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I am apparently being stiffed by a woman in Virginia for vacation coverage work I did. sm

Posted By: LTMT on 2009-07-23
In Reply to:

I am not sure where I go from from here.  She told me that she would pay me for invoices from 06/26 and 07/11 on 07/22 (yesterday).  When I emailed her and asked her to verify that she had indeed paid me, she read the email (you can check on AOL) and did not respond.  It is only $338, but in my world right now, that is a lot of money to lose.  I blame myself because I broke one of my rules by working for someone who did not have direct deposit, and also by waiting for over a month to get my first check.  She did pay that one, but I am thinking now it was only because she still needed me to continue working to finish out her vacation coverage. 

I suppose I can file a small claims suit, although I thought someone told me that you have to go to that state to file.  She's in Virginia and I am in Colorado.  I have a friend in that area, so perhaps he could do the preliminary leg work for me for that.  I was also going to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.  I thought of contacting her clients to let them know that although she is paid for her services, she does not pay others, but I am not sure if that is legal or not. 

I am a bit frustrated -- mad at myself for trusting her -- and scared too because I was counting on the money.  Any ideas? 


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Vacation Coverage - IC
I work as an IC also, and I'm taking a few days off in just a few weeks. I let them know a month ahead of time. I'm the only one working for this company (very small) and she won't hire anyone else, so they know what they're in for when I'm gone. I don't know what they're going to do because they always had another girl for back up. The only bad thing I'll have more work than I can handle when I come back. I'm not sure how other companies handle the situation.
question about IC and vacation coverage pls sm
I was under the impression that as an IC I am not responsible for finding vacation or sick coverage for accounts; that would be up to the company I am contracted with (no written contract, just verbal but don't flame me it's worked for 4 years now).  What do other ICs do when they want to take time off (a foreign concept, I know I know)? Do you find your own coverage or let the company who has the accounts handle it?  This company has flip flopped so much - at one time we had to have our own coverage, another time we got major slapped for doing so as the accounts were theirs and they would handle coverage, and now seems to be swinging back to find your own or don't take vacay.  TIA.
We apparently don't have the same coverage
I have been charged the deductible for office visits, which was a surprise to me when it happened. Also, many medications are $50 per co-payment.

If you are healthy and don't need it, I guess it's good insurance. If you use it, you pay a LOT out of pocket and now it will be worse.
Any with MDI that work on the Northern Virginia hospital accounts?
I work for one of the other services and received some disturbing news this week.  Just want to verify what I was told is true.  Please email. 
Sounds like the woman I used to work for. She is not located in -sm
NJ by chance. If so, things will not improve. Start looking for another job ASAP. I know it sucks for you right now but I found another job and I am making more $$ and I have a lot less stress. I too, hated the thought of going through finding another job, liked the accounts I typed and so forth. Good luck to you. I hope you ended up better off down the road.
Oops..sorry..Apparently, it's not Transcend's fault, it's the hospitals. Apparently, they d
that we were being overpaid so they changed the way our lines are counted. We will no longer get paid for footers, headers etc,and who knows what else they took out, although we still have to make sure they are all correct and make the appropriate changes and put in information.
anyone know of overflow or vacation work available?
I work 2 jobs that I love, but both of them are 2-3 times a month and average 100 minutes of dictation at a time.  I rather like the nature of this work as it is given to and I usually have 2-3 days to complete it.  I have lots of experience--ER, other hospital (except ops), psychiatric hospitals and offices (which I loved!), specialty clinics of all types--it's just that I really don't want to give up the 2 jobs that I already have and love, so I would like more of the same kind of thing.  I thought overflow or filling in for vacations would be a good option, if I could find it.  Anyone know of anything like this?  I am considered an excellent Transcriptionist by all whom I've worked for. 
Do all companies require you to work 1 year before you can take vacation?

Meaning you are an employee, of course.  Just wondering if there is any hope out there.  If you start with a company and it turns out horrible, then you have to start all over again, waiting for another year to go by.  I don't want to wish my life away!!

Thanks everyone!

Well apparently you don't have much work lately
I work there and things apparently have changed since you were there.
Not all the people you named are still there nor is the dental plan Delta. It is Guardian. Insurance is excellent.

Now, they hire employees and not ICs. They do that for a reason. They can better schedule and meet TATs that way. I think employee status warrants meeting your hours, but what I do know is that they do allow some flexibility and if you need it, all you need to do is say it as long as it is not 12-hr flexibility. If you have to run out and get the kids, tell them.

This company is a good company. The people are quite nice. Their QA staff is good. They do follow the BOS to a tee.

