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okay nervous nellies, consider the source and their agenda

Posted By: sm on 2005-08-25
In Reply to: Hang on to your hat because you are in for a big change coming up. - MQTOO

there are so many people that want to see the 'giant' fall -- they throw out statements with nothing to back it up -- hoping everyone runs scared and they can help MQ fall. Well it ain't gonna happen. You provide no facts. Every thing this company is doing shows it is improving and getting stronger. So go cry in a corner and quit the chicken-little theatrics of "the sky is falling!!". MQ is the biggest and getting better and has a lot of happy MTs that are too smart for your antics.

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We all have our own agenda
and I tend to move cautiously and not burn any bridges.  Thank you though for your opinionated suggestions regarding my options.  I have a couple part-time private accounts also that pay well and have my reasons for waiting to move on.   
No agenda here. Still reeling from the shock

I don't know how long you've worked for Transcend.  I was hired in the last six months at 8 CPL, and I had a great account.  I loved my job.  I transcribed between 20,000-23,000 lines per pay period.  Everyone told me how happy they were with my work quality and with my production.

During the last month or so, my line count has begun a rapid downward spiral.  The pay period for me, because of my schedule, ended today, and I just managed to squeak through with 11,000 lines to keep my benefits.  I'm not editing yet.  I'm still transcribing.  If this is happening while I'm transcribing, what is my line count going to be when I do begin editing?  My account has suddenly been overstaffed, without warning, without any explanation whatsoever.  Like I said, I have a great account and used to make very good money.  I've questioned this and was offered additional accounts.  I'm still thinking about this, but my preliminary conclusion is that I wasn't hired to do other accounts.  I was hired to do this one.  I'm resisting the other accounts (so far) because I fear that ALL my work on my current account will disappear and be given to the new person.  I was there first, and I don't understand why I should have to make less money while learning a new account, while the newest person will able able to make the money I used to make.  Secondly, if I have to learn a new account, I may as well do it at a company that is fair, loyal to its employees and trustworthy, if such a company exists.  I'm beginning to think that a smaller company might be less hazardous to your life.  I'm still considering another account, but I'm quickly losing respect and trust for this company.

My income has more than been cut in half without any warning.  I'm no longer earning any incentives, and I've found myself just sitting at the computer like a zombie, clicking the "refresh" key to see if I can manage to snag a job that's been dictated within the last 10 seconds or so.  I know I can't go on like this because I can no longer pay my bills and that I have to make a decision very quickly.

I don't know how long you've been there.  If it's been for years, then maybe you won't have a problem.  Maybe the job security you feel is justified.  If you're fairly new, you can take my situation for what it's worth.  Just please don't think it can't happen to you.  I didn't think it could happen to me.

HAHAHA - See? I wasn't pushing MY agenda .. YOU
picked it up!!

Name the source

If it's someone we're familiar with you might have help in getting paid.

The source is:
The American Dictionary of the ENGLISH language:

Word Definition

Your search [word => 'catastrophy' ] returned 1 result.


1. The change or revolution which produces the final event of a dramatic piece; or the unfolding and winding up of the plot, clearing up difficulties, and closing the play. The ancients divided a play into the protasis, epitasis, catastasis, and catastrophy; the introduction, continuance, heightening, and development or conclusion.

2. A final event; conclusion; generally, an unfortunate conclusion, calamity, or disaster.


I have never heard of your 'hard' book?'

Maybe it is the 'Hard' book of the AMERICAN language. I do not trust your 'hard' book.

Shouldn't this at least be Hand' book ?

I told you already that BOTH WAYS are acceptable.
SecureMT Source
If you are still interested would be happy to share my experience
More than one smart-source. sm

The smart-sourcing involves more than one hospital.  It is a good fit for me.  I had to try a couple of places and a DR smart source account is an excellent fit for me.  There are not mutiple recruiters either, and to suggest the recruiter comes on this board as an MT is comical, to me.  I think she might be busy DOING HER JOB.  Try it.

