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D&L setting the record straight

Posted By: CarolLee on 2006-10-18
In Reply to:

I posted this below - but moved it up so it does not get lost in the soup.

I understand that I may have been a pain in the butt - but business is business. I have left D&L so feel free to go back to work or continue if you enjoyed / enjoy it. I won't be bothering you anymore. I left D&L, I was not fired or let go, and my concerns are valid to me - does not matter to anyone else. so any problems they may have should be reevaluated by those applying. I do not see them going downhill - I have not heard anything negative, and personally - the people who work there the worker bees - are a great group of people that I would keep on my friends list. And they do have plenty of work, the pay is compatible. My personal feelings and opinions have nothing to do with the co-workers or the IC trans - or the work they offer. So again, I guess when I left I did them a favor and took the problems with me - or not. So now you all can get back to getting the scoop on the employer and not the employees.

As for those of you who say I was the beast I do not recall bringing anyone on for a short time, or having problems with any transcriptionist. All Transcriptionist at D&L have been long term employees, if they did the work.  I am in frequent contact with many who are still there -  on a different level of course, and had you been made to feel bad, you should speak up - this not only for those who dealt with me, but with anybody.  I know that without good transcriptionists, a transcription company is not going to make it.

So again, my aologies if I hurt your feelings, work is work, and to get a paycheck I did my job.  So again, try to get information on the company, not the employees, but also use your better judement in order to run the company you own - as an IC.  I appreciate everyones comments on my performance etc at D&L, no hard feelings.  If that is the reason why so many of you had problems, go back - they are hiring and I am not there.

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Setting the record straight here, sm
I used a poor term, cheesy, because that is what these unthankful people used in THEIR posts, some called their own gifts lame and said things like it stinks to work for a company who sends out dollar gifts, I wish were more appreciated, or I'd rather have cash.

I wasn't meaning it in any way other than OTHER people come here complaining about their companies, complaining about their gifts, and I thought maybe it would be nice to let them know that Diskriter is a company that values their employees. EVERY year I have been here I have gotten a bonus, as has everyone else who qualified by years of service. My gosh ladies and gentleman, get over yourselves.

I was not bragging, only saying I am happy at my company and feel they value all of their employees.
Setting the record straight

I have been with All Type for quite some time and never had any problem with management or pay - EVER.  A contract is a legally binding document for both the company and the MT and not so easily broken as you portray.  The employee handbook and the contract that are signed by employees have very specific production requirements.  These have been in place for 3 years that I personally know of and not changed.  There are 2 sides to every story and I wonder if you would care to share if you were actually meeting those requirements or if what you are saying happened occurred because you did not meet them?

Thanks for setting the record straight. I was going to apply with them but that scared me off. NM

Just to set the record straight (sm)
Our headquarters are in Waukesha, WI, USA. We do not send work offshore. All of our clients are located in the U.S. And, we are very proud of our 100% U.S. based workforce of experienced transcriptionists and support staff. Please contact me via email if you have any questions. You can also find my contact information on our website.
Eight Crossings - set record straight

I would like to know where you searched.  I have worked for Eight Crossings for 2 years and am very happy there, happier than I was at DSC or Medquist.  I haven't been this happy in an MT/MT-QA position since I worked for Your Office Genie prior to their being gobbled up by Medquist.  The people at Eight Crossings are wonderful.  To my knowledge there have been no delays in regular pay to MTs.  In fact, the majority of us have direct deposit to make it all faster and more secure.  Please be sure that any posts you make are backed up by fact and not just passing rumors and gossip.  As well intentioned as it may be, it can do tremendous harm.


setting a bad name
Please dont allow this poster to set a bad name for all of us that didn't graduate from Andrews I believe you are what you make of yourself, and the effort you put into what you do reflects on who you are, not what school you went to. This poster should quit making excuses for his/her bad luck.
I still think you are setting yourself up (sm)
to be the PAYEE to this woman when her attorneys get done with you.  You need to take this up in the correct place, not on an anonymous board.  You still haven't answered the question - WHAT have you done, or your friend (besides threatening here) to secure payment?  Did you do the formal demand letter?  Have you notified the courts?  Filed the complaints?  You can threaten and post all you want, but it's not going to get your money.  Do the right thing - you are not sounding very professional or mature in your handling it.  Sorry, but that's the impression you are leaving. 
I think that setting a $$ amt for FT is ... sm
ridiculous. I don't understand why it can't be hours worked, i.e. 40 hours if FT or 36 hours, or whatever. Their reasoning for not having a line amount anymore was because of VR, but an hour is an hour whatever way you look at it.
I think that's what it is - a speaker setting.
I can certainly understand their needing their hands free; I hear them on the computer all the time, usually just hitting one key repeatedly as they look for lab findings. But that's when I have the most blanks, when I can hear the nurses and clerical people talking better than the dictator.
I see nothing wrong with them setting a
time frame for when you can or cannot work. The IC is not the only one working, and all MTSOs need coverage at specific times. If they advertise for an IC for weekends or nights only, then that is when they need the coverage. If they have 10 people on 8 to 5, then they don't need anyone else then, only for shifts they need covered.

