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Does anyone know if Wedmedx insurance covers bariatric surgery? nm

Posted By: Sharon on 2008-05-09
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Do any companies offer insurance that covers IVF? sm

Does anyone happen to know if any companies offer insurance that covers IVF?  I have been in this business for nearly a decade and have been doing QA for the last 4, but I would take a job right now with just about anyone as long as they offered insurance that covered IVF.  It is so expensive out of pocket, and I really need the coverage.  I have even been considering taking a job out of the transcription industry to get this coverage.  So, I guess if anyone knows anywhere at all I can get this coverage.. please help!!!  I am unfortunately in a state where this coverage is not mandated... so it is very hard to come by... :(

I am not sure if this was the right board... but I thought it was worth a shot... :P

Also make sure the hospital insurance covers you if
Do any nationals have insurance that covers gastric bypass?
I know it's an odd kinda question but I've worked for 3 different nationals and all 3 did not cover gastric bypass.  I work for MQ now and they do not.
That definitely covers it for me
She called me yesterday and was very hurried about talking with me. Said she was going to send me a packet and I was to look it over and call you yet yesterday.  However, I never received any so-called packet from her to look at.  She was also talking about the amount of GI work there was to do - so I think I'll pass on this one and be glad I did. Thank you. 
No. Podiatry is just about feet. Orthopedics covers sm
all the other limbs, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, etc.  A HUGE difference. 
It works well when you have a spouse whose tax contribution covers you. nm
I am actually having lapband surgery on
But, I am doing this through my husband's insurance. $100.00 copay is the cost to me. I wish you the best of luck because once you find an insurance that covers it, be sure to jump through all of their qualifying hoops or all will be lost.
I had abdominal surgery as well.
I was told there might be a problem, but only had problems with my umbilical stump which had to be closed because of closure and skin issues. Got infected. I had my legs done years ago and they are the bane of my existence as the technical aspects of the surgery have changed so much over the years. Nurses saved me from lousy physicians by taking me aside and telling me to not use so and so!! Thank God for networking. All in all am very happy I did all of it. I am sure I would be dead now had I not.
A local surgery center
I was referred to them through someone else. They have had trouble keeping a transcriptionist. Now I know why.
I think Usher's wife had surgery, let me think
some other country besides here, right and there are lots of people who have money who go out of the country to have surgery because the price elsewhere is so much lower than here. I have had loads of elective (plastic surgery) done and if I could afford the weeks to spend to recuperate there, I would have gone somewhere except here in order to get the work done, much less costly.
If it's the one that advertised here in Dec. w/the surgery acct., she's not hiring right now.
Anybody work on the outpatient surgery center at e-MTS?

Interested in knowing what the account's like, i.e. platform, dictators, productivity, et cet.  Tx.

I do hospital work, do heart surgery, etc.
but donít do the caths and glad of it. They have others specifically for that. I do all other reports including ops, discharges, consults and the histories and such.
People are turned down for surgery in this country
If you have other illnesses, possibility of getting turned down exists. Say kidney transplant. You have to be in basically good shape except for the kidney problem or else you might not be put on the waiting list.
Don't know scheduling, but she emailed me saying they hire only FT and have no surgery accts. at
Anyone know what co is running the ad for the several hospitals & surgery centers on the job board?
Did anyone start with VitalType doing plastic surgery files?
Thanks, I am talking about CABGs and general heart surgery, which all of my
Hi NM. Thanks for the info. Have a great weekend.

Hi -- Is anyone familiar with WedMedx Company? Are they good to work for?

Thanks.   LLD                  


I have worked for them for almost three years and have never run out of work even during the holidays and there is OT almost every weekend.  I was given three accounts when I started with them and just recently I was asked if I wanted to add on another account.  They recently have been getting new accounts and just bought a company whose headquarters are in Tennessee.

diskriter, wedmedx
i see there is Diskriter and diskriter, inc - what is the difference and is better than the other?
Can you use your own computer with Wedmedx or
do i have to quit MQ to work for wedmedx
Help!  Do I have to quit my job with MQ to work part-time with Webmedx?
RE: do i have to quit MQ to work for wedmedx
Not unless you want to. Your choice.
MT Productivity of system used by Wedmedx

MTs currently working with Webmedx, please respond on your productivity with the Webmedx system.  I would greatly appreciate your response. 

Also, would like response on sound quality.

Thank you very much.

Transcend or Wedmedx? Offers from both -
which one should I chose, if any? Help me, please!
Recent info on Wedmedx
Does anyone have any recent comments, pros, cons, etc, about this company, I have searched the archives but all I come up with are posts dated either 2005/2006 and would like to know some current info, such as line rate, ESL percentage, steady accounts, how are they to work for?  Any info would be appreciated, either on the board or in an e-mail.  Thanks so much for any information anyone can provide.
Does Wedmedx have a time clock? nm
Can someone tell me how to pronounce the company WedMedX?
Is the *Web* stressed first?  WEB medix?  Or Web MED X? 



How is Wedmedx to work for and pay rate?? Thanks for info

Just curious..

Okay..HELP.. I have had some job offers, who would you choose, Wedmedx, Medscribe, or MDI-FL.
Each has its good points and bad. I just want to make a good choice and have no desire to job hop. Line rate obviously is important but so are benefits.. So help me out if you have any suggestions at all, even a different company to apply with that you think are better than these. Thanks in advance for your ideas and/or suggestions.
Yeah I was hired by Wedmedx but I screwed up.

