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Gosh, maybe. They honestly weren't bad.

Posted By: Hayseed on 2008-02-07
In Reply to: diskriter - kelly

I have transcribed much, MUCH worse ESL than what was sampled on their test.  When they asked me what percentage of ESL I had transcribed for in an average work day, I told them 20% or less and that's when they said that their work involved 80% ESL.  But man, that 20% that I got at my former job was some of the worst on the planet, I swear! 

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oh my gosh, im so sorry.. please see msg
i was talking about northeast transcription.

assistmed pays 7 cpl without spaces, headings, or template headings already in the report.

sorry about that
my gosh!
All of us know that losing the jobs with Heartland is not solely AAMTs fault, however, Peter, who was past president and now executive director, is still going over to India to tell them they have to improve their quality. We all think that the money would be better spent educating the general public as to where their social security numbers are ending up, and also help the entry-level MTs get jobs. At this point, the AAMT is supporting off shore, and we are supposed to just get used to it as a fact of life. That's what they want but for me, it will not happen without quite a few emails going to the congress people, and also educating whomever I come in contact with that they need to ask their physician to NOT have their reports transcribed offshore. So far, my friends and neighbors are shocked that their information might be going offshore. You also have to give some wiggle room (which you did not) for those MTs who were just starting out and were hired by Heartland. For them, they wanted an opportunity, got it with Heartland, and then got laid off. From what I have heard, they are grateful for the experience they did get. Entry-level MTs have to take a job where they can get it, Indian or not, just for some experience. No one is blaming AAMT, but I for one will not support them any longer as the money I pay per year is most definitely going to be the thing to put me out of a job eventually. May as well keep it in my pocket and invest it yearly. I'd be better off, and so would everyone else. Mind you, I've been a member for 12 years. If I had saved that money and invested it, I'd be sitting pretty good right now. Instead, it is helping pay for AAMT to support offshoring. That's the beef.
Oh gosh - just tell her you don't know

Oh my gosh...
thanks, I really didn't even think about that.

You're right.  I feel so stupid.  But, is that all there is to it?  It's sad that now we not only have to worry about work going overseas, but we have to be on the lookout for work that goes over and bounces back, with additional cuts in pay in order to share the profits, thanks to the participation and cooperation of American companies acting as go-betweens. 

oh gosh you ARE new
We'll be waitin to hear from you on the flip side in a couple months. Make sure you always use the same name - I love to compare those a couple bumpy months down the road.
Oh, my gosh
You should go back and check your sources...
Gosh, I wish I could get ops. I wonder how one gets them.
And I CAN do ops.  I NEVER get them.  Ticks me off. 
Oh my gosh...
Seriously, my heart goes out to the 27 MTs that were terminated today and the rest who are possibly facing termination.

The entire country is in such a downward financial spiral right now that any of us could fall victim to a round of layoffs no matter by which MTSO we are employed.

I wish each and every one of you the best of luck in finding another home as quickly as humanly possible.

Oh gosh! Not Vonage! Now this is looking very bad...sm

Gosh, sorry to hear that. nm

My gosh!! Where do you work?...sm
You have a great job!
gosh! idiots!
heehee :0)
Gosh, you are so lucky
You are so lucky to be able to just use the ALT-K option!  I have to use the CTL-arrow keys and follow along word for word, because I have such poor draft quality reports that come through.  I end up changing nearly every other word, adding punctuation, deleting words, deleting punctuation, etc.  I know it actually takes me more time to edit all the mistakes in the VR report than it would to just type it.  It basically just types out a bunch of nonsense.  I sure hope it gets better, but I have my doubts as long as I've been doing it now.  I'm glad you are having luck with it though! 
Gosh! You mean ''we may ALREADY be
You weren't there, you don't know..
My gosh!! What is wrong with you people?!?!
That song is .. oh gosh, don't laugh
from Soundgarden and it's called Outshined. Early 90s, late 80s, I suppose, but I love that line!!
Oh my gosh! No way! Diskriter made MQ
look nice, kind, and organized! Yes, I worked there and it was horrible - horribly run, horrible management, no organization - sounds like MQ! No thanks.
I remember when they were so popular. Gosh,
Gosh you TT recruiters never give up do you?
Wow, "get away with" - good gosh sm
please check your expectations! Every MT company in the world struggles with getting the right balance of MTs for their work volumes. You were there for a whopping 1 month a year ago and still sound bitter. Maybe errors were made when you were with Webmedx, but it doesn't mean this is a bad company for everyone, especially at this point in time!
Gosh you are a bitter person. ...sm
You sound so bitter. You are confusing venting with looking for pity. Sometimes people post on here simply to hear other people's stories who are in the same boat. You know sometimes people just need to vent a little. It doesn't mean they want your pity.
Oh my gosh... shaking my head for you .... sm

Wow!  I can honestly say that is even worse than I have been experiencing and I really did not think that to be possible. 

