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Every month it's the same. Grab all the work on the last days of the pp and

Posted By: then work when they feel like it the rest of the p on 2005-07-15
In Reply to: It was referred to as stealing in a conference call by mgrs. sm - JMO

It's very annoying.

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    Good & bad posts in the past. Must work 1 Sat. a month. Supposed to be gross line pay. Some days
    time to work offshore hours and grab
    all you can away from the 'partners,' eh?
    2 weekend days a month, no insurance
    Statutory employee, not IC. I think their minimum for full-time (paid a better line rate if full-time) is 700 lines a day, but someone please correct me if I'm wrong on that. You pay long distance (most accounts). My accounts are heavy ESL.
    Can a Diskriter MT tell me when health benefits begin (90 days, 1st full month)?
    Told minimum PT was 3500 lines a week; requires 2 weekend days a month nm
    That is what I just said. !0 days PTO, period. That includes vacation, sick days and personal days
    They should have paid holidays so that you are paid if you take off. Also should inculde extra hours for sick days and personal days.

    That annual raise of .002 is kind of a joke especially when at the same time they upped the minimum line requirement from 10,000 lines to 12,000 lines.

    OSi just does not have the qualified people in management positions that I wish to work for.

    I am glad that you are happy at OSi and all is working out for you. Their dishonesty and the way they treat people just does not work for me.

    Of course they can get by cheaply by hiring unqualified people so that is very good for the owners.
    Grab it!
    I was offered an in-house position for a teaching hospital last year and turned it down because I wanted my flexibility. The hospital had already done the outsourcing thing for a couple of years, hated the quality and didn't find it cost-effective, and was re-hiring their own staff.

    Now my MTSO doesn't allow a flex schedule anymore, I don't have the benefits or stability the hospital does, and it will take me forever for another opening to come up. Not taking that job is a big regret.

    Grab it...

    I've only been with MDI a couple of months and my advice is, if they've made you an offer, GRAB IT.  I've never run out of work, but my understanding is they are more than willing to cross-train in other areas if the MT desires more work. 

    The recruiters/QA people are professional, friendly and responsive, communication is top-notch, Bayscribe platform is simple to use, and most all of the dictators I have had are quite decent.  On top of it all, pay is always on time and you always know the exact amount before it hits the bank.

    Congratulations on the offer and good luck to you.   

    Maybe is it for a particular account. I work M-F. You are required to work one weekend an month.
    Grab the 9 cpl is my advice. sm
    Doubt you will be offered more especially without op notes. Take this opportunity to learn op notes now. That is what I specialize in. You might like it!
    wow 6 cents huh. Grab it before somebody gets it.
    Those kind of posts are just to see if it will work. All the MTSOs get together and price fix (illegal) and they all figure get the price down and we win, all agree on the standards, accuracy, line count and price. We are regarded like the old days of slavery, treat em bad, they will begin to agree with us (by their treatment) and accept it. Well we have value, don't accept this stuff. Keep looking around.
    wow 6 cents huh. Grab it before somebody gets it.
    Those kind of posts are just to see if it will work. All the MTSOs get together and price fix (illegal) and they all figure get the price down and we win, all agree on the standards, accuracy, line count and price. We are regarded like the old days of slavery, treat em bad, they will begin to agree with us (by their treatment) and accept it. Well we have value, don't accept this stuff. Keep looking around.
    And yet, some newbie will grab it up for the experience. nm
    Do you mean 0.07?? if it is 70 cents a line grab it. (nm)
    That's about as good as you're going to find .. grab it (nm)
    Wow 6 cents, grab it people. Geez!
    Requirements for IC Transcriptionist - MnD Scriberz  on job seekers board.
    Beth, you need to grab an extra six-pack and suck um down.
    You have to work over a month sm
    before being paid?  That's insane.  Any other company you'd be paid on the next pay date.  Direct deposit might not be set up for the first pay period but a paper check is certainly mailed out. 
    Hired over a month ago.... no work yet
    Hired and then a month later trained and then weeks later NOTHIng.  wHAT THE HECK IS going on????  i'm losing my mind here.
    I only worked for them a month and had not enough work.....sm
    I sat around more waiting for something (work was pooled) than actually transcribing...Look elsewhere! There are way better companies out there.
    I always had to work two weekends a month. nm
    I work for Freedom Type. They pay twice a month. It's a very sm
    pleasant place to work, all clinic. I love it there.
    I wanted to work for Keystrokes but she hired me a month ago
    and then never followed through. I think that they are a great company, at least the friends I have that work there think so, but it seems that hiring is their weak spot. I should apply for that. I am organized and would never let someone slip through the cracks. I am going to call their office on Monday to be the squeaky wheel.
    I work part time, got hired last month. nm

