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I agree - mine used to be on Yahoo IM all the time (sm)

Posted By: Ex-Slave on 2009-04-29
In Reply to: right on. My ROM won't even answer her phone or - lilac

my supervisor AND team lead, plus a couple QA people....now, NONE of them are on or at least they are not showing....guess they are hiding from all the questions.

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Just am glad I was able to get mine in time
I started back doing the same hospital after 1 company lost and I had no idea where it went - thank goodness at that time we were able to ask and I did get the same hospital I have now worked for for about 20 years. I think again you are being overbearing on these rules. Privacy is 1 thing but your rules are too much. It does not hurt at all to ask so a person can find a certain place they worked for in the past. I will pass on the information you have barred.
That is your opinion,not mine. So we will have to agree to disagree.
Don't have mine yet either...agree with above post about company going downhill..sm
A constant lack of work since November.  One day we are working and then the next day we are told to sign off because of no work and to not sign in until they tell us. In total since November I have missed 17 days due to no work.  That is a lot of money for me.  Hard to get another job because I need my insurance.
Mine took about that long and the pedal and stuff came in about that time frame sm
BUT I live in the God-forsaken WILDERNESS! By the time the bills show up here they are already late. Only thing I ever get on time is my paycheck.
Exactly. Gave mine up years ago. Waste of time & money.
mine called during a time I had NOT given; then emailed with No Answer, So Go On-Line And Test;
Agree with this. Some lucky ones have great accts. Mine were awful, so I left. nm
Someplace we are actually allowed to be PROUD to say we celebrate Christmas??!!!! Isn't that Un-American???!!!!!!! After all, don't we have to be SO politically correct that we don't stand up for anything we believe in anymore, for fear we might offend someone??!!!!!
you certainly can at least on yahoo and MSN i think - nm
It is on Yahoo
Just go to Yahoo, sign up, and they will have to approve you
Thank you so much. I just finished 2 hours in that other hospital and only typed 223 lines. I know when I'm in my regular hospitals it will get better and I will put out the money for IT. Someone before said I can combine my Smartype with it and if that's true, that'll be a big help. I'm also hoping the sound quality for my hospital will be better. It's pretty good in the Cottage. The DQS hospital I'm been typing is the pitts. Again, thank you for your help and your link. It is all greatly appreciated.
See? I'm not the only bright one!
get over it - get yourself a yahoo or hotmail
TT needs to get their own Yahoo Group or something
TransTech is such a good company so when the least thing goes wrong they immediately hop on here and announce it to the universe. It's called making adjustments, people.

If you can't handle it FIND ANOTHER JOB and stop taking over this board with the same old sad song every day.
Yahoo group
A Yahoo group for Landmark MTs for support, discussion, and friendship has been created! Send me an email for the address to join.

I know with Yahoo you can save messages
to your computer.  You would have to play around to find it, but I know it's there because I can see all of my past msgs and they are time/date stamped.
did not receive yahoo request sm
can you resend it as I did not get it.  You have my yahoo email there right?  I will be back in about 2 hours adn will check for it again then.  thanks so much!!
Question about the TT Yahoo Group
I'm relatively new and did join the Yahoo group, but I haven't had a chance to check it out yet. What goes on; is it just posting Q&A's, is there a chat room, or how exactly does it work?

TT Haters, please don't bother to respond...I'm just asking for info on the Yahoo group. I have my own opinion of TT and don't want to hear your opinion if it's negative.
I totally agree, your story is mine and lots, and lots of others, please
believe me when I say Keystrokes has been honest like we used to have in this profession. If I can help one Transcriptionist avoid what we have, this will all be worth it. I worked parttime for Keystrokes at the time I was fulltime with ____ and quit, 2 years later I begged them to take me back after once again my paycheck was cut in half, and they did with open arms. I don't mean to run down anyone but a lot of these transcription companies are getting obscenely rich while paying below minimum wage to transcriptionists, playing with dictation and after working for a couple of them you know who is honest and who is not. Sorry I came down so hard but the reality is there are single mothers out there that I bet cry themselves to sleep not able to give their children a decent life because it is easier to steal from us. When companies have millions of dollar to pay for other transcription companies, open transcription schools in other countries, ect., ect., you know there is a lot of money in it. That is all I am saying.
Your "supervisors" are on yahoo IM talking to you from India..
Sounds fun..NOT!!!! they will harass you to work.. and do not understand English like NO....
You can find it with a search on Yahoo groups
Search yahoo groups for TransTech...
and you will see the instructions to sign up. I believe you need to provide part of your employee number, and it will give you instructions on the things you cannot post, i.e., hospital names, compesation, etc.
One request, please -- all you Transtech cheerleaders go to your Yahoo board

Why are you showing up here tonight.  GO where you belong!

Most of the positive posts about TT and VR are mgmt posts;  they always do this, but you other cheerleaders/favorites, go to your new Yahoo Board and leave us along who don't want to work for LESS MONEY.

By the way, I have done VR with TT and HORRIBLE.  I can't make even close to the money I can with normal transcription. 

VR is more money in the pockets of TT execs.  Not in the MT's wallets.