They are worse than I thought. 

See?  It is that lack of communication that is utterly disgusting, dispicable, and absolutely disrespectly to us MTs who work so frickin hard for them.

MDI OWNER & MANAGEMENT:  ARE YOU PROUD OF YOURSELVES?  Sleep tight tonight.  Sleep tight with the money we have made you without any consideration for us.  You could have at least pointed us in a direction where WE (you like that don't you cause that's how you say WE in your own e-mails to us, like we're a cozy family) could have also been successful.

Gosh yes! Unless it's a small hospital

there should be plenty of ER work.  I used to contract with a hospital and did only the outpatient ERs (the hospital did the ones where the patient was admitted, I did the ones where the patient was sent home).  It kept me and a subcontractor busy full time, and sometimes I had more than 2 of us on the account.

ERs are short dictations - a lot of times just 1 minute long, but a lot of lines for that 1 minute.

I lost my ER account because they went to T chart, where they just click the screen and put in the information from the visit and it generates a report for them.    I miss it so much.  If I had a chance to get another ER account I would jump on it!!!

Gosh you can make a lot more money in QA
gosh no - only lose it when internet goes down
honestly, hardest thing was plugging in the foot pedal - BUT I will say that I ordered the first foot pedal from Winscribe directly (wrong move) - they sent wrong pedal and you can get it much cheaper from Ebay. So save your money if you need the foot pedal and buy elsewhere. Good luck!
GOSH NO....they are awful and Meditech...sm
It is RIDICULOUS.....all of this alt plus tabbing between windows. time consuming and ridiculous. they will CONTINUE to have problems keeping this account staffed.
Gosh, I am so glad as an independent for them
i am just not seeing what you describe. Are you sure (if still employed there) that you are doing your job correctly, what kind of reviews did you get? You said if you donít log in exactly at the scheduled time? I was to work a few days ago starting around noon. Had gone out for lunch, was 30 minutes late in starting- heard not ONE (1) single word from anyone. If I am going to the doctor say during my work hrs, I send a note stating so, NO problem then. I have never been threatened. WHY would a place do this and if so, why would anyone put up with this? I am not saying you are lying- what I am saying is NOT EVERYONE, me included, gets anything close to the treatment you are stating. How would the place hold onto people to work for them?
Well, gosh, it has a punctuation component!!!
Because that's the big problem with all the VR work...a misplaced comma (or comment, coma, or karma in VR speak). I think they still have a way to go until they get a system that has enough real intelligence to figure out and translate when a dictator is repeating himself, correcting himself, stumbling over himself, or yawning while he speaks, or has the ability to go back three paragraphs later and fix what Dr. Mumbles said at the beginning of the report. Of course, all the MTSOs and hospitals looking to cut costs will p*ss away beaucoup bucks on this before they realize it's not the godsend they though, but not before they've driven down wages and driven up the unemployment rate. I'm all for technology, but let's work on getting something that will make our jobs easier, not these feeble, futile attempts to replace the Transcriptionist entirely.
oh my gosh build a bridge and get over it

Then you weren't there for the last pay period which should be DD on the 5th and was not done unt
And like I said, if you weren't typing SM

the stuff, they'd have nothing to come back to you with.  And how did they get angry with you anyway?  Did you respond to their feedback with negativity and not take responsibility for knowing your account or the basics of transcription?

From knowing many people with your type of attitude over the years, 9 times out of 10 they are people who have the same problems at every job, don't take feedback well, think they are right all of the time and just generally cause problems.  Instead of taking responsibility for your part in doing a job, you lay blame on your supervisors, other employees, etc. 

They weren't even bad. I don't know why they were deleted sm
unless the name-calling started again. That is the only reason they are deleted. I wish they would've stayed as there was a lot of information from both the company and others and none of it really ugly unless someone blew it as usual.
They weren't very structured when I was there. SM
They pay okay, around 10 cents a line, but no benefits, no taxes taken out, no direct deposit, so that brings it down to about 6 cents a line.  If you want your check overnighted, you pay about $25 or $30 for that.  Otherwise it gets mailed and take a chance on when you get it.  Even having it overnighted does not always work.  I had three or four instances when my check was lost, twice for weeks at a time.  I'll stick with the more MT friendly companies who manage to pay 9 and 10 cents a line and still give full benefits and direct deposit. I don't mind working a weekend day now and then.
Heard they weren't less than 8 cpl.

