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Well I don't work for Transtech and this discussion isn't about Transtech...

Posted By: MtMommyof2 on 2008-12-24
In Reply to: Quote from TransTech's ad on Jobs Board - TT fast_fingers

and that is not age discrimination....give me a break...

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Posts about TransTech are getting way out of control. Take discussion regarding
No. TransTech is out of Texas TTS is in New Hampshire. TransTech
That is a BIG problem at TransTech is leads assigning work, rather than letting the work flow
This TT MT just admitted to that fact.  It has been very obvious, as so easy to tell how work comes into our que and then gets pulled out as fast as it came in and replaced with YUKKY dictators.   VERY frustrating to us other TT MT's who take the JUNK that is NOT assigned to other MT's, such as this poster. 
huh? are you saying why not work at transtech? sm
Been there, done that and don't want to again due to the amt of ESLs Transtech had.  i couldn't make good $ with so many different ESLs that i couldn't get used to them.  so are you saying Probity is equivalent to transtech in ESL regard?
TransTech - what are they like to work for? s/m

Are you expected to produce a certain amount of lines per pay period?

Do they pay on time?

I have been offered a position but would like to know more about the company before I decide whether or not to take things any further.

Thanks for any information you can provide.

For those of you who work at TransTech doing VR, do you like it there? NM
How is TransTech to work for? ...sm
I got a job offer from Transtech Medical.  Its sounds pretty good.  I was wondering what the opinion was of present MTs with TransTech, how they are to work with, communication, platform, line counts, etc.???  Any info would be greatly appreciated. 
Never did, never will work for TransTech...
See my post reply above
At least Transtech allows you to work whenever you want.
Don't tell me! You used to work for Transtech!
Who gives a rat's *****. You won't be able to pay for a new car!!!!!! NO WORK AT TRANSTECH
There is NO work at Transtech. Maybe they just choose special people to send work to
Does Transtech hire to work on VR?
I am so SICK of VR I'm jumping ship.
I work for TransTech and am very happy there. sm

Work is plentiful, the pay is okay (there is a nice incentive tier), the benefits are good, and the management staff is terrific.

Good luck.  I have ended up with jobs I hated, and that is definitely an unhappy place to be in. 

I'm at Transtech & have plenty of work
Does TransTech have plenty of work? (sm)
Is there ever overtime offered? 
Are all of TransTech's accounts out of work?
TransTech still very low on work? No posts lately.

Don't know if the grass is going to be any greener over there if there is no work, as previous posts suggest.  Can anyone provide an update on that situation?  Sounded pretty dire.

How's the work load at TransTech? Have there been
For the Transtech folks who run out of work

There is plenty of work at Transtech.  You may have to get out of your comfort zone but we have bonuses now for at least one account.  We have plenty of work.  If you're looking for a good company don't delay applying and if you do work here and run out of work check with your supervisor.  No I'm not a recruiter but I am happy with TT.

I don't work for Transtech but I'd suggest that sm
if you are so unhappy there, find another company. There are LOTS out there, where you might be able to find a better fit. You are not stuck at this place if it doesn't suit you.

Take care and please have a safe and happy holiday season.
I work at Transtech and love it
Same verse over and over again -- NO WORK at TransTech

Mgmt who are taking home VERY GOOD paychecks and never varying, othan than going UP AND UP with your frequent raises, bennies, etc., and you leads/sups who are transcribing our work, would you please share your paychecks with us !!!!! 

I had much rather have work than to be called, sweetie, honey -- you MT's ROCK.  Sure we do, we keep your paychecks the same allow you the ability to give raises to YOURSELVES. !!!!   SAD STORY TT has turned out to be.

NO WORK at Transtech -- did no good to work the holiday for 1.5 lines, did it?
I am sure the office staff will share their PAID HOLIDAY MONIES with us who sit here with no work.  This has gotten to be such a frustrating profession.  I guess I need to relocate to Houston so that I can work in the office, too, and reap those wonderful paid benefits that us at-home piecemeal workers do not get.
Anyone work on the oncology account at Transtech?
Saw ad and curious what the account and the company was like.  Thanks. 
Doesn't sound like the Transtech I work for...NM
Any other TransTech people out of work this morning? sm
After the big hiring blitz, I am afraid that maybe my account is getting saturated.  I guess that is the way with all good things ... it doesn't last.
I dont work for TransTech, but I have noticed that too. nm
Why is TransTech hiring when I have no work this morning? sm
Why do these companies do this?  Hire, hire, hire while I am sitting here waiting for work for the past 3 hours.
TransTech is a wonderful place to work
Offered job with Transtech today. If you work for TT....
what has your experience been like? I got all the answers I asked for regarding platform, hardware, work flow, schedules, benefits, incentive, DD and paydays. Everything sounds good. Insurance sounds more affordable than other places I have talked to and they also pay for 12 hours of training plus line rate. Please only respond if you currently work there more than 3 months or previously worked there for more than 1 year.
Anyone work on TransTech voice recognition
Considering switching to voice recognition, but would like to know how MTs working on it now like it.  Can you make your line counts without struggling too much?  Is it easy to learn?  I am being told that Dictaphone has improved it in the last month or so.  Feel free to email me if you rather not post.
With everyone jumping ship to work for TransTech