MT's at TransTech have a Yahoo Group that all the cheerleads/plants can go to
They usually hang out there on that Yahoo group board, but see that they are needed to cheer on this Company Board right now due to the uproar going on at TT.
TT had a private group on yahoo and they verified membership
by using the last 3 digits of their employee number.
Certainly giving your employee ID limits your ability to talk freely on the TT board, so it is not used much; however, since many of you are probably transitioning out of MDI, it wouldn't prohibit open conversation too much.

They're not listed on MTD's Companies list. Maybe do a Yahoo search? nm
I agree. Pay always on time.
I agree. And when it comes my time to die and I have to
at least I will have tried my best here on this earth. Wondering if some people plan to tell God that He needed to suck it up too... Can you imagine if God said that to us? He had the right to tell us to suck it up and go to Hades!
I agree 100%! I definitely think it's time to break them down! nm
I agree 10 minutes isn't much time. You never
know what might be THE job.  Precyse lied to me too and did the IM thing the whole time, which I felt was very unprofessional.  Fortunately for me I found out they lied to me very quickly and turned down their offer, though was so unimpressed with them I'm sure I would have turned them down even before I found out they were lying to me.  The fact that they offshore was also a major factor. 
Agree, everyone should keep appointments on time. nm

Have to agree. Tax time hits companies, too.
Agree! Been around a long time, and the work I see SM
coming in from overseas (in general,any foreign country)needs extensive editing. The medical terminology is not so much the issue, but rather the poor grasp of our language. The reports produced from my experience are quite an embarrassment to those in this profession who have worked very hard over the years. I can decipher a report typed by an ILP vs. an American MT the second I look at it. I have quit editing and refuse to edit reports typed by overseas MTs in the future. I decided that I will not be an enabler to fix the mess that comes in so a company can come out smelling like a rose. Give the work to those of us who have the years of experience and education in MT at a fair wage, and in the long run it will be cheaper, with little to no editing would be necessary. Hello? It does not take a rocket scientist to figure this out. I know, it never will be like the good old days, but we can only hope that some form of restriction will be implemented to keep companies from outsourcing our citizens' personal medical information overseas. We can only hope!
I agree...if they can't even tell you what you are producing every day time to move on...
good luck...
I so agree. Worked w/them for short time sm
and one of the worst experiences of my career.  Too many things to list.  Horrid.
Agree. Don't waste your time buying
Word 2003 if you don't have it.  They say lots of work and then there is nothing.  Also check any QA you get back very carefully as I don't think the QA lady knows what she is doing and she also has an extremely condescending attitude if you have a question.   I learned quickly to not ask since I didn't appreciate being talked to like I was 10 years old.  I wasted my money on Word 2003 and I wished I hadn't.
Agree. Don't waste your time buying
Word 2003 if you don't have it.  They say lots of work and then there is nothing.  Also check any QA you get back very carefully as I don't think the QA lady knows what she is doing and she also has an extremely condescending attitude if you have a question.   I learned quickly to not ask since I didn't appreciate being talked to like I was 10 years old.  I wasted my money on Word 2003 and I wished I hadn't.
Agree with above poster, time to move on. sm
If they aren't returning your calls now and ignoring you, imagine what it would be like if you worked for them?
I'll agree with Gourdpainter any old time
going to tell me what to say, or where I can say it. If they don't like our American freedoms, they should pack up and move the whole operation to India, Iran, Pakistan, or mainland China, where they belong.
I bet you 1 million $$ you won't find one on mine. Mine is
2 years old and it does not have a 9-pin serial port, nor does it have a game port.   I have used both ports on other computers so I know what both ports look like.  I also have a company provided computer and it does have the ports on it. 
I have to agree. I have been with MQ for a very long time and things just keep getting worse and
worse. I can imaging this new pay plan that is such a guarded secret will not be to our advantage that is for sure unless you are willing to work 24/7/365 which is what they expect now to make money. You are constantly jumping from account to account and ASR has picked the good dictators out so it is a constant string of mushmouths left that ASR cant understand, etc. etc.
I totally agree 100% .... couldnt have said it better myself. Waste of time here
I agree with the above poster. It is bad business to not pay your employees on time. I mean ....
after all, when was the last time you were able to tell your credit card companies, mortgage company etc.. hey, I am supposed to pay your bill on the 15th but it might be later than that, or may not at all. I mean GET REAL. Do these transcription companies not realize you have obligations too and you need to be paid on time. I think so...but they dont pay you..because they can. I would call them and them you want your check by Monday or you will take action, and once I had my check, SO LONG DEADBEATS. You deserve to be be paid.
agree! and when you point the finger at others? time for therapy.
I agree, the nonanswer about time clock was important to me too. NM

I have to agree here. Been in this biz for long time - amazing to see that every MT is owed somethi
I agree with Denise...I have also only been at Keystrokes for a shor time but I love it...it already

beats the company I was with before, and I was with them for a year-and-a-half...I can see if someone wanted an opinion about a company and you had a bad experience to share, but not just to get on here and say how horrible a company is...move on and good luck....

I agree with the above poster. Two months?? Wow.. time to move on.. Can you say jacking you around..
I knew you could..
I agree. I am only part time so far, but I love it. The platform is easy, and sm

the people are great.  I feel very fortunate to have stumbled onto them.

I'd have to agree with the testing of 6 voice files. Turned me off. Who has time to spend doing a
of those tests... I need a job not a day of testing.
Here, here, I agree. At one time, I was even accussed of holding MY templates hostage. Templates