    Seems like there's more days without work
    now that these companies are outsourcing to India for cheaper than they have to pay us.

    I think they give the Indians first dibs on work available and we get the sloppy seconds if there's too much for them to complete in a timely manner.
    work 7 days
    Don't have to work 7 days unless we WANT to? Who wants to? You have to when you get less than 1000 lines because of no work or servers being down. This is almost a daily problem and it is getting quite old. I'm tired of hearing this is the nature of the career. I believe that low census is not the only problem here. They are overhiring and the accounts are not coming in as promised. We are expected to be signed on and working on the shift we agreed to, yet it is okay they don't keep up their end of the deal and we have to scramble without a life to get lines in. Because it happens so much there absolutely should be DOWN TIME paid. When TT hires, why don't they tell people that they will need to get another job or 2 in order to make a living?
    Unfortunately work is very low these days
    I would be surprised if they hired anyone new now because we are working off shift and working on multiple accounts in order to get adequate lines. The work has been very very low lately. But who knows I think TT is always hiring. I love TT and have no intention of leaving but I hope that works picks up soon.
    Who does have work these days?
    I am having elective surgery in August and desperately need a part time job to help with my deductible.  Please tell me who is hiring for part time?
    Anyone pay less than $800 a month for family insurance?? I work for a small MTSO
    and it's not like I make a ton anyway, but the insurance is so high for my family. I feel like I'm just working for the insurance. My husband is self-employed so he obviously doesnt have insurance through his job to provide this so it is up to me and I'm dying here. Any suggestions? We have tried individual plans but it is a fortune for high deductible and yucky coverage. I need to maybe find a larger company to work for where the benefits are a little better.
    8000-9000 a month and it is so worth it. I do work a weekend day though.
    I had a few days where work was short sm
    Other than that the whole time I have worked for them they usually have more work than not. They did recently get a new large account and hired in advance of that coming up which made work short for a few days until they transitioned MTs over to the new account.  I asked for another account those few slow days and was given one immediately, so it really was not a shortage for me. The accounts are like anywhere else, a good mix of dictators, not all bad ESL, but there are some, which is why they ask for 3 years of acute care experience.  I think they pay above average, have lots of work in general.  If you are a good MT, willing to learn new things, I think they are great to work for.  Like all companies, none of them are perfect and none the perfect fit for everyone. 
    except on days like today, no work nm
    I work three days a week ...

    8 hours a day, but I often times have to be physically at the computer longer than 8 hours because sometimes the work is slow.  I have two accounts.  I work no weekends. 



    Is there plenty of work these days
    Checking before I apply, looks like some are running out of work.
    At least we don't have to work 7 days a week (unless we want to)
    Too many people out of work these days - the more...sm
    interested you let them know you are in the job, the better your chances. On top of that, when a job is advertised, I've been told over and over about the total mountains of resumes they get, so nudging their memory will only serve as a positive thing for you! Good luck!!!
    Being asked to work all your days off?
    First let me state for those who will say get out of the business if you don't like it, I am NOT complaining. I am posing a question to my fellow MTs to see if they are asked the same thing, and how they react. Here's the scenario, no to very little work during the week and then you are asked to work the weekend. This is not your only account and you already work 6 days a week as it is. Do you work your only day off? Of course there are no incentives or OT offered. I don't want to seem like an uncooperative employee but dang, I need at least ONE day off!!
    In these days of low work, I wish EVERYONE would go have a baby, go on sm

    vacation, get your bunions fixed, etc., and leave more work for me! 