They had even sent me the equipment. I was so excited..it was an ortho position and then I have family medical issues and just one thing after another. There was a misunderstanding. I guess I was supposed to get ahold of them with my new start date and I was waiting for them to contact me once I got all of final paperwork in etc. In any event, when I got ahold of them, they said I was supposed to have followed up by now and wouldnt give me a chance. I was so bummed. I havent found a decent place to call home since then. This was like 2-3 months ago. Good luck to you. The insurance was the main reason I was going to go there too.

Has anyone had experience with both eScription and ASR @Wedmedx? I hear a lot of sm
good things about eScription, but I don't have amnything to compare it to (except ASR at Webmedx). Anyone?
Know WedMedx,: Recommend. Good company. SM
Hi, Looking. Yes, you have to log in and out--good structure for people who'd love to earn more money if only they could keep their hands clicking. Very nice incentive scale for those who do. Good medical. Rest of benefit package slim, made up for by good earnings IMO.

Platform getting genuinely good now and continually improving; the old slowness people complains about seems to be gone.

Lots of ESL but simply not a problem for pros once familiar with dictators. Assigned accounts so you can get fast. Need more than one as they can empty out during those hours when a lot of people want to work.

Genuinely nice company to work for. Excellent support in a variety of areas. Very helpful education programs and groups to help develop skill levels, both medical knowledge and production. Study groups and monetary assistance getting certification, and more.

BTW, if you sign on, you now get to be called a Medical Content Specialist. Not sure what that means yet, but I'm newly impressed with myself anyway.

Bottom line: Good place for good workers.
Read here Wedmedx was hiring new grads. What are they paying?
would love to know.
If you had a choice..Diskriter, Medscribe, or Wedmedx, as far as benefits, pay etc..
Just trying to sort out some options. Thanks
I'm with you on the Wedmedx time clock. Not sure it would work out for me...too many distruptions
my day to clock in and clock out for every little thing. Thanks..
Any Wedmedx'ers out there. How anyone made decent money with them and how is their platform?
Thinking of applying but would like the skinny on if you can make any money with them.
True story..Over 14 yrs.exp. and offered 8 cpl by Diskriter, 7.75 cpl Medscribe and 7.75 Wedmedx.
Those were the best paying.. Let's not forgot the MTSO that want to pay 6-7 cpl for an experienced transcriptionst. No newbies!! That makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time..Only profession where you get a pay DEcrease every year.
True story..Over 14 yrs.exp. and offered 8 cpl by Diskriter, 7.75 cpl Medscribe and 7.75 Wedmedx.
Those were the best paying.. Let's not forgot the MTSO that want to pay 6-7 cpl for an experienced transcriptionst. No newbies!! That makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time..Only profession where you get a pay DEcrease every year.
401k funds are protected by govt insurance similar to the insurance
that banks have (FDIC). It is safe even if the company goes under.
The insurance cost is double for Transcend but insurance probably doesn't factor in for her.
I have heard more good things about Axolotl than Transcend, although it seems Axolotl may be less flexible with your schedule and someone told me that QA was pretty strict, which should not matter either if you have worked for a hospital and know what your QA score is.
The insurance plan in my opinion is excellent insurance. I am not sure if it will change when it'
time to renew or not. I really hope not but I know that a lot of companies change every year in an effort to keep costs down because most insurance companies start raising rates after you have been with them a year. The insurance is Great West and they also have excellent dental and vision plans. I believe the cost is less than $70 a pay period for the employee.
Insurance sucks compared to my old insurance... sm
The insurance seems like they don't want to cover anything, even simple prescriptions I used to pay 4 or 10 dollars on I now pay 20 to 43 dollars.  I like the company/people so far, just don't like the insurance.
Insurance Questions: Can you tell me what you pay for insurance through your

MTSO, which MTSO it is and whether the coverage is decent?  I currently pay $92.00 a pay period for decent coverage but am trying to figure out if I am getting a good deal or if I could do better elsewhere.


insurance sm
You may be better off going directly to the source, so to speak. I do not have the insurance, but I have seen the rates, and they are reasonable, even affordable! I believe it's through either Blue Cross or UHC, or it may be both, you get to choose.  Anyways, I do get the eye insurance for my family, which is at no cost to me.  As I said before, your best source is to ask MQ itself.  Good luck, and don't count MQ out just because of all of the negative posts on this board! I'm very happy w/them, and have been for over four years now!
MQ insurance

I don't know if it's still the same, but when I worked for MQ, I cancelled my insurance and went to IC status when the family coverage went up to $900/month.  I asked them how could that be with the largest transcription company in the world, and they claimed it was based on the area I lived in.


They don't let you go, they make you a statutory employee. If they let you go, then they would put themselves in a situation to where they may have to pay unemployment. If they move you to statutory and take all your benefits, then they don't have to pay your insurance or PTO days. Working off the clock is just free labor for them. So basically, it is going to benefit them either way.

I carry myself and my husband and it costs me between $30 and $40 monthly.  This is for an HMO.  I think they told me  the PPO was between $80 and 120 monthly, but the HMO had more providers in my area so I went with it.    There were several choices between HMO and PPO.  Like I said before, this will vary depending on which hospital.  I work for a hospital in PA. I'm not sure about details for the Florida hospitals.  

For the insurance directly through Diskriter (if you work for them directly),   I think they quoted me around $300 a month for two people.    

PT Insurance
There is a company in WI who offers insurance at 30 or 32 hours a week. For the life of me I can't remember the name but out of Waukesha, WI. Hopefully someone can jump in and give you the name.