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Can you say where you work if you get assigned docs/accts.? I'm tired of this pool garbage/left

Posted By: overs after all these yrs.! Thx. nm on 2006-06-29
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assigned docs
On my account, I have one doc that I am assigned to. My main priority is his work for that day. If other MTs are out or busy, I can be asked to help them out. It is hit or miss. Last week I did 10,000 lines (my hands were killing me) just helping out for the MTs on vacation.

The other account I work on is a pool, so I go there when I am done with my assigned work. This week, my doc is out and I am only working in the pool. It is backed up and getting further behind, and it is mostly very short jobs (20 seconds), so I much prefer my other account.

I understand there are some new docs coming on, so hopefully this will pick up.

I love having a few assigned docs since I get to know their style and makes my job much easier.

WEBMEDX- Assigned acct or pool and how is the platform?
Tired: Has worked picked up at FN. Used to work there and left for WX. sm
Would kind of like to go back. Loved the gang; I used to be a YOGer. Had to leave about 1-1/2 years ago because of no work. Still mostly IC? Thanks.
Shoot scuse my typos...tired...bad docs...long day...

Same thing happened to me last year. Got garbage. Left after 6 wks. Those w/
Anyone know a company that works with small pool of doctors? Tired of so many doctors nm
Agree with this. Some lucky ones have great accts. Mine were awful, so I left. nm
assigned work

Any MTs out there been asked to do overtime on a specific account and told this was mandatory and then when the time came to do that account were given something else entirely?  How frustrating is that especially on a Friday afternoon when you would rather not be working anyway!  It is also bad enough that the account they do give you has the worst audio in the world and keeps breaking up. AHHH!!!  Sorry, had to vent.  I have pretty much had it!

Well, as an IC assigned work

That's one reason.  Another reason is that its usually first in first out.  If suzy Q is sick that day, who will do her work?  All of the other employees have their assigned work to do, so where does that leave suzy Q's dictators?  Just out of luck? 


I think not - If anybody believes the garbage you put on here, I would not want to work with them an
If the work is not assigned to you, then someone is cherrypicking...nm
assigned work followup
I would not have cared so much had I not already worked a FULL month of overtime.  Also, it was radiology which I cannot stand!  If I wanted to do radiology I would have kept my other job.  Not only are these short and do not give lines, they just stink.  Just my opinion.  Sorry all MTs who like doing them, I do not.
How does assigned work = employee?
I have my own clients. All that work would be considered assigned work; there is no one else to do it but me. And as for the MTSO I work for (and the individual docs, for that matter,) it does not matter what they assign me to do, they just cannot dictate how I get it done or the hours I work, right? I want to be totally clear on my understanding of this. Thanks.
Could be that you are in a work pool and...sm
...work filters through chronologically in order of TAT.

It's common for companies to put 2, 3 or 4 hospitals in one work pool. Sometimes these are under the same corporate umbrella. You might have 4 hospitals run by corporation ABC - they are in different locations geographically, but in the same pool.

IC, 12 or 24 TAT, work from pool when I am available?
Is this actually offered anywhere? Some days I have plenty of spare time, some days I have none. I would like something to fill the gaps. Any suggestions?
OSi. How's the work pool s/m
The recruiter assured me plenty of work, but I have heard that is not the case.  Wanting to leave my current company, but can't if the $$$ isn't there. 
You are assigned "x" amount of minutes every day, you work that out between the
two of you. IC status. Pay is on time every two weeks, but there is a long wait before you get your first check. After that, it's smooth sailing.
SoftScripts work pool?

Is it fairly steady?  Plenty of work to go around.?

As an IC, I prefer pool work.
I have done pool work and been assigned docs and I prefer working a pool. When I was assigned docs, my lines varied so much. I never knew how much I was going to get each day. Some days I would get over 1500 lines, some days only 500. It made it very hard to plan my day as I never knew how long I was going to have to work. I never made enough money, yet I found it hard to work a second job as some weeks I would be loaded down with work from company 1 and not have time to work my commited lines for company 2, yet the following week I would get very few lines. Working a pool, I know I can get in at least 1000 lines a day every day (rarely have issues on my account with not enough work and usually do anywhere from 1500-2200). I don't have to guess how much I am going to make that day as I am in control of how many lines I take versus someone else sending the work.

Also, as soon as I get up, I can start working (like to start my day around 4 a.m. and be done around noon). I don't have to sit around wondering when my reports are going to be sent to me and waste half the day waiting when the company decides to send them at 4 p.m. instead of the usual 9 a.m.

Also, when only assigned 1 or 2 docs, if they take vacation, you are typically out of work for a week or two with little to no notice (at least in my experience). With a pool, you don't have that problem. If a doc goes on vacation, you have plenty of others to transcribe for. I also tend to get bored easily, so I prefer transcribing for multiple docs. I transcribe for about 15 docs now and I am very familiar with each of them and can transcribe over 250 lph. This would be different though if I was transcribing acute care and had 100+ docs though. But in that instance, pool work is better as it makes TAT faster.

