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Archivus Weekend Openings

Posted By: susan on 2008-10-07
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Anyone tested for Archivus for the weekend openings that were advertised about two weeks ago, have you heard back from them?


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A 3-day weekend every weekend? Wouldn't that be nice. Good luck with that!..nm
any openings
I have six years experience the last two include transcribing and QA. Looking for a PT job to supplement. Prefer microcassette/dictaphone but will also do FTP. Multi-specialty, peds, OB/GYN, family practice, etc.... Please let me know if anyone has any leads or you are a company looking for help. I have at least 98% accuracy. I can provide excellent references.I can start immediately.

I have over five years experience in numerous specialities. The last two years I have also completed QA. I am looking to supplement income with new accounts. I would prefer mircocassette or dictaphone accounts but will do others. Please email with any opportunities.


Job openings

Hi am from Canada, and am looking for a MT job from home.  Currently I work for 20 doctors in Edmonton Alberta and am wanting to work from home so bad. I want to start part time, gradually into full time so I can quit my 9 to 5 job at the clinic.  Any ideas>>>Anyone heard of Superior Global Inc.  I received a phone call from them, it is a 1-800 number I cannot access from Canada.  Go figure!!

Desperate here.



MT openings
This is just a guess, but there have been so many posts in the last 6 months or so about low work at multiple companies that it's possible that they are just slowing down their hiring and that's why you aren't getting any responses. Also, if you really want to leave your present company you may have to be willing to compromise a bit on what you are looking for and open up your job search to companies you had not considered before.
Is this a rad acct and do they have openings? (nm)
I would apply right away. I know there are only 2 openings right now. sm
I think any company would love to have someone with stability apply, and a resume can be informal.
Yep, they said they have no openings at this time
Does anyone know of any current openings sm
for account manager/supervisor working from home?  Thanks!
hourly QA openings
Try Medquist, we have openings, all positions are hourly, QA specialists (filling in blanks) and QA auditor (client reviews). Apply on their website under professional opportunities.
Why not ask them if they have Extext openings?
True IC openings
A couple of days ago there were some posts about jobs with no set schedules and true IC status. Several people emailed me, and I gave you names of companies. FYI, one is hiring right now. They have an ad out but it isn't on the board here. It will be the one I said for sure had no schedule. I wish I could email you personally but I somehow deleted all the emails - sorry.
They only have a few VR for radiology and there are no openings. sm
They do not yet do HIM VR editing and I do not think that they are going that way any time soon. If they do, it will be few and by choice.
Probably not you at all, number of openings sm
and number applying. On MT stars you can see how many views the ad had, some up to 2800, may be 1 opening, so look how many passed over. Just keep applying. I have seen this same concern frequently in other posts here and on MTDaily.com so don't think it is you particularly. Just hangggg in.
Not sure if there are Rad openings. I do acute care...
OPs, DS, HP, and CS.  Been here since September and have never been happier with a job.  Website is www.mditrans.com. 
Yes, talk to your manager about whether s/he has any openings for
MT companies, with oncology specialist openings!


I am highly interested in the MT companies who have current openings in oncology as the speciality of choice!  I have 5 years' experience as an MT.  I am now doing orthopedics, which is good, but I really love doing oncology, for personal reasons.  I am looking for pay per line either equal to OR above my pay that I receive now.  I have worked for a little over one year for the company I work for now, and I received an actual raise for all of my hard, but enjoyed, work.  Also, I should mention that I have NEVER worked for any companies, in my life, that do not give raises every year.  As long as the work warrants it, and everything else keeps going up in price, i.e. GAS prices, and etc, I think that it should be given to us hard-working MTs!!  After all, this is a REAL job, and not just a job that is taken lightly by some of us, who actually NEED to make a living off of this type of work, and also enjoy doing it!

So, if your company has what I would like to have in an employer, contact me, and we will talk seriously about it.  I would just love to hear from you!

I suppose it depends on which accounts have openings. nm
MedScribe FL Acute Care Openings
Has anyone who applied at MedScribe heard back from them?  I notice on mtjobs.com they posted the same ad 11/06 and 11/18 for acute care positions with a $1000 sign-on bonus.  I applied and got an email back saying that they received my application, but have heard nothing more from them.  Just curious if anyone has made it further along in the process. Thanks.
Hmm, guess they have openings for certain people on certain accounts...nm
Check the hospital web sites. Most have their job openings on line now. nm
Clarification about Keystrokes' current openings, hiring, etc. sm

There have been a few posts that Keystrokes is hiring and a few that Keystrokes is not hiring.  Right now, we are working with our current MTs to make sure that they have the volume of work that they want, accounts that they are happy with and changing our benefits package.  We are transitioning to having primarily full-time MTs, with a few exceptions and have been helping some of the part-time MTs increase their work load to full time.

