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Does TT still offer a bonus for buying hybrids?

Posted By: nm on 2009-06-12
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medscribe and they offer a 500 sign on bonus. nm
I am one who works extra every weekend when they offer a bonus...
if they are only going to pay incentive for over 8 hours and 1200 lines a day though, I will not be working 2 or 3 hours on a Saturday or Sunday for just base rate and differential...that's what I get now, in addition to the tier bonus at the end of the pay period. If I'm going to have to take a pay cut, I won't be going out of my way to work extra. After 15 years I'm not about to start going backwards!!
Guess they want a green image - maybe they ought to take a look at those hybrid batteries' impact on the environment.  For the impact the batteries make on the earth along with the altnernative fuel impact for one year you can drive a full-size Hummer and use gasoline for 1-1/2 years.   Seriously.  I checked this out and then bought a Hummer because I like them and they make me happy.  Added to the fact that all the hybrids I looked at except for one got less mpg than their same exact counterparts in gas.  Hmmm- sound like anyone will want to buy one of these back from us?  Maybe we would have to pay them to take it.  All the new cars I looked at except a few all are PLASTIC all over the front and in the back too.  They salesmen told me that was for my safety - that it is just as strong under the plastic as the old cars.  I think they are plastic because of mpg issues and don't really see that safety could be enhanced if someone in a big metal automobile hit you in your little plastic one.  Anyone else run into this dilemma when shopping for a new car?  Horses are looking better to me all the time.  They are friendly too! 
Christmas Bonus survey...Has anyone received a bonus yet this year or expect one?
We usually get one but haven't see it yet. Just curious if anyone has been so lucky as to get one.
Also, it is not only about a birthday bonus, any bonus...sm
I am curious to see the average amount of different bonuses out there.  Like anniversary, birthday, holiday, etc. bonuses.  Remember back when you were an employee and had to go out to work for a company, during your birthday, anniversaries, certain special times of the year everyone would send around a card, sign it, cook a meal or something nice for you...I am just wondering if any company does that for you even though you don't actually have to dress and go to work physically.  A simple poll...NOT something I will base on becoming an employee with...A SIMPLE POLL!  Thanks for everyone who gave some input about their actual company and not a criticism...Just a simple question ....
No bonus here - I make my own bonus sm
by working more and having a big fat paycheck!

I have learned, in life, not to expect so as to not be let down or disappointed. I apply that reasoning to all aspects of life, including my career.

Although I agree that sometimes it is nice to have others think of you with a gift or bonus, in reality, it is not the norm working as an IC.

Christmas has become so materialized and commercialized, it really is sad for those who don't have as much as others to feel such a financial stress and burden to buy or give gifts.

So, I say make your own bonus and work a little more, get some extra lines in, and that would be your bonus!

Happy Holidays to All!

I'm buying it...nm

You buying?
But you have to keep buying
needles, and a bunch of other stuff, all of which stand a very good chance of having been made overseas.  You may be paying less for all this than for ready-made garments, but you probably still are purchasing foreign goods.  Just sayin'...
I'm not buying your story at all. Besides,
speech therapy, pain clinic, wound care are all not acute care. How many YEARS did you have in acute care and ONLY acute care? And how long ago? Also, how did you do on the test? You're not telling something.
SPi buying Medware
Heard this from a supervisor a while back that it was in the works for SPi to buy out Medware. Confirmed with another management person last week.
When they bought out CyMed, none of the editors or MTs heard a word until we had a conference call telling us that they had already bought out Cymed and changes would start taking effect almost immediately.
If you work for Medware and they do buy you out, be ready for some MAJOR changes to the way you do your work.
I actually thought the changes they made in our benefits from what CyMed had were improvements. CyMed never offered us ANYthing benefits-wise that was either company matched or just outright paid by the company, which SPi does...
They DO get rid of people who aren't 'doing their jobs' & a LOT of management were quickly gone.
Is SPi buying Medware?
I currently work for Medware and have heard about SPi buying them out.  After all I have read with SPi buying Cymed out and the way the company has treated people I am terrified now.  Can someone shed some light?
Likely that is the company buying you out. (sm)
Which company is offering you jobs?
Is SPI buying OSI (from post below)
Do you mean apart from them buying 2 Indian co's

