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Can't you just email or call the DQS support people? My last job let me do it. nm

Posted By: Wanderer on 2005-09-14
In Reply to: Is there a good site to get DQS questions answered quickly? nm - The manual is very confusing.


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TTer is right. Call or email tech support sm
and explain it to them. It's usually connection problems and/or too many media players on your system. They will clean it up for you. I was getting kicked out several times a day and they took out all the media players except what I needed and then shut down all the applications running in the background except for my virus scan and now I hardly ever get kicked out.
Not me. Call tech support
No it's not normal. Call the Emdat tech support sm
people and they should be able to help you out. If not they will have the programmer call you, which is what I had to do. Took about an hour but it works fine now. Good luck.
Tell your supervisor to put in a trouble ticket and/or call Tech Support at eS (nm)
People Support. sm
I have worked for these guys for 1-1/2 years. Pay always on time, every time. I have had one raise in pay, as was promised when I started. I've never worked with better folks. Please email me with any questions.
People Support...

Does anybody have any information on People Support?  I see they have several job offers available and I have never heard of them.  Any info would be greatly aprpeciated--good or bad.


People Support, Inc.
Are they an off shore company? 
People Support
People Support
Did work there in the past. Pay was a little too low for me.
People Support
Sounds like just what I am looking for.  Are they hiring?
people support
thanks so much for the feedback on people support. Do they provide equipment? I plan to check their website out again as I never heard from the first time.
Anyone hear of People Support?
I checked out their website.  Am I wrong in assuming they outsource to Phillipines and Costa Rica?  I had taken their test and they called me today and the number came up as Rapid Text, so now I am confused.  Thanks in advance for any info. 
People's Support Trans.
Any info on Peoples Support?
People Support Transcription? Anyone know anything about them? nm
AEGIS/People Support

Any recent info re: AEGIS/People Support out of Burbank?  How is their platform, lots of ESL's, pay on time, etc???  Info. I found was over a year old.  Thanks in advance.... wandering...

AEGIS/People Support
Thanks so much for the info. What is the name of the platform? This account will be acute care, that's all I know.

Do they offshore? In looking at the website it mentioned India, etc...

Thanks for the info...
What kind of platform does People Support use?
Any info on People Support Rapid text? tia nm
Not really. The middle class is necessary - to support the welfare people and to pick up the slack f
I love the company -- great people, good tech support, sm

good benefits.  The pay could be more, but at least there is a production incentive tier that is not too tough to achieve.   Overall, I would say this is probably one of the best places I have ever worked.  If the no work situation continues, I guess I will just have to call them and ask for a secondary.  Everyone in the office has always been very helpful and supportive.   I just get nervous when it is not a holiday or anything and no files are available.  That is just my little thing, I guess.  I still would not hesitate to recommend the company to anyone.


Hope this helps.

People Support Rapid Text versus Keystrokes for radiology
call them or email, they are very
helpful, will call you back within a few hours if you email them!!!
Just call or email your new
Due to new accounts, there has been lots of hiring lately. Call or email your account supervisor. They are the nicest people I have ever worked for.
Call them or email them. I know that
if you cannot wait, they will put you at the top and call you back. They told me that they are hiring 22 MTs for new accounts and trying to get through all the resumes. I would email. 
At the end of the call, we were done. They cut our email at 4 p.m. sm
And, yeah - they said plain out that they were cutting the US QA and sending it to India.

We did get a severence package but it probably will not even cover the COBRA insurance for a month.
I think you would probably need to call or email them for all these questions. (sm)
Maybe it depends on each individual situation.  Don't know.  Send them an email with exactly what you posted here, and see what they say!
Only one way to find out, either call or email them and ask. nm
I would call or drop an email inquiring.
I have received no email about such conference call.
Where did you get that from, and who sent it out.  Give initials, pls.  I got missed somehow.
Call her - sometimes their email does funny things...nm
Do they call people out on it? sm
I have been doing this a long time and when our stats are pretty up to date and then you get a stat dictated a couple of hours back, you sort of figure it out.  I think all companies should have a cherry picker of the month and let the team know who they are.  Does TT call people out on it?  My company just overlooks it as long as someone will do it.
Ran out of work, they wouldn't return email or call...see msg
They wouldn't contact me back or answer my calls. Four days later they finally got back with me to tell me to be patient. I specifically asked when I took the position if running out of work was ever a problem.
What gives you the right to call a lot of people low lifes...sm
You do not know these people personally and have no clue what type of person they are. I personally think it is a bit trashy to speak of others the way you have.
It's all SE status - some people just call it IC.
Too easy to be ignored on email. Call repeatedly and sent a registered letter. nm
Make a phone call. Too important to leave to email. nm
I do all that for my animals and people call me nuts!

It just depends on what your priorities are I guess.  Some people do that for kids, animals, a house, a car...if it makes you happy--go for it!  That whole life it too short and all...


Corrections: Sorry..'I would NOT call these people SUCKERS.....nm
The people I was instructed to call take days to answer. nm
Well if it is Amherst stick together and all of you call New Jersey. I did and a lot of people in my
office did and I dont know if it did any good or not but when I talked to New Jersey I got the distinct impression that were getting a lot of calls. They were very grouchy for sure. Dont just sit back and take it or nothing will change for you. There QA plan is so abusive it should be thrown out. You wouldnt believe the things they take off for to make sure you dont get QA points. They are a very very abusive office and it seems as though they like to make people miserable so it seems they must be very miserable women. You know, misery loves company.
I find that people who call others fraud are jealous.
Many people are jealous that others have made something more. It is the difference in each of us. I am sure if the recruiter who calls herself a hiring manager says she earns $46,000 that she does. I might even know who it is. I know I earn more and guess what?? I know one more recruiter that makes more than I do!

Being a recruiter, I know that you do not go around telling the company you earn that salary for because that is not professional to name the company, but if you think it is not possible, you are wrong. When you have excelled in the industry, it is not only possible, but probable.

If you want to make that kind of money, do something wonderful with your MT work and go for it, but you can't do it if you do not have the people skills or the ability to analyze.
CBay fired more people via conference call.
...including one that they tried to get rid of in December but felt compelled to keep. 
Why email me? You want people to email you. NM
Metro in Georgia is one. Give them a call. Great people. nm
true about the people being rude, not to mention, don't call you back. nm
LOL! people do act like dumb shiete buckets when on conf call
Email me. we will get those people
I have sent you an email. Email me if they are in NY
don't you people have email for this? this is a
public forum, not a Keystrokes formum to manage yourselves here.
Give them a call. So many people switching companies all the HR depts must be really busy. nm

4 dif people with same email address

... that keeps kicking back as undeliverable?  Aren't you just a little bit suspicious?

Please, it's probably some shady and incompetent offshore MTSO replying to you as 4 different names to try and get your transcription work and they spoofed the headers to make it look to you like they are inside the USA, so that's why replying to the emails doesn't work.  Forget these 4 candidates for jobs because they don't exist.

As that people email you with their opinions. SM
That way, you can assess the truth or, at lesat, compare opinions. You can set up a hotmail account and have people email you there. Good luck on your search for a good company.