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I wasn't able to switch from awful accts, either, so I didn't

Posted By: stay. All is NOT rosy at KS. Some are lucky. NM on 2007-08-11
In Reply to: Keystrokes line count - see msg - buysmt


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I was the one who had an awful ESL acct & got put on one just as bad when I asked for a switch.
Agree with this. Some lucky ones have great accts. Mine were awful, so I left. nm
Awful experience with them. I didn't
have to buy Word because I already had it but the QA person was horrible and very rude.  She kept telling me to use the samples but the samples made absolutely no sense. I'd get reports back with things filled in that I knew had not been dictated.  I was trying to transcribe what I heard and pointed that out but was still told to use the samples.  Horrible experience and knew it wasn't going anywhere so got out.  Very happy in my new position without the QA rudeness.   
You didn't miss much. Their insurance is awful.
Sheesh, that's awful. Glad I didn't waste my time testing, had a feeling....
It wasn't said you didn't have common sense.
Guess we all can't be put on good accts. Gotta be there at the right time. Both of my accts.
That wasn't my experience there. I wasn't on that kind of all-inclusive acct, either. nm
According to a friend, awful, awful,
Low pay, bad accounts etc..
do they switch your
account once you become really good on it?  I was not sure if that is infamous for all companies or just MQ.  Thanks!
Yes, you can use a KVM switch.
So why don't you switch to VR? Don't
Yes, if don't switch to EMR, will pay
And they wonder why we switch

I am so frustrated with companies pretending to be wonderful and have tons of work and then once you start working for them they are a joke and you can't any money.  Where are the good reliable companies anyway?   

Get a KVM switch and you can tie your computers together with (sm)

one keyboard, one monitor and one mouse.  Try Circuit City they have them.  Good luck.

Bonus for switch from SE to FT
You would not quality, only for new-hires only. Even though you are SE you still "work" for MQ and are not new to them.
Bait and switch
Was hired for a gross line account (this was put in writing), and then shortly after hiring was switched to a regular line account. When I did the math, I found I was losing. I contacted them, showed them the math, and the response was unfriendly, to say the least. When I was there, the QA staff were the absolute rudest I've ever encountered, also (and I work in QA now).

Unless they did some major housecleaning of their nasty QA staff and quit their bait-and-switch gross line tactics, I would stay away from this company.
They must bait and switch because...
Their ad says pay is 8-10 cpl for straight typing and 4-5 cpl for editing which is pretty normal for Escription, but as I stated above, you could get paid 15 cpl but if your not really getting paid, then it means nothing. I hope no one goes to work for and supports companies who do not pay their employees. What a disgrace. I am pretty sure the owner and/or managers are not going without pay.
Switch and bait????
You do not have to have WP5.1 to work for WRU, you just have to know how to convert files from Word Perfect.  I do not switch and bait anything.  It is straightforward, and you have to know what you are doing to understand it.  It isn't difficult when you understand directions.
The OLD me would switch too fast
the NEW me (still old) would rather fight than switch. NOW if you can remember THAT commercial you are dating yourself!! LOL

If I have a job I like doing that comes close to being a good fit, or better, and they pay on time, don't over-hassle or over-ignore, I'm willing to to deal with *a fair amount* of irritating demands.

I'm sure they have a financial/legal interest in making this change, but if you can live with it... :)
Bait and switch

Has anyone else noticed that MTs are being hired and promised, say 100% radiology, then suddenly radiology isn't ready yet so they need you to do acute care (which you *can* do but not so well).  And then you never really ever do get moved to the promised specialty?

Or been hired for a new account coming on that never seems to materialize and then you are one among 30 new MTs sharing the work that the prior MTs were covering just fine, so NO ONE is getting a livable wage?

I think bait and switch has become the new incentive for recruiters.  Promise them anything, give them nothing like it.  And they wonder why people want OUT of MT!

KVM switch and Spheris...........

Are you allowed to use a KVM switch with Spheris?  I really don't want to set up 2 desks, but I will.  I know using the router is okay, but I don't see anything in the manual about using a KVM switch. 

Thanks for any info.

