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Do you think they would let someone test with one year of experience? Thanks. nm

Posted By: newer MT on 2006-03-29
In Reply to: Teletrak MT - Brenda


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Here, here. Exactly my experience also, even down to the 10 year work experience. nm
I emailed them to test about a year ago but
The test was on a tape, or you needed a C-phone or something. If a company doesn't keep up with technology it sounds kind of rinky dink to me.
Webmedx did a verbal test when I applied last year (sm)
The tester/interviewer was very pleasant and apologized for poor sound quality due to her using a head set (which she continued to use) during the testing. You could barely hear her and I had a bad feeling about the quality of transcription from this and turned the job down.

Look at it this way. Each test is an experience
and it will help you gain some insight into what to expect. Like I said above, their accounts are rather difficult so they need to stay firm on what they require because you would be really disappointed to get in there and find out you make no money. You will pass another test for someone else. Keep your chin up.
I had the same experience with their test
And they told me to go back to school.  I just got an e mail (a mass e mail, I assume) from their recruiting dept saying they are hiring and to call them. 
I have 15 years experience and I had to test with them.

Now they offer no testing for experienced MTs? 

When I applied, they said they had no PT hours available unless strictly weekend.

Also, you have to work 1 weekend day, and supposedly Mondays are very slow.

I was offered a very low rate and was told that would mostly have to do VR.

Politely declined and will leave the work for those happy TTs who like to work weekends for next to nothing.

If you don't have "tons of experience," you may fail the test!! nm
almost 1 year experience "newbie"

When I worked for Precyse right out of school I didn't expect any *special* treatment.  I want to scream anytime people say *my accounts are too hard* or that they *requested* to be taken off of certain accounts or certain doctors. 

My first *on the job* dictation with a VERY FOREIGN DOCTOR I wanted to bawl my eyes out.  I stuck it out, foreign doctor after foreign doctor, knowing that this is getting me the experience that I am going to need if I ever want to make it in this career. 

Almost 1 year later, though not still with Precyse for lack of work reasons, I feel that I am a way better MT for sticking out the tough doctors and not *cherry picking* my way through life. 

I think ESL docs are brilliant and amazing though--even though their speech and grammar is not ...look at the struggles they went through to get to where they are now.  Medicine, different language, all those things.

Anyways, point is, I love this career, take it seriously, and I hope that one day I can be up there with the best of them.

Hving had experience with MDI-MD for over 1 year (sm)
This is the norm for them. I had posted about it a few months back and then a few months before that.

In the time that I was there, they had 3 hiring sprees for the account that I was working on. Why do you think that is? Because of more work or because of people quitting because of lack of work? It was because of lack of work.

I have since left and am working at a new company. I have more than doubled my production and in less time than it took for me to try to make the measly 700 lpd with MDI.

Yes, the pay is good and a little above average, but I will again state, that 0.095 per line times 0 is still 0.

Mark my words, in 3 more months, there is going to be an overload of dictation and everyone will be swimming with overtime, they will threaten the MTs with hiring more people to stay in TAT and then it will be slow again.

Been there done that, not going back.
No MT experience needed for test, really. Just good reference materials.
I have 14 years of experience and I bombed the transcription test. Where oh where did I go wrong..
Oh well, I was offered a QA position at our local hospital so it worked out.
I have 19 years experience and was told the same thing. I think their test is incorrect.
Do they stick to their 3 year experience requirement? sm
I only have 1 year of ortho exp on clinic accounts but feel that I am very well qualified in that I usually send my reports direct and they do not need to go to my manager very often.
I was offered less than 7cpl this year with 10+ yrs experience.

Those are the same companies I thought about telling her. She has maybe 25 year experience in the
hospital setting.  I will recommend these companies to her.  I think she will be fine with one of them.  The hospital is going voice rec.
A year ago, I was offered 8 cpl for experience and I needed my own Word 2003. I turned them down. nm
Usually a spelling test, a punctuation test, and maybe 3-6 test files to do. Sometimes done using
i clear over 800 a week, 40/week; 30+ year experience. (nm)
I took a test for a company and my foot pedal would work with the test and I had keep going back
over the dictation time and again to get all the words because I couldnt stop and start it by the foot pedal.  What can I do about this.
my first year I made 16k. Doubled that second year. Going on year 6 with (sm)

two local accounts I earned 23,000.00 and a national I earned 35,400... 58,400 this year.  Don't ask me how many hours, though, I really have no idea.  I'm pretty motivated.  (When people ask me how many hours I work a week I reply as many as it takes  I'd say 40-50/week.  I am also a fitness instructer and personal trainer, about 5 hours a week or so.  Decent money (sometimes under the table!) but mostly I just do it for fun and to be social and wear cute work-out clothes. 

that first year was a rough one... but I consider it part of my education. 


I'm pretty motivated. 

