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I agree - every major MTSO on this board seems to have the same sm

Posted By: Nony on 2009-09-18
In Reply to: No Work - seektruth

issues ongoing. I've seen multiple company names mentioned (just scroll down) all summer long, so it isn't a situation isolated solely to Webmedx.

I believe it IS the economy, as well as increased volumes going offshore (not at Wmx but the other MTSOs) affecting volumes nationally. There are no companies offering giant hire-on bonuses any more either.

I am also grateful for my job, even if it means flexing around more.

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All the major ones do. Go to Job Seeker's board,
they tell you their benefits.
How do you report an MTSO to the Labor Board - sm

I work for an MTSO that lies about when paychecks are sent out.  We are paid twice a month, on the 15 and the 30 or 31.  When the owner of the company was on vacation, I got my paycheck on time.  Ever since this individual came back, it's the same old s##T all over again. I have heard that this person holds checks until the last minute and it takes around 10 days to get paycheck in hand.  This person blames it on the post office being the worst in the world.  Well, how come during the most busiest time of the year, I got paid on time, when the post offices notoriously are supposed to be slower?  I called the post office over there and was told that I should report this company to the labor board, only how do I do it and retain anonymity?  Any ideas?  I don't want to lose this job YET!  I have something else in the works, but not just yet.  I realize this will probably be hard to prove, too.

Perhaps you know of someone yourself or had this experience yourself that you might be able to share and give some advice.

You, MTSO, should just stop coming to OUR board if you're (NM)
As a MTSO, why would he/she feel the need to come to a public board and complain? Unprofessional in
How does a chat board assist an MTSO with nonpayment issues?
Just asking, not finding the correlation between the two, and clarification would be appreciated for now and the future.
Paleeze.....now an MTSO board is needed. Buisness is businss. Gas station,

How many other types of companies get away with paying when they want, not providing enough work or asking that we give more and more, deciding what accounts and random changes?

I am on my 4th company just trying to find one who will come through on pay, provide somewhere close to the amount of work agreed upon, support for questions, discussion of accounts, etc.  Can't even get a 'good morning'.  Geesh.  If MTSOs ran it like it was a business there would be a lot less conflict. 

Yep, just 1 more opinion.

I never knew that a message board had the strength to negotiate with an MTSO. How cool is that? Who
I agree with MTSO though...
There are a lot of MTs that complain about their jobs.  There is so much bashing in this business that I cannot understand why it goes on so much. It is like we have not gotten past grade school when it comes to our teamwork.  She did this, she did that, etc....It is childish and it goes on so much.  I don't have to tell anyone one of you that.  We all know it.  The MTSO has every right to say what she is feeling. You can share your feelings and still be respected.  I am sure she gets tired of hearing all of the negative things day after day after day.  That is why whenever I find something good out about a company, I post it.   There can never be enough positivity on here.  But this board is good for the listings of the negative so it will keep everyone informed of the companies that are trying to do us wrong.  Don't get mad what the MTSO said.  Just realize things from her point of view, try to respect it (and hopefully she will respect you) and just try to help everyone out with supplying important, truthful information.  We should all work together, MTs and MTSOs, to keep this profession longstanding. 
I agree. I think this MTSO ..
 is on the east coast,  way down south on the east coast.
I have to agree. My MTSO has had a lot of days recently of slow to no work but there is no way I'
jump from the frying pan into the fire. I can't afford to take a chance. Thanks for sharing your situation.
I totally agree MT30 is an MTSO and a bad one probably... one that makes you work sm
for pennies and on Christmas and every weekend even if your kid has a soccer game.
I agree. If you believe this board, there is no
company out there that is decent. This week happens to be Keystrokes' turn to be roasted.
I agree, but tell that to one group on this board, who
I agree..I have been very busy on my account and have not even been on this board (sm)
for 3 days in a row. I am still with KS and very happy.  A couple weeks ago I posted my true feelings about working there because they were true and after the horrors I experienced at Medquist the last year I was there, KS is a refreshing change of pace.  If someone doesn't like the fact that people who work for KS are genuinely happy, don't read the posts about them. I am not a member of management or someone who was coerced to write how I feel about my job.  I have worked for 4 MT companies in the past 15 years and Keystrokes is far and away the best.  I do not like switching companies either so I plan on staying with Keystrokes for the duration of my career.
Agree. I never visit my state's board. I bet a lot of
I agree. A bunch of ugly trolls on the board today who like
trouble. And who obviously aren't typing right now. I just took a break and am back to where they appreciate me. At work for TT!
I agree. The TTer's should have own board. Tired of reading about TT, about how great they are, e
when docs give mtso a check, then mtso pays you?
I have to believe there are some major problems
Some key players resigning and all the messing with wages. Makes you wonder. I have quit so I don't have to worry about it.
Wow, that's a major change.
They used to pay $10.00 per hour for the first 90 days and then put you on production. Yikes.
holidays--major ones. sm

Doesn't matter to me--with all the overtime available at Amphion, it's pretty easy to whittle down using PTO to a couple of hours instead of 7 or 8.  But more importantly to me is that as long as I don't have to work the major holidays that are most important to my family--Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year's--I'm a very happy camper.  I was an IC for a long time before Amphion and was able to take my very first vacation in 5 years last year.

It just depends on what is most important to each individual.   

