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How big is Transheath and now does this make Webmedex bigger than MQ? nm

Posted By: sm on 2007-11-05
In Reply to: Webmedx buys Transhealth. - webber

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LET THEM KNOW IT IS BIGGER THAN MT BUSINESS - Make them want to do the research and dig deeper

Give them facts that will blow their mind.  MT business and otherwise.  According to the web site for the Population Reference Bureau, they claim you can not get an accurate figure on offshored jobs (all jobs).  In 2008 they said they could only estimate it to be about 30 MILLION.  That is the equivalent to the total population in 3 U.S. states.  No concrete and credible figures are documented anywhere.  Wonder why?  Make the reporter want to start with the MT business and branch out.  See if they can come up with a figure cutting Uncle Sam's pay and our jobs.

Do not let anyone tell you this will not do any good.  Even if some do not wish to participate, enough voices want to be heard.  I myself sent a letter to President Obama.  This is posted on the main board.  Read it.  I sent it to the major newspapers, NY Times, whitehouse.com, Washington Post, 60 Minutes, Forbes Magazine, USA today, etc.  Make your guy want to do some investigation into this.  Ask him to contact credible sources he may have.  Ask for feedback.

Whether this works or not - pat yourself on the back!!!  Thank you for 30 Million Plus U.S. Jobs and all the upcoming college graduates.  We're all behind you.  Share your results.

ALL YOU MTs, GET INVOLVED!!  You're not working that much right now anyway.  Just send 1 letter to a major newspaper near you.  Share it with us.

Amherst so we make less money and they get more money for MQ and bigger bonuses. Our guidelines came
from Amherst.
Pros and cons please.
Those of you at Webmedex now, how is it going? (sm)

Have been thinking about this company for a while and kind of watching to see when they are hiring again.   Do you stay in work pretty regularly?  I know fluctuations happen anywhere.  DO you wind up with a good amount of LPH on their platform:   Wanting out of the MQ game and don't want to jump into another fire.

Any info appreciated. E-mail if you wish. 


Do you know what kind of platform they use, line pay, etc?


Looking for any information Webmedx please. I was thinking of applying but I am hesitant to take test etc if too many negatives.




Looking for any information Webmedx please. I was thinking of applying but I am hesitant to take test etc if too many negatives.




Looking for any information Webmedx please.


Much bigger and better than TT
Advise you to stay where you are.
It seems to mostly be the bigger
corporations looking to make an even bigger profit off our backs, paying much less but charging the same - not so much the smaller MTSOs.
Have you tried Keystrokes or Webmedex?
I have worked for both of these companies and was very happy with both. I also had health insurance through both. For your sake, please try to get a main job with health insurance. You can always keep a side gig or two as well.
Webmedex radiology
Don't know how much this will help you, but I almost went with them some time ago, everything sounded great - until I questioned what happens when work runs out...would there be a secondary account?  I was told no, there weren't enough, and I would be expected to do acute care, etc....I declined.  You may wish to question them further if you have issues regarding this.  Hope this helps.  Good luck.
WebMedEx testing

I would like to know if anyone has any suggestions regarding their testing.  I took their test a few years ago and passed the multiple choice but not the transcription.  There was so much static and distortion on the voice files I couldn't hear well and even though I left proper blanks, I didn't pass.  Does anyone have any ideas as to why they don't provide better voice files and how I can overcome this?  Thanks to all for any suggestions.

Bigger ain't necessarily better!

Just because someone works for a national doesn't mean their accounts aren't overstaffed, they don't have a terrible platform that breaks down virtually every day, (sometimes for 8 hours at a time), and they don't constantly run out of work. I simply can no longer afford to remain with my current employer, which is a national.

I'm a hard-working, loyal, dependable, dedicated person who takes pride in her work and doesn't like to switch jobs.  I'm not looking for my next job; I'm looking for my FINAL job.

All I want is an HONEST company with a dependable platform that actually works, an abundance of work (with no overstaffing/bait-and-switch games) and decent medical benefits.  If it's a small company, that's fine.  I just want to work for an ethical company that I can trust and respect, and one which is willing to pay a fair cpl rate.  (To actually receive respect and some loyalty in return would be the proverbial icing on the cake.)

Is there such an animal out there somewhere?

Bigger yes, better, NWIH.
Once the kids are bigger sm
I'm going into EMS. I'm an EMT now and going to go to paramedic school. Each and every day you get a chance to make a difference in someone's life doing that. I've wanted to be a paramedic since I first watched Emergency! years ago on TV, and once my children are all in school, I'm going to do it!
The bigger picture sm
I am an MT as well and have been in this business almost 20 years. There are some who have more years invested in this line of work than I do, but 20 years at one job is a long time, and for those of us who have worked at home in this business for that long, it is very difficult to reenter the public work world IF there is a job out there that we might qualify for.

