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Has anyone filed bankruptcy, had a credit report

Posted By: done and been refused employment? sm on 2008-09-03
In Reply to:

I give up :(.  I'm going to file bankruptcy but I'm concerned I won't be employable after that with another MTSO (or any other company; they almost all require credit reports these days).

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Put a "freeze" on your credit report at all 3....
credit-reporting agencies. That prevents anyone from looking at your credit report without your permission. Costs $10.00 with each agency and can be rescinded at *your* whim.
My son has a horrible credit report and
his work history is just as bad. He was given free credit in the fact when he was young and still at home, I put him on my credit card, excellent and then he married, did not pay bills (even when he and his wife were both making over $1000.00 a week) and their credit is lousy. He never keeps a job for long, quitting because something always wrong on their end with any job.
On DQS, how long does it take to see how many lines you get credit for each report? nm
just so you know, the government has a free credit report per year
lots of experts say get 1 free credit report from Equifax in January, get 1 free credit report from next biggie 4 months later, and then get 1 free credit report from the other big one 4 months after that - that way you are monitoring all 3 big credit co per year. Forgot the website but do a search - why pay for something the government (and your taxes) gives you for free.
I have had a credit report run for the 2 out of 2 MT jobs I have had over the past 10 years - nm

I hear she is in the midst of bankruptcy.  Does not surprise me.


I have never done bankruptcy but
while I was changing jobs last year I noticed a clause in one of the proposed contracts from a large teaching hospital provider on the West Coast that said that the declaration of bankruptcy by any MT would result in immediate termination. I am not a lawyer and do not know if this is legal but it sounded pretty nasty. They did not sound like people I would like to work for even though I have an excellent credit rating so I did not pursue it.
ex bankruptcy atty
As an ex bankruptcy attorney and someone who has filed myself, this should not have any effect on your employability, unless you are in a sensitive financial field. Certainly not as an MT.

The bankruptcy laws were originally put in place to give people a fresh start. The current reformed law makes it more difficult, but still it is there for a fresh start for you and your family.

Why anyone would even consider it a problem for an employee is beyond me, even in a cash handling business.

I have several friends who are in bankruptcy
right now, mostly from the shenanigans over at Medquist. My dearest friend was so embarrassed and ashamed and felt it was a dishonorable thing to do. She had her back against the wall (she lost her house too, it was foreclosed) and I told her there is nothing dishonorable about falling on hard times. Perhaps all of the people who judge those who are having a tough go of it ought to remember that they have not walked in others' shoes.
Good luck getting your $ TTS has been in bankruptcy
For sure. Since they're in bankruptcy and reorganiz
ing, guess they had enough money left over to build a nice new building in India.  Better start packing. 
where do you find info that they are in bankruptcy?
Complaint filed
I think we all should go online and fill out the complaint form and mail it in along with a copy of all the complaints on this site.  I would love to see that disrespectful SOB do some jail time.  
I just filed complaints to the IRS..........SM

and sent copies of some of these job ads asking for ICs and listing a shift.  I am fed up and sick and tired of this.

filed for partial unemployment

I don't know completely your situation, but a few years ago, I filed for partial unemployment while employed at a service b/c the workload was extremely sparse and did receive it.  When I filed, I also went looking for a new job and found one within a month. 

My suggestion like others is to start looking now for a new job, but if the workload is low, you could possibly get partial unemployment now until a new job is found.  Every state is different, so you would have to check with the unemployment office in your state regarding benefits, insurance, etc.  Good luck in your search!

I "thought" that if you filed in your jurisdiction
naming her jurisdiction as the jurisdiction that handled it that courts would send it to that jurisdiction and have them handle it. It seems I did that once, but I could be wrong. I sure would not want to tell her wrong.

