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FUNNIEST THING..they all think you're making all this big money (LMAO) -nm

Posted By: BronxBeach on 2009-06-22
In Reply to: Do you all get tired - Noname

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Funniest thing today..
I thought this WAS the JOKE OF THE DAY ... NM
The funniest thing I saw at SoftScript
The simple reason that I quit was because the emails sent to us by the coordinators and supervisors were so full of grammatical and spelling errors that I could not believe my eyes. It seriously looked like a third grader with a learning disability had written the emails. I could not believe that a transcription professional could write such garbage. FULL of errors. I had a second job anyway and I went full time with the second job.
Goodness that is the funniest thing sm
I have read!
"United States of China" roflmao!!! That's the funniest thing I've heard all day!
Hilarious! Standing O!!!
making money
I meant to say that I'm frustrated not making money where I am working, and wondering if it is possible to make money at Breitner?
Why are you not making money?
Is there no work?
making money

I'm not working for Breitner at this time. I'm working for T. I have work. I simply hate everything about this company.

I've read the posts about not getting paid at Breitner, but has this happened recently? 

Is there a good paying job with good benefits anywhere?

Thanks for the answers.


And that's the BIG one - will keep you from making money. Isn't that enough?
End up making less money one way or another.

Might as well settle for less money, because by the time the companies send you the ****** work, you will end up making less money anyway. 

Sometimes I wish I only did clinic work -- I think I could make just as much as doing this VR left-over acute care.

Doing VR and making money

Everyone can flame like they want but I have noticed on here that people are sitting and waiting for work, end of the pay period. if you got a decent account doing VR plus regular mixed in with it, you would be amazed at what you can make. I am not management, am not being a cheerleader for any particular company but what I am saying sitting and waiting on a particular place to have work sometime in the future is just crazy. I know everyone says they are not doing work they were not trained for but to stay around and stay in this particular kind of work, it seems to be going that way towards VR. I was trained for regular straight typing with transcription and now I really hate to do straight transcription work. It can be done and everyone on her complaining of no work should really find a place that suits them and where they donít have to worry about not making a living.

Making money at UST
I worked there a couple of years ago and at that time it was like any other company, had good times when there was a lot of work and other times where it was very slow for awhile, but I haven't worked there for about 2 years. I agree with the poster above about the pros and cons, but would have to disagree with the president being a sweetheart. I did not have the same experience as the above poster did, but other than that the poster was dead on about the pros and cons.
If your going to be an RN just for more money your making a mistake..sm
I was an RN and I hated it.  Horrible hours, awful doctors with egos, patients who have no respect for you, etc.  People who are RNs do if for the love of helping people, not money.
So the company is not making any money???
The oil companies tell us they are not making any money either! Wonder how they can all manage to stay in business.
Are you making good money there?

I'm very happy there. Making more money
than I've made in a very long time.  QA nice but tough.  Excellent insurance that is very affordable. 
It is like people who are not making money get mad at the ones who are....
doesn't make sense...I love working for Keystrokes...make good money, leads are fantastic and I have great accounts...
Compared to what I'm making now, "a lot of money"

Do you REALLY believe the MTSO is making more money off VR? Did it
occur to you that they are charging the client less because they have to? Please don't make comments like that unless and until you actually know what you're talking about.
There are MTs making this type of money.. It's just too bad that you cannot fathom it! nm
Anyone making more money with national company than (sm)
when you worked for a hospital, taking into account the benefit package you had with the hospital?  If so, any explanation as to how you are doing better or worse would be much appreciated. 
Like I said before...you start making decent money
and they find a way to keep your line count down.  After 8 years of this BS, I'm looking outside of transcription. 
Note about the MTs making lots of money - sm

I, too, routine make lots of money in this field.  I have to laugh at the naysayers.  They can't see how it is possible.  Well, it is.  The jobs are few and far between but they are there.  I have made $$ on accounts with and w/o gross line pay, actually more money on the one w/o the gross line.  Depends on way too many factors to be able to put down here.  Here are a few:

1.  I work hard.

2.  I am an excellent MT.

3.  I do not go on message boards, surf the net, answer the phone, do laundry, etc. when I am working.  I get in the zone.  Nothing interrupts me. 

4.  I never settled for mediocre pay.  I searched and searched for the companies I knew I could make money with. 

5.  I've been doing this a LONG time and know my stuff.

6.  I am extremely organized. 

7.  I went to college for MT and worked in-house for a long time before working at home.  This in itself is a HUGE key to knowing your stuff.

The people who make good money at MT are kind of like people who have lost a lot of weight.  Everyone wants to know their secret.  Well, there is no secret to either.  Both take a lot of hard work and know-how.  There are no gimmees in life; you have to search it out, work your butt off to achieve and work hard to keep it.  No one said it was easy.  Life is hard.  It is what you make it. 