I agree with you in that the entire industry is suffering and has been for the past few years, but when I see company after company not giving raises and, worse yet, cutting line rates, I think it is time to look for employment outside of the MT world. You won't find a better situation in another MT company. They are all swimming in the same murky water and circling the same drain.

No, it's not just MTs who are being impacted, but this is *MY* profession (or what's left of it) and *I* am being impacted with this company's decision to find another way for me to make even less in my paycheck while everything around me...utilities, groceries, gasoline, insurance, etc....is rising to the point that I simply cannot afford to live any more.

I'm a realist as well, and what I see is an entire industry crumbling under the weight of top-heavy management and slave wages for the ones how pay that management. It's time to move on down the road.
Accustat Carolinas-Webmedex-sm

Information needed on these two compnaies would be greatly appreciated...Good, bad, etc...Thanks!


VR is a much bigger threat to MTs than offshore
They will still need us, but pay diddly for the most boring, exasperating work you could ever imagine. I'd rather lick stamps and put them on envelopes than continue doing this crud. It's terrible - most of the dictation comes out as a word salad and you have to make some sense of it all. Terrible.
The account can get bigger if the hospital uses...sm
several services for their transcription. So, if they decide to start letting company B do what company A used to do, then yes, the account is getting bigger and bigger for company B. Also, Maybe the hospital is part of a large system and company A was only doing one location and the hospital is happy with the work so they start giving them more and more locations, guess what, the account is getting bigger and bigger. There are many ways for the account to get bigger, so she is not lying to you, as I work on one of the accounts she is talking about and that is what has happened. They now need double the amount of MTs they first needed for this account, as they are now outsourcing more work to Diskriter. Make sense?
You won't see some of the bigger ones here. I know for a fact that the owners of sm
KS do not come on here anymore. I went to one of them a few weeks ago, and she told me not to get worked up about the posts on here, that not every company is for every person, just just like every MT is not a good fit for every company.

I just emailed her with the request put here today, and she responded that she would not answer any posts on here; every time in the past that she did, things were twisted around and turned ugly, both with the bashers and the cheerleaders, that MTs with questions should contact the companies directly.

She also asked me if I needed more work as I seem to spend a lot of time obsessing about these posts, which really threw me for a few seconds. On thinking about it, she's right.

Oreilly is an even bigger media
hore. Yes, and so are the ones on the so-called 'left'. And if you think ANY of them give a flip about you or America, you are easily fooled.

The are full-time propagandists - all of them. And they are laughing all the way to the bank.
Sometimes the bigger they are, the harder they fall.
Lots of these big MTSO co's are in bed with AHDI, and I have a hunch the whole kit-n-kaboodle of 'em are ridin' for a fall. Or a public hangin'.
When my company merged with a bigger one,
cpl pay stayed the same for a while, but eventually they readjusted the 'tiers' that their MTs worked on. No matter what 'tier' we were on, our pay was lowered approximately 15%. QA took a harder hit; some of them were cut 30%. They have plenty of work, but it's impossible to make a living doing it, unless you work 7-day weeks, 365 days a year.

So I would venture a guess that for the time being, things for you will stay as they are. They can't change everything at once, even if they wanted to. Physically impossible. But after the initial 'shake-out' of MTs who leave immediately, and those who stay for a while until they find other jobs, and those who stay to give the new company a chance, get disenchanted and leave later on, has finally occurred, and some of the other nuts and bolts of merging 2 companies are finally in position, eventually they will start to scrutinize MT pay. Those at the higher end of the pay scale will undoubtedly either find themselves re-tiered at a lower cpl rate, or else with horrendous accounts that cut the lines they're able to produce, and thus their pay.

Having just spent $16M to purchase MDI, you can bet they're going to want to start seeing some returns on their investment, and of course, the suits are going to want to see some extra cash for themselves for all the 'good work' they've been doing. [snort!] So when they start looking for places to cut their costs, guess whose pocket it's going to come out of?

The big companies are ALL this way. I believe the best chance for a decent-paying job is to find a small or medium-sized MTSO to work for. Only problem is, that's what I did a few years ago. A great company, decent pay, good accounts. And they were gobbled up by one of the current 'Axis-of-Evil' MT giants.

