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Not management, never have been and donít work for TT

Posted By: Sharon on 2009-04-22
In Reply to: If you aren't management & you're making good - sm

I did not want to do VR but my hospital went to it around 2002. I had worked there so many years and did not want to find a new job. What I see are others who do VR and we see we are put down by people thinking we are slow, cannot make it in the regular work of MTing and where people get this from I have no idea. I have tried to explain what VR is, how if you get a good group to train it can be a money maker. You have to be able to go extremely fast and be a good editor, otherwise you can throw the towel in now. My quality did not go down when I started, otherwise no job. I am graded every 3 months and still maintain a high 97-98% accuracy rate. The main thing I see when I and others are accused of management is we are slow and we have to be managers. Nope, I just try to hopefully try to explain how it is and if you get a good platform and people to train, even though the pay may not be good (I make 4 cents a line) you can average $20 something dollars an hour. I have heard in my company people make more but I donít. True it is not the money I made inhouse but I really like.

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Pay is always on time, direct deposit, very nice management to work with, and DQS platform, work
load normally busy, but low now because of the summer slow down on my accounts.  Sound an issue on some accounts, but not others.  Overall, wonderful company.
Yes, I should have gone to management to work it out.
Actually the manager of this person did call me to discuss the matter, and looking back I should have talked about the problem, but did not because I thought it was very high school behavior and I did not want to speak poorly about my supervisor's attitude. I was actually there less than 2 weeks, in response to the old timer comment and yes you can tell a nasty person that quickly. Of course if you have the ability to ignore that it is up to you. However, professionalism is tops to me when working for anywhere, they expect me to be professional, I expect the same in return. I never did talk to the person's manager because I figured people don't change and I am not one to try. For me it was not the place. For other people it might be. Just stating my personal experience is all. No need to discount it. Fact for me need not be discounted only learned from and then decide for yourself is all.
Used to work for the old MTA also and liked the management -
I'd love to work for OSI in management
Of course you work for OSi. You sound just like their management
how sad!
Although I am not in management, I work close with them. sm
They do not offshore. If you have experience, negotitate your line rate. You will get very close to what you want if you are good.

They do work with new MTs, which I think is a great thing for them. Everyone needs someplace to get the experience.

If I had to say one negative thing about them it is this... they are pretty strict on the schedule you set for yourself.

They do offer 2nd and 3rd shift differential. There is also a weekend differential. They do offer further bonuses from time to time.

I personally like their software since it is integrated with Word. It is very easy to use and easy to learn.

Although I am full time, I cannot elaborate on their benefits. I know they have medical, but no dental or vision as far as I know. However, my spouse carries the insurance so that was never an issue for me.

I hope this helps. I know a lot of people do not like Softscript. I can say if you would have asked me 1-1/2 years ago, I probably would have agreed with them, but there have been a lot of changes and they really are for the better of the employee not just the company.
Does anyone work for Adept Word Management
and if so are they are good company?  Do they pay on time and are they flexible with schedules?  Is the work steady?  Thanks in advance for any information you can give.  Have a great day!
Get off your high horse and go work your management job...sm
This is a board for opinions, isn't it?  So don't tell me to get my facts straight.
DSG is a good fit for me, management friendly, pay on time, occasionally running out of work is one
of my biggest complaints, but it is usually not for long, just enough to upset the routine.  Production incentive a plus.  Sound quality depends on the account. 
DSG is awesome-pay on time, management is great, plenty of work, flexible schedule. nm

pay on time direct deposit, work usually plentiful, recent management changes, email me if you want

to ask specific questions and I'll try to answer them.

Good company, pay on time direct deposit, work usually plentiful, nice coworkers and management has
always been very nice to me.  Incentive for MT over production goals.
Hello Management

Give me a break!  You are a supervisor, and I know who you are.  Spare us this bologna.



If only more management could be like you!
I'd buy you a drink as well! Thank you for the kind words.
Management again??!!!
kidding. "Excellent program", is that why everyone is leaving OSi, because it is so good??!!!
Management...don't you have anything to do?
If TT is growing by leaps and bounds, how do you have the time to get on here and contradict the truth?  You don't like negatives about your company, but you're not perfect either.
I am not management -- I don't even
work for them anymore! You can state your opinion, but you are giving inaccurate information about things such as benefits and whether or not you can use ShortHand. Obviously I wasn't all that thrilled with them either or I would still be there.
lol, I have been an MT for 20+ yrs and many of them in management.
I don't know when the management...SM
was ever great, it was bad 4 years ago when I was there and from your description things haven't changed a bit since then.  A bunch of office people with titles, the MTs typing all the work are ignored, avoided and treated badly.  We used to call the office in Pittsburgh a kingdom because it was filled with people who never worked past 4:00 in the afternoon, 2:00 on Fridays...never to be heard from until Monday around 9:00 AM.
Not management
I never said I agreed with them docking your pay for errors.  BUT, I did say that they only do it if you fall below 98%.  Isn't this the norm?  Keeping an accuracy rate of 98% or better?  So why would you worry about being docked if you maintain 98% or better?  They are like any other MT companies, they want quality reports. 
Not Management