SecureMT source

Just wondering if anyone works for SecureMT Source or MD-IT out of Louisville, KY.  What platform do they use, user friendly and will it work with my Instant Text?

Thanks in advance.

Can't say how I know..third party source..
but I just looked at their site and I don't see where it says they don't offshore work...they do. Yes, they are US based but they do send work offshore.
Any info on SecureMT Source?
Be realistic - not everyone can get the smart source
account because not everyone lives in the states that are applicable to those accounts. I was stuck doing the multiple cruddy hospital accounts. It would have been fine if I could have stayed on one hospital, but I was jumped from hospital to hospital and hospital. Let's face it, it gets pretty damn hard to get a 1200 line count when you are being jumped from one account to another to another throughout the day. But I'm sure there are super transcriptionists with every company that can do it; I'm not one of them. I had no problem reaching 1800 on one account, but I had to be left ON ONE ACCOUNT to get to it!

And to the poster above - yes, the recruiterS (with an S) do pose as employees on this board. So keep on laughing. It's not a big secret at the company.
Any info on SecureMT Source? sm
I cannot find much in the archives.  Any info is appreciated.  Thanks.
Name your source and the total quote
Its irresponsible of you to suggest that Obama (or McCain for that matter) wants to put records online implying they could be unprotected.

So name your source, and the entire quote and then WE can determine what the position actually is...
source, please? In my hard book
Webster's there is only an e, no y. Need to know if this has changed and I don't trust Google on everything.
Sorry - meant, "Consider the SOURCE.NM

Umm - let me guess - you're NOT the only source
No way. I work there and have asked a very reliable source who would know. nm


I dont know how this "main" India source is, do you?
All I know is that the Indians are partnered up with Transcend. They are sharing work with our overseas partners as the supervisors call them. What a slap in our face.
Further away you get from primary source, more chance for errors
But can you explain what you mean by true QA editing? Isn't all editing of VR true editing? Or are you QA'ing what has already been edited? Sorry - clear as mud I know. Hope you get what I mean.
the "Smart Source" poster has posted the same exact
response many many times. Keep in mind that the only reason you got a Smart Source account is because you lived in a state that allowed you to work on that account. There are MANY OF US that live in states that cannot get Smart Source accounts.

But I'm probably not responding to a Transcriptionist but rather a recruiter for DKR ...
Another Crushed United States Income Source
After about 4 months, I'm out of there. Struggled to get 12000 lines a pay and 25+ years as MT...
nervous about MQ
Just to clarify - as an employee, 40 hours a week only, no bonuses or shift differential or holiday pay. Okay, but when you do the math after getting a pay check and see that you are averaging anywhere from 10.29 an hour to my max of 13.42 an hour, that's not good enough for me, so I've found something with a good, stable hourly rate with good benefits. MQ was good to me, answered any and all questions whenever I had them, but still had 5 different accounts and days where I had to wait for work to come up (even working the afternoon into evening shift). It would be great to use them as a part-time job, but not for my main source of income. Just my situation....
Ex-DR is right. I'm too nervous about getting
kicked off the board for saying anything. DR recruiters do post on this board posing as current DR transcriptionists and love love love it and they've never had it so good.

If DR is such a great place to work then why is it taking so long to fill the position for the hospital employee status??? They have been asking for transcriptionists for over six months now for that particular account.

I too had a dinosaur computer.
don't be nervous. /sm
If you know your medical terminology and where things are located in the body, that type of thing, you will do fine. They will ask routine interview type questions like you might get if you went into an office and had an interview.

Hope you do well. I think its a great place to work.
What are you so nervous about?
Don't know what she's nervous about, but your
Wow, am I nervous now...
Ok I am trying to find the first post to figure out what the problem is with Ascend being that I just got a job with them and needless to say I am scared ****less right now. Are you people NOT getting paid or what is the story...I cannot make heads or tails out of these posts, as I came in after the picture started. Please, someone reassure me! So far, they seem like a great well organized company...I am wrong?
I would be nervous, too sm

Just to be safe, I would pick up a part-time job.