On the pay matter, yes, they have the right to say we are going to pay xx cpl. You then have the right to counter back or not take the position.

Just because you are an IC does not mean you can work for whatever pay you want or whatever hours you want. You can pick the hours within the timeframe they need someone and you can decide what pay you will accept. They just cannot hold you to specific hours, only a certain timeframe.

At my IC job, I work at night and have until 6 a.m. the next morning to get my work back. I can begin whenever they send the work and not do any of it until 3 a.m. if I so desire. However, I cannot tell my manager that I will work 10 a.m. to ??. If she does not need the coverage she is not required to meet my specifications.
Happens in the home setting also
More than you would imagine. Tons of management paid to slough off their work to the idiots who take it.
Thanks for setting my mind somewhat


It could be a setting. Ask your employer to check it. nm
First line should be *hospital* setting -- NM
Any company out there that allows you work without setting a schedule?
I am looking to pick up some extra cash but cannot really commit to a set schedule. There are a few times a week when I have a few hours (especially on the weekends) that I could type and would love to do some extra work.
If IC lets co. use her as employee, setting sched,
I love you. Thanks for setting my mind at ease.
 Thank you so much.  You don't know how much your post has helped during this difficult time in my life. 
I believe the speed setting varies with platform
Some are actually able to increase the speed more than other platforms, I believe. That might explain the difference.

I use the Escription/Editscript platform and love it. I have to admit I am blessed with a great account that has some truly excellent dictators and I've no doubt that makes a huge difference.

I think VR is something one either loves or hates. I'm apparently in the minority that love (as do my hands and wrists and shoulders!).

I spent years in the hospital setting
had no clue about working from home, did not know there were companies even doing transcription from home. What also gets me is the fact that people will state they do not have work, sitting by waiting for it to come in, working all kind of weird hours to make a line count. It is no wonder and the MTers are to blame if the companies take advantage of them because they let them. How one can wait on work day after day is a mystery to me.
maybe we're hoping companies listen up when setting
next year's goals...

Curious - Is the re-record from a hospital system or tape? Our FTP works great from the TN location. Which do you work out of?
I would just like to say for the record that
but COULD have written it. dang. So much for keeping my mouth shut lol
For the record sm
I have FOUR accounts, about 7 hospitals. There are residents and ESLs. It is neurosurgery to podiatry and all parts in between. It is OP notes and cardiology ONLY. They are not short and they are not easy, not relative to other places I have worked. You think a 14-minute dictation on an all-day surgery is easy stuff, with an exhausted doctor?

I don't sit still well. I am up and up and up with the dog or a drink or the bathroom. I have an 8-hour shift and if I am lucky, I sit for 5.5 to 6 hours of it and I make my minimums easily with some extra, sometimes a lot extra.

I am still learning the platform, but I like it. I tend to get a bur up my backside about a word I can't find and I do tend to look up old reports, sometimes lots, sometimes a couple of them. This is what wastes my time, but not especially. I am doing less of this each day as I learn a few common things. Because I waste that time I have only sent 3 reports to QA all week and only double that number with any blanks. I WORK for this and I tenaciously research words so that I don't have blanks.

There will always be this negativity because not all of you work this hard. I am not going to say I am a better MT, I don't know that and I would not presume, but I do work hard with a good expander.
For the record
Just think...you are calling people in India low-life trash because they are trying to make a living and feed their families by doing the same type of work you do but for about 1/10 the cost. That must mean they are willing to do whatever they can to feed and cloth their families.

All kinds of industry is offshored these days because the company needs to make a profit. Without the profit being made by the offshore people that you call low lifes, you probably wouldn't be getting the 8 or 10cpl you are getting now because the company could not afford to pay you.

