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Anyone presently working for DSG that can tell me do you have work and is the sound still so poor

Posted By: DSMT on 2008-09-25
In Reply to:

or is that in DSG 2.  Would appreciate hearing from current people working there.

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Was presently working ....

I have worked for them since June. It took a LONG time to get used to everything but everyone was very nice and patient with me. I worked split shift evenings and early mornings. Their new platform is not as difficult as everyone says. I like it. However, I got a job with a local trauma level 1 hospital doing radiology from home and make a lot better $$ so I am quitting Transcend. Just keep in mind that I think their plan is to go mostly all VR.

Good luck.


Future Net -- anybody presently working there?

Hello:  I have just applied with this company.  Just took their on-line test, which was really difficult, even for someone who has been MT for 30 years.  Does anyone work with this company right now?   I would like to hear your opinion about the company.  Have heard mostly positive type comments, although they do hire ICs only.  Anyway a lot of these companies, you can only keep your benefits if you transcribe some outrageous number of lines, which hardly anybody can do anyway.  I am very disillioned about these companies and see how they have ways to not pay promised bonuses and basically cut-throat tactics they use with us.  

Live and learn they say.  I guess I would just as soon work as IC and make more money, because in the long run, you are probably better off anyway. 


There is no working out the bugs on bad sound. If it doesnt work you move on. My
accounts have problems but I put up with it, some people will, some wont. 
I left due to the poor sound quality. I don't know if it was just my
account or what, but I couldn't make lines and was stressed out.  I was told that they were going to upgrade their system within the year.  I don't know if that has happened and if it made a difference if it did. 
Horrendous dictators, poor sound quality, system
not user friendly, management issues, pay not on time, many complaints over line counting.  MTs who have asked for and no heeded advice have come back to apologize because everything that has been said repeatedly was true. 
Sure there are things that sound great about working for the
I hired on with the local hospital here with the promise of going home. Yeah right!!!! Excuse after excuse after excuse and then I was told that I had to cross train on acute care before I could go home. So, that meant, what, another 6, 8, 10 months? Hahaha, no way. I love my radiology and that is what I want to stick with. I am home, but not with the hospital. And, making more money.
typos are one thing (inadvertent), but poor grammar is a poor reflection and demonstrates lack..
of knowledge. In this profession, if you lack proper grammar knowledge, you should expect to receive comments from those MTs who take pride in producing top quality work. Just my opinion, but I think it is quite embarrassing to see inproper use of the english command from those who profess to be MTs. There's a difference between typing a message here and having a slip of the finger and just not knowing proper word forms and spelling. I see grammer quite often, dependible etc. I truly do no believe these are simple typos, sorry.
I work for Webmedx and the communication is poor. sm
The MT managers are okay about answering email. However, questions to upper management go unanswered--or even worse are answered with a defensive attitude that you shouldn't be asking questions. I'm suspicious of any individual or company that gets uncomfortable with questions.
The quality of the Indian work is so poor, sm
that the company will eventually lose the accounts, thereby the US MTs lose even more work!!

As soon as a company offshores, it creates its own doom. (A chink in the armor, so to speak.) It will eventually come back and bite the company where it hurts--unfortunately, it's the US MTs who get hurt the most.

Offshoring is putting US MTs out of work, plain and simple.

When you've been around this business a little longer, you'll understand.

I'm there presently too..can you share
Even just the first initial would help me know if it might be the same as my account which is always low lately.
You say giving work to poor people in America is a
FN is a good company. Work volume much too low. SR pay very poor.
Anyone know anything about JLG who is there presently. Probably asked before but would like to hear
what the accounts are like and the platform.
Anyone know anything about Landmark Transcriptions that works there presently. nm
Unfortunately, this does sound like the JLG I work for (sm)
recently took from 5/26 (supposedly, at least) until 6/6 for me to get my paycheck, and it always takes over a week (yet somehow when they want me to fill something out or whatever for their purposes, it gets here much quicker...) Have to pretty much agree with mt34+ on everything here, except I'm still working for them. Haven't yet quite convinced myself that the grass will be greener anywhere else, I guess!
did you work for MTS? sound like them for sure!
Of course you work for OSi. You sound just like their management
how sad!
May I ask how the work is at DSG right now. Are you still having problems with sound and is that
mainly with DSG2.  I have been contacted by them and am considering what I want to do.  Thanks much.
I work on DSG-2 and one account the sound can be sm
horrible but the other accounts are pretty good. No real problems with sound.
Sound quality and now, no work
I just love it when I get up early to work my required sch'd hours and see 0 reports on all my accounts. The DQS system had horrible sound quality even when I worked at MedQuist, so I don't believe it's much to do with any given company but more due to the platform of choice.
Wow, does not sound like the JLG I work for! You are scaring me! sm
My experience has been quite the opposite, but then again I came from MQ so I could be tied up and dragged by my toes while having needles stuck in my eyes and I'd think it was better. Just kidding, but other than not have DD, no complaints at all here.
Low work volumes, horrible sound

