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How does TransTech pay out PTO, and do they pay downtime?nm

Posted By: Thanks on 2008-04-17
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Downtime? What's that?

They pay $12/hr downtime, includes system/platform problems (on their end) and periods of no work. It does not cover things on the MT end, including electric failure and internet failure.
Can anyone name a few companies that pay downtime?
Because I hired on as a FT employee and constantly running out of work which is out of my control - I have to sit here and wait while I pay daycare and not make any money - I need 40 hours a week to live - I wasn't looking for parttime work.  I think all companies should pay downtime when it their fault we have no work
Some do pay downtime, not all like MQ.
Thanks, and I will check on that this morning. I will come back and post what I'm told. When I was hired and also during training, they went over the procedures for downtime pay, both no-work and technical. I'll definitely put it on here, though, for confirmation. Thanks, Dolfan!
Don't lie about it. They don't pay for downtime.
Downtime (sm)
If you're out of work, you are paid downtime, but you have to keep checking back every 10-15 minutes.

Answering of questions isn't as bad as other poster said. First couple weeks it is great, though, when you really need it.

They were up front with me about no shift differential before I took the position and pay, etc.

Yes, there is a lot of preemployment stuff, but it is the hospital requirement and not DR.

If you live in the tricounty area (Dade, Broward, Palm Beach) the health insurance is very good, so the preemployment is kind of worth it if you need insurance.

Regarding samples. I'm not even sure if the other poster was on this account because with the software, you have access to all reports dictated and transcribed by all physicians or any reports typed on the patient you are transcribing. So no samples are really necessary.

Definitely shift intensive. But every job has it's drawbacks. It's all about a good fit. Maybe DR isn't for you, but I just wanted to correct a few incorrect statements by the other poster.
Does KS have a lot of downtime? Do they pay you for it?
they don't pay for anything, no downtime..sm
no holidays, NO overtime...8 cpl that is it, nada, nothing more. Owners are making a killing tho....
And they don't pay 1 penny of downtime
when the system is down for hours at a time.
I hear they pay for downtime; don't know much else
Never worked there, and of course I would defer to people who have!
So when you say paid for downtime...

do you mean that they actually pay you if no work available, not just for equipment failure on their part? 

If compensated for times of no work on your schedule (at what rate?  minumum wage or other?), some of the folks on the MQ Board need to hear this, I think. 

What companies pay for downtime? sm
As in, you are an employee (not IC) and you run out of work.
Transolutions Downtime
This is true. They pay both technical and no-work downtime. I was hired a month ago (WONDERFUL company) and have it right here in front of me in the employee handbook. So long as you are a full-time employee, report your downtime to the appropriate person, and haven't refuse work on another account that does have work, you will be paid for downtime. If they have no work on another account for you, you are paid downtime. Have a great day!
Any companies that currently pay downtime?
Downtime? hahaha

There has been no mention of that and I'm sure it wont happen.

When the system is fixed, the most we'll get is double the amount of emails telling us how much work there is and how we all need to give us food/sleep/bathroom time to get it caught up.

Yes, I get paid DOWNTIME when

there is no work around and I also get PTO, paid VISION, very good health insurance with company paying 80%, dental for less than 15 per pay period and a great atmosphere.  Yes, I do have to produce 12000 per pay period.


Paid for downtime...
Paid for downtime with Transcend? We don't. We get told to flex out time out.
Companies that pay downtime
I've seen on the boards that the famous Axolotl pays for downtime when there is no work available.  Are there any other companies that do this?  Thx.

I did not get downtime even with a ticket# and having to wait 2 days for another computer. All I got was a BS stating reasons not to give me downtime and that I could take PTO or not get paid for those 2 days.

Thank God I have next week off. I don't think I can stand much more of this BS.

0 in last month, maybe 3 hr in last year downtime.
Can you help with a list of companies that do pay downtime?
emts pays for downtime
eMTS pays for downtime when there is no work or when there are system problems. 
Check on that downtime issue
They are a wonderful company; however, they may not have updated the manual, because they have dc'd paying for no work downtime only recently, I would say within the last few months. They do pay for technical downtime but not for no work any longer. Check with your lead or personnel.
Do you guys get paid for downtime?

