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A local surgery center

Posted By: mtme on 2009-05-27
In Reply to: goodness that IS scary, patient records sm - darlene

I was referred to them through someone else. They have had trouble keeping a transcriptionist. Now I know why.

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Anybody work on the outpatient surgery center at e-MTS?

Interested in knowing what the account's like, i.e. platform, dictators, productivity, et cet.  Tx.

adduction is toward the center of the body. Abduction is away from the center of the body. nm
I am actually having lapband surgery on
But, I am doing this through my husband's insurance. $100.00 copay is the cost to me. I wish you the best of luck because once you find an insurance that covers it, be sure to jump through all of their qualifying hoops or all will be lost.
I had abdominal surgery as well.
I was told there might be a problem, but only had problems with my umbilical stump which had to be closed because of closure and skin issues. Got infected. I had my legs done years ago and they are the bane of my existence as the technical aspects of the surgery have changed so much over the years. Nurses saved me from lousy physicians by taking me aside and telling me to not use so and so!! Thank God for networking. All in all am very happy I did all of it. I am sure I would be dead now had I not.
I think Usher's wife had surgery, let me think
some other country besides here, right and there are lots of people who have money who go out of the country to have surgery because the price elsewhere is so much lower than here. I have had loads of elective (plastic surgery) done and if I could afford the weeks to spend to recuperate there, I would have gone somewhere except here in order to get the work done, much less costly.
If it's the one that advertised here in Dec. w/the surgery acct., she's not hiring right now.
I do hospital work, do heart surgery, etc.
but donít do the caths and glad of it. They have others specifically for that. I do all other reports including ops, discharges, consults and the histories and such.
People are turned down for surgery in this country
If you have other illnesses, possibility of getting turned down exists. Say kidney transplant. You have to be in basically good shape except for the kidney problem or else you might not be put on the waiting list.
Don't know scheduling, but she emailed me saying they hire only FT and have no surgery accts. at
Anyone know what co is running the ad for the several hospitals & surgery centers on the job board?
Did anyone start with VitalType doing plastic surgery files?
Thanks, I am talking about CABGs and general heart surgery, which all of my
Does anyone know if Wedmedx insurance covers bariatric surgery? nm
What "new center"?
The Transcription Center
Has anyone worked for this co. in Texas that could comment? 
Try Kimball Medical Center

I'd still contact the solution center
I got the email from my STM this week as well (bet we have the same one!), but I have not been experiencing any problems. It is still very possible that the reason you are having so many difficulties is something to do with your router (if you have one) or ISP. I know how frustrating it is when the platform keeps freezing up on you. I was having so much trouble until I changed the settings on my router and now it is smooth sailing. Definitely contact the Solution Center and see what they can do to help you. There's no reason to suffer through it if there is a fix out there.
Doctor's Medical Center
I searched this board and couldn't find any specific info on this company.  Does anyone work for them?  Know anything positive or negative about them?  Know about their pay scale?
CMC (Carolinas Medical Center)
is located in Charlotte, NC. I know, because I used to work there. They have bought A LOT of the hospitals in North Carolina. It is a VERY large corporation. Good company to work for.
Cheyenne Regional Medical Center

Does anyone know anything about what it is like to work for Cheyenne Regional Medical Center.  Can you work remote?  How is the pay?

Sonora Regional Medical Center
This seems to be the name of the hospital Janis Reed advised.  She says the ad said weekend only.  Rather snappy reply from her via email.
8 center per gross line...as good as 9/65 cpl?
Anyone here for for University of Kansas Medical Center? Please let me know. Thanks.
I work at home for a national now and I'm wondering if KU outsources or does in-house and about their benefits. Not a newbie, have 11 years experience in acute care. Rock chalk!
I just read on their website under Employment Center (sm)
that they are hiring.  I know they had a job listing posted on here a week or so ago for experienced Docuscribe MT's.  I work on Meditech there but would kill to get back on Docuscribe again!  I loved it...
Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia is hiring - nm
I see that Cheyenne Regional Medical Center is hiring.
"Training" is on location but after training, there will be multiple excuses as to why you can't go home to work. Supervisor is NEVER there. Pay is not TOO bad, but working in-house is horrible. Just thought I would throw my opinion in and try to save the next poor soul who falls for their "promises".
Another example of the "bizarreness" is when I worked for our regional medical center
Nicholas who was clearly of Indian descent kept faxing and calling the transcription department of our hospital wanted to submit a bid to do our transcription. The manager politely declined but he continued to call EVERY day..I guess to see if she'd wear down. She then faxed them an official stop contacting us letter but it continued. Finally, she had the hospital's attorney send them a final notice in regards to legal action and they called after that. Honestly, at that point, I came home so I dont what ever become of it. I know it blew our minds. It must be a cultural thing.
The solution center's memo of an upgrade to the system SM
in the next couple of weeks (not on company computer right now so don't remember exact date) includes release notes that says the issue of the platform freezing will be corrected. I hope this fixes some of my own problems.
Solutions Center told me problems wouldn't
be fixed any time soon because it was going to cost a lot of money to do it.  I had the worst boss ever and I'm so glad to be free of that place. 
I have no info, but the energy center is named after my grandfather nm
Frank R. Applegate Energy Center
anyone see the post on job board for regional medical center, 13 cents??
Nope, just tired of the whining; feels like a daycare center
Seems to me all the time and energy put into this board whining over something that cannot be changed would be more wisely used either (a) learning VR or (b) putting out one's resume.
University of Iowa Med Center announced layoffs yesterday
I think the news report said they were getting rid of 130 people now, a total of 200 this year. Fortunately (their word, not mine), they're not going to have to make any cuts in people who have patient contact but in administrative areas (that'd be us). Truthfully, I'm not sure if they even still have in-house transcriptionists, but you know that if they do, they'll be the first to get their marching papers.
Thomas Jefferson Hospital in Center City Phila uses Diskriter
What I read was that they opened a center in India BUT were adding work for them and keeping their
domestic work force as well.
Go Local
I would not consider editing unless the pay reflected my experience as an MT. Editors spend a lot of time cleaning up the garbage.

