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Keystrokes does not, although some accounts have shifts required

Posted By: tnmt on 2008-01-28
In Reply to: How many companies do not require you to fill out a time clock? NM - question

I don't know about all the accounts, but my understanding is that no one punches a clock, although some people are more held to shifts than others due to the client needs/requirements.

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Shifts at Keystrokes??

KS offered me a position today working 4 p.m. to 1 a.m., turned it down because I am looking for first shift.  I wondered what different shifts people here worked for KS.  Plus, do you HAVE to work 9 hours?  I usually just work through lunch, not sure if I want to stop for a whole hour. 

I should have said that the accounts I am on have never required a
log. I keep one with the accession number to keep track of what I do but no one has ever asked me for it. I work on a RadNet account if that makes a difference.
There were different accounts on that job posting, some required C-Phone and others did not..(sm)
Also, there were 2 or 3 different platforms so it's more than one account.
They have the accounts set up so that we can BARELY get our minimum lines required in.
If I want to camp out for 15 hours a day as I wait for work to trickle in I can make more. :-(
How do you get your required lines if there was no work at DSG or Keystrokes. Is
that a problem with them if there is no work or what do you do.  Thanks!
Precyse - do they allow split shifts and what are the shifts? (sm)

I see they are hiring for 2nd and 3rd shifts.  I know a friend of mine works for a company where as long as over half your shift is in that time frame it is acceptable. 

It says they are hiring for new accounts, might be a good time to make a change. 

Keystrokes does for a few accounts. nm
Keystrokes has a few accounts that use it. nm
Keystrokes PT accounts sm
Hi! We typically assign our PT accounts by location. Our smallest location has about 3 dictators up to our largest location which has about 8 dictators. Discharge summaries are anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes in length and initial evaluations are up to 10 to 11 minutes in length (dictation time). Some of our transcriptionists type on two locations as well, it just depends on the amount of work you are looking for. Ortho experience is also a plus as we can cross-train you on our ortho accounts if that is of interest to you. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

Aimee Carlson
Keystrokes Transcription
Keystrokes has a few accounts w/DQS nm
Keystrokes accounts
Do you happen to know what areas they are needing help in? I am not too happy with the company I am with now and time to move on....
Keystrokes used to for some clinic accounts nm
Does Keystrokes use a security fob for their accounts? nm
Keystrokes oncology accounts

Has anyone started on the 2 new oncology accounts for Keystrokes?  If so, how are they?  Do you like the platform?  Are you able to get good lines?


Keystrokes accounts have more than one platform
Every account has a different platform (it depends on what the client wants to use). Some use ExText (which both of mine do), some Meditech, and some are on other platforms that use a C-phone.
Keystrokes has at least a couple of accounts
that use Chartscript. I worked on it for quite a while and loved it. However, I'm not entirely sure if we're hiring at this moment. It wouldn't hurt to ask, though!
Keystrokes has a lot of old MQ accounts and a lot of 500+ bed hospitals. sm
Not sure if this is the one you are thinking of, but it is very heavy ESL, but only about 75% if even that. I do have to say that once you are used to the Hispanic accent, it's a great account, but it does take time to get used to it.

I know they have a few new accounts starting too, but I don't know much about them as I am not looking to move accounts and have more than enough work now!
For Radiology, try Keystrokes. I know they are hiring on one of my accounts. sm
The hospital just hired KS to do their whole department. I think they will be doing their Med/Surg stuff too.
Vista will not work with Keystrokes accounts
They say right in their ads what operating systems they are compatible with, and they are not compatible with Vista yet. I asked this when I was first hired 6 months ago because I was going to put Vista on my work computer before I started, and they clearly stated that Vista will not work with any of their accounts yet, so I stuck to XP. You were not fired. Your system simply will not work on their accounts. All that you need to do is get a copy of XP somewhere and install that over Vista and you will be all set.
The best place for radiology is by far Keystrokes. There have a lot of rad accounts and sm
I know of a few more that are starting this week and the next few weeks. This would be a good time to check with them. I have worked pretty much everywhere before KS. I have been with them for 2 years now and have steady work, good pay and love my account! My backup accounts are good too but I never have time to work on them.
Keystrokes does not use Emdat for any accounts. I just verified this. nm
Information on Keystrokes Radiology Accounts

I would like to hear from anyone who WORKS at Keystrokes doing their radiology accounts and how it is going for them; i.e. pay, enough work, do you get paid per line/per report.  Thanks so much! 

Doesn't Keystrokes have strictly OP accounts?
I thought they posted not too very long ago for a position that was strictly ops. I don't work there so I don't know first-hand, just sorta recall seeing it on the job seeker's board.

