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If you're making it to the

Posted By: sm on 2009-03-03
In Reply to: How is it possible that I could land a job..sm - MTinTX

testing stage but not getting any offers, you might look into how you're doing on the tests. Maybe you could have an experienced fellow MT look over some of your work & see if they can offer you any tips or corrections that might be causing the problem.

I had this happen to me & had 10 yrs experience at the time. I had no trouble with any actual medical content, but I was so used to doing things the way my previous employer wanted that I wasn't as up to date on my BOS as I should've been. Just a thought...

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If you're in the 37% tax bracket, you're making over
100K per year. Quit complaining.
They're making themselves look bad.
I clicked on jen has a big nose and there's an ad there for OSI.
CMT with only 8 mo exp? I think you're making
If you're referring to your CMT as a certificate in medical transcription for completing your course, you're misrepresenting yourself.

CMT is a certification that can ONLY be obtained through the CMT challenge exam with the AAMT (AHDI).

Please, stop with the CMT for just finishing your course.

No wonder you're not making $25+

an hour.  Give yourself a chance.  You've only been at it 2 years.  It took me almost 10 years to really start making a good hourly wage.  Prior to those 10 years, I worked as a medical secretary doing a little transcription.  I went to college for my Associate's in medical secretarial.  During the 10 years I transcribed, I also worked part-time in an office a couple of days a week, as I am not one who can sit 8 hours a day, 5 days a week and type. 

It has taken me this long to make an *hourly wage* that I am happy with.  However, I must say I am far happier at the fact that I work from home, don't have to pay a babysitter or buy office clothes or put gas in a car to go work.  Give yourself a break.  Two years is not that long in this biz.  7 cpl isn't bad for 2 years either.  When I left my last MT job, I had been there about 9 years and was only making 0.775 (even less for voice recognition).  So, please cut yourself some slack.  You'll get there eventually. 

Try not to focus so much on the money and look at the many other rewards.  The money will come, just try not to focus on it.

LOL is right...If you're only making 4 cpl at TT
You're grossly inadequate. Anyone who just makes base pay at TT with all of their incentives and bonuses must be in over their heads.

They actually think they're making themselves look GOOD to us!
Nope...they're making more
when they offshore the work. American MTs all want 10-12 cents/line. When they offshore they pay 6 cents/line for transcription, 3-4 cents/line for QA, so they're making more money offshoring than giving it to American MTs at 10-12 cents/line and then having to still do QA at 3-4. See the picture?? Do the math...
They're not making a profit.
I work at Futurenet. I don't mind paying the 25.00. It's guaranteed by 10:30 a.m. It has only been late once and I was reimbursed the cost. It's worth it to me for the peace of mind.
Keep in mind you're not making any
money while answering those phone calls and handling tech issues.  Before you know it, you're ordinary 14 hour day turns into a 24 hour day.  It's not as if you take on the client and clear your .14 cpl - it's FAR from that.
You're making me have flashbacks...
I'm going to have to go take a Zantac - LOL :)

Changing jobs is such a nightmare now. It used to be so much easier when we all worked on Word, used our own expanders, etc. They'd basically just send the account rules & turn you loose... We could be up and working full speed in no time. All these weird platforms have really complicated it!
Unless you're secretly making FAR MORE than
I just find it very hard to believe that anyone could feel their paycheck is 'just fine'. If your company is 'in keeping with every other MTSO out there', then I would take that to mean that the pay there sucks, just like it does at every other MTSO out there.

Think about your level of expertise, your knowledge, the skills you have that probably 98% of the U.S. workforce does not have. Believe me, even looking information up on the internet takes a certain level of savvy. I know people who never seem to be able to find what they're looking for on Google, for instance, because they don't know how to search. And how to read between the lines once they find information they think might be accurate.

You make thousands of judgement calls every day as you work. Do you really hear this word, or this drug dosage? Or not? Do I flag this for QA to check, or do I send it through? Your judgement calls can impact patient other people's lives.

Your typing skill, hearing and memory have to be far above average in order to succeed. You have to know prefixes, suffixes, a certain amount of Greek and Latin, anatomy, and your way around a PDR like the back of your hand. And so on and so on.

