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I have received no email about such conference call.

Posted By: What email from TransTech ? on 2007-07-20
In Reply to: Email said conference calls would happen in August. nm - LTMT

Where did you get that from, and who sent it out.  Give initials, pls.  I got missed somehow.

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What was the OSi conference call about?
a week or so ago - the one that was nasty
Conference Call...
Don't you remember the part where he said they want everyone to strive to achieve 40% above straight typing rate on ISR? It was when he was talking about this year's goals. Don't you know what that means? It sounded to me like we can expect a 10% cut in the ISR rate soon, as it is now a 30% cut from straight typing.
MDI Conference Call

Weíre so glad that you joined in this afternoonís conference call announcing the merger between MDI and Transcend Services.  This is an exciting time for all of us, but I know that even good changes can bring about anxiety and I want to assure everyone that we are here to answer your questions to the best of our ability.   

All MDI team members are encouraged to send any questions or concerns you may have that are not addressed in the FAQ sheet youíve received to TeamMDI@mditrans.com so that we can address these in team conference calls which have been scheduled for Thursday morning (your team lead will provide you with the details).   

Dorothy, Don, and myself, will continue to be available via email to everyone and will respond as quickly as possible to your questions and concerns.  We urge you to utilize the TeamMDI@mditrans.com email address for all your questions so that you can be assured of receiving the most accurate information as soon as possible. 

We look forward to continuing to work with each one of you as we move to the future.    


Carlotta M. Buckley

MDI Ė Director of Transcription Services

MDI conference call

Interesting quote from that press release:

...including the conversion of some of MDI's business to Transcend's speech recognition-enabled BeyondTXT platform,...

conference call
They can see you? or just your name? 
Fired via conference call? A new low, to be sure.
TT 401K conference call
Someone went yesterday and it lasted approximately 50 minutes. I'll probably go today.
Was it Aflac? We have a conference call
about it 2/29.  You should have received an e-mail about it last week. 
They said this on a DSG2 conference call
...that it was overflow from MQ. This was news to me too.
I just wish they'd find another conference call
Fired by conference call
along with about 30 others when SPi sent accounts to India and Philippines.  Two hours' notice of the mandatory conference call.  Two hours' notice to sign off before being locked out, and get time sheets in.  That was special!
Second conference call this morning
Did anyone learn anything new in the second conference call this morning?  To me it was mostly more of the same.  It seems like most people (me included) are mostly concerned with becoming an employee and having a set schedule and there didn't seem to be a clear answer on that.
MDI - Second conference call this morning
Did anyone learn anything new in the second conference call this morning?  To me it was mostly more of the same.  It seems like most people (me included) are mostly concerned with becoming an employee and having a set schedule and there didn't seem to be a clear answer on that.
This morning's conference call

My antennas went up right away this morning when the call began.  It was acknowledged that this news must have come as a surprise to us, but when our moderator said it had also come as a surprise to her only a few days prior, my hopes for some honest and forthright information went down the tubes.  It seems to me someone who was moving up in the chain of command would have known what was going on much longer than a couple of days.

I took advantage of emailing one of the team leaders from Transcend last night with some questions about the flexibility of the schedules and shift work, etc., and here is the answer she gave to me: 

We do have shifts instead of line count commitments, but we also never discourage anyone from working extra, and in fact we are always asking for extra help, so that isnít a problem.   Everyone here logs lines and hours for payroll.   The hours are because if you work overtime we do have to pay that.    We do usually ask that you see if overtime is allowed first, but itís not that big of a deal because most of the time we are so busy we approve it anyway, so yes if you want to work more you certainly can.     We consider $900.00 gross a pay period fulltime.   We used to count it in lines, but now we have come up with a money amount.    Thatís easy to achieve actually, but you donít have to stop at 900 by any means, it is just minimum to remain fulltime. 

You will see, more often than not, we are begging people to work extra.   We cross train on platforms and most people have primary, secondary, tertiary accounts.   If one isnít busy another one is.   You will not be constrained on the amount of money you want to make ...

So, if that takes any mud out of the water for you that's good, but it still seems that our flexibility and earning capacity will depend on someone else.  I certainly agree with everyone about the pay scale.  You can't convince me that they have gone through all of these negotiations and pay has never entered into the picture.  I believe it will be just exactly as one caller said this morning, they will attempt to equate the benefits with the pay, so I guess when my power company comes to shut off my electricity I can send them over to Blue Cross/Blue Shield or whoever to get the balance of my money. 


I was on the conference call and was told
that MDI would be a subsidiary of Transcend but would be called MDI/Transcend. Sounded like a crock to me.
Missed conference call...(sm)

I'm hoping for a recap email regarding the conference call.  In the meantime, anything interesting or noteworthy?  I'm definitely torn on this one, and hoping for some good news.

They posted the conference call
We all got e-mail that had had the link to open for the conference call if you missed it. Didn't you get it in your e-mail?
Anyone know how long conference call lasts for new 401-K?


Thank u, but I am confused. On our conference call, we were told

that we would maintain our flexiblity and be able to meet our commitments in a 24-hour window.  Are you saying there are set shifts?  That is huge for me, as I cannot work a set shift around my kids' ever-changing schedules.  Right now we are required to work 2 weekends days per month and we commit to X number of lines per day on the days we schedule ourselves to work.  We were told this flexibility would NOT change.  We also do not request holidays off, but schedule ourselves to work one holiday per year.  We write our own schedules and submit them every 2 months.  The flexibility is the biggest reason I have worked for MDI for years and the only place I wanted to work again after taking a year off to be with a newborn.