We continue to grow and will be hiring in the very near future, once we make sure that current employees have everything they want/need.  There are definite gaps that we need filled, all full-time positions, but the openings will not be posted until each and every current employee has had his/her needs addressed.  We are also working on a formal training program for new employees, building a new office and working with MTIA and AAMT on the new apprenticeship program. 

We hope this clears up some of the confusion and questions we have been getting.

Check the website for Employee info/job openings. nm
Has anyone who has applied for last round of Lee Perfect openings heard from them yet? nm
Questions about TransTech acute care openings.

TransTech has openings for 2nd shift. Is there usually consistent work available on that shift?  I think I read they do lots of VR; do you take a loss with it or can it be profitable?  How is communication with the supes there?  Feel free to E-mail me privately if you want with any further information. 

Call and talk to a recruiter. They would know what openings are on what accounts. nm



Where do you live? The hospital I work for has two openings and they pay hourly, SM
but they require that you train in-house for at least the first 90 days (sometimes it is shorter/longer depending upon how quickly you pick up the nuances of the job) and you are required to come in for quarterly department meetings

does anyone know anything about Archivus in NC?  Relocating from NJ to NC and need help.

please give more info re: stay away. no info on company, relocating to NC. need all the help i can get.
just started about a month ago. so far so good.  really nice office people. plenty of my type of work. nice company so far.
Archivus out of NC
 have worked for Archivus in NC for 8 months now.  I love, love them.  They are very nice to work for.
Archivus, LLC
Does anyone know anything about this company??  Any comments would be appreciated.
I have worked for them about 9 months now.  Great company.
I've been working for them for 7 months and have absolutely no complaints.  Very nice people to work with, good work flow, and pay is always on time. 

Yes, they are very flexible.  I don't have a set shift at all.  I gave the account coordinator an approximate schedule, but they don't make you stick to it or any other schedule.  You pretty much work whenever you want to.  The account I am working on has a TAT of 48 hours.  I think this may be the standard for most of their other accounts, but I'm not sure.  I only have one ESL doctor on my account, but I think for the most part they have a very low number of ESL docs.  They do give you the option of working part-time or full-time.  I started out part-time, then switched to full-time. 

Good luck on whatever you decide!

I agree with Funsize.  As to all your questions, I would guess it depends on what account you are working on.  I think they are a great company.
Hey Funsize, what account do you work on? I have never talked with anyone else who worked for Archivus. You can just use initials for account if you want. I have no ESLs.

I work on cvmg.  How about you? 

Btw, Hello! Nice to mee you!

Hi, nice to meet you.  I work on CCA.  My backup acct is CVMG though.  That is a nice account.  What state do you live in?  I'm in NC.

My brother and family live in SC.  If you want to email me sometime my home email is y2janet1@yahoo.com.  I live up in Burlington NC which is a long way from NJ where I came from about  a year ago.


Not much info in the archives on Archivus.  Any opinions on working for them?  Do they pay more than 9 cpl for an MT with over 10 yrs acute care experience?  Do they happen to have a 401K?


Have worked for them for about 10 months now.  Love, love them.  Not sure about the cpl and the 401K.  The account I work on is great.  Office people are good too.
Anyone no anything about Archivus? Nothing in

Anyone out there currently with Archivus? Thx. nm
Absolutely wonderful company to work for.  Pay is DD and ALWAYS ON TIME.  Account manager is awesome, patient and very professional.  I would recommend this company.  Platform is good also.
Love, love, love this company and all who work there.
Are they employee status or IC?

Archivus is 100% better
than transtech, in my opinion, as far as the work goes, but the benefits at Transtech far outweigh the benefits you get at Archivus.

that may help you or it may not.
Can you elaborate on that as far as the work goes
I've heard good things about Archivus, but I was just wondering if anyone knew what line rate they would give for an MT with 2 years of experience starting out there. Any idea? I have heard they don't have much in the way of benefits, but do they have any benefits at all? I would assume they offer IC positions, not employee.