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Here, here. Exactly my experience also, even down to the 10 year work experience. nm

Posted By: Why do you think they pick 10 years? on 2006-05-04
In Reply to: I think there are a huge number - QA also


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almost 1 year experience "newbie"

When I worked for Precyse right out of school I didn't expect any *special* treatment.  I want to scream anytime people say *my accounts are too hard* or that they *requested* to be taken off of certain accounts or certain doctors. 

My first *on the job* dictation with a VERY FOREIGN DOCTOR I wanted to bawl my eyes out.  I stuck it out, foreign doctor after foreign doctor, knowing that this is getting me the experience that I am going to need if I ever want to make it in this career. 

Almost 1 year later, though not still with Precyse for lack of work reasons, I feel that I am a way better MT for sticking out the tough doctors and not *cherry picking* my way through life. 

I think ESL docs are brilliant and amazing though--even though their speech and grammar is not ...look at the struggles they went through to get to where they are now.  Medicine, different language, all those things.

Anyways, point is, I love this career, take it seriously, and I hope that one day I can be up there with the best of them.

Do you think they would let someone test with one year of experience? Thanks. nm
Hving had experience with MDI-MD for over 1 year (sm)
This is the norm for them. I had posted about it a few months back and then a few months before that.

In the time that I was there, they had 3 hiring sprees for the account that I was working on. Why do you think that is? Because of more work or because of people quitting because of lack of work? It was because of lack of work.

I have since left and am working at a new company. I have more than doubled my production and in less time than it took for me to try to make the measly 700 lpd with MDI.

Yes, the pay is good and a little above average, but I will again state, that 0.095 per line times 0 is still 0.

Mark my words, in 3 more months, there is going to be an overload of dictation and everyone will be swimming with overtime, they will threaten the MTs with hiring more people to stay in TAT and then it will be slow again.

Been there done that, not going back.
Do they stick to their 3 year experience requirement? sm
I only have 1 year of ortho exp on clinic accounts but feel that I am very well qualified in that I usually send my reports direct and they do not need to go to my manager very often.
I was offered less than 7cpl this year with 10+ yrs experience.

Those are the same companies I thought about telling her. She has maybe 25 year experience in the
hospital setting.  I will recommend these companies to her.  I think she will be fine with one of them.  The hospital is going voice rec.
A year ago, I was offered 8 cpl for experience and I needed my own Word 2003. I turned them down. nm
You really need a lot of experience to work for
I have many years of experience.  Spheris claimed they did not have any work.  I applied, the recruiter called and said there was nothing available.  She called me back asking why I left a former employer.  It was very unprofessional and in my opinion, Spheris is looking for the bait and switch.  I would definitely make sure before signing on with Spheris that you have your ducks in a row.  Good luck.
I work for them now, and this has also been my experience ... sm
Constantly out of work, even with backup accounts. Wonderful company with very good pay, great flexibility, nice people, but with all of this the bottom line is that I have bills to pay, and I can't pay them when I can't count on a steady workload. Like others I am scanning the system around the clock and, as I said, have backups. The work just isn't consistent.
i clear over 800 a week, 40/week; 30+ year experience. (nm)
I work there. Experience all positive.sm
Pay is excellent by the minute or gross line. Company is well run, everyone is nice, and professional. Pay is always correct and on time. They do not outsource.
Do you work for KS or is this just a past experience?
Guess everyone has a different experience. I work
at Meridian and have not once been yelled at, even when I made a horrific mistake (pulling up wrong patient to transcribe report on). I have been there just over a year and absolutely love it.
My experience was low pay, low work volumes
But they were very nice. Unfortunately, nice doesn't pay the bills. :/
Same experience. Half the pay for doing work that would take
That's your experience. The hospital I work for
has staff available 24/7. We have several major hospitals in the area that run 24/7 in most departments. Each area of the country is different. I have NEVER run out of work on the weekends and I transcribe everything from radiology, ops, to simple ER reports.
Yes, experience does not always equal quality work!
I have read that, but wonder if anyone has enjoyed their work experience or.....
if anyone had any problems with the VNC connection as far as privacy issues??? Everything else seems great??
My experience is work volumes fluctuate SM
but fairly predictably, and a full shift is virtually always available IF you choose to adapt work schedule for those days and periods when work is plentiful.

