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I tell people the same thing, that was told me....and you 5 years in a hospital setting to be able t

Posted By: moving on on 2007-04-13
In Reply to: Old memories - TT112


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I spent years in the hospital setting
had no clue about working from home, did not know there were companies even doing transcription from home. What also gets me is the fact that people will state they do not have work, sitting by waiting for it to come in, working all kind of weird hours to make a line count. It is no wonder and the MTers are to blame if the companies take advantage of them because they let them. How one can wait on work day after day is a mystery to me.
I have 19 years experience and was told the same thing. I think their test is incorrect.
First line should be *hospital* setting -- NM
The same thing happened to me 2 years ago. That Indian creep gets people to work

for him. He gives this scale of how you are supposed to be paid, but it NEVER, EVER is the high range that you KNOW you are owed and deserve.  So, then your production and earning come up and they are WAY off base.  On top of that, he either pays you late or not at all.  This is fair warning...DO NOT WORK FOR CALLSTREET! 

Used to use this in a hospital setting, admin could change the number of characters per line (sm)
at one point they had us typing an 80 character line. Talk about zapping your line rates down. Of course we worked for an hourly rate so it really didn't matter, just management's way of pushing us to do more. They only required 800 lines per day for a FT MT so they were trying to get their moneys worth I guess.
The setting your own schedule thing varies. For example, physicians who work in the ER may be
independent contractors, rather than employees, if they are moonlighting on weekends or whatever. But notice they are told what hours to work... There's no way to keep a transcription service alive with people working whatever hours they feel like whenever they feel like. That's just not reasonable.
I talked to them today. They want 3 years in a hospital or 5 years combination sm
hospital and at home or clinic and at home. For radiology, they want 3 years full time radiology. I thought they were very nice and I have a few friends that work for them and are happy. The pay seems average to high for what I am seeing now. I think they are 0.08 per line or 1.08 for radiology. Beats what I will have with the new MQ program.
When I worked at a hospital we were told
that if stupid mistakes continued from using expanders, we would not be allowed to use them. That is probably the problem, too many mistakes.
I was told, if you live near hospital, can get better deal with
Hope they're already told the employees at the hospital that they are out of a job. I don't t
they should post specifics like this.
I am back in. The help desk at the hospital told me 10 minutes. nm
They told me the same thing

My name is Teresa Vanjipuda.  I feel your pane.  I no what you going through.  Nationals can rake you over coles.  That's the rezon there's so much turnovers with them, and I do not mean apple turnovers.  I never made more than $10,000 a yier doing this neither.  Two much work, not enuff play.  I am looking at leaving this feeld.  I have also been critisized on my spellang, but I'm a hard wurker and I am teking a remedl english course. Thank you very much.  Do this program have spellkicker?

TTS told me the same thing and I said
was told the same thing...
I did like her,though. She was very fun to talk to, but that don't pay my bills. I ran dry too many times.
Me too - told me the same thing - in other words
Not true! I was told this same thing by....sm
the company I worked for - They told me to move to a business unlimited long distance line and when I did, the phone company came back and cut me off and said that under no circumstances is the receiving of dictation for transcription services allowed!  This was AT&T/SBC in Ohio.  I have asked every phone company that I have contacted about having them consider an unlimited long distance plan specifically for the MT, and have never heard another word.  I wonder if it would be possible to get some backing on this issue?  There are thousands of us that need a truly unlimited plan that just ain't there....period!   I think Vonage was everybody's answer to the problem as a last resort, and if they won't allow it....what are we to do?  Replies welcome!  TIA
another thing, recruiter told me about this
wonderful account that rarely had an opening because the MTs loved it so much.   I had worked on this account when I was at YOG so I knew how horrible it was.  After talking to the TL she told me they constantly have openings because the account is so difficult that they can't keep anyone on it.   I'd only believe half of what the recruiter tells you.  The recruiter is the one who denied the offshoring, the TL was the one who told me they did and also told me they offshored the good stuff.
same here....was told one thing; turned out to be another.
DITTO every single thing he/she said. I won't go back to a hospital. nm
I did this a few years ago, but the hospital SM
covered me on the 1st day of the month after the month in which I started.  Have they changed this?  If so, there is no way around that.  The only thing you can do to keep your health insurance during the time you are without is to pay your COBRA benefit until your hospital health insurance kicks in.
I talked to the insurance lady too (she is very nice) and was told the same thing. sm
I called the office and talked to a high-up manager who said that they haven't said anything because they do not have anything in writing and do not want to give information and have it be wrong.