And they seem to have an interest in buying some
Please think twice before buying a computer for
As stated below, many new hires do not even have the work to transcribe 5 jobs a day. While the poster above is happy, she is not happy financially.  She is happy she got 5 jobs today to even transcribe. That's not going to pay for a computer.  Can you use another computer until you're sure this is going to work for you?
Not buying your retraction for a second
If you were that deliriously happy with your employer, you would not be INTERVIEWING, not just look as you said you turned down the job which means you INTERVIEWED.

I think instead you just realized maybe in spite of other problems you have with your MT, you're allowed to call your own shots on your schedule so you'll stay.

Don't try to be deceptive or change the meaning of your first post. It destroys any credibility you may have had going in, even if people did not agree with your post.

You love your heart sooooo much you're out interviewing...thanks for the giggles!!!
If you are really serious about buying clothes
that are American-made, here you go:

Yes, I will, but I'm not buying this. I think someone's trying to stir things up.
How about buying a set of SUM tapes to do some self study?
I wonder if buying another company could in fact
I wonder if for these employees this could mean a lower premium to pay for health benefits or steady work for the Transcriptionist that runs low each and every day.  Sometimes when companies merge it can not necessarily be a bad thing.  Transcription is definitely global.  I would have to imagine even companies who say they do not offshore are doing it but do not always inform the employees of such.  Not every decision that is made on an upper management level is passed down to the employees.  You'll find this a lot in institutions and larger companies.  That is why companies have CEO's and believe me they are making the decisions so that the company benefits, hence so will the transcriptionists even if you think you're not. 
A $1000 computer is bit different than buying $10
OSI in Ga. buying out Pradot and Fore

OSI has always sent work to India but the greedy little b___ couldn't keep their fingers out of more Indian pie.

Guess with their new partners who have Indian interests the final nail is about to come.

This is the very reason they are about to do an across the board pay cut. 

Why should they pay the US MT's more than they pay the Indian MT's?

Look for managment fallout.

Welcome to the world of the modern day transcription industry.

Maybe Acusis will end up buying Spheris, too.
After all, they bought DRC, and are looking for more.
You're right, but we would have to stop buying
drugs and Ford cars because their factories are in Mexico. The Ford cars are not big deal, but the drugs are. I do try to buy only American though.
Not making $$ but still buying companies?
What they MEAN is there is no money for those of us in the trenches who keep this company floating day after day. They apparently have enough money to buy out TransHealth - which we were supposed to merge with over a year ago! They had enough money to buy MTEC. Apparently they just don't have the money for the poor working stiffs in the trenches. Seems everyone else in this company is doing just fine!! Remarkable!
S/L Transcend is buying DeVenture to me. sm
I work for DeVenture.  Not sure what to think, but their wording was a little strange.  Not sure if I believe things will not change as they stated.  The company name will be Transcend, so I am thinking the benefits will change.
With so many IC jobs/companies, would think MTs are buying insurance outside
Agree. Don't waste your time buying
Word 2003 if you don't have it.  They say lots of work and then there is nothing.  Also check any QA you get back very carefully as I don't think the QA lady knows what she is doing and she also has an extremely condescending attitude if you have a question.   I learned quickly to not ask since I didn't appreciate being talked to like I was 10 years old.  I wasted my money on Word 2003 and I wished I hadn't.
Agree. Don't waste your time buying
Word 2003 if you don't have it.  They say lots of work and then there is nothing.  Also check any QA you get back very carefully as I don't think the QA lady knows what she is doing and she also has an extremely condescending attitude if you have a question.   I learned quickly to not ask since I didn't appreciate being talked to like I was 10 years old.  I wasted my money on Word 2003 and I wished I hadn't.
all this shifting aroung at MQ...is spheris still interested in buying them out? (nm)
Buying reference books a tax write-off, yeah? (nm)

Your opinion we stop paying taxes, buying
And stop buying foreign cars for crying out loud. sm
Look at the 10s of thousands of workers who are being laid off from GM and Ford after giving decades of their lives.  Thanks to all you people who buy foreign cars.
With Nuance buying Focus, what will happen to the eScription accounts? sm

I really don't think eScription is going to like the fact that Dictaphone/Nuance is going to be working on their platform and learning their secrets to their software.........do you?