Until recently health benefits were available for a 36-hour workweek, now it's a 40-hour work week with some flexibility.

Working that full schedule, though, a skilled MLS (medical language specialist) with a well-developed and used Expander who is familiar with the assigned accounts can make good money, and many do. The incentive bonus schedule is quite good and rewarding to high producers.

Percentage of ESL is quite high, but they're as doable as any others once familiarity with their dictation is achieved (typically they know we can't understand them and try to vary as little as possible from their standard verbage).

WebMedx specializes in mid-sized community medical centers. No Cleveland Clinics or UCLA MC here, which is the biggest drawback I know of, really the only one, with this company. This type of workload does contribute to getting that high-line-count familiarity, though. Accounts and formats are typically easy to learn, with relatively little in the way of fussy individuality to keep track of.

I do believe WebMedx is genuinely trying to get and hold onto good people by treating them well. Absolutely no complaints in that regard in all the time I've worked there.

So, welcome, NN, and best wishes on your decision, Decision. :)
Most hospitals will. Pay your dues (work cheaper to get experience.)

Anyone work for Milner in Atlanta who would share your experience? Thanks! nm
I need a little help. When indicating your past work experience on a resume, should you - sm
include the month/year range you held the position?  If you changed jobs a few times within a year, won't they wonder why you possibly only stayed at a job for a few months?  Any help appreciated.  Thanks! 
Anybody work for PMSI? Would love to hear your experience.
Anyone currently work for All Type or have recent experience with the company? sm

I'm currently exploring my options, and was impressed with the $1000 signon bonus offered, but wondering about the usual things -- quality and quantity of work available, pay on time, etc.


Any input would be appreciated. 

Used to work there. Terrible experience. They may have changed their ways, tho
I don't work there, but with 34 years of experience, their starting wage was sm

just a little over 6 cpl.  I am amazed that companies get away with paying such low wages.  Good luck if you decide to go there.

Same experience...awesome to work for, horrible platform..sm
I've been an MT for close to 20 years and am most productive on ER accounts where I can create my own templates and Expanders out the ying yang. After 2 months and the worst line counts of my entire career, I had to move on. I do want to point out that PM does have some of the nicest, most helpful staff I've ever worked for! The platform is the ONLY reason I left.
Does anyone have actual experience in the quality of off-shore work?
A physical therapist in my area said they kept a file of the funniest errors they received from the off-shore work. I do believe that most of the hospital staff that get the work back care diddly-squat about quality -- it's probably not read, only filed.
Experience versus not as much experience
--same job should equal same pay?...Come back and talk to me in 20 years...
For the most part, old school MTs have a ton more to offer than a newbie, by virtue of the amount that they know. Most old school MTs can do just about any kind of report, because they learned the old way, they used books--Dorland's was a bible--not software and spellcheck, they worked in house, in the environment, they understand things that a new person who has only worked online with their word books, shorthand, macros and software just cant understand.. Why things are done in a certain way... Why it is so important that certain documents are treated a certain way. Why some reports are stat versus others. What you might flag for the hospital and why... When you think you know everything, esp as a newbie, you are doomed my friend.
Also, cont education is something that most old school MTs understand is a benefit for them and a gift to themselves...part of their commitment to themselves and their own education, not a commitment to being a certified MT, it is a personal thing, a standard.
If you don't understand that, I don't know what else to tell you.
Sure newbies can transcribe, it isn't rocket science, but they know what they know, if you know what I mean..(and that's about all they know) if they don't care to continue their education once they are out of MT school.
There's a little more to it than what you have stated here. If you consider yourself an MT machine.. you will burn out sooner than you think.
Speaking from experience.. you work all day and make nothing. I also have worked for other companies
on Escription and made a lot more.I just came to the conclusion that they do not pay for headers, footers, spaces etc.. I swear I would work 8 hours and be lucky to make $50. It was my first Escription account so when I changed companies I could not believe it. I make in a few hours what took me 10-12 hours to make at Focus. Dont waste your time. They design it so you dont make any money. What a waste of time working there.
YOu had a bad experience with Phoenix MedCom because you kept making so many errors that your work
couldn't stand on its own. They made threats because a doctor complained about your work week after week. They paid you experienced rates and it wasn't fair to others who could do the job without needing every single line proofed. Doctors refused to have you on their account and you almost cost them one. I am the QA person and I know who you are, and the unprofessional work that you did and your unprofessional behavior. Why malign a good company? Why not just accept it wasn't for you and walk away with some dignity. THey allowed you to do that. Leave them alone.Move on and see if there's somewhere out there that will accept your shoddy work.
Anyone work for Spheris doing VR? Could you share experience, pay, line count etc..
Also, what are the benefits like i.e., medical insurance etc??
No experience, but was told that work is assigned, no pools, and it's still 8cpl as an IC. nm
Anyone with work experience to share on All Type? Choice time once again.....sm
and very happy holidays and merry christmas to everyone out there!  TIA! 
Hepworth Transcription. Any infor or work experience? You can email if you if you want to