It's a personal choice, but if someone did not at least check them out, I think they are missing out. They are very good. Best QA staff I have ever worked with.
Apparently, they undercut because they have MTs who work for free and the hospitals had to pay them.
I know people didnt intend on working there for free but it sounds like too many MTs didnt get paid.
apparently didn't work so well, that check she sent bounced! DMF!
Just because everyone is getting stiffed does not
No one has been STIFFED yet.
It is not good that are checks are late but no one has been STIFFED yet. 
being stiffed
You know I work as an IC for a company right now that has no direct deposit but since October (when I started) I have been getting my checks regularly so they are not all bad. Some people really pay you when they are supposed to. Kudos for my company!! However, I did work for a woman very local to me and was my friend or at least thought was my friend. And she was always late on checks, saying you don't get paid until I get paid she would go on vacation and I think use our money because paychecks were always late when she went on vacation. Now I eventually did get paid and stayed on for 4 years because I needed the money at that time; however, she has lost most of her good accounts because she was as lax about sending in the reports as she was about sending out paychecks. She thought we were all her friends and she still harasses me to this day (I was let go in January because she lost her major account and she never gave me the 60 days notice as stated in the contract). The company did not give it to her so in turn she could not give it to me, which only makes her as bad as them, truly no integrity at all. But the really bad thing is 1099 and W2 are to be postmarked for the last day of January. She would either hand deliver them so there was no postmark and late into February so you could not turn her in or the postmark was late. She is one evil, evil woman and apparently there are a lot of them out there. So sorry about what happened to you too.
Apparently, they have contracted with India to work some accounts as they are getting paid less on
these accounts. Obviously, labor is cheaper in India. So, they have to send the work where they can afford to. I know I'm done with them. Pretty soon, there will be no jobs left because these hospitals apparently want cheap labor. You get what you pay for is all I am saying.
Redundant Message -- Also stiffed by TTS
Worked for TTS for a few weeks in March, had a gut instinct to quit after that short time. They have never paid me 1 cent since March. I kept emailing the owner nice messages, thought maybe they were ticked because I quit. Apparently not. Today, after seeing these post it's sickening to see that so many other MTs have had trouble with this bunch, that this has apparently been a chronic MO for them. (I too received emails about problems with payroll and turned off IM.) And, I thought for the past months I was being singled out for some reason when I quit working for them the end of March. Had I not come to the boards today I'd have thought it was me. Have never been stiffed by a service before. Very strange feeling. And, what they demand you learn with the account specs in like 24 hours to become productive. Joke of jokes. I would just die if this was my company's reputation. I've written it off--guess they just hope people will go away and quit asking. Sadder but wiser MT in Indiana.
Until money is in hand, yes, we have been stiffed.
I feel for you OldMT and stiffed.
Sorry to hear about your stories of betrayal by supposed friends.  How do these people live with themselves and look in the mirror in the morning?  Probably because they do not have a conscience -- or are in me first mode.  I had a friend with whom I worked for almost 10 years at the county hospital.  I really thought she was loyal to me and a good friend for a long time, but then one day a co-worker took me aside and said that Theresa had been talking with the boss about me.  She overheard part of the conversation and said that Theresa was reporting what I did on weekend shift when bosses were gone.  Also repeating some sort of inflammatory comments I had made about people in the office.  Shortly after that I retired, which was planned on my part, not suggested by administration.  Anyway Theresa has never called me since I left.  I am not sure what hurts worst, being stiffed for money owed by a friend or total betrayal by someone who you thought was a friend.  This really hurt me to the core and I kind of lost my faith in humanity in general.  But then I realized that Theresa was really a very troubled person and most of her family relationships were troubled and full of conflict.  She did not even like her own daughter, so how could she be loyal to a friend???   This has helped me a little to accept what happened. 
If you live in Virginia, then take the job because then you
could go directly to his office and DEMAND your paycheck (I am being sarcastic). This man is notorious for not paying his employees.
MedScribe LLC in Virginia
Thinking about applying with them.  Does anyone know anything about them?  Platform, reliability of pay and how often paid, IC or employee?
Anyone have info on LTS, Inc. out of Virginia
Looking for anyone who has had experience with this company to provide information. Thinking about applying, but would like to hear opinions first. Thanks!
Please, I need info on MTA in Virginia
MTA = Medical Transcription Associates in Virginia. Does anybody have experience dealing with this company? Good or bad ? Which platform do they use? How much do they pay? Any other info? I sure hope someone out there knows something. You can also send me an email. Thank you!!
I live in Virginia and have never heard of them ..
What city are they in?
Medical Transcription Associates of Virginia anyone?
I have not been successful in finding out any info on this company.  Can anyone help?  TIA!!!
Anyone ever heard of Smith Venture and Co out of Virginia?? (sm)
would appreciate any info on here or you can e-mail me.  Thanks.
The job is on a different job site. Google the company name + Virginia, and hopefully
Virginia Professional Transcription Services

Has anyone hear of this company?  If so, could you please share info on them?  TIA.