Good luck!

Hi...I have been dragging out being hired by Medquist for over a month now. I currently work for a small local company...however, they want 250+ lines per hour for $15 per hour, which if I can do the 250 would come out to 6 cpl.  Medquist has offered 8 cpl, plus bonuses for more lines, sign on bonus, etc.  I would be working with the St Louis office.  however..everytime I get on the boards I hear very bad things.  I'm really tempted to go with Medquist because I would like to be paid by the line rather than hourly, but I hear better things about Transcend.....anyone out there who is really happy with Medquist? I don't need their insurance for me or my kids and the DSL connection in my area is $40...so that would be covered.  I was taking full time, so I won't rent equipment......any advice?  I have six years of acute care experience working in a hospital....thanks!
Medquist getting nervous
11 yrs, on DQS for 1 1/2 and no complaints.  Plenty of work on my end.
I have been with MQ since 1983 when they were Transcriptions Limited. They have closed a bunch of offices. so far it hasn't affected anything. I have always had good luck with them, but again have been with them many years working at home. I do see many differences now and I get aggravated because transferring to a new office, they don't route work sometimes the way they should etc. etc., not running out, just causing certain things to back up. you really have to stand your ground and speak for yourself as to what you expect from them also. All in all, I say go for it though, every office is different.
This is For Nervous MT2, please read
I feel so badly for you, after reading your horrible experiences with testing. I know as I have been there recently, too. Even with 25 years' experience, I was turned down twice. However, if you want to work as an IC, there is a company who seems to be very fair about things. They are Freedom Type. I tested for them and unfortunately, the sound quality for the dictation was not the best. Instead of dismissing me for the errors, they offered me a second chance, making sure that this time I got a report that was perfectly dictated, but full of good terms (to test your knowledge as a MT and not your interpreting ability, which will get better as you learn any new account). I passed it with flying colors and was offered a job immediately. However, I had to turn it down because I need employee status and did not realize that this was an IC position.
If you are interested, just go in and type in Freedom Type in your search and it should bring up the home page. Then you can take the online vocabulary test and submit it. If they like the looks of that, someone will contact you and set you up for the dictation test. It is a voice file but I just downloaded Express Scribe and it worked fine. They even helped me with that part of it. Like I said, they seem really nice and its a shame I could not go with them. Perhaps you can consider this. Hope this helps. Hang in there and the best of luck!
Now THAT makes me nervous!

Thanks. I'm nervous and excited. nm
Yep. Getting pretty nervous. nm
what is making you nervous? nm
I'm not nervous and I cannot say I have been "perfect" either.

It is hard for a person who comes from a position that allows you flex time to come to a company to where you have to work your shift.  That at one time was me. I cannot say that I have never been talked to about taking too long of a break while on the system, as I have.  But I have been with some companies who actually know when the keyboard keys are moving, who IM you all the time to see if you are there and Axolotl management has NEVER done that to me. 

Have I been in a report a long time for one reason or another and asked if I was there, yes, but for good reason because the report had been in my queue a while.  It was just taking me a while to type it or I had to go to the bathroom.  You won't get fired for going to the bathroom or getting up to stretch if you need to for 5 minutes or so. 

They do run it like a business and that is why they are successful.  But, they do not micro-manage every move someone makes.

Nervous about BeyondTXT
We are getting ready to go to BeyondTXT and I am really concerned about what I have seen with the program not showing cc's, doctor signatures, patient names.  It tells me that clicking and researching this stuff we will not be paid for any of it.  Also, I am thinking when it goes to VR there will be too much editing since I do not think the program will know the difference between here and hear, and their and there, etc.  It also looks like we will be fixing where the headings and info goes, not to mention all the clicking here, there and everywhere.  Since it is not in word I will have to start the word Expanders again I suppose.  I hope I am wrong since I have not started using it yet, but am very nervous.  I hear you when you say you are worried about losing your benefits as I am in the same boat.
I'm very nervous as I have a phone interview with (sm)
Transcend Services for part time work tomorrow.  Anyone out here had an interview with them?  How is it?  What do they ask you?  I haven't interviewed in 7 years and am a tad bit nervous.  The last one I had I was not exactly altogether (won't say why), but they hired me anyway.  Any insight on this company would be extremely helpful.  TIA  
Thank U, Carolyn. Now I feel much less nervous!

