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By November

Posted By: Focus Infomatics, Inc. (A Subsidiary of Nuance) on 2008-10-31
In Reply to: I work at Focus and still have an Indian manager - thought they were being replaced nm

By November 30, all Indian Team Leads will be replaced with a US Team Lead.

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We should have seen in coming in November
Remember when we partnered before and there was no work because another company did it all? And no notice, either.

I got the call, too but haven't gotten an e-mail yet about how to view this conference thing tomorrow.

One thing: We have some accounts that REQUIRE that the work by done by U.S. citizens and we be accountable under U.S. law/court system. How are they going to get around that? Some facilities absolutely refuse to off-shore. I myself refuse to go to a facility that off-shores and I ask who does the MT work before I make appointments. I don't know how an India-based company is going to be able to keep those accounts.

I will be there 2 years in November (sm)
I love the people, the platform, the tech support.  One of the better decisions I've made in my life to go there.  Ditto  - you will not regret it.
November slow?
I've only been doing this for 15 years, but have never seen it slow from November through the first of the year. What with flu, skiing injuries and surgeries,overeating at the holidays, etc. Now with all the MRSA (which has probably always been there it is just now coming to the forefront) I have not seen a slowdown ever during this timeframe. Now after the first of the year, yes, when people have to meet a new insurance deductible it will be slow for a bit - but not during the fall/early winter months. Where are you located?
I have worked for them since November
Its a good fit for me. Plenty of work once you get primary AND secondary account. They have improved communication since I started - but there is NOT a QA person 24 hours/day. so you may have to email questions and wait for response or samples. Program/platform is very user friendly, and on my accounts I only get about 30% ESL dictators. No problems with paychecks. Office/admin staff is friendly. They tend to leave you alone to get your work done. Pay is average, 8+ cpl depending on shift. Decent benefit package after 90 days, health insurance, 401K, etc.
MedScribe in November
I started with Medscribe in November and we began by training on one account before the account we were hired for moved over to the new platform.  I trained with 3 other MTs and we all moved on the same day as they said we would and it has been pretty busy since then.  My team leader just told us yesterday they are starting a new hospital on Feb 1. 
I've been with them since November

I know the account I'm on is a permanent account.  That's the only one I have direct knowledge of.  It's a clinic account, so the work was light at Christmas time and about 2.5 weeks ago when a lot of people were out sick. I had a lot of hoarse dictators the next week.  Other than that, I've never really had a problem with lack of work.  If we're staying caught up, then by Saturday night and into Sunday the jobs should be done until Monday.  A lot of the doctors have been doing catch up work on Saturdays, though, so there's been a lot to do on the weekends lately.

I hope your account evens out.  I hate that sinking feeling when there's no production to be had and you're wondering how it's going to affect your next check.


I remember, it was announced in November

The theft was in October and released to the public in November.  I didn't follow it so don't know how it all turned out, but here's the link for anyone interested.

I've worked for them since November
I like them.  Pay is always on time.  People are great.  They leave you alone to do your work.
Left Zylo in November. Loved it at first, but
not enough work to maintain 800 lines/day to qualify for employee status. 1000 lines one day, 150 the next. Gave me phone notes which took 2 minutes to download, 8 seconds to type, 1 minutes to upload, and got 2 lines of dictation. 20 reports in 1 hour equalled $3.60. No one else would do them. Kept asking for more work so they switched me around several accounts, then had to learn new account, new supervisor and still not enough work. Finally left. I made $6000 with them as an independent contractor and now have to pay taxes on all of that.
No, they built a new one last year and moved into it in October or November. sm
I think they have a really big office now, from what I heard.