Anyone have any information about or experience with Virginia Professional sm

Transcription Services?  Pay on time, plenty of work, etc ... anything appreciated.


escribe solutions virginia beach - NOT THE INDIA ONE

I have an in-house interview tomorrow - anyone heard of or worked for this company?  I have been an in-house Transcriptionist making an hourly wage - so this work at home thing is new to me - I don't know anything about what I should accept if I get offered the job - can anyone school me?  ha ha  I don't want to get screwed, but I don't know what the average is for pay, lines per day/week, etc.  It's like a foreign language.  Also I don't want to take the job to work at home and spend a lot of time doing it and make no money.

Anyone have recent info on Cymed in Virginia? Oldest posts are from 09/2005- TIA

We know they get easier after a while; the woman would just like
Truckdriver woman? LOL
You must have seen the ad that has the woman with the child on her lap - sm
That's a joke. All the pictures show the moms with the kids on their laps transcribing away. DOES THIS SEEM REALISTIC TO YOU?? But yet, people fall for it! I have been doing this for 15 years and make $62,000, but I PAID MY DUES AND WORKED MY BUTT OFF to get there. I worked in a hospital with others around me to help me out, when I was confident I left and worked at home, now I'm doing my own thing.
This is hogwash. This woman
took the time to give a thorough interview. She worked with me when I needed help on their website and made herself available by phone as late as midnight when I had a problem with something on the website. Not many recruiters will take the time as this woman has done and I applaud her for that. I also know that she bent over backwards for me answering all my questions. I was referred to her by another applicant who received the same treatment from her that I did. These types of things are the very reason why I do not listen to most of what is said on these boards. I find out for myself but I know the type of treatment I received as well as a fellow MT.
A woman who went crazy
Keep in mind that I am old. Back many decades ago, in the early 70s, I worked in a large teaching hospital and we had just gotten those self-correcting Selective typewriters which at the time were all the rage. One of our MTs, a woman who had never been too stable a person, had had enough of a terrible dictator one day and she stood up, picked up her typewriter (they were heavy!) and threw it against the wall, thereby earning herself a free trip to the psychiatric ward upstairs. That happened 40 or so years ago and I have never forgotten it. On its face it sounds funny, but it was really sad. I wonder whatever happened to her......
So who is? That Parrot woman?

No, it's not the Parrot Woman... SM
If you work at Acusis, the CEO sent you a Christmas card... But if I mention his name, I'll be banned from MTStars (again).

The Parrot Person is VP in charge of... what? wage cuts?
A GROWN woman?
Don't make me laugh! You attacked the OP with tons of gender-based insults about a person YOU know nothing about - only that that person would prefer a schedule that did not REQUIRE every weekend.

You ARE NOT grown, whether you are a woman or a man.

the woman contacted me last year to see if I was -
interested in training for this. It is quite expensive, but yet seemed legitimate. At the time I was already overwhelmed with my own work and accounts and just never got into it. Basically scoping is just learning how to read a stenographer's notes and then you would "transcribe" them. My understanding is that stenographers differ from each other with the way they take "notes" so you would have to adjust to each stenographer.

But some stenographers/court reporters will dictate their notes onto a tape and send them to someone to transcribe.
Geez. Pay the woman if she worked for you. nm
You mean the woman who took her time to walk me
through a problem at midnight one night? She spent her time helping me at their website and she did not have to do that. You call that hateful?

You people are too much.
I know who "this woman" is, but who is her lackey? sm
I thought she did it all. Thanks.
Just guessing but it might be the woman who owns KS??
But people here are posting this woman's name!
You did 100s of reports in a day? What are you, wonder woman? nm
He-Man Woman Hater's Club?
ah, old joke.
You-Lose-Ski, Parrot Woman, etc
Mr. You-Lose-Ski is no longer CEO but he is still heavily involved financially in the company.  The new CEO rhymes with Slave Driver minus a few letters and is good buddies with You-Lose-Ski and they used to work together - You-Lose-Ski said that in the meeting where he announced he was leaving. Day to day stuff such as pay cuts is handled by Parrot Woman and her counterpart in India whose first name rhymes with Maybe.
To the woman who asked me about Keystrokes... sm
Your email addy didn't work.  I keep getting an error message when I try to reply.  I can't locate the original post the question was generated from.  If you'd like to try and email me again that'd be great.
Neither honey. Just a grown woman
who does her job and doesn't act like a child who doesn't get her way. Hmm, maybe that's why I can get my lines in during a regular 40 hour week and don't have to whine and complain about every single thing that doesn't suit me. This board has become the poor me, feel sorry for me, I hate my company but I have no guts to go somewhere else or learn something new board.
yes, a woman is perceived (esp. by men) how she presents herself...nm