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I cannot say enough good things about Keystroke, not just one month but years

Posted By: Movin' on on 2007-03-02
In Reply to: do you know what part-time hours are - need part-time

I remember when they were having growing pains and I was with another company and saw them on this board. Lee even got on to defend her company. At least she cared and nothing but good things have happened to this company. She still cares. Recently complaints were of running out of work and needing secondaries, and high insurance. She contacted all MTs and has been working on and from what I understand is correcting all that. She is a hands on owner and appears to deeply care for the Transcriptionist even though she cannot see our faces.

All of my posting is from hands on experiences and if for 2 years I can say this is where I want to retire after all the other companies I have had to go through, I am only trying to help and not post pie in the sky hoopla to rope anyone in. This is a down to earth, straight shooting company that I am sure is in it for profit but deeply cares for the transcriptionists who work for her and not make that profit while we eat 69 cent pot pies because our pay checks are so crummy. it takes time even for a good transcriptionists to get familiar with a new account but if the dictation is fairly distributed (I mean first in, first out, unless other arrangements are made between you and the company) then there is hope and a chance to make a living. I don't think it is fair to complete with your team leaders for dictation because they will always win and you will be left with what they do not want as they have dictation goals too with some nationals along with supposedly helping you. That is my 2 cents.

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No, things definitely have not improved. I left a month ago
and really wish I had listed to the posters on here.
If things are still the same, the owner is great, but you wait a month for your first check ... sm

and the pay is rather low ..... it was by character count ... amounted to about 7-1/2 cpl.... but the work was easy, clinic stuff.  I have no idea what she pays for VR, though.   She is a professional and good to work for.


Good luck!

No. Expect good things, and good things will come
Things are not good there now. Think only hiring for 2nd and 3rd shiifts. Good luck. nmx
I just left there last month after 2 years -
I had been really happy with my job until about last November. I finally even applied for and received unemployment. Not only was my line count down from 20,000 a pay period to sometimes 7000-8000, but that also meant my line rate of pay was down because of their tiered schedule. It did not seem to matter how much I asked or complained about the work and begged for more, there was always an excuse.
Been here about a month, but worked for them 3 years ago and never should have left.
I left the first time cuz DH (now my EX-DH) was less then cooperative to say the least.

I LOVE it here.
About 1-1/2 years ago, I paid almost $600/month for COBRA. sm

That was for medical, dental, vision, one person.  Hope this helps.  It is tremendously expensive, but it does get you by until you get something else.

Good luck! 

Been a few years since I worked there so things
may be different now.  But, I had to rerecord, account was 85% Indian, can't remember pay, but it certainly wasn't enough to compensate for having the combination above.  The office was also calling me up to 6 times a day, not necessarily for anything work related either.  They seemed to be so disorganized that they had to call several times a day to ask questions instead of just asking everything at once.  I didn't think their system was that user friendly either.  I only lasted a couple of months. 
Thanks but all it brought up was things from 4-5 years ago.
How do I find some current things? It'd be nice to think that over time, something, anything has changed to a positive way, but I'd be lying if what was going on even that long ago doesn't give me pause for thought.  I want to think that a few years ago people weren't getting paid on time but I could be wrong on which company I am remembering.
Various things have happened over the years
But I was an employee then, not an independent. You could go ahead and go, probably would not have a job when you returned or you could work and accept the terms. I planned ahead of time 1 year to take some time off to attend Thanksgiving dinner/stay out of town, boss said ok and when it came down to time she had forgotten, I would not have been paid and she said oh I guess you want your cake and eat it too. A couple of days later I came into her office, told her I had been to bingo, won the $300 prize that night, taking off and yes, I guess I could have my cake and eat it too. That was a big lie but she did not know. My father said to get things down in writing from then on. Being as you need the job, that is what you had to do but others fall into this same spot I am sure.
I have been a MT for four years and I make $1800.00 per month. I am happy with my pay at this
You're welcome. As I said, this was 5 years ago or so. Things could have changed. sm

I would just be careful.  They used to have a woman in the office named Crystal.  I would call and tell her I had run out of work, and she would just laugh and tell me to take the day off!  How nice ... except that I needed the money.  In all fairness, though, I am sure they could not have stayed in business and kept employees if they kept on that way.  I read awhile back that if you pay $20 each check or something like that that they will Fed Ex your check to you, so maybe they are trying, although I don't think you should have to pay for it. 

