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I'm sick of set shifts as an IC.

Posted By: NewBMT on 2007-05-09
In Reply to: Do not blame the MTs for company mistakes - Betsy

THEN getting constant IMs to work when I'm supposed to be 'off'.  If you want me at your beck and call you better be giving me benefits!

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Precyse - do they allow split shifts and what are the shifts? (sm)

I see they are hiring for 2nd and 3rd shifts.  I know a friend of mine works for a company where as long as over half your shift is in that time frame it is acceptable. 

It says they are hiring for new accounts, might be a good time to make a change. 

D&L shifts, etc ...
There are no shifts, that's the good thing. Let's say you have an ortho surgeon and he dictates 3 days a week. He becomes your primary and whenever he dictates, usually you will know what days and everything, you may have 2 day turnaround or just 24 hour turnaround, just depends on the doctor you have. They generally will give you more than one doctor depending on how much work you want. I had 4 doctors. One was every day, 24 hour, another was 3 days a week, 48 hour, another was split between 2 people because he was every day and lots and lots, and they also give you a secondary doctor so you can be backup. It is really flexible cause there are no shifts as long as you get the work back to them in the time frame that you are required to for that particular doctor. I don't think think they deal much with the basic 4, at least not when I worked for them. The only downfall was no direct deposit and cpl. Otherwise, I would recommend that company for flexibility compared to some others.
TT shifts
Yes, shifts are required and you are supposed to complete the whole shift, even if you have already met your minimum line count before it's over. On the other hand, you can make up lines anytime you want. They've been great to me whenever I've need to swap a day or change my shift by an hour or two, etc.
TT shifts:

Here is an excerpt: ****


*** Please do not post company communications.  ***

you can pick from 3 different shifts
10-6, 11-7 or 12-8 and I believe you have to work Tues-Sat or Sun-Thurs. You type and get paid hourly, but you have to do a minimum of 1000 lines a day. That's about it in a nutshell.
yes but you can work 1 of 3 different shifts 10p-6a, 11p-7a, or 12a-8a
also Tues-Sat shifts-nm
Yes, they do allow split shifts,
like the poster below stated, it would still be specific time frame.       
all of the shifts are monitored - sm
What I mean by that is, if your hours are 7-11 and 4-8, and let's say you are on a 3 minute report at 9:45 a.m. and at 10:25 you are still on that report, someone from Diskriter might call your house to see if you are actually working, and they will want to know what is taking so long to do a 3 minute report. They may even ask if you are taking a 15 minute break etc.
There are 2nd and 3rd shifts here working - nm
Yet the have an ad on this board for ALL shifts?

That almighty TAT -- I have questioned this and questioned this with them, but no answers to my satisfaction.  They always seem to answer the part of the question that they want to answer and dodge the rest.

There has been work disappearing around 9 a.m. -- not just on Mondays!  I thought it was a little strange last week when I noticed by looking at the time the job was dictated that a **chunk** of dictation just like angel dust was gone!

Seems quite selfish of them to leave us with no work, but I guess TT's way of getting their money back from the 25.00 Amex gift certificate that **gave** for MT week!  What a gift that has turned out to be for us MT's out of WORK!


FT 40, PT 20 & hiring for all shifts
I love it here and wish I had made my move earlier!
Shifts at Keystrokes??

KS offered me a position today working 4 p.m. to 1 a.m., turned it down because I am looking for first shift.  I wondered what different shifts people here worked for KS.  Plus, do you HAVE to work 9 hours?  I usually just work through lunch, not sure if I want to stop for a whole hour. 

A question about KS shifts...
Can someone tell me how strict Keystrokes is about their shift times?  For example, 2nd shift technically starts at 3 p.m., but would they consider an earlier start time, such as 1 p.m.?  TIA.
When I was there they ran out on all shifts, so I moved on. NM
No, but they tell you what hours/shifts they
need coverage for.
MDI people who are looking - WMX has an ad for some shifts (sm)

they are USA all the way.  Nice people, pay on time and correct.  Work like anywhere else is on a close TAT, but if you can flex a little you can get your lines in without too much trouble. 

Good luck to you.  Went through this with YOG/MQ/C-Bay - not a pleasant situation.  You feel like your security blanket has been ripped out of your hands. 

