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I wasn't posting for a job reference, was just seeking advice and info. Thanks!

Posted By: StyxFan on 2007-03-15
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    I assumed that it wasn't actually them posting those.Just someone who wanted to make them look ba
    I could be wrong, but I seriously doubt that a company would do something that would make them look that unprofessional.
    seeking job info

    I've been with a MTSO for nearly 5 years, but the account they have me on is becoming too hit and miss.

    I'm looking for a position and hope to get recommendations, based upon the following:
    1.  Part time only, and no weekends.
    2.  A decent line pay for someone with nearly 30 years exp.
    3.  Uses a C-phone or voice files (I do not have TransNet).

    If anyone knows of a good MTSO, or even an individual looking for some help, please email me. I need some more steady or I'll be singing the Pay the Bill Blues.

    Seeking info on SPi
    I cannot find anything in the archives about this company. I see that they offshore, which is fine. I am seeking comments from anyone who currently works there.

    Do they pay for spaces?
    Is the pay decent?
    Can you use your own PC?

    Also wondering if QA is paid hourly. Is QA pay a good rate?

    Am still seeking info, please help
    Please, can anybody tell me about Oracle, Orion and Landmark?  How are the platforms?  Is there steady work?  Which would you choose?  Thank you!
    Seeking info on Spheris
    Thank you and have a nice weekend. 
    Seeking info on Oracle
    pay scale, pros, cons, workload, platform, etc.  Any info greatly appreciated!
    Seeking info regarding Deventure

    I am not familiar with this company, but they have an ad on the Job Board, and I am thinking of applying...how are they to work for?  Platform?  What is their pay scale for a very experienced transcriptionist?  How are they to deal with?  Do you have to work a set schedule or is there some flexibility?  TIA

    Seeking info on Navesys
    Anybody currently working for Navesys? Is this a good company? Is pay on time? Direct deposit? Any info is appreciated.
    Seeking info regard DaVenture
    sorry about my mistake...guess I should pay more attention to how I spell company names...they just might hold it against me!!!!!
    Seeking info on Pearson Transcription
    Does anybody have any info on this company?  I believe it is in Washington State.  Thanks!   
    Seeking recent info on Precyse Solutions.
    I already know that they offshore...any other comments?
    Seeking info on SmartDoc, Inc. Good bad and/or ugly.

     Pay, platform, people skills, QA, etc.  Thanks!

    Seeking info from PRESENT employees of Superior Global

    Please do not reply with 'search the archives'. 

    I am seeking info from current employees. 

    1. Is pay on time?

    2. The escription account...is it bad?  Are you able to earn a decent wage on escription there?

    3. Any other CURRENT info is appreciated.

    Seeking info on Diskriter's platform; ease of use, line counts,
    Thank you all for info! Need more advice - please sm...

    Aside from the India aspect (which I really do not support), how is the company in terms of a relatively new Transcriptionist trying to get some experience?  Thanks again! 

    posting personal info on the net

    It's gotten very scary, especially to people who are trying to get a nut case out of their life ie: victims of domestic violence, etc.  I live in a large metropolitan area and our county clerk has property records on the internet.  All you have to do is type a name in and see if you can find who your looking for.

    Our local YWCA where I volunteer has tried to stop this, but he says that the records are available in person, always have been..well, it takes a person a lot more effort to go down and dredge through them in person...duh.  So again people, just be careful.

    Info to Speed posting.
    My speed is pretty much with yours.  Been MTing about 16 years. When I worked in-house, line counts were posted and grafted.  In a pool of 36 MTs, I was always about the middle somewhere, so I am assuming I do average.  If I try to go too fast, my quality suffers and, as we all know, you can't last long in the MT field without that quality.  I, too, am getting a bit older, and I do find I am slowing down even more.  I have only recently started VR, but I can't even do as well with it pay-wise because it takes a tremendous amount of editing.  Also, in my experience, the really good dictators are few and far between whether VR or standard transcription. When you go to VR, you will lose the advantage of any templates you may have created where repetitious dictations are a breeze.  This has certainly hurt my line count.
    Is anyone familiar with Bridge Documents that has a job posting? Any info would be appreciated. TIA
    Seriously, what's the point of posting if you're gonna leave out the most vital info? nm
    That wasn't my experience there. I wasn't on that kind of all-inclusive acct, either. nm
    Good advice, and advice that I'm giving real thought to ...

    If I had known that they offshored before I accepted employment with them I never would have gone there to work.  I've been here long enough now though to not want to lose my benefits. 

    Still ... making a DECENT PAYCHECK and making a living without being stressed out over the type of work that I'm doing is just as important as good benefits. 

    the posting is the exact same posting as you read on the
    job seekers board. It is under state boards
    Reference regarding

    business practices -- I was not referring to one company specifically.  From reading the board, there are messages regarding existing insurance coverage suddenly being unavailable.  Others have posted regarding to unpaid training time, which I believe under employee status is unlawful.  If the shoe fits.  One cannot sign away one's legal rights, no matter what kind of wording they put in a contract.  I would say dropping existing insurance coverage and then stringing people along regardig that amounts to fraud.