    I don't understand the anger towards people on maternity leave, but as a 50-year-old happily menopausal old woman, I'm also not too flattered with the nasty little cobwebs in the womb retort by someone.  I do not resent women who want to have babies -- better them to deal with all of that than me.  I can barely handle taking care of myself and my doggie, so hats off to you. 

    Seems lately that we are all kind of sniping at each other and we forget that we are all in this together.  I know that times are tough -- I'm feeling it myself -- but that's when we should bond together and support one another.

    Anyone want to join me in a round of Cumbaya?  Or even better, the Barney song? 


    Remember the days when TT had so much work...sm
    on the weekends they always had a bonus.  I worked just a few extra hours on the weekends and brought in a few hundreded extra bucks every month.  What happened to all that work?  I haven't seen that since probably last spring.
    They also only work 4 days a week.
    I was told several new accts are coming on this month and also next month, so
    I'm not worrying.
    Pay period goes from 1st of the month to the 15th, then 16th to the end of the month. sm

    So, I guess you could maybe get by with less than 1000 a day, although the incentive tier would make it worth your while to do a bit more.  I am using ExText, and yes, I find it easy to use, but then I used it for a year with another company.  I think their other platform is Mongoose, and I know nothing about that, so really cannot say.

    Yes, they are hiring now.  In fact, there is a $500 sign-on bonus.  I think it is all just acute care.  I'm sure they would love to have someone with your experience.  Rhonda Durham is the recruiter.  I am sure she could answer any of your questions.  I am happy to help too, if I can, but I am relatively new.  The account I am working on is mostly psych, it seems, and I am loving it.

    Another nice thing, their benefits start after 60 days, not 90 like most.

    Good luck to you.

    No, it is not impossible. I get 11 cpl and work M-F days, IC status. nm
    I work very hard, usually 7 days a week.
    I work any hours needed. What is my reward? I get stuck on the garbage accounts, the ones who bellyache get the easy accounts and get put on steady accounts. I think I have learned 8 new accounts in the last 2 months, and none of them were decent accounts. My line count is good, but would be wonderful if I ever had an account I could get used to. These companies beat you up and then throw you to the dogs.

    The scum that plays kiss-$$$ get paid more, take off when they want, and get choice of days off, holidays, so they can be with their ill-behaved brats whenever they want to be.

    Don't tell me about ethics, tell the MTSOs they need to improve their ethics and then then they could have decent employees.
    Thank you! Another quick question - do you have to work five days? Thanks again! NM
    How is the work flow at Precyse these days? Is it
    Are you ever able to get OT or work more days or hours if you want if employee.
    Thanks for the input
    Must work one year and then 5 days off - no holidays
    are paid days off. If you chose to take the day off you don't get paid, if you work the holiday usually lines and a half for that day.
    I treat my days of no work as an unexpected day off..
    get a lot done at home, go to town and do the shopping I would have had to do on my day off. Every now and then it is nice to have a day off that is unexpected. I make up anything that I have to on my days off...just like in the real *outside* job world. If I miss a day or two of pay I don't sweat it...that is why I have a little extra $$ put away.
    If you work it you get extra cpl. You CAN ask for it off if it is on your regular days also. sm
    Personally I don't think it is a bad deal at all.  Better than nothing, which is what my other job paid for holidays.
    I work 12 hr/day, 6 days/week, and my take-home pay - sm
    comes out to around $6.50/hour. Is that about in the same ballpark as what you're making, and if so, how can your employees afford to work for you for less than that?