Anyhow, it is still possible to do that and not have to leave the house other than to get that paperwork to the proper court. Do not let her get away with it.

hope you have filed for temporary
alimony and support, even TX has temporary alimony. good luck.
Update - saw my attorney and filed for

Two people at the unemployment office told me I have every right to claim unemployment.  My attorney looked over my contract and apparently the owner didn't cover all her avenues and he found a loophole and told me to file.  BTW - one of the ladies at the unemployment office told me they are seeing more and more MTs filing. 

Anyone filed a complaint after not receiving a paycheck? sm
Stopped working at Breitner 3 months ago.  I never received my last paycheck, and the one before that was short by $100.  They owe me about $1,000 total.  I am not counting the 30% trimmed off my line counts for 8 straight weeks in Extext to cover headers and footers when it really only equals 5 to 8 lines.  Has anyone ever filed with the labor board on them?  Just asking because I have read posts on here that they threaten & just want to see what I am in for if I do file. 
once filed, both parties must appear at small claims
court. If party that didn't pay doesn't show, then a judgment will be made against them. If the person filing the complaint in small claims doesn't show, it will be thrown out.
I got mine almost a week ago and already filed. You might want to call them.
This is not frivolous litigation-Filed by FLSA nm
I keep mine filed per year with my taxes.
In the event of an audit, I believe they can go back 7 years.
P.S. - If your company has filed form SS-8 ask for a copy.
If they won't give it to you, see if you can get it from the IRS; I believe you can.

And, of course you can still file your own SS-8 even if the company has filed it. I'm not saying an MTSO would LIE on the form they file, but anyone can make a MISTAKE...
I just filed 2007 taxes for gross income of $52,341.
Your credit?
Make sure you have their correct business address and check them out with the local better business bureau. They may be scam artists. They may not even be a real company. Who in the heck are they?
credit due you? Since when do I owe YOU anything...sm
:^p ppppffffftttttt! good bye!

you are not *owed* anything by me or anyone else, except maybe a good swift kick in the you know what, which is what YOU want to give everybody else, because they *whine* too much...according to you. so there...ppppffffttttt again. double rasberry!
What about all the credit card

numbers you give them when you order something?

Last year, I tried to order a Dell keyboard.  I must have wound up on the phone with someone from India, and before I could give her my credit card number, she insisted on knowing whether it was a personal or business account.

At that point, I told her I didn't feel comfortable giving my information to her, and I hung up.  I will never order anything from Dell again because of this.  In fact, I've limited my on-line, over-the-phone purchases since this happened.

I agree with you that we should boycott, but maybe we shouldn't limit it to the healthcare industry.

Why Credit Check for MT job?

Does anyone know why an MT service would want to do a Consumer Report on applicants?  I can understand a background check, but why do they need to do a credit check?  I've never had this come up before. 