NOT management and sorry you could not cut it. nm
Definitely has to be management ..SS
AMEN !!!
I am definitely NOT their management.......
or anyone else's for that matter.  I am just a lowly pee-on MT with 6 years experience trying to make an honest living, and get nothing but lies from this company.  I am looking for other work, just like the others who have emailed me privately, who also work for them now and are in the same predicament that I am in.  Work flow lying is the main problem with this company.  They say there is none, but, in fact, there is.  They just turn you off.  When there is work, why not give it to us???  This question has been asked by us more than once.  Lots more companies out there, so we will just keep looking.
Why don't you take this up with management. (sm)
As far as bonuses being offered unnecessarily on weekends, I think they like to be caught up as best they can on Mon morning, unlike a lot of services who get behind on the weekends.  I don't think it really has anything to do wtih overstaffing. JMO.  I thought there is extra pay for Sat or Sunday anyway, isn't there?
Must be management. They are NOT one of the
best companies, the absolute worst one I have ever had contact with and if you look through the archives there are many, many more who agree with me. 
I am not management.
I am a very hard-working, high-producing MT who has as much to lose as the next MT. I, however, am choosing to keep an open mind and know that my work speaks for itself and decided that this new opportunity for me sounds like a good one. More work, job opportunities, and help in becoming an even better producer sounds good to me; guess not to every MT though.
I'm not Management... (sm)
What, you think I'm a *plant* because I'm seeing it half-full instead of half-empty? LOL If you'll go back and read a couple of my earlier posts regarding this whole thing, you'll notice that I worked for MQ (until they were bought out by furrinners) and I've been around for 16 years as an MT - IC, SE, employee -- but never as Management.

All I'm doing is repeating (again) what was explained to the DRC employees in the web conference and what has already been posted here to be read by anyone: If the client requires USA-based MTs, that's the DRC side. Yes, they'll charge more for the USA-based MTs (who will be paid more than the Indian MTs) and it would therefore be in Acusis' best interest to have as many USA-requiring clients as possible. Yes?

(Unless, of course, you're going along with the suspicion that the Indian MTs will be passed off as USA MTs and the clients won't know the difference.) (And man's first steps on the moon were filmed on a Hollywood sound stage made to look like green cheese...)

But I love working for Transcend, what is wrong with someone saying that? They are flexible and do pay very well.

Okay, now I KNOW management is posting here.  I am the person who left 3 times.  Twice due to medical.  HOWEVER, I only made 2 friends at DSG who were not management, neither one is stil at DSG.  Both told me to leave a long time ago.  Both were treated badly and that is why they left.  I never believed them. 

Besides anyone who knows that I tried to come back a 4th time would have to be management, think about it!

I took Karen's advice and moved on.  I am very happy where I am at and in fact, I am very thankful that DSG did not take me back as I would have stayed there forever and worked a lot longer/harder/dumber for less money than I am making now. 

I do not have bad things to say about DSG, only that I was disappointnted that I was told I could come back if openings when my mother-in-law had recoverd and that was a lie or changed minds or whatever you want to say.  I would not change the way things turned out.  I am very happy where I am now.  So THANK YOU DSG!  They were good to me 3 times and 3 times I was charmed.  There was just not meant to be a 4th time.  Again, different people different experiences.  Try DSG, don't try DSG no longer makes any difference to me.  I will not dog DSG, but I will not defend them either.   I hope Lynda's friend moves on as I did.  I think she is better off if they did this to her after she stayed with them without leaving like I did for 4 years.   

Thank you - no I am not management.
But the happy ones are always accused of being management.
I am NOT Management

I have to say that my tenure at Transtech has been the most pleasant experience I have had with any national company.  They do actually care about their MT's instead of just caring about the best way to screw them out of something.  They are in a completely different class - and I hope they stay that way. 

I am writing this to give encouragement to the disheartened MT's who have been bruised, berated, and battered by unqualified, uncaring, power-tripping people in Management - I have been there, and there is hope.  There are good companies out there, and you just have to find them.  Most of the people I know have not been fortunate enough to have found the perfect MTSO the first time around.  We have job hopped too many times and it's no fun. 

I miss the camaraderie of my former jobs in offices - but I make certain to keep up with my old friends, go to the gym, take continuing ed classes, go for a jog during the day, jump in the pool if it's warm, go to luncheons at church, get a massage, etc.  It can get pretty depressing sitting in front of a computer all day, then when you get hounded for something that's not your fault in the first place by Management it makes you want to scream. 

