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mine called during a time I had NOT given; then emailed with No Answer, So Go On-Line And Test;

Posted By: I said I'm no longer interested. n/m on 2007-12-23
In Reply to: To Recruiter below - mt47mtmm


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per his request I told him Time To Call, he called Not That Time, emailed me
If you emailed the one who called you
management, then apparently you were the one who posted as 'Going Thru'. Either that, or you supposedly emailed the wrong person and are confused because the poster called 'Going Thru' management.
Mine was emailed to me.

She just set up a time to send it to me and then I worked on it for 60 minutes and set it back.  It did take a couple days from when I was hired to get set up on the first account.

The pay rate isn't fantastic but not bad for an employee position.  I was offered less/the same for IC positions.

Can't seem to get on it. Emailed, no answer.
I emailed them to test about a year ago but
The test was on a tape, or you needed a C-phone or something. If a company doesn't keep up with technology it sounds kind of rinky dink to me.
Geesh. They just emailed me tell me that I hadn't taken the test yet..duh
Totally ignored the content of my e-mail asking for details.  Well, this at least gave me a second chance to ask.  Maybe now they will share the line rate with me.  Who knows?  I am certainly not holding my breath. 
mine called right at 15-minute mark
Isn't that weird? I gave mine the heads up, too, and no one ever called!!
Which I wished I had known, or I would never have given the heads up! Ha!! 
The last 3 I applied for called ALL of mine! I did give 'em a head's up, tho'. :) nm
I emailed, line rate was low for IC status
7-8 cpl for IC
I recently emailed asking for lowest to highest line rate sm
it was toooo low 7.5
I emailed and asked. Said it was 65-character line with spaces or black and white.
clear as mud.
75 characters per line?? Today I called about a job
and the pay started at 7.5 cents a line ----- but 75 characters per line.  Has anybody heard of that before?  The job is acute care with high amount of ESLs.  What will they think of next? 
Did my time with that place and they called me
with stats 3 years after I quit. I know people there who are floundering, most work is sent overseas, some company named C-Bay or something.  They cut out p.r.n. people, cut part-timers to like 20 hours a month, etc.  I'd stand on the street corner with my dress hiked up before I'd consider that place. 
they called me one time 9 months after I had quit
still just as disorganized as ever
Just am glad I was able to get mine in time
I started back doing the same hospital after 1 company lost and I had no idea where it went - thank goodness at that time we were able to ask and I did get the same hospital I have now worked for for about 20 years. I think again you are being overbearing on these rules. Privacy is 1 thing but your rules are too much. It does not hurt at all to ask so a person can find a certain place they worked for in the past. I will pass on the information you have barred.
it's called meeting turnaround time, as a team. NM
Yes, several times and did not get an understandable answer except that is where you get your line c
I agree - mine used to be on Yahoo IM all the time (sm)
my supervisor AND team lead, plus a couple QA people....now, NONE of them are on or at least they are not showing....guess they are hiding from all the questions.
Took a long time for me. They called after I had accepted and started another job, so about 2 months
MDI-Maryland is an excellent company, pay on time all the time, great line rate.
I left also because I went out and got my own client(s).
They are very nice people.

The only negative I can think of were the e-mails from the owner say work, work, work, we are out of TAT.

Other than that, which is very minor, it was a good experience.
MDI-MD: What are daily line requirements for full-time/part-time? Thanks! nm
How long does the MQ on-line test take? Does it
Thank you for taking the time to answer
I am very interested in finding a QA job - how/where do you find a job doing this with no experience doing QA? What would be a fair hourly rate?
For the record . . . I did take the time to answer
your question below. See Not uncommon . . . I even took the time to go through some notes I made while interviewing for jobs back in the late fall.
Mine pays both ways, hourly plus line incentive over certain amount.
Several months ago a company called Charts in Time (CIT) hired some MTs off here. Just wondering how
it turned out for those MTs as I turned it down and wondered if I should have taken the job. Thanks.
Honestly gals. Don't waste your time of this nonsensical so called "dictation."

