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Not trying to be a Smart A here, but (sm)

Posted By: how would you like them to show you they care? on 2007-10-31
In Reply to: Thanksgiving is weeks away, yet no work on TransTech this morning. sm - Nervous Nellie

maybe by explaining about the new account coming on?  If they didn't care, they needn't have bothered. Did you maybe want them to pretend they're doctors and dictate a few reports for you?

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I think you are very smart.......
I too started out making pennies 15 years ago. I wanted it bad enough though, so I took the job to learn what I didn't learn in school. 15 years later, I am confident in my knowledge and have no trouble getting a job. I have many offeres, and I decide who I want to work for. You too will get there. The fact that you are not expecting it all in the beginning says a lot. I sincerely wish you well.
Smart Med
Anybody know anything about Smart Med Transcription Company? 
Smart Med LP
Hello friends, has anyone ever heard of or worked for SmartMed, LP, or I think they used to be called esmartmed. They seem quite nice just putting out feelers.

Thanks again
Smart Med
Can anyone tell me about Smart Med?
Wow - she must be SMART! :)
YOU were smart!
My experience with All Type revealed a very unprofessional, dismissive and even childish management. Apparently its easier to loose good people (and maybe accounts, too?) than to treat them with a modicum of respect.

It is nice to see there are some smart MTs out there.
I don't think it is smart s/m
There is life after MT.  If you're retirement age,  don't need to work and work anyway, that's kinda like greed doncha think?  Come to think of it I don't believe I ever saw an armored car following a hearse. 
There, no there is a smart transcriptionist
Keep running away from SS.
Smart choice. nm
That is a very smart move...
Perhaps that would be a better strategy for me.
Left Smart Med LP
I left there quite awhile back when it started to go bad.  It was a great company years ago.  Then they started becoming very disorganized.  No one knew who did what, and usually no one did anything to help with problems.  They always said they would get back to you but most times no one did.  Became a very bad place to work, in my opinion.
Even if there is one, most people are smart enough to
More than one smart-source. sm

The smart-sourcing involves more than one hospital.  It is a good fit for me.  I had to try a couple of places and a DR smart source account is an excellent fit for me.  There are not mutiple recruiters either, and to suggest the recruiter comes on this board as an MT is comical, to me.  I think she might be busy DOING HER JOB.  Try it.

Smart post!
Reasonable and very well put!
one MTs smart aleck

answer is another's daily chuckle.  A little fun never hurt anyone (yet?).  Obviously just a silly post, not to be taken seriously. Are you so stressed by the current state of this industry you cannot enjoy a joke?


You were one smart cookie at 25.

Smart decision. Believe me, I know. nm

nor that smart especially the higher you go LOL
Marry smart! nm
I am way to smart that's the problem
SS managers want to come here and put down potential employees.  I am way to smart to take a below average paying job, with absolutely no flex-time for idiots who have no clue what they are talking about.  I don't see how you can have the best and brightest with what you have to offer, maybe the slowest and poorest.  And of course I don't use this board as the only research, but the situation that was presented yesterday shows how well you treat your employees.  You had no intention of paying that woman what she was promised until she made a big stink out of it.  I was promised the same thing, but nobody would put it in writing when I asked, so long SS.  This talented girl will keep her current position. 
Smart Scripts
Anyone know anything about this company?  I received testing to do for them and it just seems a little off.
Strange, but smart, too.

Can you imagine just how much money companies lose by wasting time with MTs who don't know what they are doing?  I think if the company is small enough, this would be the best way to ensure quality MTs come aboard. 

Everybody might want to read the post at the top of the Company Board from Administration.  I think it is a good policy. 


smart comment......nm
You are a smart cookie s/m
Perhaps if more people ferreted out those small companies they would flurish and put the big, not-so-great, sharks out of business.  You are correct, research turns up many unexpected things and opportunities.
Be realistic - not everyone can get the smart source
account because not everyone lives in the states that are applicable to those accounts. I was stuck doing the multiple cruddy hospital accounts. It would have been fine if I could have stayed on one hospital, but I was jumped from hospital to hospital and hospital. Let's face it, it gets pretty damn hard to get a 1200 line count when you are being jumped from one account to another to another throughout the day. But I'm sure there are super transcriptionists with every company that can do it; I'm not one of them. I had no problem reaching 1800 on one account, but I had to be left ON ONE ACCOUNT to get to it!