That's one thing about MQ I'm thankful for.  At least we get paid for our downtime.  I don't know if we'll get paid for the jobs we've lost, though.  Some say yes, some say no.  I guess it's up to the PS.

Check out the MQ board - there's a link to check the status of DQS on their site.  The link takes you directly to MQ's DQS, but I would think they offer it for all clients they serve.

Last I checked at 7:30 am EST, it was still down for MQ.  Some MQ MTs are getting work, but I wouldn't until it at least gives you the yellow light (see site). 

It's like a snow day - you're glad to be off unexpectedly, but you know you'll have to make it up!

In our dreams we would get paid for downtime
Kind of like the office staff is still getting paid while the ones producing their income don't.
No pay for downtime. You are asked to flex. NM
Above poster is right --- a lot of unpaid downtime.
I've never worked for a company that ran out of work as much as this company did. I do not recommend this company!
My company pays downtime if
there is no work within your scheduled work time.  You don't have to make it up if there is work later either.  They don't guarantee lines though and the amount they pay is less than most MTs would make by transcribing, but it is money coming in.  We went several months where some accounts were running out of work daily, now lots of accounts on OT until further notice. 
Last I knew Transolutions paid downtime. sm
It may have changed by now.
Some pay downtime, do not have to waste PTO either. What world is above living in ?

The troll must of come out from under the bridge.  Jumping down someone's throat just for a simple question.   Wonder what world it came from.  Obviously needs a vacation but probably can't take one because all its PTO is gone. 

Employee. 0.09 cpl, 100s of normals, and downtime paid.
Diskriter pays hourly wage for downtime

Different view: If we all went to hourly pay to make sure that we are paid during downtime, it wou
what we earn on production. I make upwards of $30 an hour on production. Most hospitals are under $20 an hour. I think we would lose money if hourly and if they pay us for downtime, I am sure that the money would have to come from somewhere, so they would lower rates.

Transolutions pays downtime when work runs out. nm
Also depending on hospital, downtime (no work or tech
No work, no paid downtime, bennies might leave...
Forget Diskriter! Bunch of smoke! You will NOT get paid for downtime.

Diskriter made MQ look kind.  Diskriter also has had labor board charges in the past. If it sounds too good to be true, I assure you with Diskriter, it is!  This is the first time I've spoken out against them, but honestly the down time paid claim is bogus.

Me 2. Had a short downtime yesterday, too. But did get my lines in. Gonna take a shower and check
No. TransTech is out of Texas TTS is in New Hampshire. TransTech
Well I don't work for Transtech and this discussion isn't about Transtech...
and that is not age discrimination....give me a break...
TransTech has a job posting on the job board.  I have talked with the person who hires (Debbie).  She is really a nice lady.  They have a M-F schedule listed.

Does anyone have any information good or bad on TransTech Medical Solutions? 


I've been with them just about 2 years, best move I ever made.  The best advice I can give is to give them a call and talk to them.  If they are as good for you as they are for me, you'll be a happy camper. Have never ran out of work, pay is decent and DD on time, they often offer VERY good, easy to reach incentives too.  Happy MTing!
Be very careful.  The owner is a very moody person. I only lasted 2 days.
Transtech is a very good place to work.  The "owner" is NOT moody.  The people are the finest in the industry.  They value their MTs.  The are awesome to work with and for.   

I have been with Transtech for 1-1/2 years and it works great for me.  I have 20+ years in this line of work and TT is the best company I have ever worked for (and I have worked for a couple of them).  I have direct deposit and my pay has always been on time and accurate.  I always have work (an abundance of it!!).  TT is a fast growing company, adding new accounts, and very busy.  They have a very good QA team who are very helpful.  They hire USA transcriptionists only - NO offshoring.  TT has an ad on the Job Seeker's Board and you can check out some of the things they offer.  Also, here is the Contact Us link from their website:  http://www.transtechmedical.com/ContactUs.html   Good luck in your job search.


They have a lot of ads for MTs, are they growing, or difficult to work for, hard to keep MTs.  What is the story?

Yes, I was offered even more money from a smaller company, not national.