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Be realistic - not everyone can get the smart source

Posted By: not a candidate for hospital on 2006-06-18
In Reply to: More than one smart-source. sm - JJ

account because not everyone lives in the states that are applicable to those accounts. I was stuck doing the multiple cruddy hospital accounts. It would have been fine if I could have stayed on one hospital, but I was jumped from hospital to hospital and hospital. Let's face it, it gets pretty damn hard to get a 1200 line count when you are being jumped from one account to another to another throughout the day. But I'm sure there are super transcriptionists with every company that can do it; I'm not one of them. I had no problem reaching 1800 on one account, but I had to be left ON ONE ACCOUNT to get to it!

And to the poster above - yes, the recruiterS (with an S) do pose as employees on this board. So keep on laughing. It's not a big secret at the company.

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More than one smart-source. sm

The smart-sourcing involves more than one hospital.  It is a good fit for me.  I had to try a couple of places and a DR smart source account is an excellent fit for me.  There are not mutiple recruiters either, and to suggest the recruiter comes on this board as an MT is comical, to me.  I think she might be busy DOING HER JOB.  Try it.

Realistic. nm
this is not realistic
That is not realistic. sm
You have to decide for yourself.  That is the way it is in this cuthroat business.  I know DR does not steal lines, and it has been my experience that some, not all, companies do.  That is the only company I had experience with in the past, but you are expected just to be a sheep while the bigwigs get rich after your hard work.  This is not exclusive to DR, that is the way it is.  We really messed up when we gave up our hospital jobs to go home. Good look where you land.
Certainly not realistic for a newbie, but
there are plenty of MTs making 40K or more.  I easily make 40 to 45K full time without overtime, strictly 40 hours a week, employee status with very good benefits.  It is certainly possible, but MTs should not expect to graduate and make 40K the first year, it may take a couple years.    
3 states away? try to be realistic
what? that's what I said.....$14 hour is realistic
I think $14/hour is decent....that is what the poster asked for....decent.
Thanks! Sounds like their pay is more realistic than most! -nm
Yeah, that's realistic . .NOT

That's the kind of unrealistic crap that'll keep us down.  One of the reasons hospitals outsourced to begin with was because services proved to hospital administrators that their production MTs would produce double, sometimes triple, the volume of in-house hourly MT workers.

There's a fine balance between urging for change, and throwing ourselves off of a cliff.  I suggest you don't take another step backwards. 


I think the other poster is more realistic
In 2002 I was making 9 cpgl that on average (in a stand-alone DOS working environment) averaged 11 to 13 cpl.  When you work on someone else's network through someone else's internet connection, your speed drops and I would be amazed if that 6 cpgl averaged to anything about 8.5 cpl.  Nothing to make you shout from the roof tops but more than enough to keep you from qualifying for food stamps.
Name the source

If it's someone we're familiar with you might have help in getting paid.

The source is:
The American Dictionary of the ENGLISH language:

Word Definition

Your search [word => 'catastrophy' ] returned 1 result.


1. The change or revolution which produces the final event of a dramatic piece; or the unfolding and winding up of the plot, clearing up difficulties, and closing the play. The ancients divided a play into the protasis, epitasis, catastasis, and catastrophy; the introduction, continuance, heightening, and development or conclusion.

2. A final event; conclusion; generally, an unfortunate conclusion, calamity, or disaster.


I have never heard of your 'hard' book?'

Maybe it is the 'Hard' book of the AMERICAN language. I do not trust your 'hard' book.

Shouldn't this at least be Hand' book ?

I told you already that BOTH WAYS are acceptable.
Actually I have a really good attitude towards everything..im just REALISTIC!
Yes you are right the AAMT sets standards then changes them..to make money.

I am a very happy upbeat person and people like you drag the happiness down ... BORING PEOPLE...that is what I would consider a poor attitude LOL.

I was expressing the way things are...realistically...not saying people SHOULD NOT be professional, but you CAN be professional and LAID BACK AT THE SAME TIME..unless you have difficulty with multitasking LOL.

Don't be such a drama queen about it..i'm entitled to my opinion. Don't worry BE HAPPY SWEETIE!! Life is grand...live it to the fullest..arguing makes ya old!
Thanks so much for the realistic point of view.
I need some reality-based grounding and your post really helps a lot. I don't want to make any rash moves out of fear of the unknown. But it is so hard, as you know, when your bread and butter relies on the unknown (almost). I am sorry the stress is taking its toll on you. I hope that things get better for you. At least the pay has not dropped considerably because that would be really bad. With the econmony the way it is it is impossible to get credit and really it would not be good to live off of credit cards anyway. We have to keep a roof over our heads and it is really scary to try new things while needing the money. Thanks again for your point of view. It really does help.
Be realistic. Someone has always had to work the weekends (sm)
Used to be in house we floated them around until you had enough seniority to opt out. Sometimes we got extra people to work weekends. Now we have so many newer MTs who have never had to work in house and put up with holiday and weekend rotation. Not blaming them, of course none of us want to work them. But because we don't/won't work them or the really crappy night hours, MTSO have resorted to using other means to get the work done.