What in your experience is the most efficient Word-based radiology platform to work on? nm
RE: What in your experience is the most efficient Word-based radiology platform to work on? nm
I agree with Tasha...I am having a wonderful experience at Keystrokes...plenty of work...
depends on work type, experience, spaces, company, area
Anyone know of a company looking for 13 years experience to work flexible part-time shift
I'm getting my real estate license but still want to keep my transcription job part-time.  I'm looking for a job that will allow me to work about 20 hours a week and still have the flexibility to show a home on the spur of the moment.  Thanks, I would appreciate any info!
My experience exact opposite- Me willing work 6 days, regular sched, 100% QA last review- Company: N
Me: Ready, willing and able to work 6 days a week, regular schedule, 100% QA my last review, on all ESL's doctors.

Companies: No work. All ESL work. All the worst dictators. No work, did I mention that. Don't want to buy new software or any software to help the MT. Ridiculous formatting rules to decrease my line count. Low line count rate. No holiday pay. Have to work holidays.

Your post was way, way out of line. Maybe you work for a great company, SO tell us who it is.

I've tried 10 companies in 10 years, and they were all the same. Pick my brain and make me work hard, hard, hard for ? 150 lines an hour with ALL ESL, poor sound quality, and then don't really want to pay for the 150 lines, want to jiggle and wiggle it down to 120 or less with rules.
P.S. Not saying they do that to everyone - this was just MY experience
Your experience with them?
All the things you like/dislike.
My experience was not a bad one
It would freeze up and hard to get around in it. The accounts I had were mostly awful ESLs and mumblers...very difficult to get line counts. Mostly nice people, but doesn't mean squat if the work is bad. Good luck.
my experience with them - sm
I have 17 years experience, require very little training on new equipment, platforms, accounts, etc. Apparently, I was not what they were looking for. I had heard many similar stories from others.
That's true. Generalities are misleading. I have known MTs with a lot of experience who never had any QA or other teaching and they never got any better. As long as they typed fast, quality didn't matter to their employers.
My experience
I have worked for TransHealth and believe me run for the hills! (LOL). When I was employed there, they had a high turnover regarding their management and apparently still too from what I hear. No flexibility whatsoever, they do not seem to APPRECIATE their employees as they can be nice to you on one occasion and the next minute treat you like crap. They also don't offer nothing in way of competetive wages as they have no incentives to work extra hours or work weekends and oh when there is abundant work you hear them plead with everyone to get on but where are they when there is no work, exactly!!!!! My recommendation is to shop around and see what each company has to offer.
Same experience here, 7 yrs with MQ
I had a bad experience with them also. I was also
hired for Diskriter through them. All sounded great, but something else sounded better so I took it instead. I got a very rude email and was ignored after that email. Very bad business ethics!!
Has anyone else had a bad experience with
Amphion?  I am sure I am not the only one who has found out they are just like everyone else
Can anyone tell me what companies are more selective in their hiring process, requiring more experience than 1-2 years, and willing to pay for it. I am starting to feel this must be an unrealistic expectation.