This is so interesting to me as I am an eScription editor.  Maybe it is time I start my own business again and contact all of the eScription hospital accounts or contact eScription and get their input on this.

In reading Nuance's press release, Bringham Women's Hospital is an eScription account not a dictaphone account.   Very interesting......Don't you think?  Would love to hear opinions on this.

After 8 years in the business, I start buying presents in August, cause I know the slow period SM

is coming around the holidays.  :-)

Not to say we dont all starve and Im not totally stressed out come December, but at least Ive got my gifts :-) 

Get real..... who is buying new cars, satellite dishes, video games? How about rent, utilities on t
Did Keystrokes sell to Transcend? I thought Keystrokes was buying up companies sm
but I heard from another service owner that they sold out to Transcend. Anyone know if that happened?
Did Keystrokes sell to Transcend? I thought Keystrokes was buying sm

small companies but another service owner told me that she heard that Keystrokes sold to Transcend.  Is this true? 

I posted this down below but meant to post it as a new thread.  Before I apply with them, I would like to know as I left Transcend a few months ago and do NOT want to get back into that mess.

We heard Transcend is buying Keystrokes next. I'm not working for Transcend. No Way !
Where is my bonus!
I have been at OSi a long time and don't know what my audit scores are. I never got a bonus but you see the same names in the newsletter every single time with the bonus. I think they are just paid it as part of the inner circle and probably never got an audit either. If I did mess up I wouldn't know it because nobody ever tells me anything about an audit. What gives????
Where is my bonus!
Well isn't that interesting that 2 people on here know nothing of audits? Why is that? Why isn't everyone getting audits monthly and randomly? Something is stinky here.
SE's bonus with MQ
Are you working for the St Louis office? This is where I was hired, but have not sent in my paperwork yet. Do you have a lot of ESL? They don't bother me too much, but they can slow you down. How are you liking working for Medquist so far....after reading some of the posts on here I am very nervous, but I think I will give them a chance to see for myself.
Im bringing it back up here. Listen, no one owes you anything for working for them but your paycheck. The way I look at it, these people are not my friends, not my family, and have nothing to do with my holiday however I wish to celebrate it. If I were to receive something, I would be grateful but don't expect it. Your job is your job and thats all it is. It gets way too personal when you expect something from an employer. A gift is something that should be given from the heart, if one wants to, not something that is expected to be given. And as far as thank yous? I earn my paycheck, I don't expect someone to thank me for something they are already paying for. Just my opinion, probably gonna start up a big fuss here -
x-mas bonus
Hello..Merry Christmas everyone!  It is my one year working at Medware and just wondering if they give x-mas bonuses? 
You're obviously a new MT right?  Sorry, but I had to laugh when I read that.   In my 20+ years of working in transcription only one company gave us a Christmas bonus.  It's unheard of really. 
That's great.  Good for you!  Okay, maybe not totally unheard of, but deifnitely not the norm for most MTSOs.
I've been with my current employer for 3 months and I got a substantial bonus, but it may be because I work for a small local nephrology group. Before this I didn't receive anything.
Well, first off, she asked about Medware specifically. no one answered that specifically, but anyway, I received a bonus from my present MTSO even after working for them for only three months, almost three years ago. I also received a fairly substantial bonus last Christmas from the same MTSO. I don't know for sure, but I suspect I will get a bonus again this year. I also sent them a Happy Holidays gift. I think it is good to *acknowledge* both the MTSO and the IC/employee, simply for doing good work all year. JMO. Merry Christmas to all.
$100 bonus! : )