Good luck in finding something.  I know what it is like to be the sole source of income. 

Not true. I worked at Transcend for years and things have

For years people at Transcend were very friendly and the only time things got really heated on the forum were over personal opinion posts like politics and stuff.  Not any more.  More and more people are to the point of not knowing what to do with this company anymore.  People who have been there years and years have quit or are quitting, and I think most of the peers that are happy are relatively new and haven't seen the downward spiral.  A friend of mine quit a while ago and said she got a letter about a month after she quit asking her to sign a release saying she wouldn't take Transcend to court or be party to any claims relating to her employment with Transcend.  If things were that hunky dory they wouldn't be so scared that they need to ask people to sign waivers when they leave.

If you made a graph of all the things taken away by Edix/Speris in the last 5 years.....
You would be shocked, although it has been 6 years since it started.....

first charging for errors, about 6 years ago (they stopped that), then insurance changed for the worst, regrading hospitals to their advantage so you would make at least 200. to 300 less a pay period, the list is long, long, long. I can go back 6 years up to 2 years ago when I finally left.
All good things come to an end.
The gun replaced the bow and arrow. We all know what happened to those feckless fellows who refused to upgrade their hardware.

The automobile replaced the horse and buggy, the farrier and the buggy companies had to specialize or find a new trade.

Technology is a fact of life.

Maybe transcriptionists will be phased out, but life truly does go on, even if you and a few of your friends decide to dig in your heels and refuse to accept it. The awful truth of the matter is that you may eventually be replaced. It's time to think about preparing for the future rather than perseverating on the past.

Nothing but good things to say about them....
I was with them for a  short time.  I saw their add and considered sending my resume.  They are very family oriented and the platform was fantastic.  I love the owner's Dani/Scott.  I can't say anything bad about them...I wish that I was still there but found something more in my field of psyche...
Good things come out of bad....
situations. You had reasons to do what you did, and DH sounds like he was taken by surprise that you did do what you did. It's time to regroup and refocus, and discuss further with DH why what happened ...happened. It's not the end of the world - a new door of opportunity has been opened up for you.
I've been there for years, work on the DSG1 side of things, pay on time, direct deposit, more
feedback lately.  I have always found the staff and MTs helpful and friendly.  Work does fluctuate, but if you have a few accounts, should keep you busy, also sound quality can be an issue but mostly okay.
It is $400 a month, but they pay half. It is good insurance, too. sm
I recently had surgery and my only costs were my deductible. The hospital split that $1000 into 10 months for me, so it was not so bad, and now the rest of the year, I am past my deductible. It is a LOT better than the insurance I had with Spheris.
but this is why it's better to post the good things
Take cpl to email.  You can post great things about a company, but once you post how much you make (no matter what company), you are going to upset a lot of people who are inevitably making less than you do.  If you must, post a pay range because you can't say they pay 10 cpl period, because obviously they don't.
I read some good things about DSG.
They have a job opening listed on the job seekers board.
Mostly good things about Axolotl
I checked the archives on this company just a week or so ago and was pleased to find pretty much only good things folks had to say about Axolotl.
Not true. Good things have been said. sm

Actually only one person said anything negative and that was that they didn't pay, but others who have and are working for them countered that and said they do indeed pay.

I started with them last week and am happy so far.  Haven't worked a full pay period so can't say for sure on the pay/don't pay issue. 

They have an office in Texas and an office in India.  If you don't like/want to work for a company that works with India also then it isn't for you, otherwise it has been good for me so far.  The account I am on is pretty easy and I am being very productive.  It is editing and transcription, from what I've seen about 1/3 standard transcription and 2/3 editing VR files.

Hope this helps.

Well, that explains a lot of things - none of them good.

