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Feedback on Nuance transcription package

Posted By: Nuance-Dictaphone on 2009-01-09
In Reply to:

Just started the Enterprise Express software upgraded version in December.  There seems to be a lot of manual input to create documents even with the link to our ADT feed.  Any hopes of getting good production on this system.  We will be going to a voice recognition system in addition to the transcription package after the initial bugs are worked out.  After a month, I am just hoping things will start to fall in place, but looking for feedback if possible. 

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What package?
How about not getting a package at all and

when you call a week after it was due to arrive, in their little computer it comes up that it WAS delivered a week ago, that the package was handed to some woman over the fence at that address, when in fact there is NO woman living there and the person living at that address was home all day waiting for the package with a clear view of the street and checking his doorstep every hour.  How is that one explained?  

Whatever happened to them actually knocking on the door and getting a signature??  Twice this week I didn't even know I had deliveries until I opened my front door and almost tripped over them while walking to my mailbox.

Yes, it is a busy time of the year with holiday packages being sent in addition to their regular load, but if you cannot deliver it on time, don't take someone's overnight-priced package with a promise it will be there the next day and not deliver it.  I would be asking for my money back.  It was NOT delivered overnight as promised.  My mother will get the money (eventually) for the gifts that were lost IF she can prove it was not delivered or stolen, but what about the thought, the time, the gifts that cannot be replaced with money?  

Look at the total package

Sometimes a great incentive program more than makes up for low CPL, also a good program, good dictators, how many templates and normals you can get.  I knew someone who consistently did over 2000 lines per day and did not work more than 8 hours, doing mostly OPs with ESLs, but they all said the same thing, used formats.  She just had to keep making her normals and inserting them.  They said the same phrases over and over, so she made big bucks.  Once she got used to them, it was a breeze and she was consistently one of the highest earners. 

I would just keep checking other companies.  I am sure there is something out there for you.  Don't give up.


look at the whole package! their benefits are amazing.
How is their benefit package? Insurance costs, etc?
Cymed Benefits Package for New Year

Anybody out there got an opinion on the new benefits for 2006?  Extremely disappointing, to say the least.  You would think that a company who claims to be the 3rd largest national would have more to offer to those of us who tirelessly make their position in the industry possible.  It has become painfully obvious with this package that they have lost sight of whose backs upon which their growth has been riding.  Maybe it's time to move on.   Any place you folks can point a loyal veteran MT desiring an employer who sincerely appreciates hard work and is willing to reciprocate?

the benefit package for Diskriter is the only reason I am looking at them...nm
Keystrokes announces 2006 benefits package sm

Keystrokes has finalized the benefits package for full time employees and has received great feedback from our MTs.

We wanted to share these so that you get them straight from the source rather than in rumors and heresay.

To be FT, you must produce a minimum of 12,000 lines (acute care), 1200 reports (radiology) or a combination of the two.

After 90 days, all FT employees are eligible for:

2 sick days, 2 floating paid holidays, rate x 1.5 for holidays worked, 3 days bereavement pay for immediate family, 1 day bereavement pay for extended family, 401k plan (with vesting schedule for match), health insurance (paid by employee) and life insurance (paid by company), direct deposit.

After one year, FT employees are eligible for 5 days PTO.  After three years, FT employees are eligible for 10 days PTO and after ten years, FT employees are eligible for 15 days PTO.

After years of changes due to growth, we have deemed 2006 a change-free year and have put in place many surprise perks for our MTs for this coming year. 

We value our transcriptionists - both employees and ICs and want to make Keystrokes the employer of choice. 

Give us a look ... you will like what you see.  No more awkward growing pains; instead you will be treated with the professional respect you deserve while enjoying a personal touch!

Thank you to all who have helped mold the company into what it is today - we could not do it without the support of our transcriptionists, customers and supporters.  We even thank the critics - their criticism allows us to improve :)

Happy Holidays !

This is home based with full benefit package. (nm)
If someone has the experience, the volume and the quality, whole package, they SHOULD be paid well.
Our employees, at 0.08-0.10 per line make $24-30 per hour. That is not peanuts.
I will start there on Sept. 8. They have a nice benefits package, sm

and the pay via the incentive tier seems fair and easily attainable, although since I have not started on the account, I cannot really say for sure -- if it is an atrocious account, then of course that changes everything.  I have not read anything bad about the company, though, so to me that is a good sign.  I will be using ExText, which I have used before, so that is another plus for me. 

As for choosing between IC and employee, I guess that depends upon whether you need the benefits.  If you do not need the bennies and are still interested in working for them, maybe you could negotiate a bit higher line rate ... I do not know, just guessing.  They also have a bonus program if you keep to your schedule each quarter, so that is a nice plus.

