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ExText Transnet Player

Posted By: Jeanni on 2009-09-02
In Reply to: Is there an ExText manual available online? - I can't fine one on Google. nm

First of all when the player comes up click Alt+T to keep player on top. Next click Alt+M to remember position.

1. Alt+V = Volume. Move left/right arrow keys to increase or decrease.
2. Alt+P = Play. Move left/right keys as above to increase or decrease.
3. Alt+A = Auto backspace. Same principles as above.
4. Alt+R = Rewind.
5. Alt+F = Forward.

Hope this helps.

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Little box for transnet player question. (sm)

Is there a way to move this box up to the top of the screen and out of the way of the document so you can leave it open while typing report?   Hate to call Tech support if it is really something simple.  I tried to just move it, but can't seem to get it done.

Any help appreciated.

Transnet Player Not Working
I have a USB pedal, which normally works with just about everything, but cannot get it to work with the Transnet player.  When I manually click on the play arrow on the player itself, it plays, but not with the pedal.  What could be wrong?
What companies use Dictaphone software?
EXText and Transnet
Has anyone worked on a system utilizing a VPN client and Word Client before?  The voice player is called Transnet, but Word Client appears to be EXText.  This seems to be quite a complicated process to learn.  Anyone else have problems with this in the past?
extext word/transnet
OSi and Trans-Tech use that platform.
So are Dictaphone ExText and Transnet the same thing or somehow used together?
I believe Transnet is how ExText is connected. Easy to use. Most demographics are
Wav Player
Oh they will send it to you if you request it -- by testing you they get their work done free of charge.
Transnet is a program, usually provided by the company/hospital as they usually pay Dictaphone for the cost of the licence.  You would need a wav pedal to play files through your computer.
transnet (sm)
click on icon for transnet at bottom of screen.  When the little box pops up, do you see a more to click?  You should.  Click on more and then there is a way to make it louder, softer, more backup, less backup, and I think it is called play rate.  Do you see this?
I have used Transnet before...sm
You do need a special footpedal in order for it to work.
Right right, slow for transcription too. I got paid 13 cpl using Transet and realized why the pay was so high, because the software is sooooo slow and I got nothing done. I make more money now on a different account with less pl rate. Good Luck. I lated almost two years.

Can you use an IN-DB9 with TransNet?
Anyone know?
Sorry, should have been team player. nm
why do they ask IF we want them to send WAV player
Ad from Jan. 07 said 8 and 9 cpl, need your own wav player, 800 lpd min. Old posts
What is your situation?  I work with Nina when she needs my help.
I'm going to be using MedTran and Transnet
Any info on either system would be appreciated.  TIA!
Does anyone use this software on a laptop; if so, have you experienced any problems with it?  Thanks! 
Dictaphone TransNet

Dictaphone TransNet is voice file player software that installs on your computer. 

You need a foot pedal and a boomerang attachment between the foot pedal and your computer to control playback.  It attaches to a USB connection on your computer.

To use it, you establish a secure connection with the Dictaphone server, jobs are downloaded to your TransNet program, and you transcribe the files.  When done, you sign the jobs off and they show in the server as completed, and other files will automatically download as they are available.

Any other specific questions, let us know.  :)  Good luck!

What if any companies use the DVI VoiceWave Player
to download jobs.  I find it very easy, efficient and fast with good sound quality.  Just wonder if there are any other companies using it, as I will be leaving the company I presently work for.
Their ad says only 6-8 cpl and you need Start/Stop Player. nm
I've just used the player part
and it was fine, but what I've heard about the rest of the program is that it's terrible.

make sure your player is set to play
9cpl and 11 cpl for weekends. Use ExText. My ExText version wasn't compatible with theirs
Dictaphone Transnet question - sm

Brief overview of Dictaphone Transnet?  What equipment/software would you need to buy?  Thank you!    

Yes you can - go on Transnet playback rate
Transnet is just the Dictaphone system SM
you use to download voice files from a file server on the Internet - you can adjust speed, volume, backstop, etc. The client/MTSO assigns dictators to you, just simply sign on, download, and type away.
Need some information on Transnet system please (sm)
There is something in the archives from December 2008 basically telling how the pedal works.  What I want to know is, since the jobs are downloaded does it take longer to get the reports?  Has the speed of downloading the jobs improved since 2006?  From what I read in the archives it takes forever to d/l jobs but that was a couple years ago so if anyone is using Transnet, please let me know if it has improved any and what your general opinion of it is. TIA. 
Do you have Real player...works fine on that
Any companies hiring IC that use the VoiceWave Player,
and pays 10 cpl minimum.   Thanks.
Mine opened on Real Player.. but I'm not doing them either. nm

Phoenix Medcom, pedal and player
InScribe compatible - any ideas where to get these? Or what the learning curve is on the software? Can I use my old Expander or import it somehow?
Is anyone working with Nina of Transnet out of Florida?

Just wondering on your situation...to compare to mine.


Dictaphone Transnet extremely slow.
I've been doing QA work using this Dictaphone Transnet system, and it has got to be the slowest software I've ever worked on.  I'm sure it's probably OK for typing since it downloads 2 jobs at a time, but for QA, it's really slow.  I spend more time waiting for the job to open than anything. 
LOL!! DVD player for staying more than one week!!!GOOD Grief!!!
Must be really awful!!!
Bytescribe is not a platform, just a digital voice player - sm
That said I have always liked it, but it only allows 3 installations, which I have used up on mine, after that you have to get permission from them. I need to do that as my computer crashed and am now unable to reinstall it, a real pain in the butt. I have heard you have to purchase additional installations after 3 but don't know about that as of yet. But it is a very versatile program/player, places every type of voice file that I have ever needed it to (.dss, .wav, Playall).
I got it to open on Real Player but I didn't do it. The tests
had patient names etc.. I suspect they wanted free work done and then had a 24-hour turnaround. No thanks. I smell a rat.
I had that happen and had to play them in Windows media player-nm
depends on acct. Some Lanier, some dictaphone, i.e. Transnet nm
Okay.. I've tried Windows Media and Real Player.. nothing.. still saying I need codecs.
I've never had this problem playing a test before. I am not sure what the deal is. I hate to give up .. but...
Post from Sept. says Need to buy your own TransNet pedal & you're NOT connected to the net
I was told needed special foot pedal for Transnet,
We resent converted wav files that will work in any player. All positions at this point have been

each and every applicant who has submitted a resume and/or tested with us.  Should we have missed anyone, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for applying and/or testing for USAType, Inc.

Natalie Brooks
Recruitment Coordinator
USAType, Inc.

Yes, I agree. The sound quality with VoiceWave Player is really bad. Worst I've ever heard.
After all these years, if I use Media Player, I just have my test outline ready and play the voice
I still feel like a team player of Spheris, as the shackle scars are still on my legs! Spheris was

Micromanaged to the microsecond, or ms!  Horrible. And part of a team?  Total opposite - part of a team as in prison.

I just wonder what companies use EXText as a transcription platform?  If you've worked on it, did you like it?  Is it  MT friendly?
If you are referring to Dictaphone EXTtext, it is basically transcribing in Word only it has it's own Expander (you cannot use SmartType and other Expanders with it.) It is user friendly and works quickly.

I used IT with EXText, too.
OSi uses EXText...nm