Job hop if you must.  About 90% of these companies truly are awful, and the other 10% don't have the need to be constantly running ads because they are able to retain the BEST MT's, and TransTech is one of them. 

I see where some companies have been trashed on here - and rightly so - such that they don't even bother posting ads anymore but they are still desperately hurting for MT's because thankfully MT's are not putting up with the abuse anymore.  If you see on any job board, not just this one, companies who constantly have an ad up there most of the time it will be because they suck to begin with, not because they are growing and need new staff.  You MT's know the companies I am talking about. 

I wish everyone the same luck I have had.  Now I am left alone to work, make more money than ever before (outside of the office) because I'm not constantly being harassed by a micromanager. 

I would never want to be management, IMO
I would hate having to deal with the clients directly, always having to be reachable, and not to mention trying to keep track of multiple MTs. I'm much happier just straight typing.
I hate to see the bad feedback all the time about OSi.  I have been here a while too.  Change is inevitable, growth is inevitable, and technology is ever changing - you have good and bad within every company.  The account manager position is more like a liason position - you would be the representative for the company.  Please, please, please - I love this company and I know we have our problems but if you plan on applying for this job you will be our first contact with new clients, make sure you are happy with OSi so we get a positive attitude from the start!  If people that work at OSi are not having a good experience it is probably stemming from their immediate supervisor - TALK TO SOMEONE HIGHER UP!  or better yet talk to your supervisor!  If you dont communicate how do you expect anything to change?
New management
I do know that they are under new management.
I think your management is very
J and J Management
Can anyone give me some information about J and J Management?
Because if they are management, what they say
Well at least now we know you are management.....
and probably aren't always quite up front with information here. I happen to know that they do outsource from time to time - and no, I'm not management, just a regular MT.
I am not management sm

I am sure that those in management who read this board, know exactly who I am.  I am not ashamed of what I say here.  There are certain things I would not say and have not said here, like what account I work on or who my supervisor and lead MTs are.  I don't discuss our working relationship either.  If there were a problem I would understand that half the problem is me because I am half the equation.

I know that some members of management at TT read this board from time to time.  As I am sure they know who I am, they already know I don't say things I don't mean, my nose is not brown, I am not after being in management, and that I am honest and hard working, so I have nothing to worry about.  There are ways to find out who some of you rumor spreaders are and I would not want to be YOU.

J and J Management ??
Anyone work for this company? Did not find them in the archives. Any info on platform, owners, pay, etc would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
How do like the management and sm
what is QA like?  Are they tough?  Helpful?  Are you making decent line counts? 
New management
There is new management at Focus and parent company is now much involved. A lot of accounts coming back on shore. We are all hoping for the best and so far so good.
No, I am not in management..........sm
and what I meant was that it is not our job to be on the decision-making team with regard to acquisitions and mergers. Certainly these things do impact us, but it is not our job to have a part in the decision-making process. The higher ups make the decisions concerning the company and we as MTs transcribe reports. It's as simple as that. The problem is not secretiveness but that everyone wants to be a part of the inner workings when they (and I include myself in this) in full knowledge of the business plan and financial workings of a company. Medical transcription is big business and big business, whether MT or the oil business or the stock market works that way.

Yes, we have surprises in store for us all right in many aspects of our lives. Sometimes we just have to roll with the punches, and if our work situation becomes such that we no longer agree with the process or are unable to make a living, then it is up to us to make a decision as to what we will do.
Are you management?
We're allowed to discuss an actual court case. It hasn't been dismissed.
Management, huh?
Quit trying to justify it!
Maybe management will not get as big
They'll use the money they saved by not giving them hefty raises and/or bonuses and use the money saved for the trip.
No not management...
just willing to give a good company a chance. I have been very happy there. I am just trying to adjust to the VR. I do believe that is what's coming all over, so might as well stick with one of the few good companies left.
Obviously Management...

'Nuff said.  If you think VR is great, you are either: 

A.  Greedy management wanting to soak the MTs for as much as possible. 

B.  A rotten MT who doesn't know the tricks of the trade and types very slow.  Then, I can see where VR would benefit you.  But you don't belong in this business in the first place. 

I just do not understand how management can keep so quiet.  I have seen them come on this board and defend themselves for the silliest things.  I know there is not too much they can so to defend themselves here recently, but you would think they would TRY to make an effort to talk to each MT or address us as a whole as to what is going on and try to keep as many as they can.  This is astounding to me. 
management, hardly
I have been an MT for 5 years, but thanks for calling me Dude and management, at least I see you responded above where you were wrong, but not before being nasty to me.