Good luck with whatever you decide.  Like you, I would like to find a home.  I have an IC position that I love and will probably never totally give up, but I would like to have the benefits and some of the tax hassle erased. 

I'd rather have my 6 paid holidays and nice PTO package at Webmedx sm
than any gift, anyway.
I've been very happy at DSG -- pay always on time, decent incentive package, sound quality probab

depends on account, mine has been fine most of the time.


I think Nuance owns Dictaphone now too. When I was looking for a C-phone manual it took me to their site. Maybe not so bad a deal, time will telleth.


I work at a hospital that uses the Nuance Speech Recognition. We were told they bought out dictaphone. We are in the process of training on this program. There needs to be a lot of tweeking before this platform would be beneficial to any organization.

We have the whole package - Transnet, ExText and Speech recognition.
Did Nuance
dump them?

Anyone working for this company?  Any input would be appreciated....

Nuance owns Escription. 
Does anyone know anything about Nuance Co. ? or how they compute their lines or editing rates, how it works out for you ?
Has anyone heard of this platform?  Any information would be great. Thx
Focus / Nuance
Here's the URL to a PDF press release from 3/15. Nuance not only owns Dictaphone, but is the company that created Dragon Naturally Speaking.
Sold to Nuance, will probably be big changes, that usually
gets better, if at all.  I worked for Focus Infomatics and was treated like a lower class citizen.  The Indian men treat the women with extreme disrespect. I was yelled foul language over the phone and another lady that I know was sexually harassed.  I know one of those guys got shipped back to Bangalore, but I think the one who was the worst is actually still working in the Focus office in the States.
Nuance DNS - Medical
Very friendly and productive BUT your speech has to be very articulate, no accents or slurring of words. Takes time to train but worth it.
They partner with MTSOs who use their product. When a client signs on with Nuance, they are then matched up with an MTSO that uses Nuance's product.
Isn't it Nuance they teamed up with?
Nuance just recently
purchased Focus Infomatics.  They also purchased Dictaphone a while back.
Did Nuance by Dictaphone?
Can someone give me the website?  TIA
says who? Is that on the Nuance web site?
Won't see that. They were bought out by Nuance. NM
"A subsidiary of Nuance"
I don't know why it bugs me so much. It seems so pretentious.
Maybe Nuance owns them, so they are
Focus (Nuance)

Does anyone have any info about this company?

I was sure I had read previously posts but I am unable to find.

Maybe I am just looking for the wrong word  combination or on the wrong board?

Any information appreciated!

I really wish Dictaphone-Nuance
We are out of work. Dictaphone keeps the work and sells it to India for a penny a line. They have a good wage over there and we are going hungry here and can't pay the bills. The alternative is for our MTSO's to stop relying so much on Dictaphone and finding another system. Beating a dead horse I know.
The platforms Nuance uses
are Dictaphone, eScription, and PowerScribe.
What is the Nuance/Dictaphone/Ex-Text

Does Nuance own Dictaphone?   Is Ex-Text solely a Dictaphone platform?   Is Nuance also an MTSO--do they hire MT's directly? 

I believe Nuance became a partner last year.


Nuance is a partner with whom? Are they an MTSO?
Yes,they all fall under Nuance. I had not had any coffee when I answered the question. Still could use more.
Focus Infomatics/Nuance

It is no longer a mystery to me as to why or where our worktypes (especially ER) are slowly disappearing from accounts at Focus Infomatics/Nuance.  On their website, Nuance has stated that their goal is to totally automate transcription.  I wonder if that goal includes the eradication of MTs?

Anyway, here's a peek into the future with Focus Infomatics/Nuance:


There's more information on page 2 as well.


Has anyone done VR using the Nuance system? I am wondering
Public Records - Nuance


I ran across the above Federal Case Dockets while searching for something else entirely.  Anyone know why Nuance Corp. is involved in so many and what they are about?  One of the complaints is racketering.  What is going on?

IC versus Employee - Nuance
Does Nuance only have employees? If they only have employees, I wonder why? Wouldn't they save money with IC's? What is the advantage to Nuance with having employees? Just asking why..
Focus Infomatics/Nuance

I would avoid this company completely.  After much emailing back and forth with Janeen Neale, who led me to believe there was an account for me, I was advised yesterday that there was a hiring freeze for my intended account.  No mention of this was ever made to me before.  Also, she advised me that Vista and Word 2007 would work just fine -- then in yesterday's email telling me about the hiring freeze, she also added that the account didn't work with Vista/Word 2007 -- only XP/Word 2003.  To add insult to injury, she even got my name wrong!!!, lol.  Avoid this company.

Anyone worked on Nuance Dragon MT ASP software
Is it transcription friendly and productive. 

Sorry, meant Focus Infomatics/Nuance
"A subsidiary of Nuance" Why does Focus always post this? thx. nm