Bait and switch
I have to agree with the other poster who said no matter what you are offered now, it will change and not to your advantage. That's how they lure you in. And yes, they do a huge amount of offshoring.

Here's the scenario:  A company posts here at mtstars that help is needed immediately for a daytime account with no set hours, paying higher than most.  I submit my resume.  About 2 weeks later, I receive testing materials via email, which I complete and return within 24 hours.  Two weeks after that, I email with a query as to the status of my application.  Yet another 2 weeks later, the company responds to my email with we're working on it.  Yet another 2 weeks later, I am offered a phone interview.  I'm wondering what might have happened to that account that needed immediate help?  To prepare for the interview, I go over questions and answers in my mind, and wonder what to say when I am told that the previous position is filled or whatever.  Am I totally out of line to ask what took them so long to get back to me?  Or, might I ask if someone else started that position and already resigned and, if so, why?

Am I a fool to continue to communicate any further with this company?


The old bait and switch ....
currently happening at my current company. I can't name the company here because the CEO threatens legal action if we say anything about it. It has always received high praise here and everywhere else but now that they are practically forcing everyone to speech and cutting pay to lower than what was told previously I am moving on as soon as I find another job that pays me what I am quoted. I feel your pain.
Bait and switch, but need this job!!
I tested for a company and jumped through hoops to take their many tests.  I had to take a 3 hour grammar, spelling, verb, etc test.  Then, I had to take a transcription test and then interview with the owner, manager and team lead.  I got the call yesterday with an employment offer, in which I accepted.  Then, when I received my offer via email this morning, it stated that per our discussion, your account will be all ESLs.  I am mortified.  All ESLs were never discussed and I accepted verbally.  I am scared to death because I really need this job.  Should I keep looking?
Hounded to switch to VR, in what way?...NM
Hounding in what way? 
I have one of those KVM switches to switch SM
between my personal computer and my WMX PC. This way I can share one monitor and one keyboard. If I need to do anything personal on the computer, I flip over to my personal PC. I know that doesn't answer your question about whether they are monitoring, but I would venture to say that they can watch anytime they feel the need. I never wanted to find out! LOL
bait and switch on QAs
Your post really hit me. I am an experienced QA Editor and have had the EXACT same experience. My resume is on here for specifically QA work and they still call me and stall before telling me they really want an MT. I was even hired once for a postion that didnt exist! I am about ready to get out of this business. There is a lot of dishonesty and abuse in it.
Actually, if I ever lost this job and had to switch
companies, I'd have to take a cut in pay according to what I've been seeing, so I'd be well below cost of living increases... It's the nature of this crazy MT business. Work harder, faster, know more, get more experience, and make less and less and less as the years go on, while the prices of everything keep going up...
sure, teh switch to EMR will be gradually,
step by step, not from today to tomorrow, the question is:
How long ago did the change to EMR start? This differs from hospital to hospital and client to client.

Some will never want to switch, but in case EMR is a success, it will be cheaper, but it depends if the clients are ready to make the initial, rather expensive investment for EMR.
What position did you switch to?
Everything you said in your post are my sentiments exactly.  I don't think this field will ever go back to what it used to be and I'm done waiting around for it.  I work every weekend, have gotten only a 1/4 cent increase in 4 years (which I had to beg for) and I'm on from morning till late night with nothing to show for it.  VR was basically just the straw that broke the camel's back.  I just can't make a decent salary or lead a normal life doing this work. Haven't worked out of the house in 10 years and now I feel like I'm being forced to because this industry has gone down the tubes.
Hospital wants me to do VR when they switch - sm
I work as an IC for a hospital. They are going to VR. They wanted to know how much I would charge and I told them the same as I'm making now unless it is too cumbersome in which case I will charge more. I figured they would turn me down. Actually, they said ok! Shazaam!
VR CAN be worth the switch sm
I do a combo for TT of VR and traditional. I have been at the speech for about 5 weeks and I just made out my invoice. I have quite a bit of traditional work because of the account I am on, but I also have quite a bit of speech when that is gone. This invoice is DOUBLE what I invoiced for about 6 weeks ago, prior to the VR/typing combination and was for just straight typing.

