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Awful experience with them. I didn't

Posted By: Left and didn't look back on 2009-01-19
In Reply to: Agree with both posts below, especially the attitude. nm - Mimi

have to buy Word because I already had it but the QA person was horrible and very rude.  She kept telling me to use the samples but the samples made absolutely no sense. I'd get reports back with things filled in that I knew had not been dictated.  I was trying to transcribe what I heard and pointed that out but was still told to use the samples.  Horrible experience and knew it wasn't going anywhere so got out.  Very happy in my new position without the QA rudeness.   

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You didn't miss much. Their insurance is awful.
I wasn't able to switch from awful accts, either, so I didn't
I had a good friend who worked for them and had an awful experience.

She said that the work load was sporadic at best.  They would either be drowning in work or starving.  She said that her pay was late two or three times and when she questioned management on it they were extremely rude.  She said that the owner/manager of the company was a nightmare who was prone to screaming fits and berating those who disagreed with her.

You can take this for what it's worth.  I hope it helps with your decision.

Sheesh, that's awful. Glad I didn't waste my time testing, had a feeling....
Had just made contact with an exTH employee. Said it was an awful experience for her. nm
Didn't have any "attitude." My experience
I have the experience and my skills are very much in demand.
This was my exact experience so I didn't
I wish they didn't require 5 yrs experience ..
I've only got a little over 3 years.
I didn't experience the same with Transcend...sm
I trained 2 days after I completed my paperwork and have 2 accounts. I rarely run out of work and if I do - if I take a 15 minute break and go back in there will be work there.
I didn't have the best experience, but it was not a good fit for me. Still waiting to get
Was offered 8-1/4 cpl for experience. They use MT World software. Didn't take the job. nm
I was offered 8 cpl w/years of experience. He wouldn't say if pay would go up if I didn't take
I was feeling bad that they didn't get back to me with my 35+ years of experience, sm

but if that is the pittance they offer for pay, I'm glad they saved me the trouble of turning them down.  Pretty soon, scrubbing toilets will pay more. 

I assumed it meant you didn't need years of experience..what does entry level mean to you?
Feel lucky you didn't get a rejection email. I have over 16 years experience
and this is the first test, since the very beginning of my career, that I have not passed.  I am stunned.  I'm not perfect by any means, but this is the first real rejection. I understood it early in my career, but after all this time, and working the past five years doing acute care for a couple of nationals, I get turned out by this company because I failed the test and they do not even tell you which part. I needed this job, but I guess it's back to the drawing board.
According to a friend, awful, awful,
Low pay, bad accounts etc..
you seem to have an awful lot to say...
I still think you would be perfect for that particular company. That is my opinion. Sorry you are so awfully frustrated and upset...Maybe a career change? You have a lot of issues...
i think its awful
That a company would accuse an employee of something without 100% evidence/knowledge. Guess the original post was TRUE!
I didn't pass either. I got a 78. I could have sworn I answered almost every answer correctly especially since we were able to use reference material. I guess that company does not want to hire that many MTs if their test is so darn difficult to pass!!!!
Awful. sm
Time clock punching that has you working at least 40 hours (even if you're hired for 35) just to get your lines in. Clocking in and out to go to the bathroom, stretch, answer the phone, breathe for fear it'll cut into your line count. Therefore, your MT work stretches out throughout the day, eating up all of your day.

Stupid, pompous, ignorant, incompetent, braggadocious upper management, with a resultant revolving door of MT managers, MTs and QA.

ASR that came with big promises and many MTs complaining of pay decline.

I would not advise anyone hire in with them until things change at the top.
That is awful

You are right, I am not just out of school.  I've been MTing for about 12 years.  I learned from my mom and then just learned on the job after that.  Never had formal training.  Anyway, that is really terrible that the schools would mislead you like that.  Even those of us who have been transcribing for many years are not getting paid close to what we should be, much less the people just out of school.

The best way to make money MTing, in my experience, has been with my own accounts.  I currently have two of my own accounts and in the past i had an entire hospital account, which really made some good money.  Even then, it is tricky finding good accounts because many of the docs don't want to pay what the work is worth.  Best of luck to you.