The premium for employee only is $404 per month and KS is paying $202. This is much better than I had at another company that I do not want bash as this was the only issue I had.

I love it at KS because I have plenty of work and everyone in the office is so nice. My lead changed positions in the company a few months ago and my new lead is very nice and more organized. I have been there 11 months (this time) and was there a year before that in 2005-6. I made the mistake of thinking that the grass was greener but it wasn't!
I worked in the hospital for many years - sm
and worked for private doctors' offices on the side with my own business. When I relocated rurally, I found it so much more cost-effective to work at home. No uniforms, no gas, no lunches out, etc. Could get up 15 minutes before my shift, etc. Now the companies all offer full time status (usually a minimum of 39 hours) with full bennies. Your hourly wage would depend on your speed. You would have to type over 200 lines per hour in order to get the salary you are quoting. It really depends on what you want out of the job. If it's social contact, that surely is lacking. But the pay and benefits are similar, and as I said, some of the additional costs of working outside the home are saved. Also, if you set up an office in your home, you can get tax benefits for that. I came home finally full-time because the bennies at the hospital were way too high a cost. Cheaper with the company I work with, a LOT cheaper. Plus my dad, who lived with use, got cancer, and I needed to be closer to him, as the hospital was over a half-hour away. That's my story, though. Hope yours goes the way that gives you more of what you want. Good luck to you!
They do hire people as hospital employees, but
it's not the great situation it's cracked up to be. The hospital complains about everything possible to the account manager, who gets nervous about losing the account and it's all downhill from there.

It's too bad because it's a great idea in theory. Unfortunately it's human nature to pass the buck and place blame on those at the bottom of the totem pole, so that leaves the nameless faceless MT's on a daily roller coaster of paranoia and hysteria.
I know her personally. We worked together at a hospital for years. nm
I have a nice one too, but qualified for it 4 years ago when I did well as an MT at a hospital.
each and every month. I have invested so much in this car, I don't see how I can give it up... lots of working with the lender, etc. They don't understand about outsourcing hospitals and services, they don't understand about not making rent or car payment. They only care about breaking legs if you don't make a payment. So I keep in close touch with them. This way, I have my leg available for the foot pedal, so when I do have work, I can to pay the bill.
You all have a point. I forget how this at-home thing works. I used to work in-house at a hospital.
and... we got paid extra for working holidays and even weekends and evenings. I am new to this at-home thing and it's pretty disappointing. I think I'm back to the hospital..
I was told by an employeer several years ago that they were mainly looking for garnishments because
it cost them extra to process a garnishment.  They would hire someone with one garnishment, but had a clause in the contract that you could be let go if you had more than one during your employment with them.  This was a hospital that I worked for.  The recruiter said that sometimes people will lie about whether or not they have one, espeically if they are changing jobs to get away from it and then it comes up later. 
She has been told this for years now. Hasn't changed.
You would be shocked at how many MTs have left them.  Amazingly they keep finding others to hire.  Sad, sad, sad.
I told you--these people weren't only extremely rude and mean..
But really dense!!  I can't believe they keep posting and proving 'me' point. 
I've been a QA 15 years, applied to Focus, and was told
that they only hire QA on production now & no longer pay QAs hourly, so I said NO THANKS.
About 1-1/2 years ago I tested, aced it, heard back, only to be told with....sm
28 years of experience, formal college education, experience in all areas, all work types, etc., that I would be started at 6cpl, then if I got off probation at around 3 months, I could make 6.5 cpl, and then another six months later perhaps 7cpl. Set hours, you can guess, I passed this one over very QUICKLY, and also informed them nicely that if they wanted truly good, top-notch, first-rate MTs (as their ads say), then they really have to come up with a few more CPL, that what they were offering for someone with a perfect score and all the experience was actually an insult. They nicely said okay, let us know if you change your mind. Yea, right............
They told us in the Monday Morning Matters, they are already starting to train people...nm
I lost an acct with MQ, called the hospital and they told me who had the acct. I chose not to go wi
I worked for Keystrokes a few years back. There were some problems but was told they were working on
I had heard that before, too many times to count, so I left.