I have never had to have a credit check
to work. Not all companies do this. Granted some do but they all do not! You'll find another job just hang tight.
credit check
They do the credit check/background check because they are giving you THEIR equipment. Having worked on the inside for a few years, you would be surprised how many transcriptionists have drug problems, arrest records, identity theft, and best of all - sell the equipment for $$!!!
Credit check
I am not sure potential employers are allowed to run a credit check without your authorization. Are you sure you did not sign something authorizing them to do so? I recently filled out a long application for a hospital and then when I got to the end, there was a notification that they run credit checks. I did not finish application because I do not feel they should have access to all my financial information.
credit check
I have nothing to hide either. I have owned a house since I was 26 and my credit is excellent. My original point was I do not think they are legally able to check without your authorization. If they just want to get my credit rating number that is fine, but I do not feel an employer has any business knowing how many credit cards I have, name of my mortgage, etc., when I am sitting at home 1500 miles away from the hospital transcribing. It is not like I will be stealing from the petty cash drawer.
I'm sure not going to get into a credit score war w/you, BUT....
I can guarantee you that mine is way higher than yours - and it didn't get that way by allowing whomever wanted to look at my credit report to send me a bunch of BS through the mail or call me! I have never heard of the person to whom you referred in your last posting, but I guess there is only one expert or advisor in the world, correct? I will continue to use the freeze on my account and know that I'm protected while you on the other hand..................
Well, it seems to me if credit card
Most of the telephone reps have an accent!  So, I'm sure they're sitting their with my information too.  I'm sure they don't care about my last colonoscopy or Pap smear, but they sure do have my credit card number, social security number, and address.  What can someone do with your medical history?  Can they steal your identity with your medical history?  Let's be realistic here. 
Even if they tell you is ISN'T a credit check
once you give your permission they can check whatever they want by all rights because you signed on the dotted line giving them permission to do a background check.
Employers looking at your credit!
That should absolutely be none of their business about our credit report. I can see about criminal investigation, but credit, that is confidentiality and those people can steal your identity in a heartbeat especially when we have never met these people in person. We fax forms constantly to so many different MTSO companies and have no clue what they could do to destroy our credit! I would never allow a company to check out my credit report unless I was applying for a mortgage, buying a car, applying for a credit card, etc. What nerve do these companies have going into more personal detail about our own credit rating. Please...lets be so darn careful about protecting our identity. Very scary world we live in today!!!!!!!!
credit checks
Do you know if they turn people away from employment if they have bad credit.
No credit checks.
Just wanted to clarify - Execuscribe performs criminal background checks. They do not perform credit checks.
That last is an old quote. Can't take credit. :) NM
I give you much credit, but what about weekends?
Transcend does give you credit but I
am going into business for myself anyway this summer. Transcend has whacko management but at least you could see your lines.
Why would a company do a credit check?

They are not loaning you money and you're not purchasing anything on credit are you?


Equifax ... and credit reports

My brother is a lender for a national bank. Running credit reports can hurt your credit. Doing credit reports are considered credit applications. Please be very careful...
How about line count credit?
MslaMT, I hope you don't mind, but I have noticed you responding to the eScription messages often, and I have been wanting to post a question to you and/or any other eScription users who would like to reply. I have been on eScription for about 5 years now, and have been very happy with it. In the past 6 months, however, my 2 main accounts have started tallying line count different (lower). I can't get a straight answer as to whether they have stopped paying for the header and footer, or if they are counting the number of characters per line differently or what. Have you had this experience on any of your eScription accounts, where overnight out of nowhere you suddenly get less credit for jobs done/lines typed? This has amounted in about a 27% pay cut, pretty drastic. This is eScription doing this without notice, not the hospital/account or the company I work for. Has anyone else had this experience?
This is not just about MTSO checking credit. It is
background & credit checks
When I applied to MQ a little over a year ago I read where they had the right to do a background check on me I hadn't been in a situation in quite some time where it would even be a second thought. I'm nowhere near a cheerleader for MQ (far from it these days), but to my knowledge they never did one. While I would play a libertarian card here, my guess is that they do this in case something arises later. It seems more a CYA thing in case the MT doesn't return their PC, or there is a question about other things (drugs or whatever).

Interestingly, as I wrote the line about an MT not returning MQs PC, I talked to my friend yesterday who actually got fired from the Q over a totally made-up situation, and she still hadn't sent the PC back to them. It's been a good 3 months by now, so go figure. Her only reason was the cost of the boxes, as she's not using it.

Hope this helps. ??
Well, that won't help my credit card debt.

A credit check really has no bearing on whether you will get a job offer
I had a phone interview with Amphion this week, and was told they would do a credit check and reference check if they decided to offer the job to me.  Many places do not bother to tell you, but they do check.  You can ask during any interview.  I saw a bunch of posts where companies took a long time to call an applicant.  It could be that they are checking up on them first before they even call to set up an interview.  Most places do it as a formality.  As far as I know, a bad credit report has never prevented anyone from getting a job unless they are going to be working at a bank or someplace where large amounts of money are.  As far as I am concerned, just ignore it.  It has no bearing on whether you will get a job offer or not.  Nothing to worry about. 
You HAVE to authorize a credit check with a signature;
Btw, it is also legal for companies to share credit