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Do they all STINK?

Posted By: mtwanting to know on 2008-04-21
In Reply to:

Look, I worked for 2 MTSOs, hired by both around Christmas, after leaving an MTSO which highly cheated me line-count wise. Okay, so MTSO #1 bait and switched, ran out of work you name it.  Stuck with MTSO #2 until now. Giving up completely. Great lines at first, then, line counting style changed by said company, now no work ever on anything, and it seems like you all probaly know both companies I am talking about. I am with mtMOM below. I am thinking they all stink. Sorry MTSO owners. But the 2 I speak of I got from high recommendations on this board.  The other companies come with even less reliability so where is one to turn. I've interviewed and got jobs with all of them, and wondering if I need to get out of this biz too. Now, this post, dear moderator is not to stir up trouble. Just one of the many right now posting here who is looking for something midground, at least one honest company which values its workers and keeps its promises. Has this gone away. And please, no golden child type answers to this one. I don't care if you get all the work, what remains to be seen is the work shared equally and lines counted fairly.  I dont want a miracle, just a job which keeps its promises. Are you out there, anyone, anyone? Or is the sound of crickets chirping never to cease? Not rhetorical. Where are you all applying, and what do you all do next, if you are in my similar situation. Thanks for the responses.

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They stink
They treat you like a kindergartener. The line counter seems to take forever. They put you on a zillion different accounts and then keep asking for help and then you work weekends, holidays. 7.5cents a line. No reimbursement for phones or equipment. They have full time status but it isn't great. They have corny contests where you win nothing. They don't run out of work but most of the work is nasty short reports some of them adding up to zero lines.
DSG does not stink
There are some mighty fine people who work there and I think, overall, they are a fine company to work for.  They handle some very up and up clients, so you can learn, learn, learn while working for them at several teaching hospitals. 
They stink.
They also read here. :-) I was paid late, paid wrong and had a horrible shift lead, although I hear she's been fired. I think their pay is also on the low end.
They stink

I worked there for a year. Every thing that has been posted in response to this is true. They have a funky payscale with low pay to start off with.

When I left focus was on training people in Trinidad. Personally, when this was announced it was their downfall. Not so much the fact that this was the direction they were taking, but the way it was presented. They tried to put a humanitarian spin on it and it was a turn off. I believe many people left after this (including the wonderful recruiter who hired me). I hung around for 6 months and waited it out, didn't like what happened so I too jumped ship.

There really are better companies out there. Although the staff was nice, but as many have stated...nice doesn't pay the bills.

Good luck.


no you stink 4-year-old
Maybe because they stink almost as bad as Focus...NM
The insurance does stink...
Most people could probably save money by not getting the insurance and just paying on their own. We actually meet our $1000 deductible in less than 6 months so it is worth it for us. My kids have chronic medical conditions and insurance isn't really a choice but something you just need to have. 
I remember the big stink a few months back

and what's her name from TRS got all huffy and said how they were just trying to teach a trade to these poor people so they could earn a decent living, that they weren't taking U.S. jobs away.  I don't know why they thought we were dumb enough that we wouldn't realize that it wouldn't do any good to teach them a trade if there was no way to practice their trade.  I too thought it took a lot of balls to advertise for the overseas person.

There were several companies that were supportive of this, I don't remember all of them, but Cymed was one of them.  

The other poster is wrong -- Bayscribe does NOT stink. sm

I was one of those brought in from the stone age, dragging my heels, kicking and screaming, when I had to give up my beloved WP51 a few years ago when they implemented the Bayscribe platform, but in all honesty, it is generally a great platform.  I was a PRD+ user before, and their expander emulates that (I think it can emulate others too, but not sure).  I averaged 300 lines per hour using Bayscribe and never felt that it hindered me.  You just have to get used to learning something new, like any other platform.  Their spellchecker could be better, but that is only a minor irritation.

I wouldn't walk away from a great-paying job with great accounts simply because of fear of adjusting to something new.   I'm sure you'll be very happy if you go with MDI-MD.

Nice person, but docs stink
if it is the same that it used to be the dictation is bad and the sound quality is awful.  I think that it is a rerecording.  This was years ago though. 
What you smell is the own vindictive stink of your words.
No, I'm not GP.  Just don't like bullies.  Never did.  Never will.  Which is what you are.  Now, behave or I'll tell your mommie!
Your company might stink, but the ExText is one of the best things out there! Good
Ohhhhh, sooooooo true -- Transtech tech people absolutely stink anymore since ____ left. He was the

greatest!  Hated to hear that he had left.  We got some real doozies for tech help now.  The MT ends up training them.  They are clueless as to what to do when we need help.  TRUTH!

They ALWAYS have a BAD attitude in their voice, too -- like we MT's are a bother to them -- thought that is what they get paid for.