    Has anybody ever requested a copy of a work reference?  I would just like to know if I can get a copy of mine.  Thanks.   
    reference this.
    Reference Books?
    How much are you asking and what do you have? I need a cardiology ref book for sure! Also in need of ophthalmology ref book. Please let me know. Thanks!
    Good reference here
    You're absolutely right, this board is a good place not only to vent, but to get the scoop on the companies out there. Sure some people are just going to be venting on here cause they got fired or couldn't make it but if you weed through those you can pretty much get the idea on others. This is a great resource.
    Reference Books
    I am starting with Trans Tech the first part of September.  I used to do transcription in a hospital, but have been out of it for a few years.  I have never worked at home before.  What kind of reference materials do most of you have at your desk?  Do you have mostly books, or online references?
    For future reference...
    I have found in my years that most places are far less concerned with format than content, in the belief that format could be individual based on client needs and any formatting errors could be quickly corrected in your first few days under the watchful eye of QC. That said, as a QC myself, I see many more errors related to content than I do of format once an MT has hit about a month on any account.

    Good luck with your job search.
    Probably just a reference to a generic
    red-dot-head. Could be Shavinder, Rajah, Bopinder, Rajinder, they all seem to be 'inders'.
    Well for future reference....
    I would have the line counting program in place BEFORE I even gave my start date or whatever.  Of course, if you were having so many personal or family issues that you couldn't even send an invoice, then you can't be outraged that you got cheated out of lines.  Companies have certain deadlines as well and they aren't able to wait around and figure out how to get your programs up and running.  I'm not sure what kind of company you worked for, but if it were ME, and of course it isn't, but I would have INITIALLY in the BEGINNING told them I was having an issue with a line counting software and ask what they SUGGEST I use that may be in comparison to what their other MTs use.  IF they were rude, as you suggested, then I would have just not started working for them.  But, to work, not able to count lines, not able to send an invoice in, the whole mess seems very disorganized, so you shouldn't be shocked that you didn't get paid.  LESSON LEARNED.
    My post was in reference to Transcend....sm
    Know nothing about Cymed, so I'll take your word for it, but am *quite* happy at Transcend. You should try it!
    Not complaining, just asking for reference. Only out a few minutes (sm)
    and it was early early Sunday morning, not during her normal work hours.

    BTW, can you call solution center for help with this during weekends/off hours?
    Reference check question?

    I accepted a position about 2 weeks ago at a company that apparently hire people before checking their references.  My references that I listed are calling me stating that they are just receiving reference calls today.  Is this the standard practice of getting hired.  I was hired two weeks ago.  How come they did not check my reference then!   I just think this is backwards, but I have good references anyway.

    This makes me worried about this company because so many MTs on this board have negative things to say about this company.  I hope this is not the beginning of bad things to come with this company.

    Oops. I mean to reference the low pay to TTD specifically... NM

    Google vs Reference Books

    I admit the Internet is faster and easier, but if you put in the wrong spelling when looking up a word on the Internet, a lot of times you can find it spelled that way.  I've had it happen.  I agree with this poster.  There's too much room for error when you just Google a word and don't know the meaning or how to spell it.  I do use it frequently for drugs, especially new ones.  I just make sure to find the drug company's website or the official website for the policy.  I've seen surgical equipment come up spelled totally wrong, like it sounds, nothing close to the correct spelling.

    Another thing, I worked in an office last summer doing editing with a couple newbie MTs.  One girl thought she was the computer/Internet whiz.  She was working on clinic note tapes.  One day the Internet went down. OMG!! You would have thought the end of the world had arrived.  She was lost, frustrated, and on the verge of tears.  Now there was a complete set of Stedman Word Books, as well as Dorlands and 2008 drug books in the office, but she didn't even know what books to look in.  So another good argument for reference books.  Get the knowledge, don't just depend on the Internet.


    In reference to gross line pay...sm
    Let's put it this way. I used to be paid by the gross line until my company was bought out by a national. My pay at that time was 3.25 per gross line. Working on the very same client account on a gross line, I earned $20,000 more then anually than I do now after having been switched to 0.09 65 cpl w/spaces. However, a gross line also depends on the size of the font used and the length of the margins. But you get paid 3.5 cpl whether there is 82 characters in a *line* or just one character. do you realize how many short lines there are in a dictation as opposed to full 65 character lines? and how many of those short lines it takes to add up to a 65 character line? Believe me, it adds up, and I would go back to a gross line in a heart beat, given the opportunity. Maybe I will give this place a shot!
    Wow! I'm impressed. You NEVER have to use reference material? Amazing!
    Can anyone recommend a good reference book
    for radiology. I just started on a rad account in training. I love it so far but would like a good radiology terminology book that especially contains terms for MRIs and CT scans. ALso, can anyone tell me what the average rate is per report for radiology? Thanks!
    Meant reference library materials.... nm



    Was a reference posted in February by an MTSO that it
    search by key word _flying monkies_ and read the responses.
    Caught your Cowsills reference. Cute! :) nm
    Someone understands my Nurse Diesel reference! Yay! LOL nm
    I agree, it's a good general reference...
    but be careful because everything you read on here is not totally correct... I would say not even in the 80% correct range.  There are several companies talked about on this site that I have personally worked for and I have seen posts regarding them that were not correct at all -- like the platform used, pay, IC or employee, hours, etc.  Also, many people will post bad comments here simply because they do not want new MTs coming on their account and taking their work .  So, yes, it is good for general reference but by no means totally honest.  I think a good indication is when you see multiple posts stating the same issues about the same company.
    has anyone ever received a job offer from posting a resume on this site and receiving what they were asking for as far as pay?  I am asking for 12-14 cents.  Am I in a dream world?
    I've heard of it. Do you Google only or do you have MT reference books? nm
    Buying reference books a tax write-off, yeah? (nm)

    Reference book, office supplies, equipment. nm
    No MT experience needed for test, really. Just good reference materials.
    I have tons of reference books, all specialties. Going on ebay if not sold. nm

    Don't forget a drug reference. I like my Quick Look that is installed on my 'puter.