Good luck with that search :-)

Just curious. What program does Keystrokes use on the ortho accounts?
Keystrokes accounts are stable. The company treats every customer
like their only. No accounts have been lost. I have been there for 3-1/2 years. Same accounts plus double since I started.
Is all Keystrokes work done on Lanier or Cphone systems? Do they have any 'net accounts? Thx. nm
Keystrokes-disorganized accounts, broken promises, moody owner
Keystrokes accounts all count the expanders as characters printed with spaces, not the abbreviation.
I have checked it, but we use Shorthand. What are you using?
Keystrokes has great ortho accounts and a wonderful manager over the ortho work. sm
I have worked with them for 4 years and will never leave unless something drastically changes. I do not post here normally as it seems that there are so many negative people, but this is one I felt I could answer without being attacked.
Keystrokes has the best radiology accounts IMO. I have plenty of work and radiology only. nm
I make a good living and rarely run out of work. When I do, it is for a few minutes at a time and usually because the rads have not started early enough. No other complaints!
D&L shifts, etc ...
There are no shifts, that's the good thing. Let's say you have an ortho surgeon and he dictates 3 days a week. He becomes your primary and whenever he dictates, usually you will know what days and everything, you may have 2 day turnaround or just 24 hour turnaround, just depends on the doctor you have. They generally will give you more than one doctor depending on how much work you want. I had 4 doctors. One was every day, 24 hour, another was 3 days a week, 48 hour, another was split between 2 people because he was every day and lots and lots, and they also give you a secondary doctor so you can be backup. It is really flexible cause there are no shifts as long as you get the work back to them in the time frame that you are required to for that particular doctor. I don't think think they deal much with the basic 4, at least not when I worked for them. The only downfall was no direct deposit and cpl. Otherwise, I would recommend that company for flexibility compared to some others.
TT shifts
Yes, shifts are required and you are supposed to complete the whole shift, even if you have already met your minimum line count before it's over. On the other hand, you can make up lines anytime you want. They've been great to me whenever I've need to swap a day or change my shift by an hour or two, etc.
TT shifts:

Here is an excerpt: ****


*** Please do not post company communications.  ***

you can pick from 3 different shifts
10-6, 11-7 or 12-8 and I believe you have to work Tues-Sat or Sun-Thurs. You type and get paid hourly, but you have to do a minimum of 1000 lines a day. That's about it in a nutshell.
yes but you can work 1 of 3 different shifts 10p-6a, 11p-7a, or 12a-8a
also Tues-Sat shifts-nm
Yes, they do allow split shifts,
like the poster below stated, it would still be specific time frame.       
all of the shifts are monitored - sm
What I mean by that is, if your hours are 7-11 and 4-8, and let's say you are on a 3 minute report at 9:45 a.m. and at 10:25 you are still on that report, someone from Diskriter might call your house to see if you are actually working, and they will want to know what is taking so long to do a 3 minute report. They may even ask if you are taking a 15 minute break etc.
There are 2nd and 3rd shifts here working - nm
I'm sick of set shifts as an IC.
THEN getting constant IMs to work when I'm supposed to be 'off'.  If you want me at your beck and call you better be giving me benefits!
Yet the have an ad on this board for ALL shifts?

That almighty TAT -- I have questioned this and questioned this with them, but no answers to my satisfaction.  They always seem to answer the part of the question that they want to answer and dodge the rest.

There has been work disappearing around 9 a.m. -- not just on Mondays!  I thought it was a little strange last week when I noticed by looking at the time the job was dictated that a **chunk** of dictation just like angel dust was gone!

Seems quite selfish of them to leave us with no work, but I guess TT's way of getting their money back from the 25.00 Amex gift certificate that **gave** for MT week!  What a gift that has turned out to be for us MT's out of WORK!


FT 40, PT 20 & hiring for all shifts
I love it here and wish I had made my move earlier!
A question about KS shifts...
Can someone tell me how strict Keystrokes is about their shift times?  For example, 2nd shift technically starts at 3 p.m., but would they consider an earlier start time, such as 1 p.m.?  TIA.
When I was there they ran out on all shifts, so I moved on. NM
No, but they tell you what hours/shifts they
need coverage for.
MDI people who are looking - WMX has an ad for some shifts (sm)

they are USA all the way.  Nice people, pay on time and correct.  Work like anywhere else is on a close TAT, but if you can flex a little you can get your lines in without too much trouble. 

Good luck to you.  Went through this with YOG/MQ/C-Bay - not a pleasant situation.  You feel like your security blanket has been ripped out of your hands. 

Does JLG work in shifts or by production? TIA
How were the schedules set up? Shifts? Flexibility? Thanks! nm
Lots of companies have Sun-Th shifts.
That still gives you 2 days off.  
The inflexibility of set shifts is the only thing (sm)
I don't like, and is why I wanted to work from home. Our original hospital MT dept. used to be very flexible, hours-wise. As time went by they got less and less flexible, and started people on very rigid time schedules. Production did not go up, it went DOWN, and morale was abysmal. I have flexible hours and days, and by being allowed to break up my day as needed, rather than glued to my office chair, I usually end up working 9-10 hours a day, not just 8. So I say, let people work at home, pay a DECENT wage (not a minimum wage or less, like now!), and everyone wins: The MTs, the docs, and the patients.
Wondering about shifts at TransTech -- sm
Can you be part-time there? Do you have certain hours you have to stick to each day and do you get to pick the hours?