Just took the test myself. No actual dictation to transcribe. Just a written test.
For 13 cpl, I might do it if the dictators aren't a total horror.
I just took the test today - thought it was a great test of MT skills.
There is no written test. Must have been a different company. I took their ortho test sm
and it was easy. You had to know your terminology but it was easy to understand AND I used my foot pedal.
Last year, there was a letter sent that told us what we earned the previous year. sm
In the past, it has been all or nothing; if you did not hit the lines for full time for the year, you did not get PTO. I talked to my lead this morning about a last-minute vacation and she told me that the yearly packets are going out in a week or so and that the new policy will acrue PTO by the pay period or month. I like that a lot better, but she also made it sound like they are upping the amount of lines needed to acrue PTO. I normally get between 15 and 20,000 lines per pay period, so I am sure that will be fine but I am worried about the periods that have lower volumes, like most of January every year.
Is the test through mttest.com a timed test? Thanks. nm

Webmedx lets you carry them from year to year sm
You can accrue up to 140 hours (I think) before you stop the accrual process. Don't have to use it all in one year.
I would stick it out, most places are slow now through the end of the year every year (nm)
Last year $36K part time, going to make more this year full time BUT sm

I AGREE it IS getting harder to make money.  I used to make $24 very part time 10 years ago and now...well it is Word and platforms versus WP5.1.  I got 7.5 cents a byte line then and I get 9.5 cents a character line now.  That IS a huge different in point of fact.


Experience versus not as much experience
--same job should equal same pay?...Come back and talk to me in 20 years...
For the most part, old school MTs have a ton more to offer than a newbie, by virtue of the amount that they know. Most old school MTs can do just about any kind of report, because they learned the old way, they used books--Dorland's was a bible--not software and spellcheck, they worked in house, in the environment, they understand things that a new person who has only worked online with their word books, shorthand, macros and software just cant understand.. Why things are done in a certain way... Why it is so important that certain documents are treated a certain way. Why some reports are stat versus others. What you might flag for the hospital and why... When you think you know everything, esp as a newbie, you are doomed my friend.
Also, cont education is something that most old school MTs understand is a benefit for them and a gift to themselves...part of their commitment to themselves and their own education, not a commitment to being a certified MT, it is a personal thing, a standard.
If you don't understand that, I don't know what else to tell you.
Sure newbies can transcribe, it isn't rocket science, but they know what they know, if you know what I mean..(and that's about all they know) if they don't care to continue their education once they are out of MT school.
There's a little more to it than what you have stated here. If you consider yourself an MT machine.. you will burn out sooner than you think.
MQ Test
How long does it take MedQuist to get back to applicants once they have completed the test??  It has been a week for me now and have heard nothing.  Is that good or bad????  TIA
What are they asking you to do? What is the test?
MTStars? Maybe there are some posts that may tell you something.

Took their test once.
Short ER test. Easy as it gets. They claimed I didn't pass their test and was therefore unqualified to work for them.

After doing MT for 10+ years at some of the top medical centers in the country (including currently) and ERs for 3+ years, it was obvious they were screwed up pretty bad.
try windows media thats what i had to do
Has anyone taken a test using
on MT Test are using Cscribe.  I think it stinks, but maybe a foot pedal would help.  Thanks.
I did a test for them.........sm
I did a test file for this company.  I never heard back from them.  The lady said they required 98% to pass.  I know I didn't get 98% because I had to rush through the fairly large test file, and I was working for MQ.  With my job at MQ there were some strange requirements that I carried into those reports without time to check the BOS.  However, after working about 4 hours on the test file they never even had the courtesy to reply.  I do not think that this is professional, JMO.


I took their test.
I did AWFUL.  I'm not sure why.  I've taken dozens of other employer tests and got anywhere from a 96 to a 100 on ALL of them.  On Medware's test I got a 43 out of 50, which is basically an 86.  I can't understand it!!  It didn't seem that difficult, if I recall, and I've done so well on everyone else's test.  Needless to say, I didn't get offered a job.  LOL!
I did take the test,
but at the time I was offered a position with another company that I decided to take. I have over 25 years of experience in this business. The test is not timed and it is open book. They tell you that at the beginning. You may think it is over the top, and that may be true; however, they may be wanting to see just how good we (as MTs) are at doing research and such. I'm not saying I agree with the test, I'm just saying that each company has their own way of doing things. If you want the job, you have to do what it takes to get it.
Did you take the test?
How did you do on the test?
So, how did you do on the test?
I took their test also.

They told me I didn't pass either.  I requested to see what mistakes I made and wanted to know what my test score was, and they never told me even after sending several emails to them asking for this information. 

I wanted to see what mistakes I made as I didn't have any problem taking their test at all, and I don't understand it. 

I haven't had to take a test with them. I applied through the job seekers board here, got a call the next day, offered the job and was told they would be send me the Lanier system and my lead would get in touch with me on Wednesday when she gets back from training on this new account. I hope there isn't a test, I don't like tests, please don't make me take a test, I don't wanna, I don't wanna. LOL.
I never got to take the test but
another poster gave me some very helpful information on who to talk to when I call, which was very much appreciated.
I took the test but not sure it went thru..
DRC test
Yes, it's difficult if you don't have the required experience. No reference books allowed. Tester will also ask you questions which you will have to answer off the top of your head. If you don't know your stuff, it's hard to fake it. Not trying to discourage you from testing -- just being honest with you.
I agree.  Back when we had to fax tests, I would have a job offer on my answering machine by the time I returned home.  Not bragging, really not.  Been doing this for close to 20 years, better be able to pass tests.  On my tests I will transcribe verbatim but point out troubling points.  I.E.  One time dictated: Spinal cord removed.  I put it but put an * and put I hate to type this, but this is what he said.  Companies take notice of that.
Look around. Take a test. Get a better job. They are out there.