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Gosh.. really a "former" insurance clerk. I cannot believe you qualified for such a honored po

Posted By: Things that make you go hmmm.. on 2007-01-26
In Reply to: Wow! I worked for - formerinsuranceclerk

Wow, an insurance clerk. What kind of education do you need for that. I feel your best suited for a position that would include working as the spelling police. Some people.. You should get a life!

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Gosh..does this company start with an F. In any event, you need to double check with your insurance
provider to see the exact date the policy was cancelled. Sometimes, companies have to pay preminums ahead of time. I would just make sure and if they are still taking the money out, you need to send a certified letter telling them to return your money at the point you were paid up and the policy cancelled or reinstate the insurance. Why pay for something your not getting.
contract not always honored . . .
This happened to me, after several times of not getting paid in a timely fashion, even adding it to the contract didn't matter. I was working for the state I live in!!!!! They paid me when they darn well felt like it. Just warn the others is really all you can do.
Why are you a "former"? NM
The key word here being "former". LOL
Ask yourself why.
Medical Transcription Clerk! When you...sm
click for more info it goes nowhere. It sounds like this position regulates the work flow and does QA?
HR Department at Keystrokes is a director, a clerk/secretary sm
and a recruiter. The director is new but only does the legal stuff and is working on the benefits package, etc. The clerk is doing the paperwork. The recruiter is doing the recruiting, interviewing, checking references, passing hire info on. The pieces are in place now and you just validated what has just been put in place. I know there is talk of a second recruiter, one for radiology and one for medical records, but I think this is still in the baby stages. The HR Director heads the department but will not recruit.
Yes I'm an MT not a data entry clerk working for free

Hoorah! I'm still a step ahead of a gas station clerk. n/m
sounds like the night watchman (lead/clerk/supervisor?) goes to - sm
...goes to bed at 10 and ships the work out.
Tired of the MT paycuts; wondering how hard it is to go to billing or file clerk or something!! nm

TT talks sweet, but I have never desired even a store clerk to call me sweetie . . . those niceties
have never impressed me unless they come from my husband/lover.
who think they are qualified because they
were nurses, medical assistants or just have kids who are sick all the time and know all the medical/lab terms! Deliver me!
I am not qualified to
set a rate of pay for an MT who does try to do the job properly. I can tell you this, that googling words should only be used to verify and existence of that word. You should then check a medical dictionary or website for proper spelling, pl., singular, etc.  I have not been doing this for long, but I am determined to become good at it. I spend a great deal of time to research a word only to be frustrated when I can not find it. The positive is that where I am employed I do receive feedback. Sometimes it takes a day or so; but, when I receive it I read it all the way through, make notes, file it away for future reference all on my own dime. 
maybe you are over-qualified!!??
consider yourself over-qualified, and
lucky that you didn't end up working for them! It may have been a blessing in disguise!! act like a duck, and let it slide off :)
You wouldn't be a qualified IC if they did.
my qualified opinion

is the *conspiracy* theories regarding other companies is much more far-fetched than the simple fact that not everyone had a good experience at KS.  Allow others to state to their experience without feeling  personally attacked - it is part of being an adult - the world is not defined by you and your *feelings* - tears and hysterics aside.


and is qualified for not much more than being a greeter at Walmart

MTSOs, on a scale of 1 to 10, how qualified are
I'm just wondering if you are able to hire most of the people who are applying, or if there are a lot of underqualified MTs out there. 
I am QUALIFIED to make my statements because....

I worked with these people for years and saw how they treat others.   It means absolutely nothing to people in the managment of SPI to fire people or lay them off or just take your work and send it to India or Manila.   Don't think for one second that your job is safe.    They are all about numbers...Its a numbers game...meaning revenues.

The Philippine Telecommunication company did not get to be a company worth over $100 billion US dollars  by paying labor to US employees.   They know that by taking US jobs and sending them to India or Manila will increase their profit margins 25-35% minimally.    Don't think for one second they will not do this.  

The Indian companies are much better than they were.   The Manila location has finally gotten it right.   They will be able to transition your jobs smoothly without compromising quality or TAT.   THAT'S FRIGHTENING TO SAY BUT TRUE!

They have also geared themselves with the strongest voice recognition product on the market.   

So, let's take a look at the overall picture:

1.   People resources available offshore.  YES...thousands.

2.   Ability to transition and carry out smoothly.....YES

3.   Voice recognition geared to take over.....YES

4.   Qualified editors in Manila........YES

5.   Production MTs in India......YES

6.   Large hospital organizations not afraid to offshore......YES

I dont know guys....what else does it take to paint the picture for you.    You are all smart people....figure it out!    