If Transcend doesn't care about their people, why did I get a personal phone call from the CEO during Medical Transcription Week? Of course they care about us. There would not be a company without us. Do they all know each of us by name? No....but the people I work directly with know me and are very caring and supportive if I need time off for a personal reason.

Some people are never happy and you may be one of them. You will always find something to bitch about if you want to bitch. A person can only be happy if they are grateful for what they have. Try and attitude of gratitude and it will make a difference.
Straight. My reports have no PHI none whatsoever on them or in them or anything to that nature. I know exactly how the confidentiality works, I have had 5 years in a hospital facility doing more than just medical records, so I should know the HIPAA law, legal and nonlegal regulations. Many of you don't know if these were reports saved from my schooling or nothing. Many of you are just jumping the gun as usual, and it don't surprise me none. I am not getting sassy, but I think I left out additional information to let you think that. My fault on that part. You all have a nice day
And just for the record,
I am NOT an owner, supervisor, or QA person. I am one of the people sitting at the bottom of the hill.

Time for my bath, methinks.
for the record

I loved my job at DRC ~ ADORED is probably a better word. It was going to be where my career ended, when I was 66. 

When Acusis ate DRC, I didn't wig out.  It sounded like everything was going to be just fine.  Little by little, though, it became apparent that regardless if we wanted to believe it or not, something bad was coming...

We just didn't know what.

To be perfectly honest, had my pay cut been only 10%, I would have stayed.  Even 15% probably.  Because even with a 10-15% pay cut, I still could have made bills doing what I loved to do, even if it meant putting up with 2145 emails a day and scraping to make lines.

20% was a deal breaker...30% was a deal breaker...and surely 50% was a deal breaker.  I think they knew it would be.  I think they didn't really care if we all left because we had mentored and edited and trained our replacements already. 

The very few times I ever posted on this message board about Acusis before this life changer happened, it was only about positive things.  How nice it was we got a mug, a notepad, post-its, a pen.  I appreciated my job. 

Too bad they didn't appreciate us.

The point is, I guess, that in this business, message boards like this are really our only conduit for information.  It is where I have come every time I have been in the market for a job and where I have found the information I needed to form a decision about which companies to pursue and which ones to not. 

Fact of the matter is, that the companies who get slammed the hardest, probably have it coming.  As someone has said already, before all this you were hard pressed to even see the name Acusis on this board. 

Now look at it.

It's a shame really.

But that is just my .45 cents worth

Here's a record low
Babysat my computer screen for nearly 12 hours today and made under 200 lines. What the heck is going on? I mean, I have heard of low work, but this is ridiculous.
Just for the record
Because I am retired, I have the time and the means to fight for the rights of working MTs.  Would you like me to stop?  I may or may not be able to do any good but give me E for effort.
The setting your own schedule thing varies. For example, physicians who work in the ER may be
independent contractors, rather than employees, if they are moonlighting on weekends or whatever. But notice they are told what hours to work... There's no way to keep a transcription service alive with people working whatever hours they feel like whenever they feel like. That's just not reasonable.
I tell people the same thing, that was told me....and you 5 years in a hospital setting to be able t
I had to re-record. My account was 90%
Indian dictators.  Sound quality was bad to start with and with recording even worse.  Very hard to get lines.  The platform was not user friendly.   People were nice but severely disorganized.  I don't remember the pay, but definitely not enough. 
If you have been there for 3 years - a record BTW
that the current QA mgr only got her job because the previous one was fired after letting the cat out of the bag about OSi sending work offshore when they had been lying about it.

Wait... I take that back, the mgr of training who has more experience than everyone else combined was THEN hired on and given the QA mgr job to replace the former one - HOWEVER - the current mgr threw a hissy and somehow managed to brown nose her way into that job which forced them to give the training job to the other person.

Of course if you have seen the revolving door at QA since that 'promotion' you are surely aware there can be only one reason for it. She fires anyone who poses a threat to her because she is afraid she will lose her job UNLESS they quit before she has the chance to do so. She is not qualified to edit reports, thus the management job. JOKE JOKE JOKE... BUH BYE
Did you read anything on For The Record? sm
I did, and I was impressed with the CEO's determination, going back several years, to put a standardized method of line/ks counting for the MT industry, not just here, not just in India, but globally (as he seemed to like to say!) If that's what he means by transparency in billing methods, I'm all for it... and shame on all the big and small MTSOs who count one way for the client and another way for the MT.
I used to work there and they re-record...
that is why the sound is so bad...I was told that by a lead there...
For the record on Preferred ..
I recently left the company after a check I received from them would not clear for 15-days because my bank said their account had been frozen. I had a long argument with the owner who called me a liar. She said the check had cleared but refused to send me proof (copy of cleared check). Very nasty situation.