I do about an equal number of lines of both traditional and speech...but it takes me 5 hours to get my minimum traditional lines and the other 3 hours of my shift to do the same number of lines speech. End result? More money, less fatigue, more joy in life, no more second MT job.

Three seems low, but TT pays less for Escription because it is a better program. It is SUPPOSED to be good.
KVM switch is used to connect 2 computers....sm
your home computer and the computer from a company so that you can use use 1 keyboard and 1 monitor.
So if you are SE and switch to PT or FT, do you get the sign on bonus?
You'd be surprised. You can switch careers.
No longer doing MT and loving it!
Does Webmedx switch you on accounts a lot? Thanks. nm
Does Webmedx switch accounts?
Not only do they switch you on accounts, the accounts they start you on are so absolutely, horribly bad -- ESL docs in masses and very, very hard to transcribe - that taking the gas pipe seems a much gentler form of agony! $$$ are not to found with Webheadaches!
the old "bait and switch", describes
the four nationals I have the misfortune to work for!  Didn't know any other kind was out there!
Typical bait and switch
They are nice in the beginning, then you get lost in their shuffle. You get mass e-mails that maybe do not even apply to accounts you work on - to the tune of sometimes a half dozen or so per day - that you are told to read NOW, before you start typing. Trying to get an answer to a specific question is like trying to reach the president himself. They tell you the accounts are good, then you get put on pure garbage accounts where you will struggle to make your line counts.

The thing is, a few years ago when I began with them they were great. It seems as they have expanded, chaos has taken over. I am currently looking elsewhere. Others have already left. Notice how they are always hiring now?!
bait and switch tactics

in addition to all negative reports from other posters.  I would say don't, unless you can afford to gamble that all the posters were indeed crackpots as the recruiter will tell you. Good luck whatever choice you make.


Bait and switch happened to me too
I was promised everything that I wanted and was given an account where it was impossible to make any money - what a waste of my time. Only when I gave my notice did they promise what they started in the beginning but TOO LATE. Bye bye liars.
It's on this page under BAIT AND SWITCH
Anyone switch from MQ to Spheris and how does it compare? (sm)

Was told their program is similar to DQS and that 50-60% of their employees make the bonuses based on number of lines.  They weren't exactly breaking the bank with their line rate offer but stated they make it up in bonuses.

There have to be some people who will share their experiences either good or bad and not just post short negative comments.  Specifics please.  Thanks.

E-mail if you aren't comfortable posting and opening yourself up for bashing.



I'm tired of doing all ops. If I switch to a mixture of
I know it's usually the other way with people fighting for ops, but I'm very bored with them after almost 15 years, and look forward to it when H&Ps, consults or even DS's pop up, but it's not consistent enough to tell if my production would take a dive.  Anyone else been through this?
Bait 'n' switch is ILLEGAL ---
I'll switch jobs with you. I was doing ops for 9.5 cpl, then
If these are reports you can make samples of and use again and again, it may not be a total loss. By the way, not all companies consider a line to be 65 characters. If you are getting paid for a 65 cpl, with spaces, I wouldn't change. As I said, I would dearly love to switch jobs with you.
Not much left and you will be hounded to switch to VR
How do you spell Bait and Switch?
Sorry, but that was my experience. I don't like to give negative feedback on things, but like E-bay you have to be honest about your experience. I ran out of money and patience so I just ran and never looked back. Hope your experience is different. Oh, and forget the sign on bonus. You have to be full-time pay in 3 months and 6 months and for some unknown reason (sarcasm), a person may just always be short of that.
Regarding new accounts - are we given the option to switch or (sm)

have them added as a secondary?  I understand they are large accounts and I would ever so much enjoy working on accounts that do ops other than a few laparoscopic procedures.  Those large hospitals often have gruesome, yet interestingoperative reports. 

Does it depend on if the account falls under your STM?  Will they put out info closer to start date telling us about the size and scope of accounts? 

Sorry for so many questions.  Love the company and like my account, but would change it in a heartbeat if given the opportunity for something a little more interesting.