Look in the archives. Not too many good things said.
I have heard good things - sm
I even spoke to the owner on the phone - SUPER nice.  I couldn't take the position right now due to personal reasons but would definitely go with them in the future if need be.  A current employee likes it there that I spoke to.
Lots of good things below about
I just applied and hope to hear from them, the archives and the posts below from some of their MTs looks good.
I heard good things about them, but I have to
I really do not like that Oak site, I have tested through that before and lots of hoops to jump through... I don't know if I have the time to take it, the company would have to be really really worth it for me to take the time to test with that software. Just my 2c.
I've seen mostly good things on here...
I just signed on with them and am excited to get started.  :D 
I started there about a month ago. My two accts are good. Not sure on the switching nm

I have heard only good things about MDI-FL and have talked to the sm
owners myself. They seem to be very nice people who care about their transcriptionists. They are MTs themselves, something that helps in this business.

I know they have grown this past year. They probably found the two or three MTs that move from company to company, always finding fault and always bashing the one they quit or were terminated from. It is just MDI-FL's turn to be bashed. I am sure that most people reading this board take it all with a grain of salt.

If you love the company you work for - stay with them. Obviously you found a great fit. I am fortunate enough to have MTs like love working for us (not saying who I am as I promised my staff I would stay away from here) and fortunate enough to have applicants that don't take the bashing on these boards as gospel.
I've heard good things about both...sm
but which one pays better?  I'm curious to know too as I thought about applying for eMTS.  Let us know.  TIA
agree - most people only have good things to say about MDI-MD
I've head a lot of good things...sm
About Axolotl. Do you happen to have any info. on which specialties they are hiring for? I haven't seen any job ads for them.

I also heard something about them not paying for spaces. Can you comment on that?

Thank you!
I've heard good things about MDI.
Sorry, I'm not part time so that's all I can offer. Felt I should write something as poster below didn't seem to realize this company board is for asking and discussing companies.
Thats great. I was hoping for good things

Which accounts are you working?  Do you like them?  Are you making alot of money?  Does Hils pay on time, every time? 


Heard good things about Landmark, so went sm
to their website. It states you must work both Saturday and Sunday. I might have read it wrong, but I'm pretty sure that's what it said.

I would love a M-F job and wouldn't mind working one weekend day, but not both.
Heard good things about Landmark, so went sm
to their website. It states you must work both Saturday and Sunday. I might have read it wrong, but I'm pretty sure that's what it said.

I would love a M-F job and wouldn't mind working one weekend day, but not both.
What kind of changes? I am looking to apply there and have heard good things. I don't want
to go in blind, but all the postings are so vague. Can you give me an example so I can decide for myself?
Your company might stink, but the ExText is one of the best things out there! Good
Do you mean Axolotl? If so, I've heard many good things about them. nm
I have heard good things about New England in the past
don't know if that has changed. I would also throw in a vote for TransTech. After cycling through several other companies, I have finally found a home with Transtech and I am very happy there.
What a shame, I had always heard good things about QT Medical. (sm)
I hope they had been kind enough to forewarn their employees or at least provide severance pay. Good luck to all their people. Many people hiring hope you all find a good home quickly.
I left a month ago, and couldn't be happier! They are the pits! Good luck. nm
This is not true. I have been there a month and get a good line rate and paid for spaces. ??? nm
I have heard really bad things from QA about our overflow that goes to Amherst. Not good quality and
clients complaining because the MTs that are getting the work are making mistakes and not reading the client profile. Good way to lose accounts.
lots of good technical things, but they outsource overseas
and a lot of their managers are from the old Edix, which is not a good thing, if you want to be treated with respect.

if you do not mind how you are treated, you can do okay. hard getting lines consistently.

my opinion. maybe things have changed, but I have read a lot of negative on here lately.
I have heard nothing but good things about Webmedx, but no personal experience NM
Good & bad posts in the past. Must work 1 Sat. a month. Supposed to be gross line pay. Some days
pay by keystroke
Pay by keystroke?  Anyone familiar with this.  I am concerned as I have only been paid in the past at cpl.  I am currently being paid 10 cpl which I know is good in today's market and don't want to take a cut.  I type approximately 1800-2000 lines per 8/hour shift.
keystroke pay
How does word Expander fit into this kepstroke pay approach?