I came back 2 years ago and it was like night and day.

All of the old problems are gone. They blamed them on growing pains and never denied them. Instead they fixed them. They have my vote!
I went through the same thing with over 25 years ..

experience.  What was explained to me by a few companies that posted on this site and I applied to, is that they were inundated with resumes and the application process was actually a lot more difficult for the company than expected.  Two companies actually told me that within just a matter of hours of posting they had received over 300 resumes.

My point is, I do not imagine that it has anything at all to do with you or your abilities.  I believe that there are so many experienced MTs (as well as newbies) in the market today looking for jobs, whether a primary or a secondary, that it is bogging down the more reputable companies. 

Hang in there and I really wish you and anyone else looking the best of luck!! 

Yes, but strange all those many people say the same thing.
another thing...just fyi...those people are in India. nm
I was going say the exact thing. People really
nice, but sound quality was awful.  Paid better than most.  QA fairly strict.  They are a bit disorganized and kept losing my work.   They were/are going to upgrade their system and that might make sound quality better. 
Some people thing the MTs here are negative SM
and mean but they really are telling the truth 99% of the time when posting negative things about a company.
You mean, he's still at this type of thing? About 5 years ago....
I had to go to the Labor Board in my state to get my money from him. He always has more excuses than anyone I've ever known, and he's slippery about communication, too. If this is a new problem, you'd best get on it. Hopefully he'll pay up, but I wouldn't give him ANY more chances!
Same thing happened to me, but it's been years.nm
I have been an IC for 15 years, and I have never heard such a thing.
How would the IRS know what my schedule is or was. I just submit 1099's with income, take my write-off's, and pay my self employment tax. No where do I submit my scheduled hours or am I asked when filing my return.

Same thing happened to me about 3-4 years ago
Company ended up filing bankruptcy so no one got paid
I did the same thing 3 years ago!!! They are AWFUL!
I worked for them for only a couple of weeks and ended up quitting because it was so bad. Everyone you will deal with, except for the recruiters, are in India and it's awful! My trainer even got mad at me because I couldn't understand a word he was saying while he was training me! I quit right away! I would totally avoid them at all costs!
And the strange thing is they keep hiring people so it almost seems as though they want us to run
out of work. How has their QA point thing been working out with people on so many accounts. What a joke.
I envy you. 5 years ago at my company I would have said the same thing
Now they are using such unfriendly software, can't fix any of the problems, it seems, and I'm seriously thinking of moving on.  The owner hires her friends, and I really don't think anyone is qualified.  JMO, of course.
okay it's a computer thing - "one to three years"
I've feel for the same thing and tired of dishonest people.
My favorite was when a recruiter would actually do all of her recruiting by pretending to be an MT. She went to great length singing the praises of her company, even though others were badmouthing the company. She was very convincing until I put two and two together. Actually, she wasn't too smart. She private emailed me from the board as the MT saying that she would contact her boss to recommend me.. Well, though and behold her boss and her both had the same email. Now, do I look like a moron or what. So, honestly, I rarely trust those cheerleaders on here and just take it with a grain of salt because you never know who your talking to.
The thing to remember about this board is that there are more negative people than positive that pos
The reason is that a lot of MT's have had bad experiences EVERYWHERE they go, if you know what I mean. They then bash the most recent company over and over again.

The same few people seem to have worked everywhere and have something bad to say about every company.

Take everything with a grain of salt on here. It is a gossip board.

The only ones to believe the negativity about are those that do not pay or bounce their payroll checks.

The rest? Well, most are decent companies that might not be a good fit for everyone. There is not much difference between all the bigger ones except whether they send work offshore or not. Otherwise, rates are similar, benefits are similar, work load is similar.
Some states/companies have a noncompete thing going on. It took years for Diskriter to be able to
I left them over 4 years ago. Best thing I ever did. Moved to Webmedx. Quite happy. nm