I worked there for just over a year and quit 3 months ago. Ever since the SPI takeover, things have gone WAY downhill. Management is awful and they treat their employees horribly. They just don't care about their MTs. Tons of people have quit, including almost all of the management that was there when it was still CyMed. My manager quit a few months before I did, and the work suddenly started disappearing fast. I could no longer even come close to making a decent line count. It also doesn't help that they don't pay for spaces. The new managers put us in the awful new work pools and there was rarely enough work to go around. I would totally avoid this company!
It was awful when I was still there!
After the SPI takeover, my Cymed manager quit, then we had a temporary one, then there was a new so-called permanent one, then she resigned from the company, then we got another temporary one, and then finally another one, who was very rude and horrible with communication! I quit very soon after all of that! I have never been happier since I quit that hell hole! They couldn't even keep an elephant typing for peanuts!
Wow, that is awful!!
I can't imagine not working for and not receiving that much money!  What Steve did was very generous and Proveros should be proud of him.  It's unfortunate that his financial manager gives the company a bad taste in your mouth!
MQ may be awful
but I wish all companies had a policy like this.
Yep, CTS is awful!
If it makes you feel any better, I did get paid after I quit.  I worked for CTS back in the summer and there was always a story as to why my checks were late.  I stayed on through three billing periods thinking it would get better....boy was I wrong.  It just got worse and the checks got later every time.  I finally quit and honestly did not think I would get my last check, but surprisingly I did (two weeks late).  CTS is without a doubt the worst company I have ever worked for and my advise to anyone that might be thinking about accepting an offer......RUN and don't look back.
That's awful. Something needs to be done about
That is awful, but 75% of your pay?
You don't have much of a job left.
My experience was that the accounts that were put on Turboflow were done by their overseas workforce.  If you were lucky, you were able to remain as an editor.  In my case, after a couple of months and without notice, they decided that my account was so easy it no longer needed editing.  Just, we no longer need you to edit this account, goodbye.  I had worked on it for four years.
was awful, but to say that person must....sm

be from India reeks of racism............and THAT is wrong....just plain wrong.  The poster was probably an American MT but you unjustly attacked the post as being from an Indian MT.....

attacking the post was fine, but to probably falsely accuse the poster of being from India definitely reeks of intolerance and racism and that is not a good thing. 

just my 2 cents worth.......have a nice weekend.....

Exactly!! Awful company IMO
120 days is awful. Thanks but no thanks. nm
Awful company
Do not work for this company. Very unorganized and extremeley snotty QA manager.
AWFUL company
Please do not consider working for these people. The QA manager was so rude to me when I started. I ended up quitting right on the spot. There are better companies out there. Please DO NOT work for this company.
Awful HR manager
Jim with Zylomed offered me a job and told me he would send me my papers. I waited and waited and no papers. I e-mailed him and called him and he totally ignored me. How unprofessional is that. Company definitely sounds screwed up just like most national companies these days. This career is really making me depressed with so much crap we have to put up with! Any others experiencing this?
AWFUL company!
Beware of this Indian-run company! I worked for them just over a year ago for about a month and ended up quitting. Their account managers and QA are all in India and are, for the most part, very rude to MTs. They are also EXTREMELY hard to understand when they are trying to train you, etc. Even when you get 98% QA scores, they still harass you and tell you that you need to improve in order to get direct submission to the client. One of their tech people even yelled at me one time when I asked for help with the software when I was new. I left them immediately and went to a new company, which I have been with since. There are MUCH, MUCH better companies out there!!!
And how about that awful spellchecker?
More incorrectly spelled words than I have ever seen. Word is by far 100% better.
took the test and it was awful
I took their test and that was one of the worst doctors I've ever had the displeasure of transcribing. Has anyone else taken their test, and if so, was it bad for you, or am I losing it? I have done some pretty bad dictators in my years as a transcriptionist, but he was really ridiculous. I had blanks all over the place, and that is just not like me! I have a very good reputation for being a great MT, and love what I do. This company probably thinks I'm a moron, and wonders if I lied on my resume about my about six years of experience.
Awful company!
Don't even bother applying. Heavy turnover. Not good management at all.
Awful company!
I had horrible experience with this company and will never go back. My account manager was so rude!!!! Waste of time. Money stunk also.
That's awful.Are you sure it was deducted?
Apex is awful
I just quit working for a company that I otherwise loved because of Apex. It does EAT reports. Run away!!
Not good, not bad, but AWFUL!
I don't think it's awful in this day and age, but if you had your own accounts, you'd be ma
around 11-13 cpl, at least we do in my area, but I think 8.5-9 cpl is the going rate working for someone else.
Numerous problems each and every day. Constantly calling support.
Awful dictators

Awful dictators.  They cannot keep people on this ortho account.  The sound is so muffled, you cannot understand even an otherwise very clear dictator.  They do not have a website.

Vianeta was awful...
They still had Vianeta when I left, also another bad platform. The person who you were referring to as the sister (will not name) has been in and out of the office because of the issues you mentioned. I liked her, but the day I had my interview she was screaming at someone over the phone and I almost did not take the job there because of it! I think it is a good company for MTs because of the pay, if you can get an account that has good work on it.
QA position is awful...
The platform for the QA position is HORRIBLE.  Don't do it!!  You can't get any hours in, they have maybe 1 or 2 jobs that show up a day, so you can't even get one hour in.  You wait around and email people hoping to work, but there isn't any work.  Then they tell you ONE job came through and you try and jump on to get it and then the platform doesn't work or they tell you it isn't there anymore.  Total joke!  They tell you all hours are available and you can work whenever you want.  This is because you couldn't possibly have a normal schedule with a constant flow of work.  This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. 
I didn't say I didn't care, I just don't understand
why the sudden outrage over HL offshoring.  
Awful one they made themselves called beyond TXT
That is good you messed up then - awful co