Because they don't hire qualified ACs in the first place
They try to promote their friends/relatives and when they find out they don't have real management skills they replace them with another friend/relative.
If you have to apply you aren't qualified
I have a nice one too, but qualified for it 4 years ago when I did well as an MT at a hospital.
each and every month. I have invested so much in this car, I don't see how I can give it up... lots of working with the lender, etc. They don't understand about outsourcing hospitals and services, they don't understand about not making rent or car payment. They only care about breaking legs if you don't make a payment. So I keep in close touch with them. This way, I have my leg available for the foot pedal, so when I do have work, I can to pay the bill.
The "former owners" are the current owners. QT has not been sold (sm)
and I was told it will not be sold and is trying to get new accounts.
Maybe in your case. As for me, I have many years acute care and am well qualified.
The payroll dept isn't exactly qualified. There's no accountant on staff. sm
I wish they would just let ADP or something similar handle it. So many things are incorrect so often, taxes, PTO pay missing, etc.
Keystrokes - How do they notify you if you qualified for vacation time? Thanks! nm
There are so many hits on the job board for jobs that I wonder if people are qualified that respond
or just send in a resume if they are not.  Would be interesting to hear from some of these companies what type of response they are getting. 
oh my gosh, im so sorry.. please see msg
i was talking about northeast transcription.

assistmed pays 7 cpl without spaces, headings, or template headings already in the report.

sorry about that
my gosh!
All of us know that losing the jobs with Heartland is not solely AAMTs fault, however, Peter, who was past president and now executive director, is still going over to India to tell them they have to improve their quality. We all think that the money would be better spent educating the general public as to where their social security numbers are ending up, and also help the entry-level MTs get jobs. At this point, the AAMT is supporting off shore, and we are supposed to just get used to it as a fact of life. That's what they want but for me, it will not happen without quite a few emails going to the congress people, and also educating whomever I come in contact with that they need to ask their physician to NOT have their reports transcribed offshore. So far, my friends and neighbors are shocked that their information might be going offshore. You also have to give some wiggle room (which you did not) for those MTs who were just starting out and were hired by Heartland. For them, they wanted an opportunity, got it with Heartland, and then got laid off. From what I have heard, they are grateful for the experience they did get. Entry-level MTs have to take a job where they can get it, Indian or not, just for some experience. No one is blaming AAMT, but I for one will not support them any longer as the money I pay per year is most definitely going to be the thing to put me out of a job eventually. May as well keep it in my pocket and invest it yearly. I'd be better off, and so would everyone else. Mind you, I've been a member for 12 years. If I had saved that money and invested it, I'd be sitting pretty good right now. Instead, it is helping pay for AAMT to support offshoring. That's the beef.
Oh gosh - just tell her you don't know

Oh my gosh...
thanks, I really didn't even think about that.

You're right.  I feel so stupid.  But, is that all there is to it?  It's sad that now we not only have to worry about work going overseas, but we have to be on the lookout for work that goes over and bounces back, with additional cuts in pay in order to share the profits, thanks to the participation and cooperation of American companies acting as go-betweens. 

oh gosh you ARE new
We'll be waitin to hear from you on the flip side in a couple months. Make sure you always use the same name - I love to compare those a couple bumpy months down the road.
Oh, my gosh
You should go back and check your sources...
Gosh, I wish I could get ops. I wonder how one gets them.
And I CAN do ops.  I NEVER get them.  Ticks me off. 
Oh my gosh...
Seriously, my heart goes out to the 27 MTs that were terminated today and the rest who are possibly facing termination.

The entire country is in such a downward financial spiral right now that any of us could fall victim to a round of layoffs no matter by which MTSO we are employed.

I wish each and every one of you the best of luck in finding another home as quickly as humanly possible.

Oh gosh! Not Vonage! Now this is looking very bad...sm

Gosh, sorry to hear that. nm

My gosh!! Where do you work?...sm
You have a great job!
gosh! idiots!
heehee :0)
Gosh, you are so lucky
You are so lucky to be able to just use the ALT-K option!  I have to use the CTL-arrow keys and follow along word for word, because I have such poor draft quality reports that come through.  I end up changing nearly every other word, adding punctuation, deleting words, deleting punctuation, etc.  I know it actually takes me more time to edit all the mistakes in the VR report than it would to just type it.  It basically just types out a bunch of nonsense.  I sure hope it gets better, but I have my doubts as long as I've been doing it now.  I'm glad you are having luck with it though! 
Gosh! You mean ''we may ALREADY be
My gosh!! What is wrong with you people?!?!
That song is .. oh gosh, don't laugh
from Soundgarden and it's called Outshined. Early 90s, late 80s, I suppose, but I love that line!!
Oh my gosh! No way! Diskriter made MQ
look nice, kind, and organized! Yes, I worked there and it was horrible - horribly run, horrible management, no organization - sounds like MQ! No thanks.
I remember when they were so popular. Gosh,
Gosh, maybe. They honestly weren't bad.

I have transcribed much, MUCH worse ESL than what was sampled on their test.  When they asked me what percentage of ESL I had transcribed for in an average work day, I told them 20% or less and that's when they said that their work involved 80% ESL.  But man, that 20% that I got at my former job was some of the worst on the planet, I swear! 

Gosh you TT recruiters never give up do you?
Wow, "get away with" - good gosh sm
please check your expectations! Every MT company in the world struggles with getting the right balance of MTs for their work volumes. You were there for a whopping 1 month a year ago and still sound bitter. Maybe errors were made when you were with Webmedx, but it doesn't mean this is a bad company for everyone, especially at this point in time!
Gosh you are a bitter person. ...sm
You sound so bitter. You are confusing venting with looking for pity. Sometimes people post on here simply to hear other people's stories who are in the same boat. You know sometimes people just need to vent a little. It doesn't mean they want your pity.