I wouldn't be surprised if in the future there are NO small MTSOs -- only 3 or 4 of the mega-large 'McMTSOs'. My company makes it no secret that they want absolute domination of the industry. I'm sure the other biggies have the same aspirations. Then it'll all boil down to cutthroat competition, price wars and back-stabbing, all the while flinging U.S. workers aside, and sending EVERYTHING offshore, because if hospitals no longer have a CHOICE whether they offshore or not, that paves the way for MT to become a 100% foreign affair.

I do believe, however, that if a company reaches a point where it has all or most of its workers offshore, they should no longer be allowed to have their offices on U.S. soil. They should be forced to move to India completely, corporate offices, CEOs, and all. It's about time the Suits developed a taste for curry, themselves.
Does webmedex hire clinic trans?
just wondering
Can't speak about Webmedex, but I love keystrokes.. sm
Best company by far that I have ever worked for. Steady work, good line counts, good specs, fair QA, on-time pay.
Webmedex pays 6 holidays for ft employee status.
Webmedex is a great company but their platform is terrible.
That is the reason I left. Too many screens to enter simple imformation and too slow switching between screens. Platform is such a big part of our production.
Any companies offering benefits on 35 hrs per week or less except Webmedex? Nm
or the small ones do not draw attention. It seems to be the bigger companies. sm
They are the ones mentioned the most, at least the ones that are growing.
Don't forget voice recognition. Bigger threat than too many MTs and
Any bigger companies out there that do 10+ hours flex time?
I'm looking for a job to supplement my income on top of my full-time MT job, but really need one that allows me to log on at any time throughout the week and do, say, 2,000 lines a week or 10 hours a week or something like that.

Are there any companies out there that still offer this or is it too much to hope for? Anyone have a company they would like to recommend? Thanks.
Anyone willing to share Axolotl, Keystrokes, Transtech & Webmedex cpl range?
Looking... Thanks!
Webmedex or Medware? Which would you choose in terms of benefits, specifically medical ins costs.
Any know what the difference is with these companies in terms of pay and what the preminums are for family medical insurance?
those bonus checks aren't extra money...you would just get tw bigger checks rather than 3 checks

don't kid yourself

I doubt you will make enough money in 5 hours a week to make
I make 4 cents a line, work part and make
over $500 a week on part.
Great post! I make 0.085 at Keystrokes and make more than at any sm
other company in the last 5 years. Why? Because there is always work for me. I love starting work each day, knowing that the company I work for appreciates me and has plenty of work. Transtech and Keystrokes sound very similar; those of us that work for either can count our blessings that we are not part of the cesspool or huge corporate mess that makes up the biggest few companies. We do not have to worry about our jobs getting sent overseas and we see a future in this business!!!
Yeah, but we don't make what docs make. nm
But we don't even make what in-house make.
It would be different if we made the same as the in-house MTs.  In a lot of cases, most of the people working in-house make much more including benefits than we do at home as full-time employees.  That's where I think the unfairness comes in.  The in-house employees don't all work every single weekend.  Most of them rotate at a much higher salary and much better benefits.  The MTs at home are expected to fill in for the in-house for less money, less benefits and give more and more back in the form of weekends and holidays.   Most remote MTs only receive benefits contingent on production, and even then they're not nearly as good as in-house benefits.  How is that equal in the healthcare team perspective?
you might want to make sure you don't make yourself look like an IDOT before you go any further.
I make $1.10 per report and make much more sm
than by the line. Day by day it varies and goes back and forth, but over a long period, it is better by the report. Make sure they pay links though; this is key.
Do Shapin MTs really only make 6 cpl and QAs make 1.5 cpl?
Why can't you make money with all OPs? I do all OPs and make
good money.  I'm not with WebMedX though. 
I'm happy with what I make. I still make more than if I went anywhere else and hardly noone in th
biz gives raises so I feel blessed that I make a lot more than most, raise or no raise.
And always make sure you don't make line
counts that amount to anything.  They always place you with impossible ESLs as soon as you start making decent money. 
I make more than that with Spheris but never have work. I would rather make $1.25 and have work. s
My SIL works for KS, and she gets paid double for linked reports too. Where do you get $2.25? I am ready to leave Spheris.
Make sure you have some (sm)

money saved up so when they don't bother to send your paycheck or give you excuses, run out of work constantly or take a long time setting you up, you won't go bankrupt.


Okay, those using DQS, how do you do it? How do you make (sm)
your line count?  How do you everything???  Is Instant Text V Pro anything like Smartype where you key in a few letters and the list comes up?  I'm so stressed from trying to learn this program.  Any, and I mean any, positive pointers you can share would so oh so appreciated!!!  Please help!
Did you make more as an MT or are you
make, not may nt