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Does anyone work for Adept Word Management

Posted By: nm on 2007-07-17
In Reply to:

and if so are they are good company?  Do they pay on time and are they flexible with schedules?  Is the work steady?  Thanks in advance for any information you can give.  Have a great day!

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Adept Word Management

I was just wondering if anyone currently works for Adept, and how much they like/dislike the company.  They seem like a wonderful company, and I have been offered a position with them.


Anyone ever heard of Adept Word Management? nm
Adept Word
I have a few friends who used to work for Adept Word and based on their experiences, I wouldn't recommend it.  I didn't work there, so I can't offer anything firsthand. Sorry.
Adept Word
I'm new to this board and not too good at it, I guess.  I just posted a reply to this message, but it doesn't show up.  I was surprised to see this post because I worked for Adept Word for a while and I really liked them.  Everybody is really nice.  They do expect your work to be good and they have a lot of work.  I always got lots of support and answers to my questions.  Even though I'm new to this board I can see there's been a lot of chat about fitting in, and I think Adept Word takes newbies.  Everybody's always complaining about companies not taking newbies, but I think one reason they don't is because it's a lot of work to get started in this business.  Adept Word does take newbies, and I think that increases the odds that people won't work out. 
Adept Word

Does anyone have any info on Adept Word? 



Has anyone worked for Adept Word?

Any information (good or bad) would be appreciated.  

Does anyone have info on Adept Word? Thanks. nm

Adept Word Mgmt.
I used to work for them when I lived in Texas and I did not like them at all. Don't bother....
Did YOU work for Adept?
Did your friends do a good job? Did they get jobs working anyplace else? Maybe they aren't very good at what they do and that's why they had a bad time at Adept. Hard to say, since you don't mention any names.
Lots of people work for Adept and LOVE us
Would Adept hire you back? It's a two-way street, you know? This is irresponsible.
anyone work for Oracle - do they use Word or a Word-based program - e-mail me nm
Just wanna work in Word - need company that works in WORD! nm
Pay is always on time, direct deposit, very nice management to work with, and DQS platform, work
load normally busy, but low now because of the summer slow down on my accounts.  Sound an issue on some accounts, but not others.  Overall, wonderful company.
I had several friends who worked for her, but they've all left.  Based on their information, I wouldn't recommend Adept to my worst enemy.
Because I found this post thru doing some SEO research on the company I work for, I feel compelled to answer this.

I am no longer able to work outside my home. It's been a struggle to find the legitimate work from home situations.

Rest assured, Adept Word Management is a great place to work. I'm not even in the MT side of it, I type General Work, things not of a medical nature. There's plenty of work most of the year and even in winter, I made enough to cover my bills.

I've had absolutely no problems with getting paid, as well.

I would highly recommend Adept.
Work is easy, very nice owner, pays weekly, work in Word.

It does work, you do not need to "make" it work.. it works in all word based programs.
Working for Adept

I haven't had much experience with other companies, but I've worked with Adept Word Management for over a year, and I love it!  I've always had prompt response to questions/issues.  Everyone I've encountered connected with Adept has always been helpful and supportive.  I've never had too little work, and there's never been any delaying in getting paid.  In short, I've found the work load very reliable, had positive interaction with the owner and any others associated with the company, and have never been waiting around for a check.  I wouldn't hesitate at all to fully recommend working with Adept. Good luck! 

Yes, I should have gone to management to work it out.
Actually the manager of this person did call me to discuss the matter, and looking back I should have talked about the problem, but did not because I thought it was very high school behavior and I did not want to speak poorly about my supervisor's attitude. I was actually there less than 2 weeks, in response to the old timer comment and yes you can tell a nasty person that quickly. Of course if you have the ability to ignore that it is up to you. However, professionalism is tops to me when working for anywhere, they expect me to be professional, I expect the same in return. I never did talk to the person's manager because I figured people don't change and I am not one to try. For me it was not the place. For other people it might be. Just stating my personal experience is all. No need to discount it. Fact for me need not be discounted only learned from and then decide for yourself is all.
Used to work for the old MTA also and liked the management -
Not management, never have been and donít work for TT
I did not want to do VR but my hospital went to it around 2002. I had worked there so many years and did not want to find a new job. What I see are others who do VR and we see we are put down by people thinking we are slow, cannot make it in the regular work of MTing and where people get this from I have no idea. I have tried to explain what VR is, how if you get a good group to train it can be a money maker. You have to be able to go extremely fast and be a good editor, otherwise you can throw the towel in now. My quality did not go down when I started, otherwise no job. I am graded every 3 months and still maintain a high 97-98% accuracy rate. The main thing I see when I and others are accused of management is we are slow and we have to be managers. Nope, I just try to hopefully try to explain how it is and if you get a good platform and people to train, even though the pay may not be good (I make 4 cents a line) you can average $20 something dollars an hour. I have heard in my company people make more but I donít. True it is not the money I made inhouse but I really like.
I'd love to work for OSI in management
Of course you work for OSi. You sound just like their management
how sad!
Although I am not in management, I work close with them. sm
They do not offshore. If you have experience, negotitate your line rate. You will get very close to what you want if you are good.