What is going on with Transcend?

I am about to leave also and I never thought I'd see myself type that!


I have no sound issues, plenty of work...
Not sure what platform you are on, but I am on 2 of the Dictaphone accounts and there is so much work not sure how we are going to get it all done. My team leader is good and the company has some of the best benefits of any place I have worked, and believe me I have worked for a lot of companies. I am sure it is not a fit for all, but what MT company is.
Doesn't sound like the Transtech I work for...NM
I work for DSG now and the sound quality is just fine sm
now that they are not doing MQ subcontracting.

However, I'm wondering why they are hiring. Of course all companies want their reports back in the right TAT but why do they always have to over hire? I am sure they want weekend and night coverage. That's a problem I think with any company. Even at MQ we are being asked to change our working hours to afternoon, evenings and weekends.
Work can be really low at times and I find the sound to not be the
best but it is not any worse than a lot of the other places.
Can anyone comment on the sound quality and JLG and work availability? nm
Are you sure the sound quality was the platform and not your sound card? Also, I don't know of ma

services that pay "down time" if the platform is inoperational.  ALL software has its share of problems.  It's the nature of the business.  When you were hired, did you sign a contract accepting the terms regarding PTO?  If so, what could you possibly complain about since you did, afterall, sign the agreement?  Did you have a good relationship with your QA Editor/Team Leader that you could ask questions about account specifics?

My understanding of the VR is that it has been in development for a number of years not to be released until the fine tuning was complete.  It would seem to me, and I am in no way affiliated with Transcend, that provided that VR is good then earning a line rate as an Editor would be beneficial, if that's how Transcend is planning to compensate.

All in all, I would say that if anyone is interested in working for Transcend or any service for that matter, make sure to ask the services Recruiter specific questions.  If what you're hearing sounds good and makes sense, go for it.  If what your'e hearing is not all that you thought it would be, move on.  However, you MUST take what you read on forums boards with a grain of salt.  While some posts regarding various services may be legitimate, others may not be.

Good Luck!

MT Manners

I used to work for a Tailor Made Transcription that was called TMT for short - does that sound right
Let's see...lousy sound quality, dictators with no skill, unavailable QA, running out of work.nm
How are the MW accts that use the ExText? Good sound? Lots of work? Acute care or clinic? Thx. nm
Who do you work for and do you like working for them? Who would sm
you stay away from? I am a radiology only MT but I am getting shafted at MQ. I produce good quality, work when asked and get stuck with the garbage because 1) I can do it and 2) I will.

Want to move but do not want to jump into a worse situation as I am a single mom and cannot afford to be burned.

Where are you located?
Working OT we have so much work...
Hope it gets better for everyone else!
Is anyone working on DQS for 2 different companies and how does this work out for you. nm
It if offshore work. You'd be better off working
at Wal-Mart. 
I have a lot of work and actually working overtime
I guess it all depends on your account. I like the communication I get from my TL. It is a great change from my previous company. Good luck to you in your job hunt!
Why are you working 60 hours, when you can work 40 at Amphion?
Just curious as to why you would continue to work 60 hours a week, if you can work 40 hours at Amphion and make more money? Why have you not gone full time with Amphion? Again, just curious. I do not want to start anything.
Geez.. you must work where I have been working..hmmmm
Sounds familiar
Been working there 2 days and they're already out of work. nm