Imagine if your level of skill were being applied at just about any other line of work out there. Or if you were a legal secretory or a court reporter (2 jobs with similar skill-sets and intelligence requirements). Most of us have probably looked at those careers in the past, and we have a pretty good idea what they pay. And it's far and above what any MT can ever dream of making, even if they work 10-12 hour days, 7 days a week.

I'm 'managing' on my income, too. Just barely. I know how to budget, how to do without most things, and where every penny I own is located. But just 'managing' is a far, far cry from 'thriving' or 'succeeding'.

'Just getting by' is what you do if you sneak into the country and pick lettuce for a living. It shouldn't be what medical transcribers have to settle for.
they're the ones griping about making min wage
and barely making line counts

so they have the qa. so what? they don't have the production.

BRAVO!! I'm sure you're making lots of $$$s..sm
But if you were like the rest of us peons who had to run back every few seconds of footage because you can't understand most of what the dictating clown is saying, whether ESL or native train-catcher or sleepwalker or can't-make-up-my-mind-what-I-want-to-say, Ah...Hmmmm...Scratch that!...Let's see, ..uh...where were we.. uh... zzzz (yawn) zzzz.  And then they race through the labs & medications 78 RPM.  But they're God's chosen people while we can't miss a comma...QA gets p..... off if we send too many blanks, well, I hope you see my point. My hat goes off to you!
You're making $400 a day on voice recognition?
How in the heck are you doing that? What kind of rate are you getting? How many lines are you doing a day? I'm just blown away at people making $50,000 a year in this business, much less $104,000. WOW! Congrats! Talk about depress me even more LOL.
QA compensation - anyone happy with what you're making?

I'm sorely tempted to look into a QA position and I was wondering how the compensation compared to transcribing.  I would love to be paid hourly, but it seems most offer by-the-line pay.  I know there are variables (platform, ESL, etc.) but I'm trying to come up with some type of comparable compensation formula just as a jumping-off point for negotiation.  Anyone care to elaborate on what they're earning, how they're paid, and how this compares to their transcribing earnings? 

If you're making yourself sick over no work

why not get another job instead of complaining about no work all the time? No job is worth getting stressed and sick over it.

Don't forget, TT is not the only company that has low/no work. Haven't you read the other posts on the other companies or do you just concentrate on putting TT down all the time?

Find another job, leave TT if it makes you so sick.

If you aren't management & you're making good
money on VR, then why are you so desperate to attack those who don't want to do VR & try to shove it down their throats? A fellow MT wouldn't do that. They'd simply say they like it & how much they make rather than having a meltdown over other MTs not being thrilled about the switch....
You're making mountains out of mole hills. A vindictive
FUNNIEST THING..they all think you're making all this big money (LMAO) -nm

Ok - here ya go. I went from making $1800 per pay period to making just under $900.
Is that significant enough for you? Believe us, we are not just being negative with a grudge or anything like that. This is real! A month later, I was gone from there fast!
Hope you're enjoying those slave wages you're earning.
So you guys feel you're getting paid what you're worth with VR?
I'm not trying to be snarky. I've never done VR, so I'm trying to understand.

You're happy with your paycheck with VR? Do you find the files to be as bad as the original post implied?
So you're telling me, basically, they're bad news?
They offered me 0.095/line and you know - it sounded too good to be true, but I SWEAR the recruiter told me they do not outsource. Oh brother... I just wish they'd be honest. I really don't know what to do.
Not the OP, but they're supposed to take out all the other taxes as you're an employee with th
No, they're not losing money....they're gaining!
If a company charges their clients by the line, I'm sure that line rate does not go down even though the MTs pay does.

ASR pays about 2/3 normal line rate to its MTs. Their ultimate goal is to have the MTs do twice as much work. Therefore, the client is getting their work faster, but paying their normal rate, while corporate gets that money and the MTs get the lower line rate.

Whether the newbies want to realize it or not, MTSOs have not increased MTs' salaries in the past 10 years. They still start out at the same pay as the last century!

This used to be a very lucrative profession. Nowadays, most MTs are considered to be paid at the poverty level. You don't believe me, look it up!
Hey, you're in luck then. They're hiring! (nm)
If they're in Nebraska, they're www.medigrafix.com nm
If you're an IC, you pay all your taxes. Otherwise you're an SE or employee. nm
If you're PT you're required to work

8 of your hours in one weekend day.  There's no extra pay for it though. 