Execuscribe On-Line Test Score
Hi! I just tested with Execuscribe yesterday and recieved a score of 88%. Does anyone know if this is a passing score?  Thanks!!
I finally went on line to their site and took the test...sm
Then I heard the next day. Didn't accept their offer as pay was too low and I was looking for a different platform. Good luck!
I finally went on line to their site and took the test...sm
Then I heard the next day. Didn't accept their offer as pay was too low and I was looking for a different platform. Good luck!
Thank you for taking the time to answer me! Much appreciated! nm
No time to answer her email, but apparently
time to hang here on this board, LOL.
Mine took about that long and the pedal and stuff came in about that time frame sm
BUT I live in the God-forsaken WILDERNESS! By the time the bills show up here they are already late. Only thing I ever get on time is my paycheck.
Exactly. Gave mine up years ago. Waste of time & money.
Thank you Rennie - I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions. sm

But - all I can get is dial-up in my area.  Also I cannot work weekends due to family obligations, but I appreciate the information and most of all your time in getting it to me.


Me, too! The last time I took an oral test sm
the recruiter called so early in the morning that she woke me up. I had to whiz like a racehorse, was half asleep, and had not had my cup of tea. Got all correct without references. Shouldn't we KNOW our stuff WITHOUT CHEATING? Geeze. Many of us have had to/will have to transcribe reports under stress (stats), that we should ALL be able to do an oral test over the phone. Shame on you for advising people to cheat.

Also...do you have to clock out any time you leave the computer, i.e. to answer the door, go to the
Don't waste your time. Took a ridiculous test
Absurd. The test had so many holes in it, with areas where more than one answer could apply. It was ridiculous. And, I'm not a newbie - been doing this for 15+ years. I am now working IC for two companies, loving it. You can try it if you want, but I think the test was crazy.
I got 100% on the phone interview, and thought the on-line test was easy, but they still didn't h
Time to jump in here. Some MTs test well, interview well, only put references on there
that are perfect and basically SUCK when it comes right down to it.
The only time I tried to apply at Diskriter I had to take a transcription test and it was horrible.
The sound quality was so bad that I just could not take the test. Even though I have 14 years of experience in acute care, they would not hire me because I could not do the transcription test. I would have been happy with just a written, or even a transcription test with better sound quality. I wonder how many people were put off by that. Maybe it was just me.
Even so, it is very unprofessional and rude to not reply back when someone took the time to test!!

I applied at Webmedx, took test, passed, and they said no to my part-time schedule.
Maybe call and ask before you waste your time like I did.
Usually a spelling test, a punctuation test, and maybe 3-6 test files to do. Sometimes done using
TT management does not answer questions that you ask them; only answer those they want to answer.

I know, work for a long time and tried asking questions, but they just beat around the bush and don't answer the true question that you presented to them.

Maybe it is kite flying weather where you are !!!

Be patient and you will see over time your line counts will (sm)
pick up. You are doing much different work now than you were with your PT clinic account. In the long run your efforts will pay off. Just be sure that the line counting program they are using is accurate and there are no hidden surprises. I don't like the idea that you don't get paid for header information. That is crazy.
Part-time line requirements
I am an IC thinking of changing to a larger national part time as an employee. But as an IC, I have no idea how the line requirments work? If I am a part-time employee working 20 hours a week and I don't meet my line requirements, am I allowed to work extra hours?  
No but they skim line counts big time
Line count for full time
I will look up my contract today and get back to you on it. However, you can always call there, they would be glad to answer questions. But, I will write again with the number which I had on my contract (remember, I was an IC last year, it could have changed).
The only time I don't make my line count
it is my own fault for wasting time, surfing the net, etc. It's always my fault. Even when we had a dry spell with work trickling in I still hopped on when most people weren't working and I still made my required count for the pay period.