Working from home/office work

I feel I need to speak up. I understand that the industry is going backwards in pay and for all of the more experienced MT's this is really degrading from what I hear from some. I understand and I would probably feel the same way. This is a craft. Not everyone can do what we do. It is a very hard craft. We should be paid what we are worth. There is no doubt about that but I also know how it works in an office in this industry. Being in an office is awful! I did it for 15 years. I worked at 2 different companies and both took advantage of the hard worker I was. I had MULTIPLE jobs and was not compensated for it. When I hear MT's complain about how bad they have it I want to scream. Yes, the pay is an issue. Yes, the belittling emails from managers is ridiculous. I completely agree and all of those managers should be let go but you do not know how awful it is to be in an office setting dealing with those belittling managers.

Trust me everyone in the company you work for or wherever that is not a VP or CEO is going through hell on a daily basis and not getting paid for it. You are making a lot more money for the time you put in than the people working in the office mostly. The people in the office are probably working on salary. When you figure the hours they work and the amount they are paid that are probably making about $5.00 an hour or less. They also have to work nights/weekends etc. from home. They also are having to listen to all of the MT's daily when they have a problem, they call in giving a excuse as to why they cannot come to work and trying to scramble to get the shift filled when the MT is really not sick as she said, problems dealing with the clients and their complaints about the work or turn times, problems with MT's and editors fighting via IM or email, problems with the Sales guys telling potential clients...oh yeah, we can do that...when we CANNOT.

I could go on and on. Being in an office is a lot more work than you would think. I would be greatful for what you have. I am not bitter at what I have gone through in an office setting. It got me to where I am today. I just want to let you know it is not easy working in an office and it is a lot harder than being an MT when you can type and then stop for the day and not have to answer to others and deal with their issues. Being an MT is a craft and it is hard...just be thankful!

Have a HAPPY HOLIDAY! Be joyous! Feel Blessed!

In agreement with the above, sitting working on work
is just beyond what it should be. In earlier years I worked 2 jobs but each job paid every 2 weeks. One job paid 1 week, the other the next so my check each and every week was for 2 week pay period. How sweet was that! Now if I have a few hours downtime for no work it is fine, just take off, can make it up, donít have to if I donít want but very few times this happens and I only have a partime job now.
IMO look elsewhere...I spent a lot of time waiting for work rather than working! nm
Same here! Been working all weekend! We're drowning in work!
My 2 accounts are extremely busy as well. They haven't slowed down once.
Anyone else working for eTransPlus running out of work on a daily basis?
How are you handling it?
I am working to support myself so running out of work constantly, is not an option.
I realize there are slow times, but a lot of places offer backup accounts. Why put all of your eggs in one basket. I'd starve.
I work for a nat'l as an employee, and my PTO rate is now HALF of what I actually earn working. S
And you're okay with working for a company that sends most of its work to India and

whose workforce is predominantly Indian?  You're okay with the loss of American jobs, the falling recession we are in and the falling economy due in big part to the offshoring of American jobs?  How okay will you be when you lose your job to an Indian and you have to apply for food stamps and unemployment?

Sell-out MTs like you are the reason good MTs cannot make a decent wage anymore, why good MTs cannot find a good job anymore, and why sweats shops in third world countries are thriving.  How do you look at yourself in the mirror?

Focus Infomatics employs 800 American MTs and over 3000 Indian MTs.  Tech support is in India.  The company itself is still run by the same Indian man who started the company and sold out to Nuance.  He made a bundle when he sold and he is still making a bundle running the company while he pays his own countrymen and woman peanuts!  He's selling out his own people and you are selling out yours!  On second thought, I guess you belong at Focus with your own kind!

There's plenty of work. Hope you like working every weekend and holiday. nm
If you are doing 2400 lines in an 8 hour day, working 5 accounts +, running out of work on all 5,

then pray tell us how you are doing it.  I certainly would like to share this with MQ because I also have done this many years, know my work, and there is no way to do 2400 lines because most days all the accounts are out of work.


Didn't realize you were actually MISSING a day of work b/o people working O/T. What did mgmt say?
Anyone ever work/currently working for Medical Transcription Services, Green Bay, WI?? Offered..sm
new radiology account there, great people to correspond with, but info is extremely scarce....have a few offers to weigh.....anybody??? Merry Christmas!