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Hmm, wonder what the owner will say

Posted By: when your retort is read? Again, on 2005-12-26
In Reply to: I should clarify that I am an employee, not an owner. sm - KeystrokesManager

no flame, but I would not tolerate that kind of off loading in a public forum from someone on my management team. Please remember I was responding to horn tooting that was short on information and left an impression that huh, I could do better elsewhere in addition to feeling insulted at the lack of decent benefits. There was no mention of UC contribution, STD or LTD, employer paying part of the health insurance premiums.

I said what I said mostly to make the point. If you want to sell me, do a good job the first time or you sink yourself and I won't look at you twice. There was little in the original post to sway me in your favor and the Jeckle/Hyde posting afterwards warns me of good day/bad day tangents.

As I said, best of luck to your company.

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The email said the owner as she is the owner of the email software package. sm
We got the list from AHDI. If someone does not wish to be on our email list, there is a link to click on at the bottom of those for opting out. We immediately remove those that click the link.

We also have a few mailling going out. Same thing - if you opt out of the email program, we will remove you from all contact.

We need transcriptionists for many new accounts and have ads on here and other sites, as well as several magazines. We are going to need over 100 MTs in the next 3 months due to new accounts and more work on existing accounts!
Are you the owner of
Why not just post the email address of the 'administrator'. Are you just trying to draw traffic to your forums and away from the forums here.

Seems to me, if you are really seeking MTs you'd just post like the other companies do on the Job board.
it USED to mean owner (sm)
back when most MT services were little and there was a real owner. Now that there are so many huge multinationals with no owner to take personal responsibility for the service, it's sort of transmogrified to mean organization, but that's redundant.

Just take it as meaning a service. Once again, AAMT, worthless as ever, ruins the language.
no changes that i know of. Same owner.
and this is the new owner
My god you people are so gullable.  That picture could have come from anyones kitchen!!!
How do you know? Are you the owner?

They are obviously losing something if there's no work.  Have you been with them since they started or something?  Do you know of every account MDI has or what?  How can you make a blanket statement like that?

I can't believe people sit frustrated about no work and don't move on; that's just plain silly.  There are tons of companies hiring; get on with it already!  Come on show your stuff to a company that will appreciate you and not OVERHIRE!

Owner? sm
I thought someone named Tracy owned Net-Med? 
Should be owner's...sorry. nm
A few posts on here say the owner is a mean one. nm
Owner is snarky.
As the owner of Omniscribe.... sm
I would like to come here and say that I have no idea who this individual is. She/he has never worked for me and my paychecks have NEVER been late. A company who does not pay their MTs would go under in no time flat and I am still going. Omniscribe is a very small company and I can count on one hand the number of MTs who have left here. Not one of them would come to a public forum to bash me or my company, so I'd be very curious to know who you are. I'm certain you have me and my company confused with some other place.
Oh, okay. I thought it was okay because the owner

people are saying DEROGATORY things about her.  I was saying GOOD things and mine was deleted.

Is this really the owner of a company
Wow! You are soooooooooo ghetto and ignorant. I am speechless!
As a business owner
I have had people give notice and then NOT work their full shifts because they were leaving. Contracts can stipulate that you can be deducted pay for not fulfilling your contract.

Anyway, there are other methods to collect funds owed, if they are due.

I just do not feel that public character assassination is an appropriate manner to do so.

Walk a mile in my shoes!
You said you spoke to the owner.
You are not credible.
owner, not organization.
Remember the Owner
I remember reading another board a few years back....maybe quite a few years...and I remember distinctly J. Weight's name. I know she was one of the most argumentative and flaming people out there. Stay away.
Why would you talk to owner?
Perhaps she is an account lead. That, or a buttkisser.
Why I spoke with the owner - sm
SHE called me, SHE hired me, SHE promised me a job at a certain rate, SHE gave me all kinds of excuses why the job never materialized and then I never heard from anyone again. Enough said.
I also spoke with the owner for the same
exact reasons. She called me, she hired me, she emailed me daily, she offered me account after account, which never materialized while I did crap work just waiting for her promises to be kept. Guess what? They never were!
Owner of a company
I agree with you. I would not want the responsility of owning a company or even managing. My dad was in management for 28 years. You are not there to make everyone happy and sometimes people have to be let go. If you cannot keep your end of the deal I would make you move on. Actually I would be a real hard a-- if I were a manager. A lot of it has to do with respect for each other. You need to appreciate what you have. Too many times these days everyone just wants a pay check regardless of anything else. Some people do not take pride in their work or anything else. Every thing is not hunky dorry every single day, either on our side or a manager/company owner's side. It is just not realistic.
The owner will encourage you to
talk to her current staff, etc., but that is definitely biased.  An anonymous board like this is is a safer.  
and........ the owner of this company
is subcontracting work out for Medware. Medware and herself are one in the same.
....starting with the owner! lol
Use full name of owner. nm
The owner does at least read here..
I had posted here complaining ile back that I couldn't get ahold of the recruiter who offered me a position and the owner of the company sent me a personal email to get in touch with her as they were moving offices and the recruiter was off part of that week.
You have got to be kidding. KS is a little too big for the owner to sm
bother coming in here and posting under other names. I used to see her name on posts, but it was years ago. I think they are very big now, and she probably has more important things to do than post on a board, much less use different names. There are over 300 MTs at Keystrokes. I would bet that only a handful post, but the positives are definitely from actual MTs. Wow. I am amazed at the things that people come up with. If there were not positives, they would not have employees. I have been there for 5 years, and so have most of the other KS MTs that I have gotten to know over the years.
Keystrokes owner
Hi-do you know if Keystrokes owner is named Jill?
Keystrokes owner
Thanks, I actually found that out when I went to the website. I used to work in a hospital for someone who lived in Yorkville and started her own company who was very nice and great to work for. I was thinking, WOW, has she made it! Thanks
Ower = owner
Really? New management? New owner? - nm
perhaps you should email the owner and ask. NM
WMX - new owner of this board?
Just curious...there seems to be no tolerarance for any comments unless they are positive. Seems like so many WMX employees always respond, too.