Checks are always late. First time I called and finally realized that although with other companies you will generally receive a check 2 weeks after invoice, with Preferred it is a minimum of 3 weeks and then, of course, maybe the check won't clear.

Run as fast as you can from this company.
Used to use this in a hospital setting, admin could change the number of characters per line (sm)
at one point they had us typing an 80 character line. Talk about zapping your line rates down. Of course we worked for an hourly rate so it really didn't matter, just management's way of pushing us to do more. They only required 800 lines per day for a FT MT so they were trying to get their moneys worth I guess.
For the record . . . I did take the time to answer
your question below. See Not uncommon . . . I even took the time to go through some notes I made while interviewing for jobs back in the late fall.
You can at OSI as long as you don't record the hours
Thanks, and for the record, I do my share of work too.
record storage for audits
The IRS can audit for 3 years from the date the return was filed or from April 15th 3 years ago, whichever gives a longer length of audit. That is for a regular audit. If the IRS suspects fraud or tax evasion or non-filing of any return at all, they can go back indefinitely.

For tax purposes, you really need to save the receipts for 3 years after filing, or April 15th 3 years later if you filed earlier than April 15th.

Bill collectors can go after you for a period of time that varies from state to state. If there is any question at all in your mind, for example, that your credit card company might try to claim you didn't pay your bill, you should probably keep copies of the bills and cancelled checks for the length of your state's statute of limitations on debt collection.

But the second paragraph above is a completely different issue. For IRS purposes, you need to save everything for 3 years after the date the tax was due (i.e., you would save your 2008 tax year papers until April 15, 2012).
You sound like a broken record!
In every single one of posts you say the same things over and over. You sound like a cynical know-it-all.
He obtained his medical record - sm
By having the hospital send them to him after he gave his permission in writing. He then handed them to me. I don't work for the hospital and did not obtain the records in a professional capacity. Good grief!
what do you mean with, 'get a life?' Very old record...nm
Does Freedom Type still require you to re-record? Thanks.
She means asking MTs to work OT but not record hours
not her own
article in For the Record - iPhone dictation
get current with the industry or it will run you down - MModal is pitching doctors to dictate and edit their own reports on iPhones...Obama's plan is to get electronic medical records rolling - and all those technology saavy students, residents, interns etc may just pick up their iPhone to dictate - they probably already have one....lol. As far as dictaphone/Nuance - the extext system is very short on being anywhere near self-sustainable as a VR - they ought to worry about their competition and quit the prediction games.
Cindy, you sound like a broken record, over and over and over
again. If I were management, would I not be throwing a name out there to get people on? Have you even done VR or are you 1 that is spewing out things you know nothing about? If you call my making around 20,000 little over a year big money, then you need to return to school and take math again. The problem with most on here is that they will sit around and wait for the work to trickle in to them rather than go out to get a job.I know the work situation is not the best in the world now but even before now I read where I have children and therefore cannot leave my house. The MTSOs probably know this, anyone can read this board. I had an old boss to read my postings before when I wrote against her company so I know they do. The money will continue on a downward spiral and basically the MTs here are just sitting back and waiting for it to happen. I would love to make what I did in the 80s/90s but those are times in the past for me. Thank goodness I do not have to make the big amounts as before but then I have worked so long now have social security coming in. Laughing when you say management, yeh with short term memory problems here!
The time card is a legal record for 40/80 hours
You record your shift hours whether you work 7 hours or 9 hours. You aren't going to get paid OT if you work 9 hours but spend only 6-7 hours or so actually working if you were out of work. If you work extra and OT is not approved you would not put it on your timecard. So just put your regular shift hours no matter when you work unless you can't work at all that day. Alot of the time I have worked 9-10 hours but just put 8-4. I missed a day when my husband had surgery so I obviously did not record my shift that day but I worked on my day off and entered the hours on my day off - but usually the thing to do is enter your shift 8-4 or whatever it is and don't worry about all the in's and out's. That's not necessary for the timecard.
Electronic Medical Record, Artificial Speech Recognition, and
There is NO Medical Record keeping in India for hospitals/physicians.