Does JLG work in shifts or by production? TIA
How were the schedules set up? Shifts? Flexibility? Thanks! nm
Lots of companies have Sun-Th shifts.
That still gives you 2 days off.  
The inflexibility of set shifts is the only thing (sm)
I don't like, and is why I wanted to work from home. Our original hospital MT dept. used to be very flexible, hours-wise. As time went by they got less and less flexible, and started people on very rigid time schedules. Production did not go up, it went DOWN, and morale was abysmal. I have flexible hours and days, and by being allowed to break up my day as needed, rather than glued to my office chair, I usually end up working 9-10 hours a day, not just 8. So I say, let people work at home, pay a DECENT wage (not a minimum wage or less, like now!), and everyone wins: The MTs, the docs, and the patients.
Wondering about shifts at TransTech -- sm
Can you be part-time there? Do you have certain hours you have to stick to each day and do you get to pick the hours?
I am laughing at there is always work on second and third shifts. If you say so.
Go on with the bashing. Im prepared.
What are the exact hours of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd shifts?

I've never had to work anything other than days.  Is there a specific time range for each shift across all companies, or does it vary by company?  If it varies, a general idea would be helpful.


Transtech has bonus for 2 and 3 shifts.
And you can do split shifts, etc. They are very flexible. If you look at the job board, the hiring bonus is pretty substantial for those shifts. I think you would be okay inquiring and letting TT know the above. Good luck.
Split shifts Precyse
I work for Precyse and I believe that they do allow a split shift on some accounts. I would definitely call the recruiter and ask about it.
split shifts at Diskriter
Before I crossed over to the QA side, I used to split my shift at Diskriter. They have great insurance, but I'm not sure what would be considered affordable.
DIT and Proveros allow split shifts
However, I think Proveros was just bought out by Superior Global or merged with them. It won't hurt to check them out.
That's exactly it - the shifts everyone wants (day shift, MF) are filled but the others sm
are open. Should we just not fill them because YOU don't have enough to do? My STM sent out info regarding what shifts were open and asked if anyone was interested in taking on that account. Obviously not enough people were interested, meaning they have to hire to fill those weekend and night shifts.
My Take and Experience on Shifts and Schedules
I have done my share of nights/weekends, even when I was not asked.  I did it for the extra $$.  I believe that company/employee should try to follow a shift agreed upon at hire.  Of course, you have to be flexible.  I would NEVER refuse to work over-time and help out when needed, unless of course I had to for life/death reasons.  I do have to say in my own experience, this is starting to be abused by the employers ever since all the increased offshoring started.  Last year I lost account after account with big MTSO.  I had 5 account managers in less than 2 years.  We were told to clock out when we ran out of work, which was most of the time, but we were still expected to make the minimum line count by working nights/weekends (sometimes that was not even possible).  I had to be available to work from 6:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. - clocking in, clocking out, in, out, in, out.  It just got riduculous, being available 15-16 hours a day and only getting 1000 lines or so.  After FOUR MONTHS of this, I finally said I needed a new account, a new shift, regular work, or a new job.  The next account lasted about a year.  Then came the offshoring.  Same thing happened.  As the account of 135 doctors went to the Philippines, the work as less and less, moving from account to account, clocking in, out, in, out.  Ridiculous!  We of course were told to use paid time off if there was no work.  Am I not entitled to a vacation with that PTO just like everyone else?  Asking someone to constantly clock out when there is no work is like asking a store clerk to clock out if there are no customers in the store.  Asking them to be available during their shift and constantly otherwise can get abusive.   I finally had to say again - give me regular hours/shift and steady work or lay me off.  I could not put in the 12+ hours a day, making very little, and using up my PTO.  I was laid off.  Thank goodness.  Unemployment was more than I was making for the last couple of months.  While I do agree that everyone should be flexible and contribute when needed, the abuse by these companies is getting to be more and more and probably will not change.  Glad I got out of that situation.  Love working my shift and having the rest of the evening/weekend to enjoy life.  If you are being constantly abused and can not do this, it's time to issue an ultimatum--and be ready if it does not go your way.  Personally, I could not live like that any longer. 
Can someone explain the "paid per hour" shifts sm

at Transcend?  Would like a little insight before applying.  TIA

Hourly Positions paying $12-$15/hr are: Full-time 3rd shift Acute Care MTs and Full-time 3rd shift Medical Text Editors for a voice recognition platform (100% text editing)

