do or have worked for Zylomed (Naples, FL) in the last year. If you've had a bad experience with them 2 or 3 years ago, don't bother writing. People change and companies do too! I need the real skinny on what's happening now. I would really appreciate hearing from current employees! Thanks so much!

It happened to me 2 years ago, and through some digging I found out it had been going on for over 2 years already.  I've been watching the posts since then, and it's still going on now.  I finally got my money, but it took quite a while.  I hope you manage to get some results with the AG.  Good luck!


They have a long history of not paying.

They have a long history of not paying people.  I worked for them 4 years ago, found out it had been happening for at least 2 years, and according to the boards, it's still happening.

I applied for Radiology Trans.  Pay scale is WAY TOO LOW.  Don't bother
I worked for them on several Rad accounts. Pay scale was great. The problem was getting the money I had earned. From what I found out, they have long history of not paying their people.
This problem has been going on for years.  It's been over 3 years since I got my last paycheck from them.  I have diligently watched the boards since then to warn anyone else not to work for them.  I was threatened by Rapid's owner with a deformation of character lawsuit.  What a joke!
Rapid Transcript
I would like to contact anyone that has ever worked for Rapid Transcript out of Los Angeles or Las Vegas.  I am contacting the Attorney General Offices in both of those states regarding the pay practice (or no pay practice) of this company.
Rapid Transcript
I would be more than careful of this company. It does not pay its MTs.
Rapid Transcript
Stay away from Rapid Transcript -- PLEASE!!!
Rapid Transcript
I started with Rapid about a month ago and received my first check yesterday. Maybe they are changing their ways.
Rapid Transcript
Anyone work for or know anything about Rapid Transcript?
Rapid Transcript
They appear to have an Indian connection now.  See their current ad.  I suppose only time will tell if this has improved anything or not.
Rapid Transcript
Anyone out there working for Rapid Transcript as an editor? How long do you have to wait before being paid? I was thinking about starting to work for them but am having second thoughts. Would love to hear from current employees.
Rapid Transcript
Amy is so right about this company using new employees to get free work.  Last year, I was hired by them to be a QA Editor.  They had a probation period (which I completely understand), but they were so fussy when it came to formatting, punctuation, spacing, etc. that they kept asking that I transcribe 5 more reports -- yes TRANSCRIBE!  I was hired as an editor, but I was required to transcribe these reports so that they could make sure I understood what their process was.  To make a long story short, after being asked to transcribe 5 more reports about 10 times, I finally stood up and said something.  They then proceed to say that I was not what there were looking for in an editor, but that if I wanted a transcription job, they would be more than happy to hire me!!!  Can you believe their gall?  I wasn't good enough to be an editor, which I never really got a chance to do in the first place, and then they offered me a typing job!  I, too, had a lot of trouble getting payment from these people.  I would email two, maybe three, times a day asking about my payment.  It took months (after I verbally refused to work for them until I received payment) and finally I received it in full and said good riddens to bad rubbish!  PLEASE BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY!!
Rapid Transcript
Are you a new employee, i.e. hired in the last month?  If you read your contract with Rapid, it takes 30 days to get you into the system and process your first check.  I was upset that I did not get paid after being with the company 2 weeks until someone pointed out the clause in the the contract, which I had not read carefully enough.  I have worked for companies who have done the same thing - made me wait a month for my first check.  When I saw this and other posts, I confronted the company about it.  The person with whom I spoke was very nice and patient about it and stated emphatically that I would receive my first check and when.  I know Rapid has had problems in the past, but rather than get upset over these posts, which I did, I am going to give the company a chance.  
Rapid Transcription - CA (sm)

I know there are past posts that this company does not pay.  Does anyone have any recent experience, say within the last 3-4 months with this company?  I have an opportunity to transcribe for them, but need to make sure that I am going to be paid and ON TIME.  Thanks for any and all feedback.

Don't wanna get burned!!!