We, and our preference for M-F day shift schedules, have contributed to the outsourcing issues. Like it or not. We have done some of this to ourselves.

Have been doing MT over 30 years and paid my dues as far as weekends/holidays go, but I am still working a Sun-Thur schedule and find a way to make it work. Have never had a problem flexing my schedule around on a Sunday if something comes up I want to do or take a PTO.

This is a real job and if we are not willing to work when they need us, perhaps they won't need us any more.
SecureMT Source
If you are still interested would be happy to share my experience
SecureMT source

Just wondering if anyone works for SecureMT Source or MD-IT out of Louisville, KY.  What platform do they use, user friendly and will it work with my Instant Text?

Thanks in advance.

Can't say how I know..third party source..
but I just looked at their site and I don't see where it says they don't offshore work...they do. Yes, they are US based but they do send work offshore.
Thanks, Justme, for an uncommonly realistic input. NM
Any info on SecureMT Source?
Any info on SecureMT Source? sm
I cannot find much in the archives.  Any info is appreciated.  Thanks.
Name your source and the total quote
Its irresponsible of you to suggest that Obama (or McCain for that matter) wants to put records online implying they could be unprotected.

So name your source, and the entire quote and then WE can determine what the position actually is...
source, please? In my hard book
Webster's there is only an e, no y. Need to know if this has changed and I don't trust Google on everything.
Sorry - meant, "Consider the SOURCE.NM

Umm - let me guess - you're NOT the only source
You need to be realistic. Most places do not give you equipment any more. Too many problems. I do
no msge
okay nervous nellies, consider the source and their agenda
there are so many people that want to see the 'giant' fall -- they throw out statements with nothing to back it up -- hoping everyone runs scared and they can help MQ fall. Well it ain't gonna happen. You provide no facts. Every thing this company is doing shows it is improving and getting stronger. So go cry in a corner and quit the chicken-little theatrics of "the sky is falling!!". MQ is the biggest and getting better and has a lot of happy MTs that are too smart for your antics.
No way. I work there and have asked a very reliable source who would know. nm


I dont know how this "main" India source is, do you?
All I know is that the Indians are partnered up with Transcend. They are sharing work with our overseas partners as the supervisors call them. What a slap in our face.
Further away you get from primary source, more chance for errors
But can you explain what you mean by true QA editing? Isn't all editing of VR true editing? Or are you QA'ing what has already been edited? Sorry - clear as mud I know. Hope you get what I mean.
the "Smart Source" poster has posted the same exact
response many many times. Keep in mind that the only reason you got a Smart Source account is because you lived in a state that allowed you to work on that account. There are MANY OF US that live in states that cannot get Smart Source accounts.

But I'm probably not responding to a Transcriptionist but rather a recruiter for DKR ...
Another Crushed United States Income Source
I think you are very smart.......
I too started out making pennies 15 years ago. I wanted it bad enough though, so I took the job to learn what I didn't learn in school. 15 years later, I am confident in my knowledge and have no trouble getting a job. I have many offeres, and I decide who I want to work for. You too will get there. The fact that you are not expecting it all in the beginning says a lot. I sincerely wish you well.
Smart Med
Anybody know anything about Smart Med Transcription Company? 
Smart Med LP
Hello friends, has anyone ever heard of or worked for SmartMed, LP, or I think they used to be called esmartmed. They seem quite nice just putting out feelers.

Thanks again
Smart Med
Can anyone tell me about Smart Med?
Wow - she must be SMART! :)
Not trying to be a Smart A here, but (sm)
maybe by explaining about the new account coming on?  If they didn't care, they needn't have bothered. Did you maybe want them to pretend they're doctors and dictate a few reports for you?
YOU were smart!
My experience with All Type revealed a very unprofessional, dismissive and even childish management. Apparently its easier to loose good people (and maybe accounts, too?) than to treat them with a modicum of respect.

It is nice to see there are some smart MTs out there.
I don't think it is smart s/m
There is life after MT.  If you're retirement age,  don't need to work and work anyway, that's kinda like greed doncha think?  Come to think of it I don't believe I ever saw an armored car following a hearse. 
There, no there is a smart transcriptionist
Keep running away from SS.
Smart choice. nm
That is a very smart move...
Perhaps that would be a better strategy for me.
Left Smart Med LP
I left there quite awhile back when it started to go bad.  It was a great company years ago.  Then they started becoming very disorganized.  No one knew who did what, and usually no one did anything to help with problems.  They always said they would get back to you but most times no one did.  Became a very bad place to work, in my opinion.
Even if there is one, most people are smart enough to
Smart post!
Reasonable and very well put!
one MTs smart aleck

answer is another's daily chuckle.  A little fun never hurt anyone (yet?).  Obviously just a silly post, not to be taken seriously. Are you so stressed by the current state of this industry you cannot enjoy a joke?


You were one smart cookie at 25.

Smart decision. Believe me, I know. nm

nor that smart especially the higher you go LOL