I think you have to go local for that.
I don't know of any that pay hourly for MT work. Many do for QA work, but not for MT.

I know around here many of the local hospitals do that, but it's usually MTs that have been with their hospital for a certain period of time. They don't hire from outside to work at home.

Also look at local
While most local comapanies have an onsite group they will sometimes hire people who have worked out of their homes for years. If you are moving from Transcend submit your resume to local recruiters and find out if there is a temp agency in your area that does transcription based companies. A local physician group still uses me per diem and while they have onsite if I need to they also support offsite - it saves them some money because they don't have to support your equipment!

Just be aware, VR is the wave of the future. My guess is that in 10-20 years everything will be run through VR and nothing will be transcribed from scratch...of course if we all stand together and demand more money than they are currently offering the market will eventually succumb :)
I know...it's sad..I used to love it at MQ when we had a local

office but everything has changed so and I just HAVE to make more money!  Good luck to all MQers looking elsewhere!

Local hospital - sm
I loved Medware until they started sending so much of their work to Medware India. I spent my days editing the offshore work.  Its incredibly frustrating.  It doesn't matter how much feedback you give, the same errors are made. A person cannot go day after day after day doing that without getting down. I made the decision to leave and have been so much happier.  I only have to worry about my own quality now. 
local offices

what is the best way in getting starting for working for local doctors?  Get business cards made up, show them a resume?  I have often thought about this and afraid to take the leap.  is this reliable work?  I'm sure they can let you go whenever they want but I guess that's the case anywhere.    please, any info would help.

I agree - go local. (nm)
Local Hosptials in GA


I reside in ATL and wondering if by chance if anyone knew who handles the transcription for Atlanta Medical Center, Grady Hospital, St. Josephs Hospital and any other local hospital here. I seem to can't get anywhere by calling. I am a newbie and is not having the best of luck with MTSOs right now. Any help would be very much so appreciated. Thank you.

I had a local MTSO try to do that to me...
...I was ready to sign the contracts after meeting with them in person, until I heard I'd have to pay a one-time nonrefundable charge due lump sum for $600.00 for the FTP software. To add further insult to injury, they also advised me they didn't pay for spaces and required me to transcribe a minimum of 1200 lpd.

I couldn't run out of there fast enough.

What would I do with their FTP software if I quit? It would be useless to me, and I'd have paid for it.

I steer clear of companies asking me to pay for use of their software, I'd suggest you do the same.
Call your local DOL

You are entitled to minimum wage if you are an employee.  So make sure you are punching a time clock or otherwise keeping track of your hours and your pay.

You can also file for partial unemployment.


That s/b local OR 800#. no text
gourdie - do you have a local - sm
news station that exposes these type of injustices? they love the david vs goliath type of stories...
Our two local hospitals do just that.

Management is at the hospital.  MTs have a choice to work at their medical records departments or work remotely from home.  Benefits are excellent.  Health insurance rates are very reasonable.  Pay is hourly - guess what, always on time.  They are always offering CPR classes free, movie tickets and group travel plans at discounts.  ACTUALLY GIVE RAISES. 

I would love to see all hospitals go back to this.  More personal employment, keep it local, smaller group of docs that we actually might know, not as much BS as working for an MTSO.  I think this gives the MT back their feeling of being a professional and  the hospitals treat us fairly, like an employee and no BS about OT and line rates.  Enough already with the greedy MTSOs who can't seem to get their act together with their overhiring, then low work, no work, then begging for help if you stay and most everyone else leaves. 

Our local hospital...
has closed the entire top floor, and the nursing students from the local college are lucky to get 1 patient for their clinicals. They are asking the older seniority nurses and other personnel to retire early. Another hospital has the healthcare workers down to 32 hours per week. I am in OH, and my area is really bad economy-wise.
Do you work for local doctors?
If you do, how many do you work for to make that kind of money?  Do you charge $.15/line?  Thanks.
One more thing to consider: Local taxes

Don't know about you, but I have a local tax I think it's 1.5%, where I live.  They don't deduct that from my pay like my state and federal taxes are deducted. I asked them to but they refused.  So I'm going to have to come up with that money next year to pay my local tax.  I can't afford to save it now.  Those of you who have a local tax whrere you live better check your pay stubs and make arrangements.