They are not a major company, to say the least. sm
For a small company like that, that is probably a good starting rate.  Where did you graduate from?  Webmedx takes new graduates for more than that.
I think there is a major flaw
in your thinking when you say something like DRC would allow themselves to be smooth talked by a company. I just think that is a very odd thing to say. On the other hand, go on your merry way - it might mean more work for me! And if speaking intelligently and rationally or seeing a bigger picture makes me sound like management then I guess it's better than sounding like someone who has given up on their job before they even know the reality of what is to come or someone making blanket statements and judgments that do little except invite more of the same. I don't know the future. Acusis may well be the new Evil Empire, but until that is revealed to me personally I opt not to assume it to be the case. I guess optimism is a luxury I have; to each his own. I have no fear of finding work elsewhere with my numbers, I just don't see the need to quit before anything has started.
Sorry - its just that I have a major problem with -
12,000 lines? OMG - what a major RIP-OFF!
Most other companies have a minimum of 5500-6000 lines. How dumb does that company think MTs are? Whatta buncha c__p.
Yep, just one more of the lies. Major
account was VERY unhappy when they found out work was going to India, which is one of the main reason they lost it.  See what it cost them in the end though. 
Yes, the 6 major holidays, but...sm

...usually there is no work at all.  I was told that this depends on the account though.  And your rate is x1-1/2 is paid for work done on the 6 major holidays.

major transition
I just stopped working for them a couple of months ago and there is a lot going on.  It is true that a lot of American QAs lost their jobs, but now the Indian team leads are losing their jobs and they are bringing in all American tead leads and management.  I do not believe they are headed for bankruptcy, but just going through a major transition.
Major Vent - fed up
I have been doing this for 12+ years, and I have decided this is a stupid and impossible profession. An MT should not have to go over and over voice files to hear and understand what at doctor says 3, 4, 5 and 6 times to understand what he is saying. If you do, that means he is not interested in making sure you know and understand.  This really hit me today.  IF a person were talking to you, would you have to ask him to repeat himself over and over again if he really wanted to talk to you?  More so for patient care.  If a doctor actually cared about making sure that the patient's information was accurate, would he take such risks that the person on the other end would not understand what he was saying?
major vent

I especially like the PAs who mumble and don't even know how to pronounce the medications and believe they are actually MDs

major vent
What's really fun is when they spell the really obvious words and then slur the important ones! Gotta love the docs!
Major pay-cut was one of the "shenanigans".

Isn't she an MTSO owner - which MTSO ? Just curious. n/mnn
I agee, but the new accounts are major
They certainly don't want the new MTs they hired to change their mind, so a mighty nice incentive to stick around. I agree compensation should be offered, but at least we will have more work than we know what to do with once the new hospitals get their technical problems fixed.
like I said below major abuse of power
only 2 account coordinators worth their salt, if they cake walked into their position they are on a power trip and don't know what in beans they are doing, QA is just a mess that is pathetic esp. the upper crust there.
They lost some major accounts, one to
voice recognition and the other was overflow work but still it's gone. THey are hoping site 120 and the clinics that go with it do not work out with voice recognition since a lot of the docs were hard.
After 18+ years I'm suffering MAJOR

burnout and my production has suffered, but I still am able to support myself and my family (My DH works so I don't have to, though I have been sole support in the past).  I am not a job hopper.  I was with one company 13 years and only left because they lost the account I worked on and I didn't want to do clinic work.  I've been with my current company almost 7 years, so things were different then.  I do make more than most MTs, though I haven't had a raise in 5 years and a few benefits have been taken away.    This past Sunday Parade magazine did a series on what people make and I make almost twice what a medical secretary was making (and I don't work 24/7 either).   

I won't say my company's name because they aren't hiring and haven't hired in about 2 years, simply because there isn't any turnover. 


after each major upheaval through the last few years...
their numbers of MT have dwindled.  For people just starting out its probably okay because you do not have anything else to compare it to. Like what used to be there is no longer. You can't judge until you walked in someone else's shoes. 
Major turnover with new pay scale...
hmm...I wonder why!
I work for them - no major complaints
Take the negatives with a grain of salt... they have been very fair with me and *never* miss a payperiod.

it is major medical coverage at best
affordable maybe
I'm not management - major staffing changes and

growth just in the last week alone - all for the better.  Just be patient and it'll be worth your while.   You won't be disappointed.     I'd give it another day or two and call them just to follow up. 

Keystrokes is the best so far in my long and varied career! 

Yes there is a major backlog on that account
I understand some of their major accounts are going to VR.. sm
so you may want to reconsider applying.
I understand some of their major accounts are going to VR.. sm
so you may want to reconsider applying there.
The major companies in my area
They announce the lay-offs, which is what usually makes the news, but then employees continue to work for 60 days.
major mixed messages!
I think Larry must have left that one out in the conference I was in yesterday. It is hard to know if issues are purposefully being clouded (so we don't leave right away) or if like you say, they just really don't know. I would like know to the truth about whether CB, DJ, etc did only find out a few days ago. I guess ultimately it really doesn't matter does it.

Yes, and even if they are saying IC and SE are available, you are right, everything is followed with the foreseeable future disclaimer, or I think or I believe. I know with MQ, eventually SE gave way to IC which gave way to total employee no choice, stay or go. .... ....
Nice people, but they need a major upgrade.
Shortage of work has been a MAJOR complaint....
with all 4 MTs that I know who work at MDI.  We are all trying to stay loyal to them, but it seems as though no one is listening and they just keep hiring!!  If you have work, you should be counting your blessings, but it is only fair to let those people seeking employment at MDI to know what a lot of us are experiencing. 
not a major company - woman owned
around 100 employees but not positive
major lack of communication, which is nice if you...sm
want to be left alone, but sometimes you need an answer to your question. Work load is like a roller coaster, up and down, which makes it hard to make line counts.