Nervous Nettie Here...OSi seems 2 B falling apart.
Upper management is acting so skitterish....had a mandatory conference call this morning and it was pretty nasty!  Anyone have a clue as to what is going on?  I'm going to start looking for a new job. 
OH BOY. My post below re: Just Hired, a little nervous...

If you read the post below with the flame, I'm having a communication problem as well, just not insurance - yet!?  This is my 2nd nite I was supposed to start my shift (in an hour) and the Acct. Mgr. is gone for the day, no User ID mailed to me again.  Insurance issues as well?  I do feel for you and the other poster gave some good advice.  Keep on top if it!

I agree. It's making me really nervous. Something
Dominatrix at the Institute for the Very Very Nervous--
My husband's favorite movie! Further comment and disclosures withheld.
Don't stress. Tell her you are nervous, and she will be very nice about it. sm
You can't ask for a nicer group of people. They worked with me through my husband's long illness, house problems due to his illness, followed by a few health problems of my own that I still think are the after-shock of dealing with his illness. He is fine now, I am fine now, and I will never again look for another job because Keystrokes treated me like family, not just a number.

I had been at the Q for 17 years in some form (company I worked for was gobbled up by them) and was very nervous but they were very gracious about and put me at ease. That was 3 years ago and I am grateful that I took the plunge.
Wow, where do you bank? Mine is not there yet .. getting a bit nervous. :( nm

Just hired, a little nervous about it now, general question....sm
Just took a position with a well-known company, I'll withhold it for now to be considerate.  I was supposed to work Sun night thru Thurs. nights.  Friday evening I was sent the software download and called for training on it Sat. morning.  After the training, I had to answer a questionnaire, at which point I would then be e-mailed my specifications for the account I was assigned along with a 'test questionnaire' that I would have to complete and return and THEN I would get my access code to the system and my Acct. Mgr's contact info.  I sent my first little questionnaire Sat. morning and waited for my acct specs and 'test'.  On Sunday, I had yet to receive anything.  I called them and they said my Acct. Mgr. did not work weekends and would be in Monday!  I asked how I was to start my shift Sun. night then!?  Another person sent my acct. specs for me at 6 pm Sun., which was a 26-page manual on the particulars of this acct along with a 30-question test. I stated that I was supposed to start my shift in 3 hours, and how could I thoroughly complete reading this manual and answer the test questions and be prepared?  They told me I couldn't start that night anyway because I could not recieve my User ID til the Acct. Mgr. came in Mon. morning to give it to me and that I'd have it by noon Mon. (today).  Still nothing in my Inbox and its noon, AND I didn't get to work my shift last night and I'm supposed to work 20 hrs. minimum per week.  Is it normal for start-up to be so hairy and unorganized?  I'm nervous now.
Makes me nervous though when the phone numbers
listed on their website are not in service.  The number for their main office is no longer in service and one of the 800 numbers is not good.  Hmm......curious......
One of the few companies I haven't tried (ha), but they always have an ad, which makes me nervous

and I was told they do a background check, which includes not only criminal but credit, etc ... just too big brother like to me, but then again, I think they loan you equipment, so maybe that is within reason.


Good luck! 

Anyone else at CardioScribes nervous about not receiving the line count yet? sm

I didn't receive it today, so even if I get it tomorrow, that means funds will not be reieased until Monday, meaning no pay day until Tuesday, and possibly Wednesday.  I am a bit fed up with not having a reliable pay day I can count on.  I will be leaving soon, but in the meantime, I still have bills to pay. 

Sorry ... guess I just needed to vent.