And to the poster above - yes, the recruiterS (with an S) do pose as employees on this board. So keep on laughing. It's not a big secret at the company.
Any info or Smart Med, good or bad? nm
For someone not trying to be a smart A, you did a pretty good job of it anyway. sm

Showing that they care means not ignoring my requests for a third account.  I have worked other places and had up to 4 accounts and when work was low, I was still able to make 2000 lines a day by bouncing back and forth between all of them.

Sending me an email ackowledging that volume is low, that the servers have down, etc., is all very nice as far as keeping me informed, but it does not pay my bills. 

I wasn't asking for sympathy, but I also wasn't asking for your meanspirited retort. I merely vented here a bit, thinking (mistakenly) that I was among peers who would understand the panic that I feel. 

You're the 1 always smart mouthing

everything here.  Stay off this damn board and do something else with yourself and your smartass bad attitude.

Very ingenious smart move.
Okay, thank you for the smart-aleck reply (sm)
But now CTS and TRX are both search terms that are appearing on the Company Board front page, and STILL do not show up in the search engine of this site.

Do you have any helpful suggestions? Thank you.
You're smart to go with your instincts...
I always prided myself on staying out of debt, put money in savings, etc., even made almost double payments on my mortgage, my only debt. I tried my best to adjust to VR at the large company where I worked, but again, with the horrible cut in pay, I got put into a position where I never dreamed I'd be. I waited too long, really, to start looking for another job out of a kind of loyalty to my company and stuck around longer than I needed to and got very depressed in the bargain. It has been very stressful and frankly scary, but I finally landed a job at a smaller place with no VR, no offshoring and will begin there shortly. (I had actually signed on with another company out of desperation, but they appear to be taking the path of my first company, so quickly accepted at the smaller one). I will be putting the house up for sale anyway with the goal now to live as cheaply as I can from here on out (going into mutual housing, very cheap here) in case transcription continues to take a downhill course. In the back of my mind, I believe I will be finding some other way of paying my bills as I get closer to retirement, like it or not, but I'm okay with that. 30-odd years is enough in this business anyway, and with no kids or hubby, who needs this kind of stress anyway? I wish you well, go with your instincts and be looking elsewhere just in case, it's been a real eye opener and education for me.
I think you're one of the smart ones LTMT
It's sad to see that apparently what was also once thought to be an excellent company is also biting the dust.  I don't know of anyone who has doubled their production on VR.  When you factor in the 4 cpl for VR and the no work, most I know are borderline bankrupt.  I think they can get a ton of newbies to take a dictionary and edit VR.  I do not think it takes the same skill as straight transcribing.  So they can take a whole herd of those so desparate to work at home they'll put up with anything and they just keep a constant stream of low income, really probably unskilled people, give them a Dorlands and a handy drug reference book and tell them to hop to it.  When they starve out, there are plenty more to take their place.   They have to keep hiring to keep this new system rolling.   This is just my 2 cents worth but about the only thing that makes much sense to me.
Past employee as millions of other smart
you will take employment elsewhere. They are an A #1 crappy company to work for.
Surely you're smart enough to figure it out...
If companies show the MT's work, that would pretty much be comprising the privacy of patients.

Well smart people do not apply to folks who
do not say who they are. It is not wise in today's world, particularly in this business. One needs to proceed with caution. I would never apply to a company that did not say who they were UP FRONT. That's just the way it is. If they do not want to be bombarded with responses by the people who already learned this, that's the way to go, or to get responses from people who would apply anywhere. If you have been in this business for a long time, you know to proceed with caution and to KNOW to whom you send your resume.
I was being a smart aleck. Guess you missed it.
Might not be smart, but I've always trusted the software
Good Idea. You are smart to wait. nm
Does Smart Type work with Docuscribe? sm
entertaining an offer and need to know about this.  Thank you.
With a Smart A mouth like yours, I woulda charged ya double
I meant to say smart cookie! Sorry, heard snow on

I agree with youl, but be smart enough to ask for this compensation in advance!
I wasn't trying to be a smart-aleck about the "good luck" sm
part - I truly wish everyone could get what they need at what is a fundamentally good company (in my opinion). I'm sorry your STM isn't helping. Can you try again with someone else in the company?

(PS - I saw her today at the reception, glass of wine in her hand. haha)
Thank you! I noticed that smart MTs with good grammar are on my side...nm
right attitude, this opportunity is for smart, open-minded people.........nm