Build people up instead of tearing them down.  Be glad for people who can achieve.  Learn from them.  That is how you grow as a person. 

Good day!

Glad you are happy. You making good money there? sm
as well?
No, they're not losing money....they're gaining!
If a company charges their clients by the line, I'm sure that line rate does not go down even though the MTs pay does.

ASR pays about 2/3 normal line rate to its MTs. Their ultimate goal is to have the MTs do twice as much work. Therefore, the client is getting their work faster, but paying their normal rate, while corporate gets that money and the MTs get the lower line rate.

Whether the newbies want to realize it or not, MTSOs have not increased MTs' salaries in the past 10 years. They still start out at the same pay as the last century!

This used to be a very lucrative profession. Nowadays, most MTs are considered to be paid at the poverty level. You don't believe me, look it up!
I am still making good money with a natl. Not giving up yet. Just need about 10 more years and I a
It is the only place I have been for 5 years that I feel I am not being ripped off and making money
I work hard but I did for the other companies too and bit by bit more things were stripped away and I would end up making half again. Keystrokes has given me confidence again, and I am making money. That is the name of the game, that is me though. I love it here.
I had a hard time making money. Nice people though! nm
If you're in the 37% tax bracket, you're making over
100K per year. Quit complaining.
I am curious about the amount of money I am making at this time. I make around $700 every week and
I am wondering if this is average or if I am selling myself short as an IC.
Have you tried just making the whole thing an expansion?
i.e., make an entry and call it pobid and have it expand to p.o. twice a day. Not sure if that would work in autocorrect but it worked for me in DQS, where we had the same problem. Might be worth a try. I have all those entered...poqd, potid, poqid, poq4h, poq46h, etc.
They're making themselves look bad.
I clicked on jen has a big nose and there's an ad there for OSI.
CMT with only 8 mo exp? I think you're making
If you're referring to your CMT as a certificate in medical transcription for completing your course, you're misrepresenting yourself.

CMT is a certification that can ONLY be obtained through the CMT challenge exam with the AAMT (AHDI).

Please, stop with the CMT for just finishing your course.

No wonder you're not making $25+

an hour.  Give yourself a chance.  You've only been at it 2 years.  It took me almost 10 years to really start making a good hourly wage.  Prior to those 10 years, I worked as a medical secretary doing a little transcription.  I went to college for my Associate's in medical secretarial.  During the 10 years I transcribed, I also worked part-time in an office a couple of days a week, as I am not one who can sit 8 hours a day, 5 days a week and type. 

It has taken me this long to make an *hourly wage* that I am happy with.  However, I must say I am far happier at the fact that I work from home, don't have to pay a babysitter or buy office clothes or put gas in a car to go work.  Give yourself a break.  Two years is not that long in this biz.  7 cpl isn't bad for 2 years either.  When I left my last MT job, I had been there about 9 years and was only making 0.775 (even less for voice recognition).  So, please cut yourself some slack.  You'll get there eventually. 

Try not to focus so much on the money and look at the many other rewards.  The money will come, just try not to focus on it.

If you're making it to the
testing stage but not getting any offers, you might look into how you're doing on the tests. Maybe you could have an experienced fellow MT look over some of your work & see if they can offer you any tips or corrections that might be causing the problem.

I had this happen to me & had 10 yrs experience at the time. I had no trouble with any actual medical content, but I was so used to doing things the way my previous employer wanted that I wasn't as up to date on my BOS as I should've been. Just a thought...
LOL is right...If you're only making 4 cpl at TT
You're grossly inadequate. Anyone who just makes base pay at TT with all of their incentives and bonuses must be in over their heads.

There is one thing no amount of money will ever buy ......
But... then again, that pretty much goes without saying.
The knowledge thing is right on the money
I never went over to using the so called hot keys, made it this long without so no use in using now. How you like it when they say newbies only like? I think the ones protesting so much donít want to give up their templates, all their Expanders because then they might have to think about what they are reading and make corrections. Yeh for VR.
They actually think they're making themselves look GOOD to us!
Nope...they're making more
when they offshore the work. American MTs all want 10-12 cents/line. When they offshore they pay 6 cents/line for transcription, 3-4 cents/line for QA, so they're making more money offshoring than giving it to American MTs at 10-12 cents/line and then having to still do QA at 3-4. See the picture?? Do the math...
They're not making a profit.
I work at Futurenet. I don't mind paying the 25.00. It's guaranteed by 10:30 a.m. It has only been late once and I was reimbursed the cost. It's worth it to me for the peace of mind.
Keep in mind you're not making any
money while answering those phone calls and handling tech issues.  Before you know it, you're ordinary 14 hour day turns into a 24 hour day.  It's not as if you take on the client and clear your .14 cpl - it's FAR from that.
You're making me have flashbacks...
I'm going to have to go take a Zantac - LOL :)