They do work with new MTs, which I think is a great thing for them. Everyone needs someplace to get the experience.

If I had to say one negative thing about them it is this... they are pretty strict on the schedule you set for yourself.

They do offer 2nd and 3rd shift differential. There is also a weekend differential. They do offer further bonuses from time to time.

I personally like their software since it is integrated with Word. It is very easy to use and easy to learn.

Although I am full time, I cannot elaborate on their benefits. I know they have medical, but no dental or vision as far as I know. However, my spouse carries the insurance so that was never an issue for me.

I hope this helps. I know a lot of people do not like Softscript. I can say if you would have asked me 1-1/2 years ago, I probably would have agreed with them, but there have been a lot of changes and they really are for the better of the employee not just the company.
Get off your high horse and go work your management job...sm
This is a board for opinions, isn't it?  So don't tell me to get my facts straight.
You work in Word. sm
You are provided headers that you fill in and just add in a new header for each dictation. You will end up with one long document. You'll need a c-phone or re-record equipment and unlimited long distance. Lots of work and nice people to work for. Pay is always on time (by mail). Hope this helps. :)
Word's out from the T: Little or no work...sm
available this weekend but cannot take time off.  Deja vu????
DSG is a good fit for me, management friendly, pay on time, occasionally running out of work is one
of my biggest complaints, but it is usually not for long, just enough to upset the routine.  Production incentive a plus.  Sound quality depends on the account. 
You can work in Word or WP5.1, whichever

format you are most productive with.  You run a micro that pulls up the header, type in patient's name and it puts it in the correct place in the header.  Occasionally doctors enter wrong work type and you will need to change that in the header.  If you need to do a CC, you run a macro and the list of docs comes up, you highlight the doc and enter and info goes where it needs to.   When new doctors are added you do have to add those into the system.  You may go months and not get any new doctors and then get 30 one month,  It is very easy to add them in.   Unfortunately PAs are not in the system so until you get familiar with them you have to look them up.

You do spellcheck, run a macro for line count, run a macro to send the work - EASY.  

Company is QT Medical and they are hiring.  There have been a couple of posts about them this week.  Good company. 

What's the word on Transcend-GA, Lot's of work?
I have searched the archives, found some info.  Please tell me what I need to know about this company-will start work soon.
Can Radnet work without Word on
your computer?
The platform is Word. Their program works with Word but does not change how Word works. nm
The benefits just changed the first part of this month. I don't have them but I remember them being reasonabl for a single person. Family and spouse was not reasonable in any way (in my opinion).
DSG is awesome-pay on time, management is great, plenty of work, flexible schedule. nm

pay on time direct deposit, work usually plentiful, recent management changes, email me if you want

to ask specific questions and I'll try to answer them.

What is the word on Spheris? Are they good to work for? sm
Would like to know pay range for experienced MT, monthly deductions for insurance, etc...run out of work?
Any one work for The Word Pros - any information nm
Word based expanders work with Merit
Hope that helps
Can ayone tell me how the line counter work in MS Word please. nm
Good company, pay on time direct deposit, work usually plentiful, nice coworkers and management has
always been very nice to me.  Incentive for MT over production goals.
small to medium company that works in Word or Word-based program - email me. nm
ExText is integrated with Word. Auto correct is a part of Word.
ExText is a Word based platform. When the page opens for you to type the document it will be just like you are typing in MS Word.
same story where I am - flooded with e-mails when they are slammed with work and then no word from t
Keystrokers - do you work in Word - Can you use ShortHand - How many lines for fulltime? Thanks
Put the extra work in to studying ESL accents, word expanders, become
more proficient as an MT and you will become more valuable and get better line count. Just IMO.
Their program works with Word and does not change how Word functions. sm
You use your own expander. Overall I feel it is user friendly and I like it.
What in your experience is the most efficient Word-based radiology platform to work on? nm
RE: What in your experience is the most efficient Word-based radiology platform to work on? nm
I just stated with them. Nice people, work out of Word, and pay increases with production. nm
Last year you needed Word 2003 to work for them. Prior to that, you used their machine
Does the Emdat platform use Word or is it Word-based? nm
Word for Word Medical Transcription
Pros and cons please.