I heard someone new took over the board.
The owner of MTStars?
I thought Sheri owned it? (though I haven't been here in a while)

A friend of mine has been working for this service owner, located in Arizona, and has received only one paycheck and that was late.  She is now working without being paid, caught up in the I need the job and I need paid.

How do service owners get away with this?  I wonder if contacting the contracted hospital would get her attention since multiple emails from multiple MTs are ignored, voice mails unanswered.

People wonder what happened to transcription?  People like Philis Kortland happened to transcription. 

What recourse does an MT truly have other than to quit?  NONE.

Is the owner's name Dorothy? (And her
That company's probably that new one based in Emerald City, Kansas.
MDI Owner Email
Anyone who is concerned about the email being discussed here should not hesitate to email either your account liaison or myself with your questions or worries.
The best advice I can give is to do the best job that you can. Submit error-free reports. Research words, terms, and phrases you are unfamiliar with. Look up names/addresses. Verify ADT info and demographics. Be as flexible as you can to the needs of your account(s). Don't let the backlogs go out of TAT.
All of our accounts are busy across-the-board. Stretch as much as you can to help keep your accounts in TAT.
All of the above is the best defense toward keeping our jobs and accounts here in the U.S., which MDI is 100% dedicated to doing.
Again, if you have any concerns or questions, please don't hesitate to email your account liaison or myself.

Carlotta M. Buckley
MDI - Director of Transcription Support
I am a company owner
I hire people who can work whenever they want and how much they want and they don't need to tell me, so I don't have a clue about those things. I have work out of turnaround time, but I have no worries because my employees will work whenever they need a little money, so the jobs can just wait on them. Perfect scenario.
You have GOT to be the owner of an MTSO.

Or at least an ex-owner.  I can't imagine anyone being an MT for 30 years and nitpicking so much when your fellow MTs have a complaint, voice a concern, or just bemoan their situation.  It seems like you always have a negative reply for anyone who questions the actions of an MTSO. 

Very strange.

All of these posts are by the owner herself. LOL
Owner's email
I am hoping that all MTs for MDI got the email sent out this morning by MDI's owner. She is trying to keep us all informed and reassured. I have read posts over the past few weeks that MTs are out of work or really low in work. I, too, have experienced the same thing. Ask for more work in another account or specialty, even if it means going back on QA to cross train into something new. She says the work is abundant so we have to find out where. She also is going to hire 40-50 more MTs for new accounts starting in 30-60 days. Jump in early and see if perhaps you could share in some of these new accounts. I plan to do just that. She says her door is open for emails, so let's email her personally and skip your TL, as they may not know all the details yet. Good luck everyone and hang in there!
Debbie is no longer the owner.
The previous COO from Heartland is now the President and COO! Watch out! Major outsource lover...
Owner is very ethical, pay always on time. sm
what else do you need to know, I will try to help.

They are a small company in Maine.
From the company owner to the employees
after somebody mistakenly forwarded an email from someone in India to the company employees- then they had to fess up. The person with the email slipup decided to "change jobs" within the company and it went to the pits after that with incompetent managers.
if you are referring to posts about Pam, she is NOT the owner
she is the manager and is TERRIBLE. She doesn't even know what is going on half the time. Totally clueless.
Owner previously worked for MQ
Need I say more
if this is not an owner post I will eat my hat! I don't even work there and don't buy this po
I should clarify that I am an employee, not an owner. sm
If sounds like I was tooting my own horn, I really wasn't. I work hard but I am paid very well for it.

We are all in the same boat in this industry.

We laughed in our office about the MQ top salaries, even the owners. I am sure they wish they could take home a million dollars a year. Instead, they are worker-bees like the rest of us.

I did not mean to yell at you. I am sorry it seemed that way.

Is anyone else glad that the holidays are almost over so that regular life can come back? I love my kids, but 8:00 bedtime is much better for my nerves than whenever-they-finally-crash bedtime.
Well, I said this once and got accused of being a cheerleader or an owner, but

Isn't it possible they are advertising because they are a growing company and are getting new accounts.  That does not necessarily mean a big turnover.  Sometimes people are so negative, even without knowing the facts.  Go ahead, call me a cheerleader or one of the owners.

LOLOL--business owner
Like I said, you must be her kid. And just for the record, I was not interviewing for the job! You don't listen. I am a business owner. So I don't need to be hired, nor am I 13. I am an honest business for 20 years trying to help MTs make a decision. If you don't take the warning, that is your choice.
George Catougno is the owner
I worked there for several months and almost never had any work as an Editor. The people are very nice however, niceness wasn't paying my bills. I quit.