Changing jobs is such a nightmare now. It used to be so much easier when we all worked on Word, used our own expanders, etc. They'd basically just send the account rules & turn you loose... We could be up and working full speed in no time. All these weird platforms have really complicated it!
Unless you're secretly making FAR MORE than
I just find it very hard to believe that anyone could feel their paycheck is 'just fine'. If your company is 'in keeping with every other MTSO out there', then I would take that to mean that the pay there sucks, just like it does at every other MTSO out there.

Think about your level of expertise, your knowledge, the skills you have that probably 98% of the U.S. workforce does not have. Believe me, even looking information up on the internet takes a certain level of savvy. I know people who never seem to be able to find what they're looking for on Google, for instance, because they don't know how to search. And how to read between the lines once they find information they think might be accurate.

You make thousands of judgement calls every day as you work. Do you really hear this word, or this drug dosage? Or not? Do I flag this for QA to check, or do I send it through? Your judgement calls can impact patient other people's lives.

Your typing skill, hearing and memory have to be far above average in order to succeed. You have to know prefixes, suffixes, a certain amount of Greek and Latin, anatomy, and your way around a PDR like the back of your hand. And so on and so on.

Imagine if your level of skill were being applied at just about any other line of work out there. Or if you were a legal secretory or a court reporter (2 jobs with similar skill-sets and intelligence requirements). Most of us have probably looked at those careers in the past, and we have a pretty good idea what they pay. And it's far and above what any MT can ever dream of making, even if they work 10-12 hour days, 7 days a week.

I'm 'managing' on my income, too. Just barely. I know how to budget, how to do without most things, and where every penny I own is located. But just 'managing' is a far, far cry from 'thriving' or 'succeeding'.

'Just getting by' is what you do if you sneak into the country and pick lettuce for a living. It shouldn't be what medical transcribers have to settle for.
Point well taken. Money can be a good thing....
If you don't get caught up in trying to buy happiness...
Most companies going to VR, so not just a TT thing. -- more money in their pockets, less in ours.

Regretfully true, but there is NO WAY an MT can earn as much doing editing because you can't make twice as much for a long time after the machine gets to understanding the doctor.  DocQScribe's editing platform is the only one that I have seen that was MT-friendly.  Great money to be made on that platform, but as with all editing platforms, another new doctor comes onboard and the machine has to get to know his voice, so another slow down in editing. 

It is definitely NOT a gain to the MT.  Why do you think these companies would be changing over to VR/editing ????

they're the ones griping about making min wage
and barely making line counts

so they have the qa. so what? they don't have the production.

BRAVO!! I'm sure you're making lots of $$$s..sm
But if you were like the rest of us peons who had to run back every few seconds of footage because you can't understand most of what the dictating clown is saying, whether ESL or native train-catcher or sleepwalker or can't-make-up-my-mind-what-I-want-to-say, Ah...Hmmmm...Scratch that!...Let's see, ..uh...where were we.. uh... zzzz (yawn) zzzz.  And then they race through the labs & medications 78 RPM.  But they're God's chosen people while we can't miss a comma...QA gets p..... off if we send too many blanks, well, I hope you see my point. My hat goes off to you!
You're making $400 a day on voice recognition?
How in the heck are you doing that? What kind of rate are you getting? How many lines are you doing a day? I'm just blown away at people making $50,000 a year in this business, much less $104,000. WOW! Congrats! Talk about depress me even more LOL.
QA compensation - anyone happy with what you're making?

I'm sorely tempted to look into a QA position and I was wondering how the compensation compared to transcribing.  I would love to be paid hourly, but it seems most offer by-the-line pay.  I know there are variables (platform, ESL, etc.) but I'm trying to come up with some type of comparable compensation formula just as a jumping-off point for negotiation.  Anyone care to elaborate on what they're earning, how they're paid, and how this compares to their transcribing earnings? 

If you're making yourself sick over no work

why not get another job instead of complaining about no work all the time? No job is worth getting stressed and sick over it.

Don't forget, TT is not the only company that has low/no work. Haven't you read the other posts on the other companies or do you just concentrate on putting TT down all the time?

Find another job, leave TT if it makes you so sick.


I saw on another post where a Filipino Company is offering a whopping 4-7 cpl for IC work.  Don't they know we are paying our own way here, taxes and everything?  I tested with a company yesterday that had over 100 applications for a job posting.   Easy test but "get in line folks"!