Guess it is good that each company does it different so we can each find what works for us.
I work for Keystrokes and have assigned doctors. I'm very happy. sm
I believe you can get overflow work if your doctor does not dictate on any given day, if there is any overflow work on that day.  My pay has always been on time.  I highly recommend them.
I know the MTs that work this acct. load them from a pool. However, sm
I think that is a very good idea - batching docs and/or specialties together.  I wonder why they don't do that, and I am going to ask!  Thanks!  If you saw my post above, there are a total of 37 specialties on my list, made up of approx. 4-5 docs in each specialty, so I'm looking at learning well over 100 doctors in only 40 hrs. of training?  That's a joke. 
Have 3 primaries and then go into the pool rarely, but always have work sm
You get 20 different accounts every day? I feel for you. In the beginning of last year, I was doing as many as 15 accounts. Since at least November, I rarely go into the pool. Maybe you can switch accounts?
Fair? Just curious, why does all the work in a pool go to
the same people and some don't get anything except what they can scrap up? Just curious about this
No experience, but was told that work is assigned, no pools, and it's still 8cpl as an IC. nm
I wasn't hired for 1 work type, but told them I like OPs so that is what I am assigned. When I r
out of ops, I usually stop unless we are out of TAT on other jobs because I do not want to take other people's work. I do not think I should get paid less for that.
A good mix. I don't mind ESL docs. I think that some U.S. docs are worse! nm
Do any companies let you specialize rather than work out of a huge pool? nm
Easy platform, assigned accounts, always plenty of work. Great OM and boss. nm

If you do not comply with their PC check on your personal computer, Acusis will close your work pool
did she say in a pool or in a pool to be CONTACTED?
Are you talking about MxSecure?
Scenario: No work. Docs not dictating. You are an employee. What does that do to your

If you are doing no work, well, any formula to extrapolate your "down" rate of pay is still going to equal zip.

And if you go on vacation?  what does that do to your "down" rate of pay?  If you have no sick leave and you can't type, what does that do to you "down" rate of pay?

If you have no PTO yet and you are down for weather, computer problems, etc. if you are an employee, are you kicked to SE?  What happens to your insurance?

These are all questions you need to get hard answers to and get answers that are palatable.  And get them in writing.

sad part is, those decent docs likely have no idea their work is being sent overseas. nm
Guess we all can't be put on good accts. Gotta be there at the right time. Both of my accts.
No Work Either and I am on one of the new accts
tired of running out of work!
Are they any small companies out there they don't run out of work for IC people.  I have a set schedule and lately have had to make adjustments to get my line count more then ever!  Please E-mail with information. TIA. 
tired of running out of work
Molly: I am about to give you a closely held secret that will pay off.....guaranteed! Try contacting all the Speech Pathologists in your area and send them a flyer. I got tired of the ESL's, hospitals and even the national companies and have been working for 4 Speech and Lanugage therapists for going on 6 years. Very little complicated medical terminology and they don't require 24 hour service. I type 200+ pages per month at $5.00 a page (no line counts) and have a wonderful relationship with them. Try it.....it works! I also prepare professional resumes for a living.
Also, contact your local colleges for some extra transcription work and stay away from the line counts.
I hope this helps!

i'm so tired of running out of work. sm

i'm tired of working with companies that overhire.  anyone out there known someone or a good company work for that has radiology.  i'm just about ready to change my career.  i've been doing this for 15 years and i think i'm getting burned out.  but i'm not sure what else i want to do.  i love the medical field.  but i do have two elementary aged kids and like being home for them. 

Tired of Waiting for work
Just want to vent here . . . .

I have worked for a IC for 5 years, over the summer the work dwindled down, keep getting promises of new accounts coming, still sitting here with no work. I am applying for the online jobs here every day. I have been doing MT for 13 years. I just get no response from any of the resumes I send. I'm going to have to get a job outside of home before my hubby kicks me out:( It just seems like nothing is ever going to come my way. I need a job!

Okay, vent over, thanks!
Yep, I got tired of waiting for work
and empty promises so I took on two jobs. Of course when they are both busy they want me to work extra. Tough. There was no work for me when I was trying to feed my family for weeks as I sat looking at a blank screen.
you have to go through w/any company if you work VA accts..nm
i have steady work, on wav accts
with occasional lull's. i could work on secondaries, but usually do something around the house that begs my attention. All i can suggest is being able to be somewhat flexible with your hours, and/or talking to liaison about backup accts. as a last resort, a second company part-time i suppose. but in my opinion, MDI-MD is worth sticking with.
One of my secondary accts has very little work , but they..sm
stat every blessed report they do, so I always get those immediately. It is TAT, but your STM can explain it in more detail.
meant *work for* sorry..tired fingers..nm:)
the new accts were supposed to already be on board and still no work
so far plenty and swamped with work but that is due to new accts and not enough MTs yet so not sure
You don't know what accts I work on so how can you judge whether or not they are excellent? nm
Dedicated accts, few ESL, leave you alone to work.
Companies with new accts or sufficient work?
When I left my last job, the work load was on the wane and recent posts seem to indicate this has not changed much.  Any good news out there in this regard?
I am not miserable at all. I am just tired of excuses of why people cannot work! nm
I am SOOO sick and tired of BEGGING for work!
Anyone know of a company that is hiring ICs, flexible scheduling, multispecialty clinic, at least 8 cents a line (shows my desperation...!), steady, dependable work flow for the most part, a company where you can stay and work for at least a few years straight. Any out there? Do not want MDI-MD. Do not want to be an employee - want to be an IC. Do not want any complicated platforms. Any smaller companies out there? I can't find jack lately, even with over 10 years experience. I need consistent work!
Tired of hearing that nurses work holidays because...sm
Nurse's in my area start pay at $63,000 per year. How many pennies a line do you making typing on Christmas Day?

One year I was forced to work on Thanksgiving and I sat there with no work. My family was in another town making memories and enriching their lives while I made 8 cents a line with no lines to type.

You are not a nurse and neither am I.