Transtech just may be sending some of our work to that other MTSO again, and maybe

that small MTSO that they sometimes use to help them out offshores and that is why we MT's at Transtech suddenly have an abundance of work this week -- asking for extra help this week -- quite a new thing with TT.  With the India cables being cut, putting those India MT's out of work, it makes me wonder if that service that TT sometimes uses to do our work maybe offshores.

Just thinking.  Keep those India cables DOWN/CUT !!!!!  We U.S. MT's need the work kept here in the U.S.

Just wondering because work is low across the board again at Transtech

What co. are you considering now, if company was not TT?   Just wondering.

Transtech in Houston has lots of VR work
You may have the option of working weekdays and rotate weekends, 1 one weekend per month. That is my deal but I have been here a while. Or you can work Sunday through Thursday.
Does Transtech speech have plenty of work
Happy, didn't you work at Transtech? Or
TransTech MT's unable to connect to VPN this a.m. ?????? Cannot work ?????
I cannot connect to VPN this a.m. early.  Any of you having that same problem?
TransTech has continued this LOW/NO work for more than a year now with

only promises for new accounts, while losing accounts, overhiring.  This low/no work situation has been going on TOO long !

We can be sure that if management's/supes/QA/inhouse employees' paychecks were affected by this continuing LOW WORK situation, something would be done IMMEDIATELY by management.  But they still get their bonuses, raises, bennies, trips to LV, etc.

So, so, so sad that this excellent company has lost respect for their MT's by NOT providing work for them on a consistent basis, yet demanding a schedule !   

There would be no Transtech if their MT's were not working to keep accounts.  How do you think, mgmt, you would be able to keep your paychecks/jobs without your MT's ? ? ?

The *sweetie* just does not show respect for me.  MONEY DOES !  Jobs coming into my queue makes me money !

Does Transtech send work to India? nm
TransTech also uses ExText, but think they were running out of work, too. Any comments? nm
My schedule is approved and it is up to Transtech to provide work

They should not be hiring an abundance of MT's to cover schedules just to provide client with such tight TAT, yet not have enough work to cover that MT's schedule that TT approved.   A service cannot keep MT's that way.  TT has so few accounts anyway, that it is hard to provide enough work for a whole lot of MT's.  That is really where the problem lies.  They should get out and seek more accounts, rather than hiring and hiring.

 I hate to go to the trouble of filing unemployment, but it is getting to that point.

Try TransTech instead. FABULOUS company and TONS of work!
TransTech scheduling question. I know you work 1 weekend day (sm)

and give them a schedule you will be working.  Do they micromanage, i.e. if you have to run to school to pick up a sick kid can you make up the time at the end of the shift without calling for permission?  Do they go through and check your time on line and lines done to make sure you are being productive while signed onto system as MQ does? 

Have heard they are really great and I understand schedules, but some companies allow more freedom of movement than others. 

Any info helpful.  TIA.

Thanksgiving is weeks away, yet no work on TransTech this morning. sm
I have 2 accounts, with no work on either.  I used to think they cared, but now I am not so sure. If there is no work now, I have to think the closer it gets to Thanksgiving, it will really be awful. 
Employees work a specific shift at TransTech?
Or do you just have to commit to a certain number of lines per day?  An an IC with my current company, I commit to X number of lines per day, and as long as I get them done within 24 hours, I've met my commitment.  Don't want shift work, i.e. 7-3, 3-11, 11-7.  There is absolutely no flexibility in that.  Noticed in post before this that Diskriter requires a shift commitment or a split shift. 
You must not have been with Transtech long enough to see the lack of work periods. nm
Transtech DID have a service help out with their work -- I know for a fact -- about a year ago.
How long have you been with TT?  Anyone in mgmt will tell you that they outsourced work to another service in the past.
You can believe those on this board saying NO WORK at Transtech ! Absolutely true !!

Getting worse and worse every day.  They are going to VR at a VERY FAST PACE, which pays so little you cannot survive on the money UNLESS you work 60 hours a week OR are one of the supe's fav's that get the better dictators.

There is always an excuse by TT as to the low work, but remember that doesn't pay our creditors.  Work disappears in large chunks when were at getting almost out of TAT (if ever) so it is going somewhere.

TT is turning out to be like every other MT company out there - more and more executives/supervisors to pay and not a single penny raise for the MT -- much less provide work for the MT's on a consistent basis -- not near consistent basis.

Transtech has great people but work has been low for 5 months...nm