Oh, I'm sure they weren't! But what I meant was, (sm)
not that we be contacted before the sale, but after. We sure haven't been getting any reassurance, here.
There weren't a lot of us left (sm)
I think there were a couple of accounts and we were waiting on some bids to come through but capital-wise apparently they could not keep operating waiting on potential accounts so decision was made to close.

I think we all knew it was potentially coming, just surprised that it happened so quickly. I have no hard feelings, but am nervous about finding new work as I have little experience looking for a job!
weren't they saying last year during
transcriptionists?  It was part of some contest or something.  Maybe that was a few years ago.
now I know you weren't talking to ME right?
My gosh, I can do 300 lph of ERs!!!! But they stick me on bottom crawler

I am swimming through sludge making sometimes 70 lines an hour. 

And after an hour of that kind of garbage I'm exhausted.


oh my gosh! they did you a huge favor by not hiring you - sm
they have got to be one of the worst companies (right up there with a certain company who shall go nameless but have their own forum on a particular board). I worked in the office of Spheris in Florida and for legal reasons, all I can say is that they would have found ways to cheat you on your pay, although it would have taken you quite a while to figure it out. They also offshore quite a bit, even though many of the contracts state that the work has to remain in the US.

So dangling it in your face -- NAAAAHHHH, look at it as a relief. There are better companies to work and even hospitals are starting to go back to hiring transcriptionists full time at home :)

Gosh, just trying to insert a little humor. Doncha
Oh my gosh yes! I started at a company about 6 months ago,

starting out right out of the gate producing around 2200-2500 lines in 6 hours, best I have EVER done since leaving my local clinic and going with a huge company.  However, it seems that once the honeymoon was over, things started to change and now, on the same dictators, I barely get 1600 lines in a day.  It is a Word-based program and in the beginning I had no problems with the programs opening or typing in them and now they seem to freeze all of the time which, of course, slows my production tremendously.  I cannot figure out if it is my computer or something that they have in the program to keep you from doing over a certain amount in a day, which I am not sure why they would. 


Gosh, what a really productive, helpful post

They should promote you more to QA/public relations - field manager -- something. Should be a way to monitor the level of work or no work routinely seems to me. And, tooo many emails, from everybody in the company to everybody in the company gad, a regular flurry

I worked for Transcend 2 weeks and quit, was off QA in about a week. 

I was not told I was being hired for VR.  Since I had already jumped all the hoops, I thought, well, since I am here, I will try it.  Beyond TX is ridiculous. 

HUGE amount of changes to make, so much so, I felt obliged to rewind each report to make sure it hung right.  I decided there was no way I could make a living.  A 40-60% cut is expecting too much and I was just worn out, tired with the extra Keystrokes Alt N Alt NN, Shift enter.  Took too much time on the many numbered lists.

postings about them is that they weren't getting paid. nt
Who are you talking to. I did not say you weren't! Respond where you are
supposed to
They weren't rude with me, but a little disorganized and
not looking out for my best interests, but the interests of their client, which I guess is the way it should be since the client is paying for their services.  As far as I know there are 2 women that run this company, I have not talked with the owner and maybe she was the one rude, but the woman I dealt with was not rude, just a little dingy and maybe not 100% truthful about the company that she was recommending.  All TM did though was screen me and then I still had to go through the testing/interview process with the company.  I had had contact with the referred company previously and had even been offered a position with them, which I turned down.  The pay rate offered to me by TM and the pay rate offered to me by the company were the same.  I declined referral to the company, being that I had already declined an offer from them and I never heard from TM again. 
This is the price of doing business. If there weren't
something in it for you, you wouldn't be doing it - whether it be money, ego, prestinge, etc.  
I was hoping they weren't liars. sm
What a concept eh to think companies actually tell the truth once in a while.  I was hoping they would make good on their promise.  I have spent a lot of time making templates and such and did not want to start all over again.  OK, I get it now.  I told them I would not do anymore work until they sorted this out but I am looking elsewhere.  Thanks for the input. 
If you weren't looking for the job why'd you read it and post?
Inquiring minds want to know.