I like my current accounts, but am willing to also learn a new platform/account to make sure I have enough work.  But the flexible scheduling is imperative.


Please give me the details.  :)

It was referred to as stealing in a conference call by mgrs. sm
Your equation doesn't always prove true if there is little work, if a person's primary account is an overflow account, or if it is the last few days of the pay period.  If people are scrambling to get jobs on their shifts and someone else comes along who doesn't normally work that shift, but is just doing so out of convenience for themselves, they are taking lines from what little jobs there are from the people who abide by the rules and what they had been asked by management.  This is most definitely stealing lines from fellow MLSs. Perhaps you have been fortunate enough to have a primary account that always has heavy volume, and that may account for why you had never been told this by management. But, a good share of accounts aren't like this, and this has repeatedly been addressed by management as a problem issue.  If it wasn't a problem, upper management (Larry) would never have brought it up in conference calls and in email.
I was on the conference call but didn't hear rates..Thank You! (nm)

CBay fired more people via conference call.
...including one that they tried to get rid of in December but felt compelled to keep. 
Town hall conference call was very impressive. sm

I'm glad to be working for Webmedx. 



the conference call cannot address the original question,
which is trying to discern whether other peoples emails are seemingly being ignored or if it is just the poster's problem?
Cbay systems layed off 32 employees via conference call on 12/21/2007
Anyone here affected by this?  I am so sick over this.
Can anyone comment on your Acusis conference call today? Hoping you're all still gainfully
Email said conference calls would happen in August. nm
I received a call from someone

today who I thought was Landmark as I had sent them a resume some time back, and she said Landmark at the beginning of the conversation. Later on in the conversation I found out Landmark had given them my resume.  It was for a place called Cornerstone in Wyoming. There are openings for ER accounts, Chartscript experience required.  You might give them a try.  Maybe that will help get you into Landmark though my wanting to work there has changed since I found out they are in the practice of giving (or selling) resumes. 

The pay was pitiful (or so I thought) for an IC position (8 cents).  They said they were flexible on the hours, but you had committed hours. 

I can see how people take low paying jobs though if they need the experience, but it does effect the rest of us.  These companies will keep going as low as they can.  They have no bottom so pretty soon it will look like we are doing community service. 

Received telephone call from Jim?
I also received a phone call from Jim the hiring person. I never responded back. I better think second thoughts on this job. Sounds like you were totally ripped off.
Has anyone received their W2 from DeVenture? No longer work there and don't want to call them..nm
received the email, nm
received the email
no email received
can you provide more info?
a lot of us received an email
asking when we would be able to have an interview--NOTHING, NADA after that.

I received a phone call from MDI mgt. about my questionnaire answers and told ICs must by E/O ins.
received 2 email warnings

I had received 2 email warnings

I received no such email, and I was paid on the 8th, not the 7th, and sm

since the line counts have not even been issued, it would seem highly unlikely that I am going to be paid on the 22nd.

I am sorry that you seem upset by my question, but I do not think it is unreasonable to want to know when I will be paid.

As far as letting you know anything, you have distanced yourself from the MTs so much, I really doubted that you would care.  Thanks for responding to me at least on the message board.

I received an email from JG stating spaces would
be paid now too. Got it at 9:19 a.m. with a follow up email 4 minutes later stating for clarification, this is permanent.
Yes, to me too. In fact, I think it was an Indian name in the email I received.
The Transcription Doctors?? I received an email about a job. Anyone know who they are?
Just checking them out.
Keystrokes is definitely hiring. I received an email from them saying that they sm
are hiring a lot of new MTs. They emailed CMTs from what I can tell, as they also emailed a few friends of mine as well. Three of us have taken positions. The timing was right; I have had it with MQ.
I don't believe I trashed the company, and I had not received the email yet. sm
And yes, she is cheery and full of hope and promise, but that doesn't pay the bills now.  I appreciate your compassion. 
I applied on Friday and received an email
on Sunday asking about my availability for an interview. I responded on Sunday with totally open availability and I have not heard anything back. What should I make of this?
A month or so ago I received an email from Axolotl
Offering me a position, but the recruiter was very up front and told me it was an extremely difficult, heavily ESL dictator account, so I passed.

I'm not sure if that's the account for which they still have an opening, or if they've got something else available now.

I've never heard of the other place, so I can't help there. You might check the archives just in case there's in there.

I received an email from someone about Keystrokes being for sale - it is lie. sm

Yes, the owners met with the CEO of Transcend and went to dinner but it was 2 years and it was NETWORKING.  They had no intentions of selling to them and when they informed them of that, Transcend stopped coming around.  I work in the office.  Get your facts straight.

I received an email from TransTech stating that they
are about to hire for many positions but just last week I read lots of posts on here about people running out of work.  At one time I had been really interested in working for them but this is really confusing and makes me very wary. 
I received an email today stating it was all approved. :-) nm

I received an email today stating it was all approved. :-) nm

Submitted resume 9/28 late at night. Received email today. nm
Drop them an email. Mine was stolen. I received a nice empty envelope.
call them or email, they are very
helpful, will call you back within a few hours if you email them!!!