Keystrokes does not, although some accounts have shifts required
I don't know about all the accounts, but my understanding is that no one punches a clock, although some people are more held to shifts than others due to the client needs/requirements.
We all have shifts so they trust you are doing the 8 hours you are supposed to. SM
If you think something is wrong, contact the company. They are fair to me and to everyone I talk to. Do they know you are working past your shift???? Maybe you are the problem if you can't get your volume in 8 hours.

There are plenty of things you can claim about Keystrokes but they are not ripping us off, pay us well and are above-board on legal issues.

There are so many horrible companies out there that pay nothing, have no work, cheat on line counts, withhold pay for QA, harrass you, send work offshore and do not care about their employees. Why would you bash your employer on here rather than go to them???
So are you saying that split shifts are not allowed any longer?
Split shifts are allowed. You can dictate your
shift within a Tu-Sa, or Sun-Thurs schedule. 
What is the shift diff for 2nd & 3rd shifts, weekend? Thanks!
ESLs, night shifts, and jobs - oh my!!

You know, cranky-b, I kinda getta kick outta reading your posts. 


I've been saying all along that MTs make their OWN job security by being willing to do the ESL hard stuff etc., and I have to agree, at least in theory, with your assessment of saving your job by being willing to work the graveyard shifts.


But you know, I STILL have to admit that it's a damned shame we have to work awful red-eye hours and type utterly unintelligible dictators just to keep a job.  If that is all that is left to us, you have to admit, they really are just throwing us the bones. 


Perhaps we all need to admit that we really have become an unappreciated commodity in this business and that it's time to sh_t or get off the pot.  Like cranky-b says, we do what we need to do to stay employed. 

Yes, they do allow split shifts and they're very nice to work for
True. Plus they have that delineation because they may pay higher for the overnight shifts.
Axolotl has nearly all this except shifts are Tu-Sat and Sun-Th, and ESLs vary by account. NM
I doubt they HAVE to, but most probably do as an incentive to get workers to work the late shifts an
I agree, although I have worked all shifts and communication stinks no matter what.
I think emails get lost in the abyss. Sadly, your sending email to like eight people and still no answer. No thanks. I'm glad I am out of there. The only thing I did like was payment on time and DD. That's it. Very stressful job
Does Advanced Transcription in Oregon offer flexible shifts? Do you have to do set schedule? NM
What the ____? He sent you a picture - what a psycho!

Tell me more!
LOL, sick!
They said they have sick time. What's up with that?

I think MT work is seasonal anyway....people will always get sick, but the time of year can affect how often and how quick people decide to go to the doctor.  Plus, if it's surgery or other procedures, if people can plan when to do them, they probably haven't picked June or July - when many people are on vacation, or grandkids are coming to visit....



What is sick is that there may be SM

about 15 total people in the QA world doing this, but they hold a minimum of 30 jobs and it could be up to 50 jobs between those 15 people and that is just working for nationals!

For all of you QA people out there wondering where the jobs are, that's your answer.  I wish these companies could cross-check with their competitors to match names, they'd be really surprised at what is going on out there. 

so sick of seeing these ads....
It makes me wanna vomit after a good laugh. All these IC positions, stating you MUST work this. You MUST do that. I'm so glad I have 2 jobs that are true IC positions. Of course I need to work to live, and I'm not lazy, but other than that, I do what I want, when I want, and how long I want. I am asked to help if can-NOT told. I do not get threats of being let go. These companies make me so sick.
And I'm getting really sick of
some of the people on this board (some, not all) jerking my emotions around. I have a conference call looming on my schedule for less than 4 hours from now, and I haven't got a clue what it will be about. And after reading this board this morning I am all but sick to my stomach with worry that it might mean I have to start job-hunting all over again.
Me too, sick of getting ripped off by SS
on a daily basis.  My lines at Softscript for the last 3 weeks since the server issue have dropped drastically.  I guess they think we cannot do math and only type.