The face we're wising up is exactly why they're
We're not 'so scared' of it. We're trying to help
you to not make a huge mistake, but I guess you're determined to learn the hard way, so good luck with that.
they are making a lot of changes....
This is the first I heard of it also and I found out by logging on and all the sudden have all new work types. When I inquired as to why this happened and was told it was part of the "MQ compliance team" (whatever!). Later on that morning, I received an email stating that the first change made was to rank the MTs by classification: Level 1 - ER/clinic notes, Level 2 - ER, Clinic, Progress notes, H&Ps, DS, Consults, Cardiac notes, PT notes (everything except radiologys and OPs), Level 3 -everything including radiology and OPs.
how much are you making, cpl

what are you making, cpl. ect.

It is b/c OSi is making changes
Positive changes...and that scares the daylights out of everyone else.  Yes, they have made a few mistakes, but who hasn't?  I am with you here.  I never had a single problem with OSi until I came to this board and then I found out just how sucky my job really is.  So, why wasn't my job bad before?  It is a pitty that I had to come here to find out that OSi employs only the worst.  I make a lot of money and I don't leave my home.  I have a wonderful AC too and I love the people that I have actually gotten to talk to on a day-to-day basis.  What more could I ask for?
I'm currently making more than that, but have been
looking around, testing the waters.  I ace the tests, they call 2 and 3 times offering me different things, but never enough money.   I have even been offered 7 cpl as an IC.  My point was that experience doesn't necessarily count for anything these days as no one wants to pay you for it. 
Where are you making $120 a day, can I ask?
That's pretty good.
I will be making 9.5 cpl
They offered me 9.5 cpl right off when I was hired last week for an ER account.
making fun?
saying - Having a laugh - is not making fun - it is a comment - not like are they kidding, could not get a coffee for that etc. They do not belong here.
but I am sure if you are concerned the moderator can give you the information so you can apply.
I was making ...
17.00 a hour.
She's making more
than I am right now at my company and I have 15 years of experience and she has about 8 or 9. From what I have heard, it's at the top of the pay scale for most companies out there and you get paid half of your typing rate for editing which is a lot more than I make editing. All I can say is 15 years in this business, they pay very well and that is why I'm applying for a job with them.
Are you saying you re making 0.075 MORE than before, or
they are giving you that which is more than you made before? 0.075 more a line is hard to believe.
I was making 16/hr when i was QA
The ones who are making $125,000
aren't the ones I have a beef with, it's the ones with millions in income and they pay less taxes than someone making $40,000 to $50,000.  $125,000 doesn't give anyone enough money to take advantage of the tax hedges and loop holes that go only to the wealthy, especially if they are mortgaged to the hilt.
Please....you'd be making those
wages no matter what. Find a profession that will pay you more and quit blaming those of us who do our job every day without complaint. You all seem to have excuses why you aren't making money. Find another job where you can sit there and work in your bathrobe, chat on the phone whenever, peruse the internet, throw some laundry in when you want, not have to pay for work clothes or gas, not have to deal with lousy weather or traffic and can be home with your children. And yet you still want to make the big bucks and get all the perks. Why not find something else that will pay you what you think you deserve? Yeah, my DH has a good job and pays the bills....sorry if that offends you. I do this job because I love it, not to become rich from it. Be thankful that you have a job during these lean economic times. Don't blame me because you have no ambition, drive, incentive or guts to do something else with your life.
Are you making more than 5 cpl? (nm)
You were only making up to 2 cpl??
My VR pay is 4 cents a line and 8 cents for straight. I do not use Dictaphone there, there are other systems besides just that. I have no drama, monitoring software? Know nothing about that. I love it personally.
She said that making up 2 cpl could be
time consuming.  She didn't say she was making up to 2 cpl.  lol
I'm not that bad yet but I was making
more than my daughter-in-law who is a nurses' aide and works at the county hospital, but now she's making more than I am, and her health insurance is only $100 a month for a family plus she gets a raise every year.
Then they are not making much of
I make 10 cpl, and if my company is charging 16 or even 18 cpl I don't see how they could stay in business. The bonus structure benefits them because the more productive MTs are, the fewer people they have overhead for, but still...
Are you making more/less/same now as
you were 7 years ago at MQ? My pay has decreased due to the changes.